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C10 Murder

It was a tall and big man who looked to be in his twenties. His hair was dyed in a special way on the sofa. He should be someone from outside the school.

"Su An'an!" "Go, die!" Su Yiyi had a fierce look on her face as she fought to push me into the lake with the man.

With a plop, I simply fell into the lake without being able to fight back at all.

"Press her to death! "I can't let her come out, I have to force her to death!" Su Yiyi was obviously very excited as she shouted loudly.

I also have some water, fell in definitely can not give up, and struggled to climb out.

The man pressed hard on my shoulder and forced me back into the water.

A great deal of water poured into my mouth, and as I struggled, my consciousness began to blur.

Su Yiyi's excited voice rang out, "That's great, that little b * stard! Damn it! Hahaha! If she dies, everything will be mine, everything will be mine! "

With all my strength, I suddenly jumped out of the water, causing a huge splash as I tightly held onto her leg.

If he had to die, then everyone would die!

"Ahhh! Help! Help — "She panicked.

The man frantically pulled her up. I tried my best to pull her down as well. She cried out, "No! It hurts! I'm going to die! You guys are going to tear me apart!"

Of course, I didn't pity her and hugged her legs even more tightly.

It was a pity that the man's strength was still stronger than mine. In the end, he still managed to drag Su Yiyi to the shore and ruthlessly kicked her shoulders, forcing her to kick me away. In the end, I only grabbed onto one of her shoes.

"My shoes! My shoes are still in the lake. Quickly, think of a way to get them!" Su Yiyi shouted.

"It's over. Someone's coming. Why do you still need shoes!?" It's going to cost me my life! " The man shouted as he ran further away.

Su Yiyi cried a few times. She probably knew that she couldn't take back her shoes, so she decided to follow along.

I had already been gagged by the large amount of water gushing into my mouth, and the suffocation had made me unconscious.

I just died once. Am I going to die again?


In a daze, I held onto something, as if it was a person. From the shape of my body, it should be a man.

"Rinse, young master, or you might not be able to make it." Someone said.

Then I felt something pry open my mouth.

What is it? Why does it feel like... Slippery?

Even in a coma, I didn't want to be violated. I bit my lip, but the other party was so persistent.

Sensing his aggression, I snapped open my eyes and found that I had bitten his lips.

The bite was really fierce. It felt as if my bite had broken it.

"Crazy woman!" He pushed me away.

"Young Master, are you alright?" The people around him immediately came over to check on the young master's injuries.

Let me take a closer look. Why is this young master so familiar with him?

Also, his entire body was dripping wet. Could it be that I was fished out by him?

And the person beside him should be his assistant.

I covered my mouth as my assistant turned around to glare at me, "Young Master saved you out of good intentions before giving you artificial respiration, but you actually bit Young Master!"

"Me!" I didn't mean to.

But was that not the main point on purpose? The point is...

"Why are you here?" The Chief Officer just happened to pass by? I don't believe it.

"Of course I'm looking for you. I still haven't found the corpse, yet you're still in the mood to come to class!" The assistant stared at me, "Furthermore, you can get killed no matter how you attend class. Has the school already become such a dangerous place?"

I coughed lightly. "Some family matters …"

"I'm not interested in your family. You know why I'm here." Weiyang went straight to the point.

"I …" The moment I opened my mouth, I violently coughed, and a large amount of water gushed out again, spitting all over the ground.

The cold hit me, and I shivered as I hugged myself. I was drenched all over, and the feeling of my clothes all over my body made me feel awkward.

He just looked at me, still looking down, which made me feel even more embarrassed.

"Yeh, give her your coat."

The assistant, Yeh, had this expression. "= =."

He took off his coat and handed it to me. I felt less cold and less embarrassed.

Just as he was about to open his mouth and go straight to the point, he was about to ask about the corpse again. I hastily interrupted, "Officer Weisheng, did you fall in love with me after just one meeting?"

"Hmm?" "Huh?" It was obvious that he didn't want to show any contempt.

I pretended not to understand and continued, "I mean, did Officer Weisheng fall in love with me? Although we only met once, she was still attracted to me?"

His expression changed.

I secretly rejoiced and continued, "Otherwise, why did you come looking for me? You even saved me, cared about my family, and was afraid that I would be cold enough to ask someone to give me my coat. So Officer Weisheng, you can't have fallen in love with me, right? "

I looked at him innocently, and the look of disdain in his eyes grew more and more intense. It took me a while to squeeze a few words out of my teeth.

