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C5 Abusive Prisoner

The curator said with a runny nose and tears. The monitoring staff also nodded in agreement. They said that they had carefully investigated the surveillance but did not find any suspicious personnel.

"Kacha, kacha!" The gun in his hand was almost unstoppable as he clenched it tightly.

That person looked and quickly said, "But there's one thing suspicious, it's a car that has been parked in front of the door! Because it's a girl inside! "

Xia Shengyang gritted his teeth, "Go investigate! Excavate three feet in the ground and find that woman! "

At this time, the gatekeeper took a step forward and said, "No …" "There's no need to search. I remember the person in that car is at the scene, that's …"

He looked around with his forefinger, then pointed it at my head. "That's her!"

Everyone in the room looked at me, and I wanted to bite my tongue off.

Lil 'Shengyang took a few steps forward with his slender legs and arrived in front of me. He raised his hand to pinch my chin and forced me to meet his gaze.

His eyes were like cold pools, so deep and cold that I didn't dare meet them.

I looked away, but because he had pulled too hard, I had to look him in the eye.

His presence was so oppressive that my heart pounded.

He spoke in a low voice, almost through his teeth. "Southern Wind's cousin, huh?"

He was just asking me who I was, but why did I feel like he wanted to eat me?

The people around us looked at us, then consciously stepped back a bit.

After all, Wei Shengyang's aura was filled with killing intent. In any case, he didn't intend to let me go, so it was useless for me to deny it. Thus, I simply replied, "It's me."

"Little friend, your sister's corpse is not some fun toy. As you can see, I don't have a very good temper. "Do you understand, eh?" This sound of "En" could be said to be filled with twists and turns, so much so that my heart nearly stopped beating along with it.


This was blatantly taking advantage of me! If I wasn't Su An'an's body right now, I would definitely have slapped him.

Facing his fear, I suddenly calmed down and stared straight into his eyes, "Uncle, can you please ask him now, when did he see me take the corpse away? Why do you want a corpse for? Do you think that everyone has the same kind of necrophilia as you!? "I was just thinking that Sister Nanfeng should be buried soon. I went to take a last look at her, but I didn't take her as anything!"

He looked at me without blinking. It was obvious that he didn't believe me. He used more strength in his hands and almost crushed my lower jaw. His eyes were also very cruel, as if he wanted to eat me alive.


I used all of my strength to finally get away from his hands and look at him with my chin in my hands, "The corpse is not here anymore, and even if I am slandered by you, even if you are a police officer, I will sue you right now! Do you understand?! "Hmm?"

I imitated his tone and said, "It's just a bluff, who doesn't know how to do that?"

"sue me? Heh, "he laughed, and it was even more frightening than not laughing, with 30% disdain and 70% disdain," It really scared me to death! "

"Anyway, the corpse isn't here. I'm just here for a funeral. It seems like the funeral won't continue. I'm leaving!" I turned and left.

He slipped away, he couldn't hold back anymore!


A gunshot rang out, and the bullets flew right past my ears. If I leaned slightly, my ears would have been ripped open.

I cringed, afraid to move.

Crazy, he actually shot!

"I'll say it again. Give me back the corpse!"

I looked back and saw the black muzzle of the gun.

It seems like he wouldn't believe me if I said I didn't have a body here, so I can only bet on it.

I threw up my hands. "If you kill me, you won't be able to find my cousin's corpse."

Weiyang was very angry. The hand he used to hold the gun was trembling. His eyes were also extremely vicious, as if he wanted to eat me alive.

He wants to kill me, right now.

I looked him straight in the eye, and for a moment he pulled the gun away, stuck his fingers in his soft hair, and squeezed the word out between his teeth.

"Take him away!"

As expected, even if he didn't kill me, he wouldn't let me go. I was forcefully dragged to the secret service prison.

He had personally come to interrogate, and his daily life was exceptionally strong.

Fortunately, I tactfully admitted that the corpse was really with me. This could be counted as a trump card, otherwise, he would have already killed me.

But no matter how he tried, I didn't have a body.

Therefore, he took it for granted that I was being stubborn. He kicked the table over and roared, "Don't give her food! Until she speaks! " He went out.

Three days later, unexpectedly, no one brought me any food or water. My body was weak to begin with, so I felt that I might really starve to death in there.

During this period, Wei Yang came over from time to time to taunt me. I was so hungry that I felt dizzy and dizzy, making him extremely happy.

I hated the way he made me happy.

