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Reborn To Be A Fake/C3 White Peach
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C3 White Peach

Did he recognize me? How did he recognize it?

I subconsciously touched my own face and discovered that Su An's body wasn't wrong. I denied it. "Officer Wei Sheng, you got the wrong person …" Right?

Before I could finish my last word, the tall figure of Xia Shengyang fell to the ground. Luckily, I was able to catch him so quickly. It took me a long time to get him to lie on the ground.

Only then did I notice that Lil 'Yang's brows were tightly knitted together, and his forehead was covered in sweat. He was completely motionless, as if he was holding his body straight.

Is this because I'm alive again, scared to death, or angry?

No, no matter how much you hate me, it shouldn't be like this!

"Southern Wind …" In a coma, he took my arm and said my name over and over.

I didn't know what was wrong with him. I couldn't even pull my arm back, so I began to wonder if I should call for help or just call first aid.

"Boss!" "Boss …" A short-haired woman in her twenties ran over. She wore a white coat and black-rimmed glasses. She held a bottle of water in her hand, took out a pill, and fed it to Xiaoyang.

Then, as she helped the sun rise, she muttered something, as if explaining it to me.

"Boss is really sick. Plus, he's been busy working for three days and two nights and still hasn't slept. Then, he suddenly dropped his work and ran over, looking like he's suddenly closed himself off. He didn't say a word."

I couldn't help but twitch the corner of my mouth. It was the same as looking for me, as if I wanted to laugh at me 24 hours a day. The moment I heard that something had happened to me, I didn't even care about my own health, so it was really hard for him to come here and ridicule me day and night.

The short-haired girl tried her best to support the rising sun and got carried on her back.

Although she was also 1.7m tall, her back was almost 1.9m, which made her seem too small and strenuous.

"He didn't give you any trouble, right? Sorry about that." The short-haired girl seemed to be gasping for breath. She didn't forget to apologize to me.

"I didn't cause you any trouble." I shook my head, and when the sun was just about to slide off her back, I stepped forward and held him.

Perhaps I helped her up a little and made her realize that it was too much of a struggle for her to bring such a big body out with her. That's why she looked at me with sparkling eyes.

"Can I ask if you have anything to do? Can you help me bring him back to rest?"

I looked at the time. There was still some time before the funeral, but due to her expectant gaze, I couldn't bear to refuse her. Thus, I decided to follow her and send her away.

Along the way, I knew that the girl was called Bai Jie, and she was Wei Shengyang's assistant. She had been following him for three years now.

I knew she was talkative as soon as she opened her mouth, especially when she talked about her own life as a police officer, from the bravery and wit of her husband in his counter-espionage battles to the wildness of her daily life.

In those worshipful, starry eyes, I knew she would like to have a little sun.

After that, Bai Jie suddenly concluded, "Sigh, what a pity, the person the boss likes actually died so suddenly."


"Boss likes this woman," Bai Jie pouted, pointing towards the coffin, "In all this time, although boss has never had a woman by his side, but I know he doesn't like her, I once thought he liked men!" Bai Jie's face was filled with pain.

I blinked and looked in the direction of the coffin. What does that have to do with him liking me?

Bai Jie continued to explain, "No matter how many women there are, none of them can last more than three days by his side. I also happened to see a picture of a woman in his wallet later on when I was tidying up my boss's things, and I was curious about who she was, so my boss snatched away his wallet and threw me out."

I raised my eyebrows. "He's an obsession with cleanliness. He doesn't like people touching his things, does he?"

"I originally tried to comfort myself like this, but afterwards …" Bai Jie sighed and shook her head, "There was also a time when my big brother suddenly got drunk. I sent him some sobering soup, and the moment I turned on the light, I saw him sitting on the bed with this picture in his hand. He had snot and tears in his eyes."

I couldn't help but shiver, "Weiyang can cry? Isn't that too scary? "

I've known him for twenty-eight years, and this is the first time I've ever heard him cry.

"That's right! This is my first time seeing it, but you scared me to death! " Bai Jie continued to feel pain in her heart, "I saw the old picture in the wallet, and I heard the word 'South Wind' from his vague words. Today, I came here, I just saw that picture on the tombstone, no wonder he said South Wind back then," she raised her head and thought, "It was only a month ago, and this month, our boss had an abnormal life, partly because that Bai Nan Feng did not run away!"

One month...

