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I rolled my eyes at the ceiling. "No, you really can't hold it. I can hear you."

"Cool down." Cough cough … Can you turn your head away first, I'll take off my pants... "

We tiptoed back to my room and he asked hurriedly, "My lady, what should we do?"

"We'll deal with it when it's time." I threw up my hands.

An Liang was even more anxious now. "But if that happens, won't Su Yiyi be released?" Then wouldn't she just let go of her murder of you? Aren't you suffering for nothing?! "

Seeing that the child was really worried for me, I smiled and comforted him, "It's alright, I'm more concerned about the corpse now … "My grandfather should have heard about my sister's body being lost, right? I think I know what I've been looking for recently. Did he say anything?"

If the old man was willing to help me, then the manpower and resources would be much greater, and it would be even more convenient for me.

An Liang was surprised for a moment, but immediately shook his head, "The old gramps doesn't have any attitude, he wants you to stop looking, and says that you're not too close to him, and that he's already dead, so there's no need to look for him. "Anyway, it's something that I'm pretty against."


I raised my eyebrows, feeling that this wasn't supposed to be the old man's attitude. Although his identity and Bai Nan Feng's wasn't really close, but he should know that Su An An's granddaughter had been closed off since she was young, and the only person she had a good relationship with was a cousin like Bai Nan Feng. Now that her cousin is dead and her body is gone, it shouldn't be a problem for me to search for her body.

If he couldn't do it, then he would just ignore it. There shouldn't be any need to object, right?

Why do I feel that it's a bit strange? Isn't this old tutor a bit too much?


In order to avoid Willow and Old Master, An Liang and I went downstairs very late. It was too late, so I called the Su Clan's driver.

"I'm sorry, First Miss. My wife and I went to fetch Second Miss. We can't rush back now." The driver's troubled voice came over the phone.

Aiyo, Yang Liu's treatment really went up. He got on the Su Clan's car so quickly. This should be the first time.

I thought for a moment. "After we pick them up, we'll head back to school. It just so happens that An Liang and I are going back to school as well. Come over and bring us along as well."

"Hey, good …" "Ahhh … little madame said no, the car can't be loaded anymore. You can look for another car …"

The driver looked so helpless that I had to hang up.

An Liang was extremely cold, "You really stepped on your nose and your face. Did you think that just because you climbed onto the old man's bed that you were able to go to heaven? You want to ride on your face and act pretentious, right? Eldest Miss, this is a matter of dignity. We must let them know who the real young miss is! "

When I saw how angry he was, I couldn't help but pat him on the shoulder. "Alright, alright. It doesn't matter."

"But Eldest Miss, this is too much …"

"Alright, if you want to talk about it again, I'll suspect that you are stirring up trouble."

"Well —" He sighed and stopped talking. After a while, he mumbled, "Well, anyway! We gentlemen seek revenge! Ten years is not too late! "


Coincidentally, the moment he got off the bus, he met Willow and Su Yiyi, who had just gotten off the bus.

When we saw them, they saw us.

Su Yiyi grinned and walked over to us. "Yo, isn't this the same older sister who sent me to jail so I can die in there?!"

It seemed that the people at school had heard about the matter between Su Yiyi and me. Seeing her staring at me with such hostility, they all stopped to watch the commotion.

In just a few seconds, I felt like I was surrounded by a crowd.

I raised my eyebrows. "Don't you know why you're in prison?"

The people around me started whispering to each other. I couldn't hear what they were saying, so I knew that they were discussing how Su Yiyi had hired me and murdered me. Then, they started pointing at Su Yiyi.

Su Yiyi looked at the crowd around her. Her already displeased expression turned even more displeased.

She stood not far in front of me. "Well, why did I go to prison? Isn't it because of your framing? "

"If I framed you, the police would have released you long ago. The reason they didn't release you was because the evidence is conclusive. What else do you have to say for yourself?"

Yang Liu could not bear to listen any longer. She pulled the flushed Su Yiyi behind her, raised her neck and cleared her throat. She looked around to make sure that everyone was listening.

Then, she used an extremely innocent tone to speak, "Don't listen to Su An's nonsense. She's framing our Yiyi, you all know that her mother is a lunatic, and she has mental problems as well. Since childhood, she's had autism problems, and I was actually quite pitying her, telling Yiyi to get along well with her sister. Who knows, she's such a gloomy child. We treat her well, but she doesn't even remember that we're trying to get close to her, and she always thinks that Yiyi is trying to steal her Su's successor.

