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C4 Empty Coffin

Her mother had no background, only a slight beauty, and she desperately tried to squeeze into the upper classes.

After that, he didn't even hesitate to be a mistress in the family. After that, he had White Peach raised on the outside, but it was still found its position by the main chamber, where he brought a lot of people with him and killed her mother.

The White Peach that was hidden had nowhere to go. After finding my home, she pitifully begged my father not to chase her away, otherwise she would have to die outside.

Dad had always been a merciful person, so he took her in because she was pitiful.

At that time, I was still young, and my heart was filled with innocence. To this little sister who was only one year younger than me, I would pamper her for everything and even solemnly introduce her to other people. This is my little sister, please take care of her in the future, lest others treat her badly.

Even the most ungrateful person in the world isn't as innocent as her. It's fine if she colluded with Shen Ke in secret, but she even killed me for the Bai family's property. Now she still has the face to act here.

I looked at her from behind the crowd. She was as harmless as she had been at first sight, and looked so lovely, like a lotus flower, that a stranger could not imagine the blackened heart beneath the skin of a white lotus.

The Cleric coughed, "Then, let's begin …"

The crowd consciously stood still and stopped conversing. The priest opened his Bible and cleared his throat, "First …"

"Wait a minute!"

Suddenly, a voice came from the back of the crowd. I turned my head and was stunned.

A little bit of yang?

I raised my eyebrows. This guy actually woke up so quickly. He even changed into a military uniform. His tall and straight body made him seem even more handsome.

He had to admit that it was quite stylish and there was even a black gun in his hand.

He stood there with his eyebrows raised and his slender eyes filled with an unruly aura. His bony index finger went through the Spanner's protective circle and over his shoulder, looking like he was just casually spinning the gun around.

The people behind him in uniform are... Armed soldiers?

After Xiaoyang had stood still, the soldiers moved in an orderly manner. The footsteps on the grass made "tat tat" sounds and quickly split into two groups. They raised their guns at the same time and looked like they were about to shoot if there was any disagreement.

White Peach was so scared that he didn't dare to move. Shen Ke took a deep breath and walked forward, "Officer Wei Sheng, we are all good citizens and never do anything against the law. This is my fiancee's funeral, I don't know what you mean!"

Shen Ke knew that Weiyang was a forbidden area in my heart. He had also specifically looked up a lot of information on Weiyang.

Shen Ke will never know. At that time, I was with him because I could see the shadow of him in his body.

However, I only found out about it later. In fact, Shen Ke already knew that 'Weiyang' was a wound in my heart, so he specially learnt 'Weiyang' and approached me.

The moment Shen Ke opened his mouth, he immediately said, "I suspect that there's another mystery behind Bai Nanfeng's words. I need to open the coffin and examine his corpse."

Shen Ke is the murderer, so of course he wouldn't let me. "I remember my fiancee telling me that Officer Weisheng is a member of the National Security Agency. Or could it be that Weibo's police officer relied on his right to practice favoritism against the law?! "

Despite Shen Ke's tough words, I could still see that cold sweat had broken out on his forehead in just a few seconds.

He's still pretending to be calm, what a coward!

The NSA was in charge of national security, so even if there was an abnormal death, the NSA was not in charge of it.

He purposely gave Tiny Chun Yang a cap that allowed him to transcend realms in order to scare him off.

What a joke, if he really was scared off, then he wouldn't be so unlucky.

His gun circled around his finger and suddenly stopped. He looked at Shen Ke with a look of contempt and spoke in a lazy voice, "I suspect that Bai Nan Feng is a foreign spy. Her death is not a simple matter, I want to take her corpse to the autopsy."

Is he trying to explain why he came to my funeral? I don't think he'll explain it to a man.

"Impossible!" Shen Ke pointed at the door and said, "Officer Weisheng, please go back. I can guarantee that my fiancee is not a spy. For the sake of the two of you knowing each other, can you help her bury her in peace?"

"Did I say that she's a spy? I said that she's suspicious. Do you understand?"

I really couldn't help but grind my teeth. This fellow was really a vengeful person. He refused to let me off even after ten years. He didn't forget to give me the title of a foreign spy at the funeral!

But of course it would be best if he opened the coffin for an autopsy. I was wondering how to open the coffin.

He was already too lazy to pay any more attention to Shen Ke. He walked up to the coffin and knocked on it with his index finger. He signaled a few armed soldiers, "Come, open the coffin."

