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A loud sound rang out in front of a certain large school, accompanied by a series of exclamations.

Not long later, a pool of blood covered the concrete ground. The body lying on the concrete floor was covered in a pool of blood, along with a strange and twisted posture. A pair of eyes that had lost focus stared unwillingly at the blue sky and white clouds …

In 2003, when Long Xiaoyun was nearing graduation, her life came to an end!

She had thought so, but the heaviness throughout her body pulled her back to reality.

"Can this girl still live?"

"I don't think so. Don't you have a doctor?"

"Sigh ~ What a pity, joining our army at such a young age!"

"You'd better take pity on yourself. Just look at your ghastly appearance. Don't you think you should close your eyes quickly!"

After saying so, a "pa ji" sound could be heard. That ghost's eyeballs fell on the ground and rolled about three times. It then twitched its mouth, got down from the bed and picked up its own eyeballs.

"Ah!" This girl has fainted! "

All the ghosts shook their heads together, "There's no saving him, there's no saving him …"

Half a month later, Long Xiaoyun gradually woke up. Her four ugly and terrifying faces were pale with fright and fainted again. The heart rhythm on the electrocardiograph had suddenly risen by more than three hundred, the alarm sounded and called for the doctors and nurses.

"Well, I told you not to get any closer to listen!" That's great now, I've fainted from fright! "

"My fault?" The ghost pointed at his nose and asked incredulously. 'Pa ji', his left eyeball fell off again.

"It's precisely that ugly look of yours that frightened that little girl!"

The ghost was stunned, he couldn't care to pick up his eyeballs, and pointed at the three ghosts, "Your mouth was cut that big, isn't it scary? Aren't you afraid of being burned out? And you, let's not talk about losing two arms, isn't such a big hole in your throat scary? "I can't even stuff one eye into it. It's so pretty, so how can I be as scary as you guys?"




That seems to be true...

That's not right!

The big-mouthed ghost was suddenly shocked, "She, she, she, she, she can see us!"

One year later, after a systematic recovery treatment, it was no longer a problem for Long Xiao Yun to walk on her right leg, but her nerves were damaged. Although she received timely and good treatment, she couldn't use too much strength.

Long Xiao Yun had already expected this result.

It was just that she didn't expect herself to be hit by a car when she graduated from university, causing her to be thrown into a car accident when she was six years old!

He didn't expect that her eyes would have such a huge problem – how could she die!

Rebirth was more difficult for her to accept than the damned, especially since the four of them had frightened her in the beginning.

However, thanks to them, they had been together for more than half a year.

After she was discharged, her mother, Li Yuhua, also resigned from the hospital and took her away from Fortune to the southernmost city, Qingcheng.

It was just that every midnight, his mother would sit by his window for the entire night.

At that time, she could not understand her mother's expression, but now that she had been reborn, she understood that it was a matter of great concern.

However, she still did not understand why she was worried.

Maybe it was due to homesickness, maybe it was due to her being in a car accident and escaping from death, or maybe it was because in her memories before she was six years old, she had been forgotten because of the car accident …

Long Xiao Yun sighed. She sat in front of the window where her mother usually sat for a few hours, looking at the sparkling blue ocean with billowing waves a few miles away, as well as the floating island in the middle of the sea.

The sun was rising and the figure on the glass window was disappearing. Long Xiaoyun let out a breath of air and stood up.

During her mother's night shift, she didn't want her mother to go through so much trouble to get her breakfast. However, would someone kidnap a seven-year-old girl when she went out to buy groceries?

Long Xiaoyun thought for a while and decided to pay a visit to the market. Since she wasn't far from home, she would return within half an hour.

However, even though she said that, she was met with a small problem along the way …

On the side of the street, two or three people were watching the fight between an old man and a young man.

"Old man, let go of me quickly! I'm late for work so I need to deduct some money!"

"Old man?" The old man raised his silver brows and snorted, "You brat, you've bumped into this old man and you're still so rude! "If you don't apologize today, you can forget about going to work!"

Saying that, he gripped the bicycle wheel tightly, looking like he was about to touch porcelain.

"Hey, you old bastard! Do you believe that I can crush you with my bare hands?!"

"F * ck you!" Bang! If you have the ability, then run over this old one, stop pretending! "

With that, the old man directly laid down in front of the car with the word 'big' in his hand. The young man was so angry that he began to circle around in circles.

He was only trying to scare them. With so many people watching, how could they dare to do it?

Long Xiao Yun smiled at the old man's way of throwing a tantrum. This road was the only road to the market. Originally, she didn't want to meddle in other people's business, but when she passed the car, her bicycle mysteriously fell …

The boy was immediately startled and pushed his hand out. Long Xiao Yun's small body was unable to withstand the force and was pushed to the ground. Fortunately, she held her head in time to avoid hitting it.