I'm not ashamed at all. I feel like I'm trying to take advantage of the situation.

As if suddenly remembering something, I covered my mouth, acting shy, "Ah, just now Officer Simpson secretly kissed my mouth while I was unconscious. But I was unconscious just now, otherwise, how could I refuse Officer Simpson? I will definitely respond warmly, and stick my tongue in …"

"Ugh …

He suddenly vomited until he fell to the ground and couldn't stand up straight while holding onto the tree.

Ha, his obsession with cleanliness was still very serious!

Tch, what's wrong with just a kiss? That can't be necessary, right?

Since he was so resistant to contact with others, then what was the real reason for the name of the flower that he had been spreading around for so many years?

"Officer Wei Sheng, how are you?" I leaned over and tried to pat him on the back.

Yeh hurried to stand in front of me. "I'll do it …"

"He's …"

"Officer Weisheng has been quite ill recently, and always vomiting is frequent. The doctor said it's because of the stimulation from your cousin's death …"

"Yehe!" Xia Shengyang raised his head and glared at Yehe, but Ye He kept his mouth shut and didn't say anything more.

I didn't know that the death of one would have such an impact on another.

If it was really because my "death" had such serious consequences for him, should I be happy or depressed?

After vomiting for a while, he finally straightened up and walked towards me. "I'll send you back to the Su Clan, and we'll have a good chat while we're at it!"

The word "talk" was enunciated word by word as if someone had squeezed it out of the gaps between their teeth.

Since I had already sensed danger, of course, I wouldn't obediently follow her back.

I turned around and pointed to one of Su Yiyi's shoes that had just been fished out with me. "No, I can't go back yet. I've just been murdered. I'll get my revenge first. I can't let the culprit get away scot-free!"

I said those words with a face full of righteousness. I was almost deceived by myself.

Xia Lianyang looked at me and raised his eyebrows. "Follow me back first."

I looked at him, and he looked at me, and his eyes were cold.

Then I slowly lowered my eyelids, covered my eyes with one hand, and began to sob.

Yehe gave a smack and stepped forward to pull me back. "Hey, Miss Su, what are you …"

"Don't touch me!" I took a step back. My body was trembling, and I looked terrified. Then, I continued, "Wuwuwu …"

"Boss …" "This …" Yehe did not dare to step forward and looked to Lil 'Yang for help.

"Wuwuwu …" I cried even louder and more sorrowfully. At the same time, I thought that I would take my hand away later. It would be so awkward if Wei Sheng realized that there were no tears on my face.

Lil 'Yang pondered for a moment. "What do you want?"

"Call the police. If she wants to murder me, of course she has to be admitted to the police station."

If I was to say that I had always treated Su Yiyi as someone who didn't want to get into a fight with her, then now that she almost killed me, if I didn't respond, wouldn't that mean that she was getting ahead of herself?

In the past, Su An'an was bullied by the mother and daughter because his personality was too weak.

Now, I should show her how autism works.


Half an hour later, the police knocked on the door of the Willow Sui Yi and her daughter's room. It took them quite a while to knock on the door, indicating that they had enough time to destroy the evidence.

Yang Liu stuck his head out in his suspenders. Seeing so many policemen pretending to be surprised, he hugged his chest. "Ah — what are you doing?"

"You're Su Yiyi's mother, right?"

"That's right, we are still doing homework in our room. Why are you looking for her?"

The police looked in, but Yang Liu quickly blocked them, "What are you guys doing, even if it's the police, you can't just barge into the house like that, right? "Are you responsible for delaying my daughter's future?!"

"Get out of the way," the policeman said, pulling her aside and holding out the warrant. "Watch carefully, this is the warrant, if you keep delaying our search, don't blame us for arresting you for obstructing your official duties!"

Yang Liu was terrified, and retreated to the side, trying to curry favor with him. "Aiyo, Officer, what are you saying!?" I'm just asking what happened. My daughter has been timid since she was young, so she naturally wouldn't commit adultery. Don't scare her … "

The officers ignored her and went straight to the bedroom.

The house wasn't big, and he could see everything clearly. If he didn't see Su Yiyi here, then she must be in her bedroom.

"Eh …" Just as Yang Liu wanted to say something, she suddenly saw me standing behind the police. She widened her eyes and said with an expression of disbelief, "Why are you here?"

I smiled. "What's the matter, mom? Should I not be here?"

It was obvious from her expression that she knew what Su Yiyi had done.

No wonder she kept emphasizing at the door what a good child her daughter was.

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