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C11 Evidence

If that was the case, as long as there was no evidence and Su Yiyi was a good child, the police wouldn't do anything to her.

Heh, you really think too much.

When she saw me, she didn't feel the slightest bit of guilt. On the contrary, in her astonishment, she revealed a trace of resentment. She really wanted Su Yiyi to kill me just like that.

"Su Yiyi bribed the culprit and wanted to kill him. Luckily, she failed. Do you know the situation?" The policeman looked back at Willow, his voice cold.

Yang Liu quickly shook her head, "No …." None... No, what did you say? 'Yiyi did such a thing?! ' "Impossible!"

I shook off the wet clothes on my body and took Su Yiyi's shoe, which was already sealed in a bag, from the police officer. "Mom, when Su Yiyi came back at night, she lost a shoe. Didn't you ask her what happened?"

"Nonsense, these aren't Yi Yi's shoes. I've never bought her such shoes, nor have I ever seen her wear such shoes!" Willow denied it.

I held my chin in my hands and looked at her, feeling both pity and sadness.

At this time, Su Yiyi had already been carried out of the room by two policemen. Her face was filled with fear as she desperately shook her head and shouted, "It's not me! I didn't! I've never done it! "

"Did you hear that? Yiyi said she didn't do it!" Willow argued.

The other officer stepped forward. "There's no other shoe. There's no strong evidence yet."

The Willow suddenly had a backing, snatching Su Yiyi back from the hands of the two policemen.

I hugged Su Yiyi to comfort her and didn't forget to glare back at the two policemen and me.

Then, she saw Old Man Su and Su Mingyi, who had rushed over to check on her after being notified by Wei Sheng, raise their hands to wipe their tears instead of retracting their actions.

"Dad, look at your granddaughter! What are you doing?!" This time, for some reason, she jumped into the river and crawled out, and even brought the police here to criticize Yi Yi. How could Yi Yi be that kind of person? She wouldn't be able to see us Yi Yi, nor would she be able to bring the police over to button her up! Su An and an, what are you worrying about! Dad, look at her, she doesn't even know what it means to lose face. You must help Yi Yi, help our Su family! I can't let her get away with this!

These words were said very clearly.

His goal was to accuse me of wrongly accusing Su Yiyi, even accusing me of alerting the police and causing trouble, and even trying to incite Old Man Su to take care of me.

Pui, the hornet's tail needle, the most venomous woman's heart!

Old Man Su and Su Mingyang called to inform her. That guy didn't use any polite words at all, saying that Old Man Su was' unlucky '. It was better if he came to see what her darling granddaughter had done.

The old tutor didn't dare give him face. Even though he knew that his granddaughter had done something shameful, he could only come over.

So the old man had been holding back his anger all this time, and now he finally found a place to vent it.

"Don't talk about me as a father, the Su Family has never recognized you! Furthermore, I don't have such a granddaughter who would use any means to get a higher position! "

"Dad, Yiyi didn't do that! "Her dad, say something!" Yang Liu looked at Su Mingyi for help.

Su Mingyi had a weak character, he actually didn't have much power in the Su Clan, and so he had to listen to the old man.

This was also the reason why the Willow Su Yi Yi and her daughter could not return to the Su Clan without obtaining the old gramps.

"This …" Su Ming coughed lightly and looked as if he didn't want to speak anymore.

Yang Liu once again wiped away her tears. "What kind of sin did I commit? My daughter was framed and killed, but even my husband refused to help us. Yiyi, what kind of sin did we commit …"

"Enough!" "You really don't mind the disgrace!" The old man scolded. Yang Liu's voice grew weaker, but he still argued, "But the police said it already. They didn't find any evidence. Yiyi didn't commit any crimes, so how could there be any evidence …"

At this moment, I saw that Weiyang, who had been leading the group down the stairs, had already walked up. He was 1.9 meters tall, and could see what was happening inside even from the back of the crowd.

He glanced around. Yeh cleared his throat and said, "If you think there's no evidence, how are you going to explain this?"

Everyone turned their heads around. Yehe raised his hand, revealing Su Yiyi's other shoe inside a plastic bag.

Anyone can see that this shoe is just a pair with the one I brought.

So Wei Shengyang went to look for this. No wonder he told me 'I still have things to do, you go up first, I'll be right there' the moment he entered the residential complex.

"Isn't this the other shoe? Someone has material evidence, what else do you have to say for yourself?!" The officer's face fell.

This woman treated him like a monkey and disliked him just now.

"This... Who knew where she got those shoes? Who knew if they were from Su An's company! People with depression behave differently from normal people. How can you believe her?! " The willow was clearly swaying, as if a dog had been in a hurry to bite it.

