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C10 Drug Collection Wave

A cool breeze rustled, blowing on a pool of spring water, but it couldn't stir the hearts of this pair of young men and women.

At this moment, the raging Old Cow quickly regained its former calm. For some reason, the usually domineering him actually didn't think of using force. Perhaps, it was because this little girl was still too young.

Wei Chi had probably forgotten that he had killed one of the youngest killers. Only nine years old.

Earlier on, when he hadn't seen Yu Xiao. Wei Chi thought to himself, "If I find this woman, I'll dig out her eye and chop off her hand." When she really saw it, she felt that it was a pity to dig out that ink-black eyes. Even if these small hands were chopped, it wouldn't be perfect. Even this impudent mouth of his didn't feel too good to be ruined.

Sometimes, just a glance was enough to change a lot of things. Of course, he would not fall in love with Yu Xiao at first sight as the legend had said. He was a cold person, and in his 23 years of life, he had not fallen in love, nor had he felt his heart palpitating. At this moment, even more so, it was impossible that he did not fall in love with Yu Xiao.

He was only curious about this little girl who did not feel disgusted at all.

He was curious about this girl who did not seem like a villager, and even more curious about how she managed to safely climb the mountain by herself.

Of course, the most important reason was because Yu Xiao had given him the medicine that day!

A spirit mountain like the Spirit Medicine Mountain was already considered abnormal in the Modern Realm. However, the medicine Yu Xiao had given him when he was injured last time was even more special. He could feel that the spiritual energy within the medicinal herb that ordinary people would not be able to detect was actually having a slight effect on his poisoned body. Although it was only a trace, it was still inconceivable. Back then, those so-called genius doctors were unable to control the poison in his body! He wanted to understand these things one by one, but the key point was Yu Xiao.

Let her be the first to act presumptuously, so that the parts on her body could temporarily be placed on her body! When he was no longer curious about her, he would take her back after he had settled the matter.

Just like how Yu Xiao didn't care about Wei Chi at this moment, Wei Chi also didn't expect that his curiosity towards this little girl was just like her growing up, deeper and deeper!

"Let's go!" Wei Chi only said the word "go" as Wen Meng quickly followed.

Wen Meng was confused. He didn't understand how this hostile conversation ended without any warning.

Both of them looked at each other calmly. Then, their master left without saying a word. Was he trying to show weakness? She wondered when her master had shown such weakness and submitted so lightly. This little girl was truly amazing!

When Yu Xiao still didn't know Wen Meng, Wen Meng's admiration for her had already reached an exaggerated level.

"Go ahead and prepare to accept the medicine!" The price will be increased by 20 percent as per previous years' prices. " Her name is Yu Xiao, right? In a few days you will come to me!

After the order to collect the medicine, the entire village fell into a hectic state. One by one, they picked the medicine from their families and sent it all to the Da Hui Dam. The Grey Dam was a place where medicinal herbs were stored every year. Medicinal masters would not bother collecting them from every household.

Packs of neatly stacked herbs looked spectacular on this large stone dam. Every household would mark their own items and wait for the pharmacists to collect all of them. Everyone would try their best to put them in a better position, afraid that their own medicines would not sell well and cause dissatisfaction among the pharmacists.

The early autumn's weather was no longer hot. In the midst of the lush Field of Medicine, a woman's bent waist was drenched in sweat.

"Xiao, drink some porridge first. I still have some work to do!" Only Aunt Lau was able to collect the Field of Medicine from Yu Xiao's house. Naturally, it slowed down by a lot. Watching the gray dam gradually fill up with medicinal ingredients, Aunt Lau became even more afraid to delay her recovery.

Yu Xiao obediently drank some porridge, picked up her sickle and stepped into the Field of Medicine.

"Xiao, what are you doing here? Quickly put it down. Your hands will be injured later!" Aunt Lau said worriedly when she saw Yu Xiao holding the knife. Even though she was busy and working hard, she had no intention of asking Yu Xiao for help.

"Aunt Lau, I'm almost fourteen this year!" Yu Xiao sighed. She could hardly bear to see Aunt Lau so doting. It was no wonder that the original owner of this body was able to throw a tantrum at Aunt Lau.

"… …." My Xiao is fourteen! It's a girl. Be careful then, don't hurt your hands! " Unknowingly, her Xiao had grown up. She looked at Yu Xiao, who was becoming more and more beautiful day by day, and felt both worried and proud at the same time.

She knew that many times, being beautiful was also a sin, just like her elder sister!

Yu Xiao looked at the verdant medicinal plants and couldn't help but feel that it was a bit of a pity to cut them. The gentle Spiritual Energy was released in four directions quietly, pacifying these Medicinal Seedling. She could feel the thoughts of the Medicinal Seedling, they were saying, we are ripe, we need to harvest, we will be able to produce better medicine! Sowing, harvesting, natural law, heart moving.

Yu Xiao chuckled as she bent her waist and caressed the scythe lightly. As if being blown by the wind, the Medicinal Seedling cut off the blade with ease.

