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C7 Mama

Who knew that with a flick of her hand, the photo frame actually... It fell!

It really fell!

"I really did not do it on purpose …"

Before I could finish my sentence, Rong Xun rushed over and pushed me aside, then jumped out of the window after the photo frame.

That's right, he jumped down without hesitation.

I clung to the window frame to look. He fell into the water, splashing water all over my face with a splash.

This was the third floor. Wasn't this guy putting in too much effort?

"What's going on?" The maid who was carrying the food asked in surprise. She put down the food and came over to check.

"I jumped in search of him …" And why? It seems to have sunk? " I pointed down.

I opened my eyes wide and saw that the water was actually red... Blood?

No, I remember that he knew how to swim.

Furthermore, if he were to jump down from the third floor, it shouldn't be too late for him to fall down, right?

"Young master had just been kidnapped a while ago and fought with the bandits. He was seriously injured and the bandages are still on. His body is full of wounds, if you jump down now, won't you lose your life?!"

The maid cried out, and I covered my head with my hand, feeling as if it were about to explode.

He looked fine, but who knew he was seriously injured!

"Doctor, doctor!" The maid yelled and ran out to call the family doctor.

The family doctor still didn't know where they were. If he found them, he wouldn't know how long it would take for him to save them.

I sprinted downstairs and around to the pool.

At this moment, the pool water had already calmed down, but even more blood was gushing out from it. It was a shocking sight to behold.

I hastily jumped in and pulled Rong Xun up. It took all my strength to pull him up.

A lot of water was dripping down his body, and the water was filled with thick blood.

It was as if his entire body was covered in blood. This was too terrifying, he couldn't afford to lose too much blood and die!

The maid, who was rushing over, opened her eyes wide and screamed. She then covered her mouth, but didn't know how to attack.

"Young Master... "Is he dead?"

"No need," I said, wiping the water off my face. I looked around anxiously. "Did you find the family doctor?"

"None of the family doctors are here today."

The maid finally squatted down, not daring to look for me. Then, she looked up at me imploringly, "The young master doesn't seem to be able to breathe. Do you know how to breathe by hand …"

Artificial Respiration...

Saving lives was more important!

I exhaled and pressed my hand on Rong Xun's chest. He spat out a mouthful of water and started coughing violently.

I froze, patting him on the back, a little nervously.

He turned his head and looked at me. His cold hands tightly gripped my arm as he glared at me. "Photographs..." "Where are the photos?!"

"You should be the one to care about whether or not you can survive!" You even have the heart to care about photos! "

He sure is ambitious!

"The photos haven't come out yet?!" Shen Ke's eyes widened as he struggled to crawl into the water.

How reckless was this!

"We got it!" cried the maid, holding the wet photograph in her hands and handing it to Rong Xun.

Only now did Rong Xun feel slightly more at ease.

Then he took the photo and looked at the figure on it that had turned from water to flowers. He began to emit the air of someone who wished he could freeze to death.

He raised his hand and grabbed my neck, and without knowing where he got the strength, he pushed me to the ground.

"I'm going to kill you!"

'Murderer Law, can you be a little more disciplined? I'll go! '

I struggled to free myself, and when he was seriously injured, I was able to escape and jump far away.

"Ruan Xun, calm down. It's just an old photo! I saved you just now! "If you die, then go down to the ground and accompany Sister Nan Feng!"

His eyes suddenly lit up, as if he was really looking forward to his death.

I curled my lips, "Even if you did, Sister Nanfeng wouldn't have wanted you to accompany her! She wants you to live on! "

He smiled as if he was mocking himself. The exhausted doctors and nurses who had allowed him to pass by, carried the stretcher and left.

He kept his eyes on me, cold, and then he suddenly raised his hand and held out three fingers to me.

"Three days. I'll give you three days. It doesn't matter if you have a corpse or not. After three days, you can't give me a corpse. I'll let you die with her."

This fellow believed that the corpse was not in my hands, and even asked me for it. This is too much!

However, after Rong Xun said this, he lied back down. It was unknown if he was dead. Anyway, he was being carried away to save the life.

As an idle person, I simply decided to return to the Su Clan.

The only thing that can help me now is to calm down. I still have to go back and find him.

I didn't expect An Liang to find me first. After asking for a while, he explained that he used his phone to track Ye Zichen's location with great difficulty.

When I left the National Security Bureau, I brought my phone with me, but it was out of battery long ago. I didn't think that this brat An Liang would be able to think of a way to locate my phone.

"Eldest Miss, it's great that you can come out. The old man was overjoyed to know that it was young master Rong who brought you out, especially after knowing that you went home with young master Rong, and even called out 'good granddaughter' to him." An Liang chattered nonstop.