Wasn't that when the news of Shen Ke and I's engagement was just released? It was precisely because he received that news that he …

"It's also because he received a phone call yesterday and suddenly ran out. He stumbled so much that his brain didn't work properly. If it wasn't for our people stopping him, who knows how many times he might have been hit by the car. We followed him back in a hurry, and only after coming here did we find out that he had come to attend the funeral and had shut himself up. He hasn't moved since we got here in the early hours of the morning, and even when I sent him the medicine he told me to scram. Sigh, I haven't slept for a few days since I started on a mission, and now I've finally gotten myself knocked out. "

Bai Jie nodded and sighed, "It's a pity that boss has such a deep affection for Bai Nan Feng. I just realized that she has a fiance! It was because of this that she deprecated my boss in front of the media. Because of this, my boss turned around and joined the National Security Bureau as a police officer. This is so infuriating! "

I was shocked and bit my lip, not knowing how to react.

Back then, I was insensible, causing such a proud person to be embarrassed. I went too far.

Actually, I have always regretted trying to contact him. After he left for ten years, his fame has spread far and wide. I always thought that he had already fallen for someone else.

I always thought he didn't want me anymore.

Finally, Bai Jie and I sent Wei Yang to the hotel and settled him down. Looking at the time, I was still in a hurry to go back and wait for the "entertainment show".

I looked at him and saw that he should be fine. I turned around and was about to go back. Before I could step out of the door, Xiao Yang's voice suddenly sounded, "Bai Nan Feng, are you a pig?"


The veins on my head throbbed as I turned my head to squeeze out a few words from between my teeth. "Weiyang, you …"

Only then did he realize that Weiyang wasn't awake yet. This guy, he doesn't even forget to scold me in his dreams?

Who said just now that he was deeply in love with me? I think he's just thinking about revenge day and night!

After so many years of supporting me, he still remembers me. Most likely, it's because of his hatred towards me!

Tch, to think that I was feeling a little guilty just a moment ago. What a waste of an expression!

I turned my head again and was just about to raise my foot when his voice came again, "Bai Nanfeng, stop right there!"

"You …"

When I looked back, he was still asleep.

Forget it, forget it, I won't lower myself to your level!

On the way back, I kept thinking back to his words, "Bai Nan Feng, stop right there," 'Weiyang, how much did you tell me earlier?' 'Ten years ago, when I left, you told me to stop, so we won't miss out on so many years. "

A long, long time later, Mianyang told me that the phrase "you stop right there" was the one he had been brooding over for the past ten years. He said that he almost hated himself for not being able to say a single word.


When he returned to the cemetery, the priest was already there, dressed in black and wearing glasses and carrying a Bible, standing in front of the coffin.

The coffin was always covered, and I couldn't see inside.

"If there are no objections, then let's begin." The priest lowered his head and opened the Bible. Just as he was about to speak, White Peach's tearful voice suddenly rang out, "Sister! "Elder sister, ah …" She walked over from the back of the crowd and hugged the coffin, tears streaming down her face.

At this moment, her eyes were red and swollen like a rabbit's. Those who didn't know her would think that I was very close to her, but this wasn't how she acted when she killed me yesterday.

Speaking of which, she and Shen Ke really were a match made in heaven. They even had to act here after killing someone.

"It's about time. Let's begin." The priest looked at his watch and urged.

When the weeping White Peach heard this, it was as if it had been provoked. It tightly hugged the coffin and wailed, "No, no one can take my sister away! You can't take my sister away! "Sob, sob, sob …"

Everyone was in an uproar. Even though they felt that she was' deeply in love 'with me, they were expressing their dissatisfaction. After all, everyone valued the dead more than the dead more than the dead.

It would seem that she was too insensible to make a ruckus here at this time.

At this time, no one in the crowd suddenly said, "In the end, he's just a pheasant who can't even distinguish between the location and the public. I wonder why the Bai Clan would adopt such an ignorant person!"

The voice wasn't loud, but in such a quiet environment, it entered everyone's ears. The crowd immediately began whispering to each other, pointing at White Peach with eyes full of disdain.

White Peach was stunned. It was Shen Ke who went up and pulled her away, "Don't embarrass yourself here!"

Shen Ke's expression was terrible. White Peach seemed to have some pity as she looked at the coffin. It should be because there were still many programs that he hadn't finished performing, but that was all he could do.

Although White Peach's surname was Bai, she wasn't the daughter of the Bai family. Her mother was a distant relative of her father.

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