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Reborn To Be A Fake/C20 Tooth Loss
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C20 Tooth Loss

I was too emotional. I really felt like I had tolerated him for a long time, so I yelled at him all at once.

He probably did not expect me to have such an intense reaction.

Then he grabbed my wrist again, tightly, as if he was afraid I might escape.

"I came to talk to you about serious matters."

"Just tell me what you want. Why are you grabbing on to me so tightly? Why are men and women not being intimate with each other!"

The more I tried to free myself, the more I thought I was really going to run away, and so he pushed me against the railing.

I was forced to lean against the railing, and he was right in front of me, facing me, feeling the warmth of his body through his clothes.

"..." It was as if he was going to beat me up.

"What are you doing!?" "Weiyang!"

"Where did you put the corpse?!"

"..." So it was him who thought I had hidden the body. Angry, I said.

However …

"I was looking for it too, didn't you know about this?!"

He grabbed my neck with his hand, the hard kind, and pushed me down, pressing my head down, feeling like I was about to fall off the roof of the sixth floor.

The fear of death made me grip him firmly, "I didn't! Lil 'Yang, let go! I really don't need to lie to you! I'm just a high school student, it's really useless for me to take the corpse! "Think about it, you're so smart, you should know that I don't even have a motive for taking the body.

Just when I felt that my little life was going to end here, and in fact, it was a very tragic end and my entire body was probably going to break into pieces, Xia Shengyang finally lifted me up and let me go.

I was a little surprised by his sudden change. I held my neck as I observed him. "You believe me now?"

"I'll give you a chance. Give me a reasonable explanation."

"Me!" Pui! How shameless!

"Come out." Slight Sun turned his head to look at the stairs, but it was clear that there was no one there.

It was only a second or two after the silence when An Liang walked out, mumbling something like he was explaining, "I saw that you left with him, so I followed with a bit of worry. Eldest Miss, are you alright?"

"No problem." I turned my head to look at Lil 'Yang. "What happened? I remember that you didn't have this kind of attitude last night."

Why do you suspect me again?

"The surveillance footage from the funeral home was only deleted when the body was lost. I found that person, it was ordered by your Su family's butler, and you still pretend not to know?"

The Su Clan's steward?

I've been awake for so long, but I haven't seen the Su Clan's steward, so I don't even know him.

It was definitely not the Su Clan's butler who wanted to remove the surveillance cameras so that someone could steal the corpses. Thus, the butler arranged for someone to delete the surveillance footage and then throw away the corpses.

"Right now, right now, you better give me a reasonable explanation. Otherwise, don't blame me for being rude." Lil 'Chun Yang said.

Even though he was expressionless, I could feel the killing intent.

He could do it, even if it was murder.

As I thought about it, my mind worked so quickly that Little Yang became impatient. He grabbed me by the neck again and looked down at me condescendingly. He raised his eyebrows at me and said, "Is there nothing else to say?" There's no explanation, right? Then don't blame me too. " Then he pressed me down again, and once again I felt what it was like to hover on the edge of death.

"What are you doing? I called the police!" Quickly put down the young lady! Do you know that this is the sixth floor? If you fall here, you will die! "Hey!" An Liang rushed over and dragged me back.

The two of them came and went, and I felt like my heart was hanging in the air.

While pulling and pulling, I found a chance to use all of my strength to push away Tiny Chun Yang and stood in a safe place. I held onto my little heart that was about to jump out and looked at him, "Can you tell me what is going on? I really don't know anything about the butler."

"That's right, how could Eldest Miss know?" Calm down and help out.

I blinked and pointed at An Liang. "You ask him, he knows!"

I unhesitatingly sold out An Liang. He widened his eyes so much that it seemed as though his eyeballs were about to fall out of their sockets. "I, I, I …" I don't know either! "

Lil 'Yang didn't care that much. He thought for a moment and then grabbed An Liang's neck.

Now that they were fighting one-on-one, there was no way for An Liang to fight back. He was lifted up like a little chick by the neck.

"Tell me what you know." Weiyang went straight to the point.

"I don't know. How could I know something that even Eldest Miss doesn't know!" He tried to explain.

Weiyang increased her strength, raising him even higher.

An Liang's legs were flapping, his face was flushed, and he was having a difficult time breathing.

It looks like I'm in a lot of trouble. If I didn't escape, I would be the one in a lot of trouble.

Probably because he was dying, An Liang started to beg, "Alright then!" I know! Put me down! "

Xia Lianyang released his grip, while An Liang pinched his neck, gasping for air. "I don't know the exact reason …" Just as he finished speaking and was about to make his move, he hurriedly explained, "But the butler was ordered by the old man, and when the butler came back to report this matter to the old man after he was done, I coincidentally heard it. The old man even specifically emphasized that we can't tell anyone, especially the eldest miss, and then he gave the butler some money to go home and take care of his family, and that's it, really, there's nothing else.

