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C8 New Student

Yang Liu hurriedly said, "Dad, don't blame Yiyi for saying that. After all, it was An An's fault, how about this …" She rolled her eyes, and I knew that something bad was about to happen, "An An had also eaten these days in prison, and the media outside was watching. Don't let her go out. Yi Yiming and I have already brought our things with us to properly visit Young Master Rong."

Heh, her thoughts are indeed beautiful. When she steps on me, not only did she not forget to replace me, she even wanted to look for me to brush up her presence?

I lowered my head and my slippers' hands became restless. I lifted my high heels and casually turned them in my hands, walking towards her.

Perhaps it was because my high heels were particularly bright under the light, or perhaps the murderous intent in my eyes was heavier, but Yang Liu actually unconsciously took a step back, "You …." What do you want? "

I smiled, then looked at Old Man Su. "Grandpa, didn't you say that my mother and dogs couldn't enter the house? Did you forget?"

"Who are you calling a dog!" Su Yiyi shouted.

"I didn't say anything about you guys, but what can I do about you sitting there facing me?" I threw up my hands.

She rolled up her sleeves and was about to walk towards me. I raised my eyebrows, picked up the heel of my high heels, and gestured in her direction.

"My temper isn't that good. I'll listen to your words and actions. Otherwise, don't blame me for not knowing when to strike. This shoe heel is only 8 centimeters, if it were to hit the eye, tsk, it would be exciting! "

I gestured at her with the heel of my shoe again. She stepped back, I stepped forward, and she continued to step back.

It was obvious that this brainless person was truly afraid that I would commit murder in front of the lordmaster.

"Aiyo, Dad!" Willow purposely cried out loudly. "Look at An An, what's going on!?" This was too much! It's fine if you bully Yi Yi, but now you can do it right in front of you.

When have I ever bullied Su Yiyi?

Everyone knows that this little cousin of mine has only been bullied by this mother and daughter in history!

I turned my head and smiled. "Grandfather, I don't like the mother and daughter pair. I feel that their presence here is detrimental to my condition."

The old man saw that I had returned, so of course he took me as the leader. After all, in his eyes, I was the legitimate granddaughter, and he also hoped that we could develop our 'relationship' with each other.

Thus, for the sake of the Su Clan's future, he would abandon the Su Clan's mother and daughter without hesitation.

Sure enough, he turned around to look at Willow, and his expression immediately changed. "Alright, you two can go back first."

"But, dad, didn't you just agree to let us return yesterday to stay …"

"I drank too much at the party yesterday." Old Man Su went back on his word. He truly had a natural expression on his face, without a trace of guilt. "It's getting late, let's go back quickly."

Su Yiyi clenched her fists and could only grind her teeth as she followed Liu Gan out.

An Liang walked over and took the high heels from my hands. He placed his slippers at my feet and looked up at the stairs, gesturing for me to go upstairs.

I put on my slippers. "Grandfather should also rest early. I'm not feeling well, so I'll go to bed first."

Halfway there, I turned my head to look at An Liang. "An Liang will stay here today. You can stay in the guest room upstairs."

"Alright, Eldest Miss!" Anliang hurriedly agreed to follow me upstairs without waiting for the old man to refuse.

The old man didn't want him to stay. He didn't want a servant to ruin his granddaughter's innocence.

The innocence of this granddaughter of his was of great value in his eyes. He must be able to exchange her for sufficient benefits.

I know a bit about An Liang's situation. As long as he leaves now, the Willow Su Yi and her daughter will be waiting for him outside.

They're holding back their anger at me, but they won't just obediently go back. They have to find someone to vent their anger on.

I remember one time, I heard that because An Liang was speaking up for my cousin, they found some delinquents out of nowhere to block the door, forcing An Liang to stay away from school for a few days.

Therefore, in such a harsh environment, An Liang was able to help me. I should really thank him.

"An'an!" The old man was still worried and called out to me, "Tomorrow morning, go and see Young Master Rong. He was injured because of you. Of course you have to take good care of him. Did you hear that?"

"I know, Grandpa!"

He would have liked me to put him to bed, heh heh!

As we spoke, An Liang and I had already gone upstairs. An Liang immediately smiled mischievously at me. "Eldest Miss, did you see that mother and daughter pair's expression just now? Haha! It's so infuriating! This is the first time I've ever seen them being so stingy over here. Just looking at them makes me feel so happy!"

"Is there a big difference between the old me and the old me?"

