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I didn't really expect to be reborn, and I went into my little cousin's body.


"Miss, First Miss!" You must be inside. Open the door! "

I woke up to a sharp knock on the door and found myself sprawled on the cold floor, my head aching.

The knocking on the door became more and more urgent. "Miss, I'm An Liang. It's fine if you just squeak inside. If you don't, I'll call the police!"

I struggled to get up, my whole body in excruciating pain.

Looking around, all he saw were large floor-to-ceiling windows, luxurious European style decorations, and walls full of expensive European famous paintings …

Why does this environment look so familiar? If I remember correctly, isn't this my aunt's house?

A splitting headache came over me. I rubbed my head and remembered that I wasn't killed by White Peach and Shen Ke Shen Ke. The last thing I remembered was seeing the dog man and dog girl hugging each other.

Still sleeping on the ground?

"Eldest Miss!" Did I knock on the door? I hit it?! " Outside the door, An Liang was screaming for life.

It seemed like he wouldn't give up until he opened the door.

He tried to straighten his body, but it felt like his bones were falling apart. The house was very stuffy, and the windows were not open. There was even a stench in the air.

The environment was really bad. I pinched my nose with one hand and supported myself against the wall with the other as I moved towards the door to open it.

A full-length mirror stood in the doorway, and I looked at myself in it and froze.

This isn't me! Isn't this my younger cousin, Su An'an?!

His cousin who was in the mirror also had one hand against the wall while the other hand pinched her nose. She opened her mouth and the person in the mirror did the same.

What was going on?

This is... Reborn? And he was reborn in his cousin's body?

Are you kidding?

I faced the mirror and pulled at my face. My cousin in the mirror also pulled at my face. It seemed that there really was nothing wrong with the mirror.

I quickly went through all the mirrors in the house before finally accepting this fact.

I should be dead, and my soul entered my cousin's body?

"Young miss, I've already called the police! "Hurry up and come out, I can still cancel the report before the police …" An Liang was already dispirited.

"I don't think she'll be able to get out!" A high-pitched female voice sounded, carrying a hint of schadenfreude.

I remember that voice, Willow.

Uncle Su Ping had an amorous personality when he was young, and he had gone through thousands of flowers and bushes. The willow tree was the one that he couldn't deal with in money.

At that time, she had come to the Su Clan to ask for her name. She even brought a daughter who was even older than An An, saying that she was her uncle's child.

The Su family's old patriarch saw that the children were really the children of the Su family, which was why he barely managed to deal with them. However, because their reputations were unfair, he never allowed them to return home.

Su Ping had no choice but to keep them outside. Even after so many years, the old gramps still refused to let them go. The mother and daughter both could only live on in the name of "second milk".

"What nonsense are you spouting?! What are you all doing here?! " An Liang said unhappily.

"I'm not talking nonsense. An An's been suffering from autism since she was young and she's always been a coward. It's not like you don't know about the matters at school. Can she handle it?" It wasn't the first time she committed suicide while hiding in her room. Mom and I came over to look because we were worried about her. Quickly open the door and see if she was completely cold. "Haha." The voice was also quite sharp. It was the daughter that Yang Liu brought back. Her name was Su Yiyi, and she looked just like her mother, making people dislike her.

"Shut up!" An Xin was so angry that she said, "We don't welcome you here. Hurry and get out!"

Su Yiyi laughed loudly. "Quickly open the door and take a look! See if she's dead. If she's dead, wouldn't you be serving me in the future?"

"Stop dreaming! The young miss has not shut herself down. Quickly shut up, shut up! " An Liang was extremely agitated.

Su Yiyi snorted in disdain, "You haven't committed suicide yet. If you don't believe me, you can open the door and take a look. I can smell the smell of coal from far away. If you don't open the door now, I'm afraid the house will explode."

"I'm afraid I've let you down!"

"Pa!" The door was pushed open, only to see the shocked expressions of the mother and daughter, Willow Su Yi Yi.

It was as if they were especially puzzled by my being able to stand here. Why did they say that Su An had "committed suicide" in the room? How did they know it was gas?

No matter how bad the smell of the gas in the house was, it was impossible for them to not smell it. Otherwise, it was impossible for An Liang to not know.

I refocused my gaze on the two of them. Their eyes met frequently, some were angry, some were disappointed.

From the looks of it, Su An'an shouldn't have committed suicide, and these two people were the blatant murderers!

"Eldest Miss, are you alright?" An Liang rushed over and carefully observed his body, as if he was afraid that there was something wrong with it.

"Not bad." I clenched my fists and looked at the mother and daughter. "It's all thanks to elder sister's concern. If I had waited a little longer, I would have been thoroughly cold."

As expected, Su Yiyi's face revealed an extremely regretful expression the moment she said those words.

She must be regretting that she came too early, so that Su An wouldn't be able to die.

