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C16 Caught

However, everything went wrong when the heavens failed to fulfill one's wish. I waved my hand for a long time, but no car stopped.

With a "click", my high heels accidentally stepped into the gap in the top of the well, and I couldn't pull them out.

I crouched down and tried to pull the heel out, then clicked again, breaking the heel and falling into the well.


When I stood up again, I could only walk away lightly. It was 1.67 meters long, so I wished I could break the heel of my other shoe.

After walking for a while, it was too hard to walk like this. I always wanted to take off my shoes and carry them in my hand and continue walking along the road to hail a taxi.

However, there was still nothing.

I was barefoot, and now I was being stabbed by a small stone. It was as if it wanted to pierce through all the flesh and stab into my bones, causing me pain.

It rained through the night.

It seemed I couldn't walk anymore, so I crouched down by the side of the road and buried my head between my knees.

Because it had rained not long ago and there were small puddles on the road, there was one right in front of me. I could see my reflection in it.

Maybe it was because I woke up too early this morning and didn't have enough sleep, but today I was in a very bad situation.

At that moment a car whooshed past, splashing a lot of water on my supposedly expensive dress.

I think if Mianyang knew that his expensive dress had turned out like this in my hands, he would be furious.

Anyway, I've already done enough to make him angry, so there's no need for this.

Annoyed, I raised the two high-heeled shoes in my hands and threw them towards the car.

I only expressed my dissatisfaction, but who would have thought that with two "clang clang" sounds, both of my shoes actually smashed into the car.

Then the car stopped, and I felt the door open, and a pair of leather feet stepped out and walked in my direction.

Step by step, one could hear his unhurried footsteps.

I glanced up at his car, which was silver gray and looked expensive.

So the owner must be mad at me for scraping his car with my shoes?

This kind of car is going to be built... The current me shouldn't be able to fix it.

I lifted my leg and ran, but the owner of the car followed me at a moderate pace. Every step he took was like a huge rock, pressing down on my heart.

In the end, in order to hide from others, I entered a dark alley. Who would have thought that there would be no exit in this alley?

I heard him walk over. I hid in a corner and said to myself, "You can't see me, you can't see me …"

But he obviously saw it. He walked in.

In such a dark environment, he was actually able to see the shrank me, accurately standing in front of me.

Although I didn't look up, I looked down at his shiny leather shoes. I knew that this man was very tall and had a strong sense of oppression.

Furthermore, he is so hot on my heels. I must have damaged his beloved car and made him too angry. Don't tell me that he plans to hit me …

I definitely can't hit someone with this body size. Furthermore, there doesn't seem to be anyone around. I won't be beaten to death by him, right …

He grabbed the back of my neck and lifted me up. I put my hands together, "I'm sorry, I didn't do it on purpose, I'm sorry, I'll pay for the repair, I'm willing to double the amount, just treat it as a loss for your mind, okay?"

I consulted him, but he did not answer.

I could feel the chill radiating from him, shivering in the heat.

"I'm sorry …" I was so scared that I didn't dare to open my eyes anymore. I kept feeling that if I opened my eyes, I would have to face the danger. That would be too scary.

"You must be a pig, Su An!"

"I'm not a pig, I … "Hmm?" I abruptly opened my eyes and met with the scornful gaze of Xiao Yang.

I subconsciously looked around. "Why is it you?" After I asked this question, I regretted it because I realized that the back of my neck was still in his hands.

So, it's very obvious. The owner of this car that scared me half to death, from the very beginning, he … "Weiyang?"

I looked at the Rolls-Royce he'd parked in the distance. It was his car, but I didn't see the license plate, so I didn't recognize it.

I blinked and took a moment to accept it.

"Aren't you attending a party …?" I said weakly.

On the contrary, I never thought that this person would actually be him, much less that he would chase me so fast.

'I'm finished, I'm finished. He must have come to find me to denounce me … '

No wonder the cold air around his body is so strong. He has indeed come to find me for punishment …

"Who let you out?!" He grinds his teeth as if he's angry and wants to eat me.



As a civilized person, you have to learn to be civilized!

"I... "I had some conflict with someone, and seeing that you're not here, I came out first …"

I carefully observed his expression to see if he knew about the matter between Lin Weiwei and me.

