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C18 Asking

I raised my eyebrows. I didn't think that An Liang was after the old man's beauty, so what did an old man who was sleeping want me to see?

I leaned against the door and stared at it, my eyes wide.

Beside the old man, a woman with long hair was sleeping. She had her back facing me, so I couldn't see her face. A large area of their skin was exposed to the outside.

Su An'an's grandmother had passed away a long time ago. The old man had been busy with the company for so many years and had not looked for a woman, so who was this woman?

But I think this woman looks very young, in her thirties or forties.

"My grandpa is also human. Being single for so many years and having a woman he likes is good, but finding an old partner is good. There's nothing strange about it." I turned around and patted him on the shoulder to reassure him.

He pointed inside, "That's not it. Look carefully, young miss!"

"Age isn't a problem. Haven't you read the novel? The novel says that race isn't a problem. If you forget your age, then I will support Grandpa." I yawned and prepared to go back to sleep. After all, it was still too early.

"Eldest Miss!" He pulled me along, refusing to let me go. "Don't you think this woman's back looks familiar?"

"Familiar?" I looked inside and raised an eyebrow. "Speaking of which, it really does look like Su Yiyi's mother …" I opened my eyes wide again, craned my neck to look inside, and hit the door frame with a loud thud of emotion.

The old man suddenly opened his eyes. An Liang's reaction was fast enough. He quickly pulled me aside.

I didn't feel sleepy anymore, so I hid to the side and pointed inside while winking at An Liang.

Even though I could clearly see that it was a willow tree, I still wanted to confirm it with him. I was really too shocked to the point that my brain was in a bit of a mess.

"It's her!" It's her! " He mouthed at me, agitated.

At this moment, there was some movement in the room. It seemed that someone had woken up.

I didn't even dare to breathe out, afraid that Old Man Su would walk out and see us. At the same time, I planned a hundred escape measures in my mind.

However, none of them seemed to be able to …

Just as I was panicking, Willow's voice suddenly came from the room. "Ah — Dad?"

She pretended to be surprised and frightened.

In the end, I couldn't help but be curious. I shifted my body and looked into the room through the crack.

Old Man Su sat up and rubbed his forehead. Meanwhile, Yang Liu pulled on the blanket in front of him with a wronged expression.

"What's going on? Why are you here?!" Old Man Su gritted his teeth.

"Yesterday... It was you, Dad, yesterday … You... "Sob, sob, sob …" Willow began to wipe her tears, feeling even more wronged.

"Don't call me Dad!"

"Understood, Old Master …" However … "But last night's incident …" Willow flapped her hands in agreement.

The old man had already gotten up from the bed, quickly put on his clothes, pointed at the door, and suppressed his anger, "Get out! Never return to the Su Clan! The Su Clan will never acknowledge a scheming girl like you! I was wondering how you got back so late last night! I say, why do you have to give me some Spirit-Sobering Porridge!? How could the Su Clan provoke such a scheming girl like you! "What a family misfortune!"

It seems like what I said last night inspired Yang Liu to have a change of heart towards the old man. She went to return the medicine to the old man.

He was so old and yet he still dared to make a move. He really didn't care what methods he used.

Even though Yang Liu continued to act as though she felt wronged and wanted to wipe away her tears, from my point of view, I could clearly see that the corner of her lips were pursed, as though she had succeeded in a scheme.

"Dad, how can you say that? I only sent the porridge over because I was worried about your body. How can you accuse me so wrongly?"

Yang Liu shouldn't be forty yet, but the old man is already over seventy …

Just the thought of it made him feel embarrassed.

"Get out of my room!" The old man couldn't take it anymore and roared.

The sound is so loud that I feel as though the wall I'm leaning against is trembling. No wonder it is so old and strong … The old man is in good health...

Willow got out from under the blanket, did not mind that she was naked, and casually picked up her clothes from the ground and put them on one by one.

"Dad, I just happened to record the pictures we did last night. Dad, do you want to see them?"

"You … Mother …" The old man had been angered to the point of swearing, and even he understood halfway through. "Are you threatening me?"

Yang Liu quickly shook her head, "How could that be possible? You are the elder. As juniors, how could we not know? It's just that we don't know what those were like last night …." "Speaking of which, it was Dad forcing me. If Mingyi knew, I wonder what he would think. If this video was sent to the media, I wonder what they would think. I didn't mean to threaten Dad, I just raised a question."

