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C9 Deskmate

The moment he rang the bell, his teacher immediately brought in a young man.

He looked to be seventeen or eighteen years old, similar to Weiyang. He really did look like a natural beacon, causing one to be unable to shift their gaze away from him.

I stood up and he looked at me.

The instant our gazes met, I was even more certain that he was the younger brother of the legendary Weisheng Yang, the one who was' killed 'by me – Weiwei Rui.

Wasn't he dead?

Why, of course, did he not live well, when he returned such a hat to me?

"Alright, students, quiet down," the teacher said in a clear voice. "Let me introduce the new students. I believe that everyone should already know each other."

The whole class burst into warm applause. Wei Sheng and Rui smiled, looking really pretty. "I just returned from abroad. We're classmates from now on. Please take care of me, everyone."

This child had a very good character. He wasn't as heartless as Tiny Chun Yang. He hated how his face was filled with the words "strangers are not allowed near, if you get near, then I'll kill you".

"Then, Weiwei, where do you want to sit?"

This school was controlled by the WeChat family, and the person in charge was the WeChat family. Although this child was from a side branch, the teacher still showed an expression of flattery towards Wei Sheng Rui.

She asked, "Where do you want to sit?" It was obvious that even if he wanted to sit in someone's seat, the teacher would bring someone else over to satisfy him.

Wei Rui's gaze swept across the class, slowly raising her hand and pointing in our direction, "Here."

I clearly saw that Su Yiyi, who was sitting in front of me, stood up excitedly and asked in surprise, "Am I?"

Wei Rui glanced at him and shook her head. "No, behind us."

After... Isn't that my position?


"Su An'an?" Su Yiyi turned her head to look at me, her face filled with unwillingness and jealousy. "Su An'an has autism. You can't sit here!"

When I said this, everyone's gaze fell on me.

I think that if it was really Su An'an, he would definitely have gone crazy from the discomfort. In this situation, he would probably feel like he was being publicly executed.

Su An'an was truly angered and ill from the fact that her words had damaged her fragile soul.

"I …" I coughed lightly and smiled. "Thank you for your concern. However, autism doesn't hit or bite. You can sit here without worry."

"That won't do!" Su An'an said loudly, "Not only is she mentally ill, she also copycats for her exams! He is simply a shameless person! "

It seemed like she was going to give it her all in order to get the right to sit next to Rui.

"Su Yiyi, don't you dare speak carelessly!" Even if you are unable to pass the examination with the young mistress, you are still unable to do so. An Liang stood up.

"Su Yiyi, sit down first. You haven't been in a good mood lately. Try harder next time and learn from your sister." The teacher said impatiently.

It was just an exam, who would care?

"She's not my big sister. I'm older than her!" Su Yiyi's sharp voice seemed to want to explain, but she soon discovered that everyone was looking at her and started whispering amongst themselves.

I heard them begin to uncover Suyi's background, saying that her mother was trying to get the third year, that she was as shameless as her mother.

Although they were just high school students, these noble young ladies and gentlemen were a bit polite when they spoke.

Su Yiyi's expression became more and more unsightly. After so many years of not being able to enter the Su Clan and being pointed out by so many people, she probably hates people who mention her mother and identity the most. I think she's about to bite her lips.

"I'm just sitting here... At Su An'an's place. " Wei Sheng replied.

I rolled my eyes at him and turned to look at Su Yiyi. "Sit down. Everyone's watching."

I was kind enough to remind you. After all, her family is so ugly that she doesn't want to be the center of attention.

Who knew that she would be provoked by these words? Her face turned exceptionally savage as she raised her hand to hit me. "Su An An An, you bastard! You're a person!" You are shameless! "

At that moment, her movements were so firm that I couldn't dodge in time. Seeing her palm land on my face, I subconsciously closed my eyes.


With a sound, I felt a person standing beside me. Did this person help me block this slap?

I opened my eyes and saw An Liang holding onto Su Yiyi's arm. "Su Yiyi, watch your words!"

"Let go of me, you little servant dare to fight against me?!" "Who do you think you are? You are just a dog from the Su Clan. No matter how bad I am, I can still be your master."


The sound resonated throughout the classroom. An Liang had slapped Su Yiyi in the face. Su Yiyi's entire head had been turned aside, and blood immediately flowed out of the corner of her mouth.

From this, it could be seen how unclear this slap was.