What An Liang said should be true. I shrugged at Xiaoyang. "Look, I said that An Liang knew I didn't."

An Liang held onto his neck as he looked at me with a helpless expression, "Eldest Miss, don't you feel the slightest bit of guilt over you betraying me!?" "Not even a tiny bit will do!"

I shook my head. "No."

"Ah — let me go, die! What's the point of me living! I want to jump off a building! " He made as if to jump off the building.

"Hurry up, I'll buy you a good coffin." Seeing him straddling the railing and looking at me with sparkling eyes, he must be waiting for me to let him down.

"I will personally pick out a good grave for you. I will visit it often to pay my respects."

He jumped down, moving closer and closer to me, then suddenly grabbed my arm and rubbed it against my arm, "Miss, I know I was wrong! I will never do it again! "

"Wrong on what? It doesn't know how to do anything?"

"I shouldn't have known. If I don't tell you the next time, I'll definitely be the first to tell you and let you understand!"

I patted him on the shoulder, then reached up and touched his head.

"Thank you, Eldest Miss, for not holding a grudge!"

I threw up my hands. "No, I'm holding a grudge."

He continued to hug my arm and rub it, as if he was acting spoiled. "Didn't you hold a grudge? Since you touched my head, it means that you won't be angry anymore, hmm! That's it! "

Weiyang finally opened her mouth, "Is the flirting between the two of you over yet?"

"What's wrong? Are you jealous? Or do you want to flirt with me? " I looked up at him.

He turned his face away and said, "Since this matter has new clues, you should go back to class."

"What are you going to do next?" I'm not going to class, I'll go with you. "

"I won't."

I thought for a moment and said loudly, "An Liang, you should go back to class. I'll come back later."

An Liang looked at me. She should be able to tell that my attitude was firm. She could only turn around and head downstairs step by step. She said worriedly, "Eldest Miss, you should come back early. I'll help you prepare your class notes first!"

I looked at Lil 'Yang. "Can you take me away now?" After he left, there was no one left to flirt with me. "

He looked as if he was jealous.

"Let's go."

He turned and hurried downstairs.

I quickly chased after him, wanting to tease him. "Why isn't young master Weisheng looking at me anymore? Just now, I was talking to An Liang. Are you jealous?"

"How arrogant." He glared at me.

Why does this look so arrogant and spoiled to me? I wanted to tease him more and more, "Young Master Mu Sheng, why is your face so red?"

"I didn't."

"Why are you blushing more and more? Young Master Weisheng, you don't like me do you?"

I shouldn't have, really.

Lil 'Sun became angry from embarrassment. The result of his anger was that he originally planned on taking me on a further investigation, but he didn't want to take me with him after that.

I was driven back to class. When I saw him return, An Liang's eyes lit up and he almost ran over to hug my leg, crying out loud, "Eldest Miss! I knew you couldn't bear to leave me! You really can't bear to leave me behind! "

Su Yiyi looked at me in schadenfreude, "Eh, how could you be dumped so quickly? Heh! And here I thought you had some tricks up your sleeve, but it's just this much! "

I couldn't be bothered to respond to her. I turned around and instructed An Liang, "Keep in touch with the Su Family and the company at all times. Something might happen."

"What's wrong?" It couldn't be that Young Master Wei Sheng was going to make a move against the Su Clan, right? No matter how I think about it, he shouldn't have dared to do it, right? "

"Nothing he doesn't dare."


The first lesson was over, and An Liang called his mother, who was a babysitter in the Su family, to inquire about the current situation. Then, he hurriedly said, "Eldest Miss, the Su family has been destroyed by Young Master Xia!"

"Hmm?" What did it mean?

It turned out that Wei Shengyang had rushed into the Su Clan with him, claiming that they had harbored international spies and turned the entire house upside down.

It was obvious that the so-called international spy search was actually just a search of the corpse.

However, he did not stop until he found it. He searched even more carefully and then started to destroy everything in the house. He even destroyed many vases and vases.

At this moment, Old Man Su came back due to the pain in his heart. He couldn't bear it any longer.

The moment they met, Weiyang arrested them without waiting for Old Man Su to speak.

The reason for his arrest was actually, "I suspect that he has colluded with an international spy. I have to bring him back to be interrogated."

"Me!" International espionage was indeed an all-powerful reason. Anything without a reason would be pushed towards international espionage.

"Eldest Miss!" What should they do now? He was so violent, he wouldn't use violence against the old man right? Could it be that you've beaten the old man's teeth out? "

To be honest, I now suspect that An Liang had the ability to "crow's beak". That same day, I received a text message from Wei Shengyang, who said, "Your grandpa doesn't confess. His mouth is really tough, and even his teeth were knocked out."


An Liang came over, "Eldest Miss, why are you so dazed? Who called? "

I looked up at him.

"No, what's wrong?" He thought about it doubtfully and suddenly raised his head, "The old man's teeth were broken?"

"Me!" A young man who is too clever!

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