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C13 Stolid Body

"I …" I … I am Dahan, Dahan is here! " Little Fairy spoke to him. Dahan was so nervous that he was stuttering.

Yu Xiao frowned slightly. Whether it was this man called Dahan or this narrow cave, they both made her frown.

"Dahan? What did you see? Why are you here! " Yu Xiao's mind was in turmoil, and her tone of voice was impolite. However, Dahan wasn't angry at all. Instead, he was smiling foolishly as he replied to Yu Xiao's words.

Dahan! Yu Xiao seemed to have some memories of this ironic name. There seems to be such a person in the village. I heard that he's a fool, but I don't know why Dahan would be at the feet of the Spirit Medicine Mountain.

"Mother is dead! Dahan is crying! Xu Fu is chasing Dahan away!" Dahan's face, which had just beamed, turned red again. The expression on this huge man's face was so varied that it looked as though it was a bit discordant.

Yu Xiao's frown deepened when she heard Xu Fu's name.

Yu Xiao had no sympathy for her mother after her death. No matter if it was her current life or her previous life, she did not have a single memory of her mother, nor did she understand these feelings.

She wasn't a nosy person. Since she was a fool, she was prepared to pretend that she didn't see Dahan before. She was never the savior. To help those innocent and pitiful people, she couldn't care less!

"Are you leaving? Will you come next time? Do you know how to use Immortal Transformation Techniques? " Dahan asked as he felt sad that Yu Xiao was about to leave.

When Yu Xiao heard this, she stopped. The frown deepened. Although this Dahan was a fool, he seemed to have really seen her secret.

Immortal technique? She was still too careless. She was puzzled. The plants did not remind her of this person's existence. Could it be because this person was harmless? Pure good?

Yu Xiao turned her head to look at Dahan. A trace of killing intent flashed across her black eyes. The surrounding vegetation also seemed to turn solemn. It seemed as if Yu Xiao would charge forward at any moment. Yu Xiao thought back to her previous life. She didn't dare to believe anyone, let alone a fool.

"Little Fairy, are you going to play with me a little longer?" Dahan didn't understand the deep meaning behind Yu Xiao's sharp gaze. He was just happy because Yu Xiao stayed there. He looked at Yu Xiao with a foolish expression on his face.

Dahan was extremely happy that Yu Xiao stayed behind. He told Yu Xiao about him intermittently. He didn't expect that Dahan had some connection with her, some connection with her.

It turned out this Dahan was a servant in Xu Fu's yard, a servant who should not have had anything to do with Yu Xiao.

However, Xu Fu was furious because of the madora powder from Yu Xiao's night.

Like the butterfly effect, a butterfly flapping its wings in one place caused a typhoon in another.

Where the butterfly effect of the typhoon was, it was naturally Dahan.

Xu Fu broke quite a number of teacups in the middle of the day. Why didn't he smash other things? Xu Fu was stingy and his anger was also calculated!

What kind of joke was this? How expensive! What a waste of money! It might not even have the effect of the tea cup hitting the ground like a blossoming flower!

"Master, Dahan wants to see you!" Xu Fu's butler bowed and said respectfully. A pair of glowing eyes stared at the fragments of the teacup on the floor, wondering which direction the old master would dodge to if he was angry enough to smash another one!

"What is that shriveled bastard doing here?" Useless thing! Tell him to scram! " Xu Fu had been looking for trouble recently, so he felt like his head was on fire. Ye Zichen raised the last teacup and waved it, but didn't throw it out. He then poured a cup of tea and started to drink angrily.

"I heard that mother is so sick. I'll let him go right now!" The butler lowered his head even lower and quietly retreated.

"Scram, scram. Master, I am quite sick!" I'm not a good person, what's the use of treating that sick mother of his! "

"… …"

Dahan had some problems with his intelligence, so he was born a little dumb. Fortunately, the kind parents did not despise him and raised him. He had been strong since he was young, so he could be considered a help to his family who did farm work. His life was peaceful and beautiful.

However, fate really liked to torment people. Dahan's father accidentally rolled down the mountain and fell to his death. Not long after that, his mother became seriously ill. When he was helpless, he went to Xu Fu's home to work in exchange for some of his mother's medical fees!

Dahan had no other relatives, and no one was willing to lend him money. Giving away charcoal in a snowstorm was just a story in a book. In reality, it was just sweeping snow in front of their own doors!

Just like that, Dahan went around begging for help. His mother, who was already very ill, died in a very short period of time! In the clan's mausoleum forest, there was another quiet tombstone.

Dahan suddenly felt a little lost. The job he did at Xu Fu's place was to treat his mother's illness. But now, with his mother gone, what could he do?

Dahan, 15, sat on the steps of the courtyard. With his slow rotation speed, he just couldn't figure out what to do next. Then, he began to cry, loudly like a child, crying with all his might!

Finally, this world-shaking cry alarmed Xu Fu.