He hasn't gotten angry at me yet, so he probably doesn't know … Otherwise he might have eaten me...

"You poured champagne on Lin Wei's face and humiliated her." His expressionless statement.

Looks like someone has already complained to him. I'm afraid the odds are against me today.

"I know what I did was wrong, it wasn't intentional …" My life is more important, so I immediately showed weakness.

"It's your fault for taking the champagne glass. You should have taken the bottle and poured it."


I looked at him, and his eyes fell on my bare feet. He picked me up and carried me back.

I knew I knew he was afraid I'd hurt my foot so he wouldn't be able to walk around with him and look into the body.

But speaking of which, his embrace...

It always gave me a feeling of safety. I tried to struggle free, but he hugged me tighter, suddenly saying, "You're the same as Nanfeng, you're too dishonest."

"Are you on good terms with Lin Xiuya?" I asked.

"I've seen one or two." He looked down at me and explained, "The reason why the Lin Clan was able to gain a foothold in the upper class was because they had the help of the Mo Clan. They were attached to the Mo Clan, and Miss Mo liked me."

He actually spoke these words expressionlessly. The young miss likes him, but he was still this calm. Could it be that Mo Clan's young miss is very ugly?

Wait, the Mo Clan...

I opened my eyes. "Mo Wen Wan?"

If one were to talk about the upper-class Mo Clan, it should be that Mo Clan. As for that Mo Clan's young miss, she was the only one.

When we were in school, she was in the same class as me. She had a good personality and was a school beauty in the school, so the boys who chased her were like those who had lined up from here all the way to France. However, she didn't accept it.

But at that time, because I was usually with Lil 'Yang, they thought that we were a couple, so Mo Wen Wan didn't have much of a chance.

After that, I parted ways with Mianyang, and soon I heard that Mianyang was dating her. There were even many media reports that they were secretly engaged, and from the evidence that the media had listed, it seemed that they were engaged.

Oh. That's right, so Mo Wen Wan should be his fiancee.


I fell into deep thought.

"If I want to come down, I'll leave by myself!" For no reason, I held my breath.

"Don't you know if you wear shoes or not?" He glared at me.

"I like to walk barefoot. I took off my shoes, no need for you to remind me!" I kept struggling, but he wouldn't let go.

I rolled my eyes and bit into it.

He was also in pain and just happened to reach the entrance of the car. He left me in the front passenger seat and looked at me with disbelief and anger. "Crazy woman, what are you doing?"

I shrugged, "Of course a crazy woman is crazy, otherwise how can she be called crazy woman?" Since we are already here, I was afraid that young master Sheng would be tired and thus decided to come down. "

"Crazy woman!" He snorted.

"Yes, I am a mad woman. I am crazy, crazy as a mad dog! I'm willing to go crazy, so I don't need you to care about me, okay? " I jumped out of the car, pushed him away, and headed in the opposite direction.

That rage was still spreading in my chest. Interesting. Didn't he have a fiancée? Why did he keep it in his heart?

You want to help me clear my grievances?

No need, I have hands and feet, I have everything, I just don't need him!

Didn't he say he wanted to see me one last time? I won't let him see me one last time!

The more I thought about it, the angrier I got. It was like when he left without saying goodbye, he felt like he was going to explode. He was so agitated that I didn't even see the car behind him.

It was a big truck, and I was crossing the road. I should have thanked the truck driver for spotting me, and then he should have braked and made a screeching noise as the wheels grinded against the ground before I knew I had to turn back.

Looking at that monster, I was scared silly.

It was too late, and once again I felt the fear of death. I even thought of the great pain of the wheels driving back from my body.

"Go crazy! Just go crazy! " Slight Sunrise's voice suddenly sounds out from behind me, and at that moment, he pounces me to the side.

The truck passed our feet, stopped, and the driver opened the window to look out. After making sure we were all right, he didn't get out of the truck. He gave us a look of reproach and drove away.

I still had a lingering fear as I looked in the direction he left. It took me a while to recover my wits.

Then I turned my head and met the eyes of Lil 'Yang, who was still lying on top of me.

Lie on top of me...

I pushed him away from me, and he seemed to be in a daze for a moment, and then he got up quickly with me.

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