Reborn With Supernatural Power/C1 Spiritual Energy Initial Appearance
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Reborn With Supernatural Power/C1 Spiritual Energy Initial Appearance
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C1 Spiritual Energy Initial Appearance

"Burn her to death! Burn her to death! "


"Burn her to death!"

… ….

There was a hubbub in his ears.

Yu Xiao slowly opened her eyes. She slightly narrowed her eyes due to the blinding sunlight. What kind of pair of eyes were these?

Liu Mei's almond eyes were black as ink, without any spirit, and she was born with unusual pupils.

This was absolute darkness. Very few people would have such pure darkness in their eyes. It was as if with just one look, he would be sucked in!

Yu Xiao was a little dazed. Didn't she commit suicide in the laboratory? Where is she now? Heaven? The sunlight of heaven was dazzling!

At this moment, countless memories rushed into her mind, stabbing her in the head. He wanted to rub his temples, but found that he couldn't move his hands.

These memory fragments played another girl's short life for her.

She finally understood. So this wasn't heaven, so this body wasn't hers. But she had the same tragic life and the same unique name, Yu Xiao.

At the moment, she was not in a good situation.

She was lying on the high altar, surrounded by piles of wood. Her body was tied up by a rope. No wonder she couldn't lift her hand. She tried to move. Her body was extremely weak. She suspected that even without the rope, she wouldn't be able to move.

Many people in the surroundings were clamoring, as if they were excited about something. Only after listening carefully did they realize that it was because they were excited about burning this body to death.

"No, no, she's still a child, she's not a pupil!" "I beg you, please let her go …" A discordant voice entered Yu Xiao's ears. The young woman knelt on the ground and cried out. The two of them held her down tightly, making her look extremely miserable.

The embarrassed young woman was called Lau Manying. She was the relative of this' Yu Xiao '. Da Ku was the person who treated her the best in the world!

Yes, she had transmigrated like the one in the book, separated from the nightmarish life of her previous life. However, her current situation seemed to be a nightmare. It was sad enough that she seemed to be dying again, burned to death in the crowd.

Then, Yu Xiao saw Lau Manying with tears streaming down her face. She smiled. Someone had shed tears because of her! At least someone would feel sad because of her death. It was good, better than it had been in his previous life!

"Quiet!" The Senior Magus is here! An unpleasant sound rang out, like a duck caught in its throat!

The noisy villagers immediately quietened down, and even the children obediently stopped booing. The crowd consciously opened up a path, respectfully welcoming the newcomers.

Senior Magus, the only Witch Doctor in the village, the Witch, represented the Divine, the Medical, and the Great!

As far as Yu Xiao was concerned, she was merely a middle-aged woman dressed in strange and mysterious clothes. However, this middle-aged woman seemed to be able to decide her life!

"… …"

"Order of the Dao of the Heavens, Death to Unique Pupil!" This year, the waters have flooded several nearby villages, and our Taoxi Village is raining cats and dogs. "Only those who offer up their special pupils will be able to control the wrath of the heavens and turn this place into a wasteland!" The Senior Magus said to the pious people solemnly.

What kind of feudal superstition was this? Wind, rain, thunder and lightning were natural rules, so what did it have to do with her? It turned out that the books about the worshiping of the heavens by the living from the ancient times were actually true! Unfortunately, she was the sacrifice.

Yu Xiao felt like laughing as she listened to the speech of the Senior Magus. This body was the so-called 'heterophile'? A thirteen year old ignorant little girl was forced to death by the so-called feudal superstition just like that! Died in fear and helplessness!

Strange eyes? The black pupil that was born blind was called the Unique Pupil?

Yu Xiaojue's black eyes flashed slightly. There was no trace of spirit in them. As for the grey world in front of his eyes, he was not surprised at all.

In his memories, this body was born blind and was a pitiful blind person.

But luckily, she could see clearly. The colourless world was also the world.

It was as though he was used to watching a 50-inch large color TV show, which was suddenly switched to a small square box, a black-and-white display. The average person would be so excited that his face would turn pale. However, Yu Xiao didn't do so. There wasn't a trace of emotion on her face, as if everything was normal.

She was very calm, nothing like the calm of an ordinary person. As if the sky had fallen, she only looked up.

… ….

"Light the fire!"

The Senior Magus let out a loud shout, interrupting Yu Xiao's thoughts.

Yu Xiao turned her head around and saw that this so-called Senior Magus was wearing a loose cloak, and was looking at her with a trace of a vicious smile on his face. "The Senior Magus' exaggerated expression and pursed lips made his already wrinkled face look like an orange bark with a mean expression.

How could this look be considered a merciful and compassionate character?

After she had sorted out the memories of this body, Yu Xiao realized that this Senior Magus had tried to kill her for some unknown reason.

Using her as a sacrifice to the heavens, what right did he have to do that!? She wasn't the original Yu Xiao, and she couldn't die just like that. She wanted to live, to live freely, so she spoke.

"Wait a minute!"