"It's still early in the morning. Where's Wailing? Tell the two of them to shut him up! " Xu Fu cursed as he laid on the bed. He couldn't even rest after recuperating.

The crying did not stop. Soon, someone came to report.

"Master, Dahan doesn't listen!"

"Then shut him up! He couldn't even do such a small thing! He's a fool, and you're still trying to reason with him! " Xu Fu waved his hand impatiently. As for the sounds of fighting that quickly came from the courtyard, he was in no mood to pay attention to it.

Who would have thought that Dahan's brute force would beat four to five youths to the ground. Xu Fu chased Dahan out in a fit of anger.

This time, Dahan didn't have anything. His mother was gone, and he had already sold his own house's Field of Medicine. Now, even his employer didn't want him anymore.

The fool came to the foot of Spirit Medicine Mountain. Although he was foolish enough to know the dangers of the mountain, he did not dare to go up the mountain. He didn't know why he was alive. He was just living out of instinct.

No one knew how lonely it was to be left alone.

No one noticed that there was one less person in the village, and no one cared about the life and death of a fool. The world is so big, the village is not small, who cares who?

Then he saw Yu Xiao, the Little Fairy in his eyes.

"… …"

After listening to the story in such a disorderly manner, Yu Xiao's gaze finally calmed down. The killing intent in her eyes vanished like smoke in thin air. She couldn't just casually kill someone, much less a living person.

"Come with me!" Yu Xiao heaved a sigh of relief. What she did had nothing to do with right or wrong. It was just her inner thoughts. Just like how she saved that unknown Wei Chi before.

"Go?" "Where to?" Dahan asked in confusion.

"Come home with me and live in the village." Yu Xiao's tone became calmer. Since she had already decided on something, she would never wander around. She hoped that this foolish child would not disappoint her, or else she would not mind killing him with her own hands!

"Live with Little Fairy?" Dahan's dirty face was filled with surprise. He instinctively reached out his hand to hold Yu Xiao, but when he saw his own dirty hands, he scratched his head in embarrassment.

"Alright, Dahan, let's go!"

One person became two. One was tall and the other was short. The White Tiger watched the two of them as they descended the mountain. It then started to converse in a low voice.

"Don't tell anyone what you see about me."

"Yes, Little Fairy, Dahan won't say it."

"I'm not a fairy! My name is Yu Xiao!"

"Laughter …" "Xiao!"

"… …"

"What was your name?" The name Dahan was nothing special.

"Mother called me Yuan. Mother said my name is Xu Zhiyuan." Dahan's tone was a bit dejected when he talked about his mother.

"Well, that's right. There is no peace, no peace, no hope." "Don't call me Dahan anymore, remember your name is Xu Zhiyuan!

Xu Zhiyuan didn't know the meaning behind his parents naming him, but it definitely wasn't as nice as Xiao's words. He looked at Yu Xiao with a lost expression. There was a light breeze in the forest, causing her black hair to flutter. The wind made the red flowers in his hair flutter. She was as beautiful as a painting.

Xiao was really pretty. Just like the Little Fairy in his dreams, Little Fairy said. Remember, your name is Xu Zhiyuan.

"… …"

Actually, Yu Xiao couldn't be blamed for not noticing it earlier. Dahan was now like a primitive man, in no way incompatible with the forest. No one could have imagined that there would be a 1.8m young man living in such a narrow cave.

Dahan naturally saw Yu Xiao who was on the mountain. He saw her god-like superpower, as well as the White Tiger. Dahan was a bit dumb, but he knew how unbelievable everything he saw was. It must be a fairy!

He didn't dare to go out and talk to the fairy. He was afraid that the fairy would get angry. People in Xu Fu's yard would always be angry when they talked to him.

He quietly watched as Yu Xiao displayed her might.

Until it was discovered by Yu Xiao.

The two had just walked out of the Spirit Medicine Mountain, and Yu Xiao had even forgotten her purpose for coming to the mountain, and the matter about the Medicinal Seedling. However, the matter of entering the mountain was not over yet.

There was someone waiting for her at the foot of the mountain.

It was a strange face, Yu Xiao's extraordinary memory. She searched for a while and found that this person was one of Wei Chi's men. She had met him once before.

Wei Chi had been sending people to keep an eye on Yu Xiao. Since Yu Xiao had come up the mountain, the people following her immediately reported it back. However, Wei Chi left the village today and only received the notification half an hour ago. Maybe he was on his way.

Yu Xiao, who was guarding the foot of the mountain, absolutely had to watch over the people around her.

"Miss, please wait a moment. Master will be here shortly!" Even though his words were polite, he didn't give in at all.

"What does that mean?!" Yu Xiao's expression wasn't good.

What did Wei Chi want to do? That damn man. If someone found out that she was trapped at the foot of the Spirit Medicine Mountain and was then able to enter the mountain unhindered, the explanation would be unclear.

Yu Xiao was about to flare up when she heard the man's voice.

"… …"

"Little girl, you're so angry!"

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