It's better for you to die from regret.

Actually, what they did was right. Su An'an is already dead, so I used her body.

However, to repay a debt by killing someone for their life was a matter of course.

In this matter, since I have used the body of another person, I will definitely seek justice for her dead soul.

"What is this?" A calm and oppressive voice suddenly sounded, "Who allowed you two to enter?"

The one who spoke was the old man of the Su family, Su Guoheng. He was Su An's grandfather. He was the current head of the Su family.

When the mother and daughter saw that the old man had arrived, they immediately shut their mouths and lowered their heads.

The old tutor pursed his lips, his eyes sharp and his expression grave. He obviously had a bad temper.

At this moment, he looked at me as if he was waiting for me to reply. I lowered my eyes and greeted him with a "Grandpa".

"And you guys, who allowed you to step into the Su Clan?!" His tone was thick with impatience, and it was easy to see that he was disgusted with the mother and daughter.

Even though Su Yiyi was his own granddaughter, he still wouldn't allow her to enter this place.

"Dad, I heard from Yiyi that …" Yang Liu quickly explained in a friendly tone, but was cut off by the old man as soon as he spoke, "Who's your father?!"

"Old Master …" Seeing that Old Man Su didn't show any dissatisfaction, he continued, "I heard Yi Yi said that An was crying at school. She's always been unstable, and when she's petty, it's easy for her to do things that she can't take. When I heard about this, I was afraid that she might lose her mind and end up like her mother, so I hurried over with Yi Yi to save her."

Yang Liu had a considerate look on his face, while Su Yiyi nodded at the side.

"Thank you for your concern, Little Ma. I'm fine." I gently smiled.

Wasn't it just a white lotus? Who wouldn't know how to use it?

This "little mother" caused Yang Liu's expression to turn extremely ugly.

In the end, she was still a mistress who could not stand up in front of others. She hated people who pointed out her identity in the open and in the dark.

Those eyes were full of hatred, as if they wanted to eat me alive.

However, since Old Man Su was here, it wasn't good for her to flare up, so she continued to act mercifully. "It's good that you're fine. Yiyi and I can feel at ease."

"Little mom, I have a question. How did you and Yiyi know I had gas poisoning?"

Her expression turned ugly, and I continued, "There are no servants here. The doors and windows are also closed. Even the smell cannot escape. How do you know it's gas poisoning and nothing else? I didn't put the gas on, I don't even remember why I'm lying here. Could it be that all of this was actually arranged by Mother and Yi Yi? "

Old Man Su's expression turned darker and darker. He looked at Liu Liu and waited for her explanation.

This old man placed more importance on the Su Clan's reputation than his life. Naturally, he would not allow something like "Little San and his mother plotting to murder a legitimate successor for their position" to happen that would tarnish the Su Clan's reputation.

It looked like the old tutor wouldn't let things go if the two couldn't give a reasonable explanation.

Willow raised her eyebrows, "Aiyo, An An, don't scold us like that. We only came here because we were worried about you. It's fine if you're not grateful, but don't bite us back!"

She denied it and made it look like I was slandering her.

"You're lying!" An Liang, who had been silent all this time, suddenly said, "It's you guys. You guys already told me before you came that Eldest Miss didn't commit suicide due to gas poisoning. You guys clearly knew it was gas!"

What the three of them said didn't count, but it was different for An Liang.

He was a servant, so he wouldn't dare lie to Old Man Su.

"Get out! Don't let me see you and this evil creature again! " The old man pointed at the door and angrily shouted as if he were barking at two dogs.

Willow pulled Su Yiyi, glared at me, and left dejectedly.

I pursed my lips and smiled. This is Su An'an's good grandfather. Even if he knew that Su An'an had been wronged, he would only suppress the matter for the sake of his reputation.

"An An, grandpa knows that this matter is somewhat unfair to you, but grandpa did it for our family."

He was explaining why he let the Willows go, and I thought it would be more comfortable if he didn't.

I smiled. "I understand, Grandfather."

"As long as you understand." He nodded, turned around to leave, then suddenly turned around and said, "Oh right, that cousin of yours killed himself today. Tomorrow's funeral, you should go represent the Su Clan for a bit."

"..." You're the one who committed suicide! Your whole family committed suicide!

Besides, attending his own funeral was exciting enough.

"Eldest Miss, are you really alright? Did you really not miss it? " An Liang was still concerned about me as he asked.

Su An'an's heart was small. He had often committed suicide in the past. It was likely that he had frightened this young man.

It was obvious that she had met with an unimaginable situation, which was why she was being used by the mother and daughter.

I didn't have the heart to ask Ann what she was up to. I walked straight to the garage and started to drive away.

An Liang was afraid that I wouldn't bring him along, so he hurriedly followed me to the front passenger seat. "Eldest Miss, where are we going?"

Who's with us? Who's going with you? Shameless!

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