If I didn't know you were the big miss, I would have suspected that you were being replaced! It's just like two different people. "

I rolled my eyes and looked up. "Then how do you know I'm still the original Eldest Miss?"

"I... I knew it! And I like the current young miss even more! "

I patted his shoulder. "As long as you like it."

"But Eldest Miss …" Seeing that I was about to enter the door, he hurriedly reminded me, "Since they didn't make a move today, they will definitely not be willing to give up. We have to be very careful, especially you."

Soldiers come and block; men come and go.


The next day, An Liang and I went to the Croatian Academy. This was a prestigious school of the world. Besides nobles like Su An'an, there were also excellent students like An Liang and Shen Ke.

After all, on the basis of earning money, the school also had to have an excellent rate.

Because An Liang's mother was the Su Clan's babysitter when she was young, An Liang had always been An Xin's follower since childhood.

Although he was called a follower, he was actually the one protecting and taking care of An An. The reason An An had grown up in front of Su Yiyi and Yang Liu was all thanks to An Liang.

It was a pity that he wasn't paying attention. The mother and daughter pair still wanted An An's life.

Anliang and Anliang were around the same age, and Anliang was slightly older. Originally, he belonged to An An An's previous batch, but ever since my uncle let Su Yiyi transfer to An An's class, he always bullied her.

With the protection of An Liang, An An had suffered a lot.

After leaving school for a few years, I didn't know how to recall my campus life again. This time, it gave me a chance to experience it again.

That's right.

The high school was undergoing a simulation test, and this knowledge was a pleasure to me.

Afterwards, An An, who had always been a mediocre student in the class, had suddenly become the class' dark horse, becoming the class' number one. She had pushed aside Su Yiyi, who was originally the third in ten thousand years.

Su Yiyi, who didn't receive a reward, looked terrible. She looked at me as if she wanted to eat me up.

You can't blame me for this. With this ability, there's no need for me to hide it.

Su Yiyi sat in front of me. From the moment she knew the results, she had been sitting there motionlessly, as if she was shut up.

A child, after all, was such a huge setback.

An Liang, who was sitting in the back seat, winked at me, gloating, "Miss, do you think she wants to kill you now?"

"He shouldn't have been able to kill me." But it's certain to hate me. Who cares?

At this moment, the whole class was suddenly in an uproar. The students all rushed outside, and one of the girls pulled Su Yiyi away as she ran out, her mouth filled with excitement. "Didn't you say that your male god was coming to school soon? Your male god is too handsome! Oh my god! "Come quickly …"

Su Yiyi's male god?

No matter how he looked at it, he looked just like the male god of the entire school. Regardless of whether he was a male or female, he would always run out.

"Wow, they really came. Come, young miss, let's go take a look as well!" Anliang pulled me along and seemed to be in a very emotional mood.

But by the time we reached the corridor, it was too late. The windows were covered with students, and we couldn't see anything at all.

"Who is it? Is it that handsome?"

"It's not just about being handsome, but also about having a certain temperament. No matter who it is, once they see him, they can't move their eyes away from him. He's like a natural light body. When he stands there, everyone else loses their color …" An Liang tried his best to find an adjective, but it seemed that he was not satisfied with it.

Finally, he sighed, "Anyway, he's a very special person, do you understand?"

I understand that's the kind of person Weiyang is.

"Moreover, he's the young master of the Weisheng family, the Weisheng family. You know that, right …" As if suddenly reminded of my capture, An Liang paused for a moment before he added, "Speaking of which, he is also the cousin of Officer Huang Sheng."

"The Wei Sheng family has a younger brother. I just found out …"

As I said this, my mind started to uncontrollably recall things I didn't want to remember.

Actually, there is another important reason why Weiyang and I are quarreling. It is because of Weiyang's little brother.

He suddenly died, and all the evidence pointed to me. They all said that I killed his brother.

From then on, his family became the only son.

It was really an unbearable memory, and no one believed me. Now that I think about it, I feel extremely depressed.

I'm really innocent.

"But I heard that this younger cousin is actually the younger brother of Officer Wei Sheng, but for some reason, he has been living in someone else's home since he was young." But I heard, this younger cousin is actually the younger brother of Officer Wei Sheng, but for some reason, he has been living in someone else's house since he was young. An Liang propped up his chin and said in distress.

It looks like this young master is indeed unique, making me curious.

"Good luck then." I said it casually, but who knows if it was true.

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