'Lil 'Yang, I want to know what happened to you in the past few years that caused you to become so abnormal?'

My clear thought at the time was that when I went out, I must sue him, sue him for mistreatment!

But I had to be alive to get out.

During this period of time, An Liang sent me some news, saying that the Su Clan had blown up because of me entering the prison. Su Ning and her daughter took the opportunity to listen to my father's slanderous words, then snatch his trust, my father had already tacitly acknowledged that they were entering the Su Clan.

At this rate, it was obvious that they wanted to move back and squeeze me out of the way.

"Eldest Miss, what do you think we should do?!"

"What can I do? I have to go out first!"

Then, An Liang continued to tell me with his watery eyes, "Weiyang specifically told me not to save you. Otherwise, don't blame him for being blind."


I grit my teeth and roll my eyes. Well, I see, he just wants to starve me.

But how can I give in so easily? I have to run, I have to run. I really can't live here anymore.

An Liang sighed with me. I could only let him go back and think of a way. But before I think of a way, can you get me something to eat and drink?

Before he could finish, the guard told us that Xiaoyang had returned and Anliang left in a hurry.

Luckily, Mianyang didn't mock me, so I held my stomach and looked up at the ceiling, hoping for the stars and the moon.

It wasn't easy for the little brother who was guarding the door to unlock the door, but I saw that his hands were empty and there was no food or water at all. I was so angry that I almost couldn't carry it.

"An Liang, aren't you being too inefficient?"

I hit my head on the table, trying to keep playing dead.

"Su An'an, come out."


"Someone is picking you up. Come out, you can leave!"

I touched my chin, wondering if I was hearing things.

The young man was clearly getting impatient, "Are you going or not? If you don't leave now, I'll go and tell them! "

"Let's go!" I rushed out the door and was led out by him.

I thought it was because the Su family had discovered the kindness in me and remembered me as a "young miss." When I saw the tall figure of the person who came to pick me up, I got pummeled and then wanted to turn around and run.

His arms were long, too. He grabbed me and turned to face him, and when I looked at him, black suit pants and white shirt, he was still so handsome that I couldn't help but want to look at him a little more, and there was a chill in his eyes that made me want to look at him.

"Rong …" "Rong Xun …" I said weakly.

He raised his eyebrows and looked down at me. "You know me?"

"..." Oh, yes, I'm Su An now.

I, Su An, am not a Bai Nanfeng. I am sitting straight, so I shouldn't be afraid of him.

Only when I think about what I did to him... I couldn't help but look over at his ass and feel guilty.

I kowtowed lightly and shook my head seriously. "I don't know him. I saw him in a magazine once or twice. He looks familiar, so I decided to ask."

Rong Xun, the only son of the Rong family, the crown prince of the business world born with a golden spoon in his mouth, my ex-boyfriend...

He went to the National Security Agency in a fit of anger because he and I...

Back then, when I argued with Mianyang, he showed some interest in me. I was also angry at him, so I agreed to be with him. After that, Mianyang left.

I also didn't have the heart to get along with him anymore. After that, who knew that he would be so crazy as to give me a room card. I lost my room card, and I heard that it was picked up by his enemy, then …

Speaking of which, it's really a history of humiliation. Since then, I don't want to be with you anymore. You only want to kill me when you see me …

It's really hard to look back on the past. I couldn't help but peek at his butt. This time, he caught me red-handed.

His already cold face turned even colder as he pulled me out by the neck and threw me in the car.

He sat in the driver's seat, leaned against the door, lit a cigarette, and squinted at me.

"What did Bai Nanfeng say to you?"

"No, no, nothing!" After all, we grew up together. I know this gloomy guy, Rong Xun, too well.

His eyes must be full of trouble!

Perhaps a hundred ways to kill me had formed in his mind by now.

He seemed to not believe it and continued to emit his cold aura.

The temperature inside the air-conditioned car seemed to drop by ten degrees.

"Really, I swear!"

To increase my credibility, I placed my hand on my chest and swore, "If I were to lie, I would rather Sister Nan Feng transform into a ghost to take my life."

It was as if the words "Southern Wind Sis" had instantly brought him back to his senses. He turned around and asked, "Where is her corpse? Where did you hide it?"

"You want the body?"

"How about I get you out?"


You're right, he doesn't even know Su An'an's identity. There must be a reason why he's willing to take me out.

And it was actually for the corpse?

How did he end up in such a miserable state when he was still alive?

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