Reborn With Supernatural Power/C11 Unceasing Disturbance of Wind
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Reborn With Supernatural Power/C11 Unceasing Disturbance of Wind
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C11 Unceasing Disturbance of Wind

Xu Jingyue was elated. If the Lord agreed with her words, did this mean that she still had some influence over him?

Xu Jingyue became even more proud. She stood beside Wei Chi and looked at Yu Xiao with disdain. She was very satisfied with forcing Yu Xiao into such a predicament. Of course, she didn't notice that Wei Chi was leaning to the side.

"Jingyue, step down!" The Senior Magus couldn't help but ask when he saw the facial expression of the villagers.

Xu Jingyue didn't seem to understand why her mother would treat her so badly. However, she was just like a villager. After listening to her mother's words all year round, she did not dare to resist at all.

Now that she mentioned her family's medicinal plants, Yu Xiao stood up. She was a little short, so she didn't stand out in the corner of the gray dam.

"Everyone here is in constant contact with medicinal herbs. Are you sure that my family's medicinal herbs aren't good?" "What do you think, Wei Chi?" Yu Xiao's question finally pointed directly at Wei Chi. She believed that Wei Chi would definitely be able to see through it. She knew that he was deliberately making things difficult for her, waiting for her to lower her head!

This was because Wei Chi was indeed not like an ordinary pharmacist. The villagers called him master on their own. No one would call him by his name like Yu Xiao. Xu Jingyue looked at Wei Chi in jealousy, but she didn't seem to be displeased. She thought that she must call his name next time.

"In my opinion, they are indeed inferior to other families. The price should be lowered by 20%!" Wei Chi ignored the anger in Yu Xiao's words and said bluntly. He looked at Yu Xiao as if to say, "I am going to bully you."

Yu Xiao walked up to Wei Chi and gently pulled his sleeve. She whispered, "What on earth do you want? It was my fault before!" Then, under the gazes of everyone present, he said loudly, "Please come forward and take a closer look. Regardless of the quality or the medicinal properties, the herbs in my house are all of the highest quality."

Wei Chi chuckled.

No one could understand the undercurrent between the two of them.

Wen Meng opened his eyes wide and looked on the side. Look, it's happening again, it's happening again!

No one thought that Wei Chi would actually obediently go up to check for himself. From the looks of the two people in the field, they seemed to know each other.

Xu Jingyue stood behind the Senior Magus and looked at the two of them. Her eyes were filled with venom as she stared at Yu Xiao. Unexpectedly, she actually dared to attract Wei Chi's gaze. Since she could take care of Yu Xiao once, she could also take care of her twice as well.

At this moment, Yu Xiaoruo turned her head around as if she had sensed something. As their gazes met, Xu Jingyue suddenly felt a chill run down her spine! What kind of gaze was that? It was as cold as ice! The cold seeped into his heart.

The Senior Magus looked at Xu Jingyue with an unfriendly face. She was very dissatisfied with Xu Jingyue's performance today. The Senior Magus was still slightly surprised. Xu Jingyue, who had been learning in front of her for so long, was not as calm as Yu Xiao. That girl, that Yu Xiao, should not have stayed in the village.

On the other side, Yu Xiao and Wei Chi didn't have time to pay attention to the commotion behind them, so they whispered to each other as they walked.

"Just what do you want!?" Yu Xiao had no choice but to compromise. Seeing Aunt Lau's worried expression, she knew how much trouble Aunt Lau had to put in for these medicinal plants.

"Give me the jade pendant!" At this time, Wei Chi was Wei Chi. He was calm and exuded a domineering aura that could control everything.

"Good, very good!"

Yu Xiao took out the Jade Plate on her body, and secretly put it into Wei Chi's hands without anyone noticing.

Wei Chi was stunned as he held the Jade Plate with faint warmth. He didn't seem to expect to return so easily. His Jade Plate was much more valuable than the piles of herbs. Since the village nun was the village nun, her judgement was not very good.

Actually, Wei Chi didn't know that it wasn't because of Yu Xiao's bad taste. It was Yu Xiao who did not use money to measure the value of these items. She just felt that this jade pendant wasn't worth hurting Aunt Lau's spirit. It was because of Aunt Lau's position in her heart that had nothing to do with money, that was all.

"If you look carefully at this medicinal herb, it's not bad at all. Let's buy it at its original price!" Wei Chi, who walked in, was surprised. The more Yu Xiao's medicinal plants walked in, the more they felt that something was amiss. It was actually even deeper than the aura of the medicine he had taken the last time in the Spirit Medicine Mountain.

Even though Wei Chi was very calm, his heart was in turmoil. However, the expression on his face did not change at all. Forget about the original price, even if it was at a high price, he still had to get this herb. However, Yu Xiao didn't know.

Seeing Aunt Lau's relaxed expression, Yu Xiao went back to sit beside Aunt Lau. However, Wei Chi, a man who was extremely attractive to her, had a very poor impression of her.

He originally thought that today's matter was over, but at this moment, unforeseen events occurred.

"Wait a minute!" Unexpectedly, two people came personally to support the sick Xu Fu.

This was the first time Yu Xiao saw Xu Fu since the commotion last night.

Yu Xiao was slightly surprised. Xu Fu, whom she hadn't seen for a long time, had a completely different face. "The fat face had lost a lot of weight, and the heavy dark circles under his eyes and the labored breathing were also a sign that he was not well.

Xu Fu glared fiercely at Yu Xiao. Even though his eyes were bloodshot, there was no trace of fierceness in them. He wasn't afraid of Yu Xiao anymore, as he had the amulet given by a Senior Magus on him!

