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Reborn With Supernatural Power/C12 Spirit Mountain Destroyed
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C12 Spirit Mountain Destroyed

In the past, Yu Xiao's medicinal herbs and vegetable fields didn't grow well. Other than having no money to buy nourishment, the main reason was because the land was not good.

Since the land was barren, the things that were grown were naturally not too good either.

Aunt Lau was surprised to find that after this year's purchase of the medicinal ingredients, the fields had actually become much fatter than before. This was completely illogical!

Normally, after a few years of planting, the nutrients in the land would become increasingly scarce. Thus, there was the idea of farming. They would rest for a season or a year, covering the land with dried grass. After a year, the land would gradually become fertile.

But with Yu Xiao's situation, how could she have a chance to raise her family!

Yu Xiao naturally did not know about the state of the land. However, a portion of the Spiritual Energy that she sent into the Medicinal Seedling was immediately absorbed by the ground. It was much more effective than some hay.

The land was fertile, though for some reason. Aunt Lau was also very happy. The harvest for the next quarter would definitely be better. Now he needed to buy seeds and Medicinal Seedling.

For the next few days, the smile on Aunt Lau's face slowly faded, until it turned into worry and anger.

"Sofia! What should he do? If we can't buy Medicinal Seedling, what should we do? " Aunt Lau, who had been anxious for days, could not help but ask Yu Xiao. She had noticed that Yu Xiao had changed a lot since the last sacrifice. Yu Xiao handled the rest of the business well, better than an older person like her.

Now that he had a question, he asked Yu Xiao out of habit. After asking this question, she couldn't help but shake her head at her own absurd idea. What was she thinking? Xiao was still young, how could she have a way!

"How can I not buy it? Where did I buy it from in the past!" Yu Xiao asked. Aunt Lau had been worrying about this recently!

"This year's purchase of the ingredients was a little late, and the Medicinal Seedling seeds were even snatched away by the crowd. They were not impossible to buy, but, but Xu Fu had collected all the remaining ingredients at a high price, and all the herbs in the village have been planted well. There's nothing more to be said! " Aunt Lau was upset. There was nothing she could do about Xu Fu's deceitful methods. Who asked him to be rich!?

"It's Xu Fu again? Don't worry, I can get a Medicinal Seedling. " Yu Xiao smiled at Aunt Lau.

Aunt Lau seemed to be used to Xiao saying "Don't worry" and "It's fine". However, every time, the result was exactly as Xiao said. Aunt Lau subconsciously believed Yu Xiao's worries.

"Where are you going to get it? Don't go face to face with Xu Fu. After all, he's used to running amuck in the village. I'm worried that you will suffer a loss."

Aunt Lau knew very well that Xiao had changed and become smarter. The way he spoke had also changed. His previously ignorant and arrogant manner had become extremely stiff and calm. However, it was precisely this stiffness that refused to give in that was different from an ordinary person's calmness that made it easier to offend others.

"Don't worry about it, I won't mess with Xu Fu for now."

"That's good."

Aunt Lau completely ignored the word 'temporary' from Yu Xiao. Xu Fu, she would make a move eventually. It was just that the current her wasn't strong enough.

Where was Yu Xiao's solution? It was too late to not sow.

Would she look for Wei Chi, who had a life of his own? Of course not.

She was only preparing to go to Spirit Medicine Mountain, so she missed Little White a little.

Next day

After notifying Aunt Lau, Yu Xiao went out. She went up the mountain again without attracting attention.

However, what she saw made her face as black as iron.

The man-eating vine that frightened her previously had been uprooted and was now lying pitifully on the ground. There were dead animals everywhere, and the whole forest was ruined. She could almost hear the weeping of the plants, the sorrow of the living.

Yu Xiao casually picked up a leaf and blew the tune. This was what she had said to Little White before she left. Little White was definitely smart enough to know that she was here, so it would definitely come if it heard. She was worried and angry. She was afraid that Little White would lie in a corner like the other creatures in the forest and not make a sound!

Lil 'White was her first friend. She didn't dare to imagine what kind of crazy things she would do if something happened to Lil' White. Just as her emotions were about to explode. Little White finally heard the tune and quickly ran over.

Yu Xiao heaved a sigh of relief. Luckily, Xiaobai was fine. Little White seemed to have sensed Yu Xiao's emotions. It let out a few growls, and with sorrow in its eyes, it stared at the forest as clear as the sea.

With regards to the tragic state of the Spirit Medicine Mountain, Yu Xiao could only think of the medicine merchant that walked out of the Spirit Medicine Mountain unharmed and called Wei Chi. Just what kind of background does this person have? How many powerful people are needed to destroy the Spirit Medicine Mountain to such an extent?

Yu Xiao bit her lower lip. She wasn't regretting it. If it happened again, she would also save that man. It was just that because of the influence of the plants and vegetation, she felt somewhat sad.

Although she was a little angry, inside the Spirit Medicine Mountain, other than her, everyone else could only throw their lives away if they didn't use thunderous means. She was still a little angry. That man called Wei Chi was becoming more and more unpleasant to her eyes.