Su Yiyi covered her face and remained silent for a few seconds before she rushed out of the classroom, crying loudly.

"Serves him right. This kind of daughter raised by a second mother is completely different from the young miss of Golden Branch Jade!"

"That's right, he's so terrible. He still has the face to make a ruckus with such an identity!"

"Pfft, this fellow still wants to sit together with Young Master Lil 'Sheng. I'm afraid he hasn't woken up yet. Just hit her. Why didn't he beat her to death? I think it's better for her!"


In an instant, discussions broke out in the classroom. In this campus dominated by aristocrats, the teacher was standing on the podium, completely useless.

I saw Su Yiyi stop at the doorway. She should have heard everything the students said, so she ran away.

No one went after him. An Liang was still comforting me, and then he went back and sat down. The teacher didn't blame him.

On the other hand, Wei Rui was quite persistent and stressed that she wanted to sit next to me, so she went out with teacher.

I wanted to ask him something later, but he didn't show up.


Su Yiyi still hasn't come back yet, but I received a message from her. It was sent by an unfamiliar number.

[Su An'an, wait for me at the Lush Lake, do you dare?]

Couple Lake was a small lake in the school. It didn't have a name, but there were usually a lot of couples talking about love after class. After that, everyone called it Couple Lake.

In the past, when Mianyang and I were still in the same school, we often walked and chatted there, because the scenery was really good, so I really liked it there. I remember Mianyang telling me that if I liked it, every villa would have a lake like this.

At that time, I was secretly delighted to know that he said "home", is not our home.

However, it was a pity. Only now did he realize that it was all just his imagination.

It's really hard to recall the past. We used to get along so well, but now he wants to kill me.

As for that small lake full of memories, I don't think I have seen it for many years. The sun outside is just right.

Beside the lake, there was a small pavilion. It was made of wood and had an ancient feeling to it.

When I was in my third year of high school, my family tried to involve me in their family's business, but I wasn't a good businessman. The things in the company made me dizzy and I couldn't see through them at all.

However, it was the complete opposite for Xia Shengyang. Although he didn't get involved with business, he was able to tell me things that I couldn't understand even after looking at it for a long time.

Thus, I tasted the sweetness and didn't like to learn by myself. As for the things related to the company, I directly brought this small pavilion over for him to tell me. It was because of this that he was able to speak in such a concise manner that I could understand him.

After that, this pavilion became our "secret base." After class, I dragged him here and chatted with him while the wind blew.

Perhaps it's because the environment is too good, but what I've learnt here, in the next few years in the business world, is exceptionally easy to use. I even got the industry insiders to give me the nickname "White World Flower, an unmarried Overlord Flower", which is half a joke and half a taunt.

Speaking of which, my future accomplishments were all thanks to that year's Lil 'Yang.

I was lying on the table in the booth, lost in memories.

He fell asleep as soon as he recalled.

When I woke up, it was already dark. I opened my eyes and looked around, and I remembered that I used to fall asleep here too. When I woke up, I would be wearing a jacket that made the sun shine.

I looked up and saw him sitting across from me. He smiled gently and said I was silly.

As expected, memories were something that should not be recalled.

For a long time after Xiaoyang left, I would often come here. This table might have magic, and I would always fall asleep here. Heaven knows how long I hoped that when I opened my eyes when I woke up, I would be able to see Weiyang sitting opposite to me.

But no, not even once.

He smiled at me and draped his coat over me. He said, "Nanfeng, I know who you're waiting for, but he won't come back. He's given you up. Can you give me a chance, a chance to take care of you?"

His eyes were sincere, and his voice was gentle. Then I fell for his trap.

If I hadn't discovered later that he had been so plotted against me, I would have suspected that he was a god sent by God to save me.

I stretched, got up, and went back.

In the light, I saw Sui Yi emerge from the darkness, wearing a baseball cap. "I'm here." she said.

I got straight to the point. "I'm not here to look for you. Just take care of yourself."

She was a little taken aback by my refusal, so she walked over and asked, "Su An'an, I have something to say to you."

"I don't want to know what you're going to say."

Instinct told me that she had not come with good intentions, so as I watched her approach me, I turned my head one way.

Instead, she quickly stood in front of me. "Su An'an, I want to tell you …"

I sensed the ill intent coming from her, so I was on guard against her movements. I didn't expect that by the time I felt the killing intent coming from behind her, it was already too late.

It was a man, holding me from behind and pushing me into the lake.

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