A soft and somewhat ethereal voice came from the high platform. The villagers could not help but calm down as they searched for the source of this voice.

When they realized that it was Yu Xiao who was lying on the wooden shelf, everyone looked at her with surprise, understanding, and disdain. The only thing they didn't have was pity.

She didn't know if blindness made her sensitive towards people, or if it was because she was proud and sarcastic towards everyone, just like how Lau Manying stretched out her hand. Because Lau Manying felt sorry for her blindness, she indulged in it, causing Yu Xiao, who was so young, to become weird and unpleasing in this village!

Inferior and domineering, a very contradictory child. But other than Lau Manying, no one cared about her inferiority complex. In the eyes of everyone, she was a arrogant and despotic blind person.

Yu Xiao slowly looked at the Senior Magus who was standing in the middle of the crowd and continued talking.

"I said, please wait. Senior Magus, if I remember correctly, my surname is Yu, not Xu. I don't think that your Xu family's sacrifice can burn this person with a different surname like me at will! "What right do you have to make me, Yu Xiao, sacrifice to the heavens for your Xu family?!"

Yu Xiao's voice was clearly heard from the stage, one word at a time. So calm, so determined.

Yes, in her memories, she and Lau Manying were from the capital, and they had only come to live in this village many years ago.

The villagers' eyes were full of guilt. Everyone knew this, but they had forgotten about it.

Human nature was all selfish. If Yu Xiao didn't die, maybe she would choose a child to sacrifice to the heavens. No matter how righteous he sounded, who would be willing to sacrifice their children to the heavens?

"Quiet!" The Senior Magus looked at the small figure lying on the high platform with a complicated look on his face. He didn't seem to understand why the young man was so close to death. Did he really think that he could survive just by saying a few words?

"Ever since you entered this Taoxi Village and entered this Xu family, you naturally have become a part of this village. God loves the world, it is not us who chose you, it is the heavens that chose you! It's the Heavens! "

What the Senior Magus said was like giving the villagers a peace of mind. Yes, they weren't being selfish. They were being chosen by the heavens.

The heavens were trying to kill her! What does it have to do with anyone else!

This damnable Goddess, the heavens could not speak. Yu Xiao disdained it, but the surrounding villagers believed it without a doubt.

"Was it chosen by the heavens? "Very good, old woman, I will let you choose!" Yu Xiao murmured in an inaudible voice, looking at the Senior Magus, whose face was filled with righteousness, with a faint smile.

Yu Xiao stopped talking. At the order of a Senior Magus, some villagers walked up with torches in their hands.

The villagers didn't dare to look into Yu Xiao's eyes. For some reason, their incomparably calm expressions seemed to be filled with ignorance and disdain.

He hurriedly lit up the wooden shelf. The bright red flames flickered under the afternoon sun, making people feel dizzy.

Then Yu Xiao moved, not her body, not her blood. The Spiritual Energy hidden deep within his soul had moved.

Yu Xiao was overjoyed, the Spiritual Energy from her previous life did not disappear.

In his previous life, it might have been his previous life.

Yu Xiao was fortunate as she was one of the few people in the world who was born with a special Spiritual Energy. She could make plants grow, and even control plants to attack.

However, this was Yu Xiao's misfortune. As an orphan homeless person who had been abandoned, the young her did not know how to hide the peculiarity of this place from ordinary people. So much so that she was seen as a monster and caught by a secret organization for research.

As a researcher in the ice-cold laboratory, he was kept in secret for more than ten years, researching her extraordinary Spiritual Energy.

She had no childhood, no family, and the thing that she remembered the most was cooperating with researchers to increase her extraordinary Spiritual Energy. Using this Spiritual Energy was truly a sad life.

Now, Yu Xiao felt somewhat happy that the Spiritual Energy that had caused her so much sadness still existed. Although it wasn't as powerful as it was in his previous life, it was still possible to do it for a bit.

In this life, she would never let this Spiritual Energy become a part of her life, never!

The flames burned, the dry wood crackled, and soon the flames would come.

The surroundings seemed to fall into an indescribable silence. Even the constant crying from Lau Manying stopped. It was unknown if it was because she had fainted from her tears.

Yu Xiao moved the Spiritual Energy as if it was imprinted in the depths of her soul. She could feel the weeds under the tree responding to her.

Perhaps for fear of causing a fire, the surrounding plants had all been cleaned up. But didn't they say that there would be endless wildfires and spring winds would arise again?

Where there was dirt, there would be plants, and she could try to control them.

The weeds hidden beneath the soil were hooting. Even the last remnants of life in the burning wood struggled.

Under the watchful eyes of the villagers, the tiny roots of grass began to madly scuttle under the influence of the powerful Spiritual Energy s. They broke out of the soil and finally broke out from the soil.

Don't look at the soft grass. Ten, a hundred? It was as if thousands of invisible hands had gathered an unimaginable force towards the burning wooden frame.

Boom!" Under the force of the plants, the wooden frame fell down and extinguished the flames!

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