I rolled my eyes. It seems that the old man is quite satisfied with the financial strength of the Rong family.

"So, Eldest Miss, you and Young Master Rong are going home." His last words were very long, and his eyes were still sweeping over me. "I heard that Young Master Rong was given first aid, aren't you guys a little too intense …?"

What was too intense?

He looked at me with concern, with a look of "I know I know everything".

Damn, what's with that expression of yours!

"Nothing happened to us!"

"I didn't say what happened to you. Miss, are you here without money?"


After dinner, he visited the funeral home at that time. There were no clues.

It was already ten o'clock at night. When I returned to the Su Clan with An Liang, the villa was actually dark. There wasn't a single light on, as if it had fallen into a deathly silence.

Ignoring everyone else, Old Man Su was someone who worked extremely hard every day. This wasn't the time to sleep.

An Liang pulled on my arm worriedly, "Eldest Miss, Su Ning and her daughter have moved back. We should still be more careful. Who knows what kind of people might be waiting for us here."

I looked inside and raised my eyebrows. "What kind of tricks can I possibly have? I'll just block the water when it comes to fighting. Let's go in first and talk later."

The instant I pushed open the door, the pitch black villa was suddenly lit up. The bright light almost blinded my eyes.

I opened my eyes and saw Old Man Su sitting angrily on the sofa in the living room with his hands on his walking stick. His eyes were wide open.

Behind the old man were Willow and Su Yiyi, both of whom had a gloating smile on their faces.

Anliang followed me through the door, and was startled by the sight. He opened his mouth and pulled me away.

"Aiyo, what are you doing? It's fine if you've been outdoors for long, but don't you know to hold back when you're at home. Su Yan's face has been completely thrown away by you guys. Aiyo, it's true!" This sharp sound sounded like it came from a willow tree.

As expected, after hearing those words, the old man's expression turned even worse. He looked at me with a gaze that seemed like he couldn't eat me alive.

"No, I'm just taking Eldest Miss home!" An Liang explained.

"Heh, Young Master You left in the afternoon, and only came back at this time. Anliang, I'm afraid you've already brought Sister An over to the hotel." The one who spoke like Willow was Su Yiyi.

"Don't speak nonsense!" An Liang was getting a bit anxious. He was afraid that Old Man Su would misunderstand, "Old Man, it's not like what they said!"

However, these words sounded so unconvincing at this moment.

"Grandfather, Young Master Rong said that he was unlucky enough to fall into the water so he couldn't personally send me back, nor could he personally come to see you. He even said that he had recovered from his injuries and would definitely come to see you as soon as he could."

This old man has his eyes on the Su Clan's development the most, and he really wants me to have a shameful relationship with Rong Xun. If he could climb into the big tree that is the Rong Clan, then he wouldn't care about his granddaughter's reputation.

Old Man Su's expression softened when Ye Zichen raised that. He stood up and said, "Hurry up and let An An's hand go. You're just a servant, so you pulled on my family's young lady. You don't need to have any reputation. An An couldn't afford to lose to you!"

An Liang was exceptionally innocent and could only let go of my hand. His expression was one of grievance.

I really couldn't help but roll my eyes. At this moment, does he know about his granddaughter's reputation? Hehe!

Then the old man turned his head towards me. "An An, is young master Rong's injury serious?"

It's not serious, Grandfather, "I said as I glanced at the mother and daughter. They were clearly not satisfied that I was not severely scolded by Old Man Su, so I continued," It's my fault, I really can't get along well with Young Master Rong, and I have the feeling of being late for meeting him, so I went too far with him the first time I came to his house. I didn't know that he was injured, so I got him sick.

Yes, I am trying to convey the illusion that I am on very good terms with Rong Xun.

Seeing the praise in my eyes, the old man couldn't help but say, "It's good that you know it, young master Rong wants to be cold, to be able to walk so close to you, grandpa is very happy, it's just that you hurt him, it's just that you're wrong. It's not early today, you should rest quickly, tomorrow you should dress up beautifully, bring some good stuff, and properly find young master Rong to apologize, understand?"

Heh! Apologize!

She probably wanted her granddaughter to dress up in such a beautiful manner to seduce others.

The Rong family has money. He wishes he could send me to Rong's bed.

"Grandfather!" Su Yiyi finally could not hold it in anymore. "This is the first time elder sister An An An has met with someone, how can she have them hospitalized? This is too disrespectful. Besides, men and women shouldn't be so intimate with each other! Our Su Family is also shameless! "

It was no wonder that Su Yiyi hadn't been spoiled for so many years.

Old Man Su turned around and glared at Su Yiyi. Su Yiyi didn't know what was going on, but she still looked confused as she mumbled, "So it was like that …"

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