The old tutor was gritting his teeth as he narrowed his eyes at Willow. He was sure to hate her to death.

However, Yang Liu's threat was just enough to control the old man and prevent him from throwing a tantrum.

After all, if there was really a video and the media made a big splash, not only would he fail to protect his holiday, the Su Clan that he had spent so much effort to protect would also be finished.

Therefore, he didn't even dare to flare up.

The old man ground his teeth, "What do you want?" He swept the items on the table to the ground, "You are deliberately doing such a shameless thing! What do you want?! "

Yang Liu lowered her eyes. "Dad, Yiyi is my only daughter. I can't let her go to jail …"

I suddenly felt sorry for Willow.

The old man was silent for a moment, then closed his eyes, "Yiyi is also the only child of the Su Clan. I will not ignore her. Today, you will be able to see her."

"Thank you, Dad." Yang Liu bowed a little, and then smiled, "There's more." Dad, Iyi and I have been outside the whole time, and I don't have a job, so our lives have been a bit tight, so I hope dad can give us some help. "

"I'll arrange it."

"Thank you, Dad!"

I rolled my eyes. What, sure enough, poor people must have something to hate.

An Liang also tried to peek inside, but because the gap between the door and the door was too narrow, he bumped into the door and made a sound.

"Who?!" The old man looked up so suddenly that my heart almost jumped out of my chest.

An Liang pulled me along and hurried to the bathroom. Seeing the old man's door open, he pushed me into the bathroom and kicked in both my shoes. He closed the door and straightened his arms, dreaming.

The old man came out of his room, and when he saw An Liang standing at the door to the bathroom, he asked with an extremely pale face, "What did you see?"

His voice was very loud. An Liang pretended to wake up, then looked at the old man in confusion, "What's wrong, old man …" He lowered his head and pretended to be surprised at how his feet didn't wear shoes. "It seems like I'm having sleepwalking again. Did I disturb the old man? Sorry …" "I forgot to take some medicine last night …"

"You have sleepwalking?" The old man obviously didn't believe him as he sized up An Liang.

"That's right, it's been a long time. The doctor said that we can't take the root, so we can only take medicine and control it …" "Ai, I don't know if this illness can be cured, but I might need to take a lifetime of medicine. No wonder I wanted to go to the toilet so much, walking around barefoot on the floor. I must have a cold stomach …"

He played the part by himself, but the old man obviously didn't believe him, "Why do I have to listen, are the footsteps of two people passing by the door?"

An Liang moved quickly on the ground, raising his head to look at the old man sincerely, "A sleepwalker is different from normal people, isn't that right?" I used to walk like this in my sleep, and the doctor said it was habitual. "

If I hadn't known he was spouting nonsense, I might have believed him.

But to be honest, the sound he made was quite similar to the sound the two of us made when we ran over here.

However, the old man was truly worthy of being the old man. How could he be so easily duped? Therefore, the old man still walked over. "There's someone else in the toilet?" he asked coldly.

I pressed myself against the crack in the door and watched him get closer, my heart in my throat.

Damn it, the saying "old ginger is spicier" isn't without reason.

I could already accurately feel that if he pushed open the door, he might directly kill me …

Even if he didn't kill me, he wouldn't let me and An Liang off. We, who know this secret, should be imprisoned for the rest of our lives by this old man.

Just like Su An'an's real mother … It was my aunt, and I knew her situation very well.

It's over, it's over. I really shouldn't have joined in on the fun. Why did I have to look at it so much?

The old man had reached the door and was holding his hand on the armrest. I felt my intestines turn green with regret.

At this time, An Liang rushed in front of the old man and pushed him aside. He pushed the door open and shut me behind him. Then, he quickly took off his pants and sat on the toilet.

His movements were completed in one go, and he even let out a long sigh of relief, "Phew — comfortable. I'm sorry, Old Master. I really can't hold it in any longer …"


The old man must have also smelled him, looking contemptuously at him and then glancing at the bathroom.

Under the old man's scornful gaze, An Liang accompanied him with a smile, "Then, old man, I'm not finished yet. How about …" "Let's avoid first …"

The old man snorted in disdain and closed the door behind him.

Standing behind the door, I let myself out, just in time to face An Liang, who was sitting on the toilet with his pants down.

After staring at each other, I blinked. "Aren't you going to get up?"

"Please do not take me seriously, young miss!" Look at how much I sacrificed to save you! "

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