"What are you doing!?" If you keep your eyes open, you won't be able to see the road! "

The little boy lifted up the bicycle and carefully inspected it. He even used his sleeve to wipe off some dust, making Long Xiao Yun speechless.

Although the bicycle was as precious as a car to her as she had been for the past nine years, it was not as if she needed to be treated like this! Furthermore, she didn't push him down, so why should he blame himself on her?

She definitely wouldn't be blamed for this!

Long Xiaoyun immediately pouted and wailed. She felt wronged and didn't want it anymore!

The crowd gradually increased in number as the scolding towards the young man got louder and louder. However, the old man lying on the ground had his eyes wide open as he looked at Long Xiao Yun in disbelief.

Was this the legendary porcelain that was supposed to be used for touching?

Very quickly, Long Xiao Yun's wailing attracted the attention of more onlookers, and also attracted the attention of the police officers on duty. They took the three of them to the police station and evacuated the onlookers.

After arriving at the police station, Long Xiao Yun no longer cried. With red eyes, she quietly sat to the side and looked at the blushing little boy. The little boy unwillingly bowed his head and apologized to the two of them.

Outside the police station, the boy got on his bike and stormed off to the office.

The remaining old men and women looked at each other.

"Little girl, what do you want to learn from your young age?"


Long Xiao Yun rolled her eyes. It was clearly a bicycle touching her porcelain! Besides, if she hadn't had the inspiration to stage a world-shaking crying scene, why would she have attracted the attention of the police?

"What are you looking for?" "Come, tell me your name. How old are you this year and where are you going to school?" The old man squatted in front of Long Xiao Yun, smiling like a peddler.

Long Xiao Yun's small brows couldn't help but knit together as she retreated two steps back with a vigilant expression. "Mom said that we can't talk to strangers."

"Grandpa isn't …"

"If you keep pestering me, I'll call the police."


Long Xiao Yun pointed at the police station, her young voice threatening them. "You'll be done for if I call you that."


Xiao JI Bai was speechless as he looked at Long Xiaoyun's threatening appearance. It was the first time in his life that he had been threatened. It was really fun!

Long Xiao Yun didn't pay any more attention to Xiao Ji Bai as she turned around to look at the entrance of the police station. That little girl had been there since she was born and was still standing there without moving. Who knew what had happened?

Strange to say, didn't the police who came in and out see her? He didn't go up to inquire about the situation.

Suddenly, the little girl turned her head around. Her overly pale face and the darkness in front of her eyes startled everyone.

She quickly retracted her gaze, regretting that she couldn't distinguish who it was despite seeing so many ghosts!

Feeling vexed, he silently prayed that he wouldn't be entangled.

"Little girl, grandpa is really not a bad guy, grandpa is just … "Hey, where are you going?"

Seeing that she was leaving, Xiao JI Bai quickly chased after her. However, seeing that Long Xiao Yun was pretending to shout, he immediately stopped in fear. He could only watch as she left with a regretful heart.

No! He couldn't give up on such a good seed!

Long Xiao Yun bought some vegetables and hurried home. When Li Yuhua came back from work, the small vegetable porridge was just on the table, but when she opened the door, the ghostly image in the light startled her. Fortunately, she was calm and didn't reveal any flaws as she invited her mother in.

"Mom, you go wash first. I've cooked some meat porridge. You can go rest after you've eaten!"

Li Yuhua looked at the steaming hot porridge on the table, smiled and squatted in front of Long Xiao Yun, stroking her soft hair, "Yun'er has really grown up!"

Ever since the accident, she had behaved like an adult, and had done many things that she could not even imagine.

However, she sometimes acted like she was the most childish and naive child of her age. Perhaps she had just experienced an accident, and her mind had developed a bit. As for the past, she had forgotten about it since she forgot about it.

This, might be a good thing as well ….

"Of course, Yun-er is growing up every day. In the future, I can help mom share in many things!"

"En!" Li Yuhua laughed, kissed Long Xiao Yun's tender cheeks and went to wash her hands.

After the meal, Li Yuhua went back to his bedroom to catch up on his sleep. Last night, he had taken care of a few patients in a car accident and was still busy after work.

In the kitchen, Long Xiao Yun was standing on a footstool, washing the dishes. Behind her, a chilling aura suddenly rose.

Xiao Yu frowned, but he did not stop moving his hands. He was using his ability to ignore others.

For the next few days, the little girl wandered in front of Long Xiao Yun. Even when she slept, she would stand by the bed and watch over her. After going back and forth, Long Xiao Yun was angry!

"What are you trying to do after following me for so long?" If he wanted to harm her, he would have a lot of chances to do so tonight. After all, she had been sleeping quite well these few days.

The little girl heard her and went to the door. Seeing that she wasn't following her, she stopped in front of the door and looked at her. She didn't go out until she got up and followed her.

Long Xiao Yun's brows creased together as she followed the little girl out with curiosity.

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