"Lau Manying, the money you owe me should be repaid now. If you don't have any money, I'll take this batch of medicinal herbs!" Xu Fu thought that he had already given Wei Chi face as he stood behind Wei Chi and spoke. Hmph, after cutting off their source of income, let's see what they can do about it.

Yu Xiao burst out laughing, Xu Fu was actually waiting for her here! Most families relied on the money from selling medicinal herbs to buy a season's worth of Medicinal Seedling and live on for the second half of the year. Xu Fu probably wanted them to have no other choice.

"Scram!" The one who spoke was Wei Chi.

Wei Chi never knew how to write the word polite. He must get this batch of herbs. Where did this person come from to dare to point fingers in front of him!

The moment Wei Chi said the word "scram", Wen Meng immediately had his men drag Xu Fu away with their hands covering their mouths, leaving everyone dumbstruck.

Yu Xiao also seemed to be in a daze, her calm expression showing traces of cracks. She thought that since Xu Fu was here to collect the debt, she should just repay the money. Who would have thought that this nosy Wei Chi would drag her off without a second word!

It was really one thing after another. They were all so unpleasant to the eye.

Aunt Lau let out a sigh of relief when the purchase of the medicinal herbs smoothly ended.

As soon as they arrived at the courtyard, they discovered that Xu Fu, who had left the stage earlier, was standing in front of Yu Xiao's house, with bruises on his eyes. This was a little lesson from Wen Meng daring to bully a woman that his family's master took a fancy to!

"… …"

"Yo!" You found a big backer, right? Even if you find one, you still have to pay it back. If you have the ability, then ask that wild man to help you pay it back! " Xu Fu slowly said with a face full of anger.

Yu Xiao took a step forward and Xu Fu took a step back in fear. He wasn't afraid. He had a talisman, but it was bad to be too close. "In his mind, he was waiting for a day when he would have the Senior Magus do some magic chores, and for him to bring a bucket of black dog blood to take this monster in.

"How many days has it been? Is the silver ready?" "However, I've just sold the medicinal herbs, so I'm guessing that you must be rich. Hand over the money!" Xu Fu was used to looking up at the sky with his nose in the air, as if he didn't want to pay the bill and wanted to show off.

It was just like looking at a small fish in a small ditch, unable to bring out any splashes. Poor people were always easy to control. Without the money from the second half of the year, it was time to see how the family lived. When the time comes, these two women will be even worse off than dead.

As soon as Xu Fu finished his words, the servant standing behind him stepped forward. He was prepared to snatch the two if they didn't give it to him!

Yu Xiao, who had been threatened by Wei Chi today, was already in a bad mood. When he heard Xu Fu talk to himself, he became even more annoyed. And now, this blind servant actually stretched out his hand and tried to pull Aunt Lau's arm.

He was in an even worse mood, so he naturally wouldn't be too polite when he spoke!

Although she wasn't in a beautiful mood, Yu Xiao still didn't have any expression on her face. This point was very similar to Wei Chi. It was as if the calm mask was already a habit. Even Aunt Lau couldn't see the calmness under the mask. Yu Xiao said to Xu Fu with a calm expression.

"Are you a fool?"

"… …"

The moment Yu Xiao opened her mouth, everyone was stunned for a moment. It was as if they did not expect her to have such courage, speaking rudely to Xu Fu.

"You stinking girl, what are you saying!" Xu Fu's expression changed slightly as he shouted loudly. The servant behind him also took a ruthless step forward.

"Did I say I had no money? You must have been beaten silly by that pharmacist! "

Xu Fu's face became even more unsightly when he mentioned the drug dealer. He didn't know how he angered that drug dealer today, but he actually suppressed the price of his family's herbs to a very low level, or he wouldn't take them. He was rich, but he was also the richest person in the village.

However, he couldn't do anything to that damned drug dealer, and he couldn't do anything to those two women no matter what. Since when did he, Xu Fu, become like this.

At this moment, Yu Xiao took out her money bag, casually took out three taels of silver and handed it to Xu Fu. The shining silver seemed to be making fun of Xu Fu's haughty attitude after entering the yard.

"You … "Where did all of you get so much silver?" Xu Fu looked at the purse. Clearly, there was still a lot left. He couldn't believe that these medicinal herbs were at most worth three taels of silver. How could there be so much silver in this family with four walls of ruins?

"Do I need to explain this to you? Take the silver and leave quickly. Or rather, you want more money! "

Yu Xiao was as calm as ever, but Xu Fu heard a hint of embarrassment on her face. Yu Xiao even threw him another copper coin, saying it was money for profit!

This was a slap to the face, a slap to the face in terms of strength.

"Good, good, you guys just wait for me. I'll teach you guys a lesson in the future!" The fat on the sickly Xu Fu's face trembled with his words. It was a bit disgusting.

"What are you still standing there for? Hurry up and get lost." Xu Fu, who couldn't vent his anger, kicked the servant behind him and shouted.

Yu Xiao and the others were not affected at all by the fact that Nie Tian had just picked up the money that he owed them and put it down gently.

At this moment, Aunt Lau felt sorry for Yu Xiao's copper coin. It was such a pity that she didn't have that kind of high interest rate. She just gave it to that damn fatty for nothing.

She, Yu Xiao, was not someone who could be easily bullied. She had already said that she would hold a grudge.

The grudge with Xu Fu wasn't over. Xu Fu beat up Aunt Lau and tore down their family's gate. Was it going to end like this? How is this possible!? She didn't know if Xu Fu would let her off, but she definitely wouldn't let Xu Fu off.

We'll see what happens in the days to come.

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