This ability to invert black and white could be said to be unprecedented.

If I wasn't the one that was turned upside down by her, I would have been deceived by her tone and expression. I almost thought that I was a villain who wrongly accused Su Yiyi.

Even Oscar owed her a movie queen.

"That's why!" Someone like her deserved to be isolated! You all don't need to have any contact with her! " She spoke viciously.

I spread my arms and prepared to leave, but An Liang was furious. Perhaps it was because I didn't say anything, but he couldn't help but say, "Su Yiyi wasn't released because she was wronged. Last night, you …"

I stopped him.

Even if we were to say it out loud, it would only make us feel good for a moment. Without any proof, she denied, there is nothing we can do.

Yang Liu has always had a venomous heart. If she knew about this, I don't know how she would react to us.

Buying, killing, people were still considered small. If he ran over to the lordmaster to complain, then that would cause the lordmaster to know of this matter as well.

The lordmaster won't let us off, he'll definitely fall for this mother and daughter pair's lusts, and that really wouldn't make up for the losses.

"What happened last night? Last night, when I went to speak with the old man about this matter, the old man had a thorough investigation and finally saw the truth of the matter. Yang Liu must have been certain that An Liang didn't know what had happened last night, which was why she dared to call out so brazenly.

"You …" I raised my hand to cover Leng Liang's mouth, pulling him along as I prepared to leave.

Last night, you stayed in the Su family's mansion. As far as I know, Su Ming wasn't in the Su family, and you didn't return during the night. After that, the old man showed you mercy early in the morning and even gave you the driver's seat. A familiar voice suddenly came from behind him.

I was stunned. When I turned my head, I saw Lil 'Yang with her hands in her pockets, watching a play.

I wonder when he came? What are you doing here?

"Come here." He waved at me.

The surrounding people probably didn't notice that Lil 'Yang had come over. Only now did they see his appearance.

The eyes of those who were originally paying attention to us were immediately attracted by Little Sun. Especially those young girls, their eyes all lit up.

"It's Young Master Weisheng!" God, when did he come? "

"I didn't notice it either. I saw him on TV before, but I thought he was very handsome. I didn't expect to see him in person now. I thought he was even more handsome than he was on TV!"

"Ah-- I feel like I'm in love..."

"So what if I'm in love, I'm going to die soon …"


I raised my eyebrows at him in the midst of what seemed to be a raucous murmur of excitement, and wondered what he was calling me over for.

"Let's chat about love. Let's go." Wei Shengyang said with a serious expression.


"I'm dead!"

"It's over, it's over. Do I still have a chance — — ah —"


In the midst of the sighing, I suddenly felt a little embarrassed.

Xiaoyang kept looking at me. I walked over to him, lowered my voice, and asked, "What are you doing? You want to cause public outrage? "

Then, he heard a voice from behind him, "Oh my god, don't tell me you're really dating. Speaking in private seems so intimate …"

"Why do I feel like the two of them are rather compatible standing together? They clearly should be even more compatible with me, why did this happen …"

"Do I not have a chance? Can I still dig my way to the wall? Hey …"

"Young master Wei Sheng's hand is already on Su An's waist. My nose is about to bleed …"


"Me!" These foolish girls were truly savage.

"I've come to find you," he whispered, his head bowed so low it sounded like he was blowing air into my ear. I pushed him away, but his other hand gripped my wrist tightly. "There's something I need to talk to you about. Let's go."

He pulled me away, and I had a bad feeling about it.

He pulled me up to the roof and everyone stared at me, until finally I heard everyone's voices resounding in my ears, "Ah, they went to meet on the roof, young master Weisheng, the best place in my heart is the roof! It's too romantic! "

"Me!" A bunch of retards, I'm afraid.

Leaning on the edge of the roof, I forcibly shook off his hand, "What the hell are you doing? They didn't inform me, if it was still about finding the corpses, then I wouldn't have come to class today, and so the students seeing you together with me will cause them to think that we're dating. Also, they don't even know what to do, they didn't even know how to write about it, and my life in school was already miserably messed up by them, yet you still came to show off, and insisted on making me the target of the public?! "

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