"NO!" "No way!" Although it could be seen that Shen Ke was already terrified, he still scrambled forward to block them. "Even if Nan Feng is really a spy from abroad, do you have any evidence? Do you have a search warrant …"

Before Shen Ke could finish his sentence, Wei Sheng Yang had already pressed the muzzle of his gun against his forehead that was drenched in cold sweat. Shen Ke was so frightened that his body was trembling without a single sound.

Shen Ke leaned against the coffin, gritting his teeth, as if he didn't want Wei Yang to open the coffin.

He said condescendingly as he pulled the safety catch on his gun with his thumb, his lazy tone filled with warning, "Nan Feng's fiance, Shen Ke, right? You know I've never been a soldier, and have never received any professional training right? If you interfere with my work, if I get nervous and accidentally fire my gun, it would be considered a mistake for you to die."

He had a "you understand" look on his face.

Shen Ke's hands clenched into fists, but she slowly lowered them.

"Hmm? Nan Feng's fiancé, why are you not saying anything? " Xia Lianyang asked with an exaggerated voice. His eyebrows were jumping again, and he looked like he was in a very good mood.

Shen Ke's teeth chattered, but he didn't even dare to raise his head in front of Lil 'Yang.

"Don't be nervous ~" Lil 'Yang seemed to be comforting Shen Ke. He took out a cigarette from his pocket with his other hand, held it against the tip of the cigarette, and pulled the trigger with his long index finger.


With a small sound, Shen Ke was so frightened that he fell directly onto the ground. Then, he saw a small flame jump out of the muzzle of the gun, lighting up the cigarette.

Everyone, "..."

He leisurely put the 'gun' back on his waist and took a drag. He bent down to pat Shen Ke's shoulder and blew out a mouthful of smoke onto his face. "I told you not to be so nervous. A lighter scared you to such an extent. How useless."

Everyone, "..."

Lil 'Chun Yang motioned for the two men to pry open the coffin and open it. I, along with the rest of the group, tiptoed inside, but I couldn't see anything.

He walked over, his eyes wide. After staring for a second or two, he suddenly turned around, grabbed Shen Ke's neck and pressed him into the coffin. "Explain clearly to me!" "What's going on!?"

Shen Ke also widened his eyes in shock. He wanted to struggle free, but was unable to do so. He could only twist his body in pain and continuously explain, "I don't know! Really! I really don't know! "

Lil 'Yang seemed to have gone completely crazy. He firmly gripped Shen Ke's neck, wishing that he could strangle him to death.

"Where's the body!?" I asked you about Bai Nanfeng's corpse! "

After the audience was stunned for a moment, they suddenly turned chaotic.

Did that mean the body was missing?

I don't care if so many guns are pointed at me. I rush forward, wishing I could bury my head in the coffin.

But no, there was nothing in the empty coffin.

Who moved my body?

I felt like my head was spinning. I turned back to Shen Ke and White Peach, both of them shaking their heads, as if they didn't know where the body had gone. It didn't seem like a lie.

There was no need for them to lie. If they didn't want to keep the corpses, they could just cremate them.

So if it wasn't them, who would have stolen it?

By the way, the funeral home!

If the coffin sealing man of the funeral home didn't have a corpse, then he shouldn't have sealed the coffin. Now that the coffin was sealed, then this coffin sealing man must know something!

I wanted to tell this to Mianyang, but when I turned around, I saw Mianyang tugging at Shen Ke's neck with a crude action. Shen Ke's face had turned pale from the tugging, as if he was about to die.

"Who sealed the coffin!?" Get him here right now! And the head of the funeral home, and the people in charge of surveillance, and the guards at the door, they have to get them all for me! I want to blow their heads off! This bunch of useless things! You can't even see a corpse! "

The sun rose and roared.

Even though he was in a state of rage, I could tell that he was quite rational. What I didn't expect, he had already thought of it.

Although I was very worried, but Weiyang was already in the process of handling it. I didn't have any position to say anything, so I simply stood to the side and waited.

Lil 'Sun roared as it was difficult for him to quell the hatred in his heart. He pulled out his real gun and was about to shoot Shen Ke.

Shen Ke was so scared that he knelt on the ground. His body was trembling like a sieve, and he didn't dare make a single sound.

If not for Bai Jie's persuasive words to comfort Xia Shengyang, Shen Ke really would have been drenched in blood on the spot.

In just a short moment, the funeral home staff were all escorted over. The few of them were so frightened that they almost kneeled down.

Under Bai Jie's questioning, the coffin sealing man walked out. He said that he found the body missing when he sealed the coffin in the morning, so he quickly informed the curator.

They could not afford to pay for it either, so they clenched their teeth and had the coffin sealed away. As for where the corpse was, he had his men check the surveillance cameras and found no one had stolen it due to the explosion last night.

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