Ye He panicked, "This is really interesting. How could our boss frame you? You guys are quite impatient, throwing your shoes out the window. Luckily, my boss is smart, otherwise we would have had a good meal. "

"Who knows if it was Su An who left his shoes downstairs. How can he be sure that it was Yi Yi's shoes? In my opinion, it was definitely Su An'an who wanted to catch the thief!" The willow tree continued to hold on.

This woman was really persistent.

"Officer," I coughed, "these shoes, both here, should be able to be tested to see who wore them?"

"Of course."

Yang Liu and Su Yiyi shuddered.

I smiled, "Then the one in Assistant Ye's hands should also be able to find the fingerprints of the person who grabbed this shoe, right?"

"Of course," the police officer cast a sidelong glance at Willow and deliberately added in a loud voice, "When the time comes, who threw it down, there will be no way to deny it. Come, take him away! "

"Don't — Mom! "Mother, quickly save me!"

"Dad!" Dad! Master! Old Master — "Willow kneeled down with a" putong "and hugged Old Man Su's leg, begging him while crying and howling.

Old Man Su was truly heartless, he kicked her away with a kick, "Truly unfortunate for our family! Unlucky family! "Let's go!"

He called out to Su Ming Yi, then turned around and left.

Without the old man, Yang Liu could only place all of her hopes on Su Ming. When Su Ming saw that she was about to pounce towards him, he could only fiercely curse, "You're really stupid!" He then turned and left with the old man.

Yang Liu knew that there wasn't anyone she could rely on anymore and was prepared to pounce towards me. "An'an!" Yi Yi is your own sister! You can't send her to jail! "And even if it's for the sake of the Su Clan's reputation, you can't do that. An An, I'm still half a mother to you. Mother is begging you now …"

I wanted to step back a little, to keep her from touching me.

But when she saw that Su Yiyi had already been dragged away while shouting, she quickly pounced over again. "An An!" Anthea, you can't sue Yiyi. Please let her go — "

How interesting, who let them go!

Seeing me retreat over and over again, Willow chased me again and again. Just as I was frustrated that I didn't know what to do, I saw a tall figure standing in front of me, dragging me behind him.

He looked down at the willow tree on the ground with a cold expression, "Killing to pay with one's life, debt to pay with money, it is only right and proper. Deliberate murder is not something that can be brought to an end just because the lawsuit is not brought up, and the police will hold her accountable. They will only hold her accountable, it is only possible for her to fall from her position, you better take care of yourself."

"Ah — —" Willow sat on the ground, tears streaming down her face as she listened to him. Her body was shaking as well.

No matter what sort of person she was, Su Yiyi had always been by her side for so many years. She was her only daughter, and also her life.

Thus, if he really wanted to lose Su Yiyi, it would undoubtedly be taking her life.

It seemed that the incident with Su Yiyi being taken away by the police was a huge blow to her.

"Let's go." Lil 'Shengyang pulled me out, and carried me as easily as carrying a chicken. Then, we arrived at the entrance of the residential complex.

Old Man Su pulled his face under the dim light in the district. Su Ming rubbed his hands together and whispered something to Ye Zichen like a child who had done something wrong.

He was already in his forties, and his entire body was emitting a feeling of helplessness.

Seeing that we had walked out, Old Man Su's gaze was fixated on Weiyang. He immediately adjusted his expression and greeted her, "Young Master Weisheng, my granddaughter has always lacked discipline. I've caused you trouble …"

That polite and amiable expression made me so embarrassed that I couldn't control myself.

"I have indeed caused you trouble!" The young man looked at me, and the words squeezed through his teeth were clearly referring to the body.

Old Man Su's expression also turned awkward.

He had only been polite with Lil 'Yang for a moment. Who would have thought that Lil' Yang wouldn't give him any face, he really did admit it.

I coughed lightly. "Grandfather, it's all thanks to Officer Weisheng today. Tomorrow, I will personally come to express my gratitude towards him. It's getting late, let's go back first."

Since I had already said so, the only thing the old man could do was to express his gratitude towards Wei Sheng Yang. He even scolded Su Yiyi at the same time and was about to leave with me.

Liuyang scooped me back, his arms were long enough, and I hit him on the chest.

"What are you doing?!" I opened my eyes wide and purposely raised my voice.

I wanted the old man and Su Ming to hear it, but I didn't force him to stay even if I had to give him face.

Who knew that this fellow would disregard his face so much! He didn't care if there was an elder here or not.

The old man and Su Ming had indeed heard my voice. They turned around and glanced at me, then looked towards Lil 'Yang.

"I suddenly realized that Miss Su is so beautiful, and I'm also a little worried that she's been frightened by what happened today. How about I bring you to find a doctor?"

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