Aunt Lau did not expect Yu Xiao to move so quickly. Seeing Xiao collecting the Medicinal Seedling so easily without a drop of sweat on her forehead, Aunt Lau did not stop her. When Yu Xiao's family's medicinal plants were placed on the Big Ash Dam, almost all of the villagers had arrived.

At this moment, Wei Chi arrived slowly under the escort of the crowd! Steady footsteps sounded as if they had stepped into the hearts of the villagers.

Yu Xiao also looked at him as everyone else did. The place he was born in was not bad, even though he only saw black and white in Yu Xiao's colorless eyes. It was impossible to tell that Wei Chi was wearing a purple robe, but he had a certain elegance!

There was only one pharmacist this year, and they didn't fight for it. On the contrary, the villagers were a bit worried. If the other party looked down on their medicine ingredients and tried to lower the price, they wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

"I'm sure everyone has heard that my offer is 20% higher than previous years'!" Wei Chi immediately said something exciting.

When the villagers received the news earlier, they confirmed it. Naturally, they were excited again. However, before they could reflect on their excitement, Wei Chi continued.

"However, medicinal herbs are subpar in value. How can there be such a high price for an ordinary medicinal herb?!"

These words were like a bucket of cold water, pouring all over the villagers' faces.

Wei Chi's words did not have any ripples. This process was no different from any of the previous years. However, for some reason, no one dared to disturb Wei Chi's speech, not even a little bit of dissent.

Everyone sat up straight, worried about the problem with their medicinal plants. It was not that they didn't want to object, but when faced with this man, they realized that they couldn't resist at all.

"Everyone, don't worry. This lord only wants to have a look. I believe he won't be too harsh on us!" The one who spoke was actually Xu Jingyue. Under the situation where even the Senior Magus, the Patriarch, did not say anything, Xu Jingyue decided to speak on her own. He spoke in a dignified manner as he comforted the villagers.

The Senior Magus' face slightly changed, naturally, he understood what his daughter was thinking about. However, with her experience, she naturally knew that her daughter was delusional. This man was clearly not someone who was in the water; how could he be someone ordinary people could think of?

Yu Xiao, who was talking to Aunt Lau in the corner, raised her head when she heard the sound.

His eyes were like the stars, and his gaze was as sharp as knives!

Of course she remembered the woman who had spoken. It should not be said that she remembered, but this body's memory was incomparably deep.

At the beginning!

Little Yu Xiao had a bad temper, so no one wanted to get close to her. One day, a very gentle voice told her! He wanted to be friends with her. This was Little Yu Xiao's first friend, and she was very happy. The friend did not despise her for being blind.

This friend of hers took the initiative to play with her. However, it was this friend of hers who hadn't known her for long that pushed her into the lotus pond without any forewarning while she was filled with joy. There was no light in front of her eyes. She could not save herself even if she did not know how to swim. The terrifying waters of the pool slowly submerged her!

"At this moment, she heard the gentle voice on the shore." Damn blind guy, you really believe in your friend! With that coquettish look, you should have died a long time ago! "

It was very dramatic. He had only inadvertently noticed Yu Xiao's appearance. Even though she was prettier than him, he still had to ruthlessly put her to death.

At this moment, Yu Xiao heard that familiar gentle tone. Naturally, she knew who this person was!

She had a gentle and beautiful appearance, as well as a gentle voice. Hehe, you really can't judge a book by its cover. Back then, if that Senior Magus wanted to sacrifice her to the heavens, it must be because of this Xu Jingyue.

It wasn't just Yu Xiao. Many people were looking at Xu Jingyue. It was only at this moment that Xu Jingyue realized she had lost her composure. Facing everyone's gaze, her face gradually turned red as she turned her head away. However, it was different. She was facing Yu Xiao's star-like gaze.

Yu Xiao looked at her! The blind man was looking at her! It seemed like the eyes of the rumors had recovered! Xu Jingyue forced herself to calm down, not daring to speak of what had happened back then. Her confidence in herself came from the Senior Magus standing behind her. In this village, she, Xu Jingyue, did indeed have the qualifications to be arrogant.

Xu Jingyue raised her head slightly in disdain, but she found that Wei Chi, who was beside her, was also quietly looking at Yu Xiao. What was there to look at? Did he fall for that seductive fox spirit? Xu Jingyue's expression changed!

At this time, the people who went up to check around the medicinal herbs pile did choose a few people who had problems with them. They did not criticize them too harshly, but only put them at a low price. This attitude made the clan head, who was quietly watching by the side, heave a sigh of relief.

Finally, he found the medicinal plant in front of Yu Xiao.

Everything before was just an act. They remembered that their master had said that his main purpose was to cause trouble for this family. The people who were checking had not had time to pick out the bones.

Xu Jingyue started to talk again, "Everyone look, the herbs in her house look bad, they're so much smaller than the herbs in the other families!"

The villagers turned their gaze to Xu Jingyue, but dissatisfaction gradually appeared in their eyes. Xu Jingyue's actions were to help outsiders, to tear down their own people! The gentle image that Xu Jingyue had in everyone's mind was also somewhat broken.

"Indeed!" Wei Chi said with a faint smile.

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