This was the second time that Yu Xiao had come up the mountain. The first time she came, she was in danger. The second time, it was deathly still.

Before she went up the mountain, she was still thinking. Because she had thought of many things, she decided to cultivate well. She understood that at times, only the strong had the right to talk about life and freedom!

These days, every morning, every night when she fell asleep, she would cultivate as her Spiritual Energy grew rapidly. Thinking that there wouldn't be any more dangers if he went to Spirit Medicine Mountain this time, yet in the end, he didn't expect that there wouldn't be any more dangers to the current Spirit Medicine Mountain!

The cool breeze blew Yu Xiao's long hair, causing her to stop in her tracks. She was thinking, she was thinking!

Finally, she laughed!

Yu Xiao mounted Little White and started to traverse the forest.

The Spiritual Energy s all over seemed to have materialized, their bodies exuded a faint gold light, and every light ray caressed the injured trees and dead plants.

She released her Spiritual Energy without pause. She did not like this sad atmosphere of plants and vegetation. They repaired themselves along the path that had been trampled upon.

The withered vines were sprouting fresh green sprouts. The dead animals were no longer angry! The Spirit Medicine Mountain had not been destroyed, but it was like a heavily injured large organism that needed treatment.

Yu Xiao was very tired, both physically and mentally. But she did not stop, as if she was trying to squeeze the last bit of Spiritual Energy out of her body. Yu Xiao's way of doing things did not make sense to her, who had always been lazy.

Yu Xiao smiled bitterly, she did not know what she was begging for either. With her insignificant Spiritual Energy, how could she wake up this mountain? Even if she did her best, she wasn't a god after all.

Yu Xiao collapsed from exhaustion and landed on the dry ground. Whitey lowered its head and lightly rubbed Yu Xiao's face. Its watery vertical pupils seemed to show its worry!

Yu Xiao did not even have the strength to lift her hand to comfort Little White. She slowly closed her eyes, her empty meridians could no longer squeeze out any Spiritual Energy. She needed to rest.


The entire Spirit Medicine Mountain seemed to have lit up, of course, this kind of brightness was something that no one could see. The aura of all the plants rose, gradually gathering towards Yu Xiao.

Yu Xiao was surprised. She did not understand what was going on either, she only felt that the Spiritual Energy was gradually becoming more plentiful. He felt that the plants seemed to be feeding her a Spiritual Energy.

The little flower on the cliff in the distance gave her a little, the orange tree on top of the mountain gave her a little bit, the grass under her gave her a little bit. Thousands and thousands of threads gathered into a river and flowed into Yu Xiao's empty meridians.

It was said that humans were not like plants and vegetation that could be merciless, but the truth was that it was wrong. Plants and grasses could sometimes be more emotional than people. This endless string of Spiritual Energy s was the gratitude that the entire forest felt towards Yu Xiao.

Yu Xiao received it, the Spiritual Energy was at its peak.

Then, a new round of treatment began. He repeated this process over and over again, using up all the energy he had and returning the favor.

No fatigue, no time.

Birds' cries gradually rang out in the forest. The crisp cries happily sounded out as they felt the new home that was gradually being reborn. The sun gradually rose, and under the afternoon sun, it was bright and dazzling. Spirit Medicine Mountain came back to life as they shed new skin.

Yu Xiao finally relaxed and laid on Little White's body.

Suddenly, she felt a change in her body. A change in her Spiritual Energy.

In his previous life, the researchers had calculated that the Spiritual Energy was divided into nine stages. When he reached the highest level, he could wave to the forest like a creator. She had been trained as a killing machine in her past life, and she believed that she would die just like that. It was unknown just how enraged these so-called leaders would be.

In her previous life, she was forced to train a few times before finally being able to barely reach the third stage.

But now, she didn't expect that after traveling for two months, she would have already surpassed the level of her previous life.

Of course, Yu Xiao didn't know that there weren't many spiritual mountains like the Spirit Medicine Mountain in the first place. The fact that the forest gave back information like this was even more unheard-of. This time, the benefits from the forest were far more than just the growth of the Spiritual Energy. In addition, her affinity with plants and vegetation was great. In the future, she would discover that her cultivation speed was as fast as a rocket.

Yu Xiao stretched out her hand. The Spiritual Energy moved, and a small flower appeared on her palm. Of course, right now, she could only produce a single flower, a single seedling. A towering tree or something like that was impossible.

Yu Xiao plucked the flower from her palm and lightly pinned it to her hair. The light pink flowers indicated that she was in a good mood at the moment.

Such a wonderful thing was unexpectedly interrupted.

Yu Xiao, who was nearing the foot of the mountain, realized that there was a man hiding in a small cave.

Moreover, this man was looking at her with a face full of shock. He didn't know if he had seen what he had done before, the secret that she wasn't going to let anyone know.

She could only blame herself for being too exhausted and shocked to notice the strange movements the plants were sending her.

This was truly a miracle that happened everywhere in her life. She really wanted to roar out, 'Can't I not meet some random man every time I enter the mountain?'

Countless thoughts flashed through Yu Xiao's mind, and a trace of killing intent even appeared in her eyes. Who was this person and why was he here?

"Who is it? "Who's there?"

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