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Reborn With Supernatural Power/C14 I Caught Him in the Act
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C14 I Caught Him in the Act

Little girl?

Were they f * cking familiar with each other?

"What do you want to do?" Yu Xiao was on her guard, not knowing what the other party wanted to do.

"I am just curious how you managed to climb up the mountain and how you managed to climb down the mountain unharmed. Can you explain it to me? " He was sure that this girl didn't know martial arts and had no inner strength. Even her body was weaker than ordinary people. Of course he knew the dangers of Spirit Medicine Mountain, even though he had been almost destroyed by Wen Meng.

Wei Chi asked a question, but no one felt like he could not answer that question. He had a powerful aura around him that made people unable to refuse him, not daring to do so.

"No." However, Wei Chi's domineering attitude didn't work in front of Yu Xiao. He refused without any hesitation. Yu Xiao didn't even glance at the man before her and prepared to leave.

Why did it fail? In her previous life, the leaders had tried everything to control her, intimidate her, hypnotize her, but the problem was, it was useless to her. Her years of imprisonment had unexpectedly made her mind unnaturally firm. Although she admitted that the man in front of her had disturbed her feelings for a moment, it had only been a moment.

In the blink of an eye, Yu Xiao's vision blurred. Wei Chi appeared in front of her like a ghost and blocked her. She didn't see him move, but he didn't seem to have moved at all.

Yu Xiao wasn't intimidated by this. Instead, her inky black eyes lit up. Could this be the martial arts of this world? It seemed very interesting!

"I didn't say you could leave!" Wei Chi said in a domineering tone.

Finally, Yu Xiao's expression changed upon seeing the culprit who had been pestering her again and again when she recovered her Spirit Medicine Mountain.

She leaned close to Wei Chi, grabbed his collar, and stood on tiptoe. She whispered in Wei Chi's ear, word for word.

"Wei Chi, on what basis do you command me? I don't owe you anything, so I don't need to beg anything this time. If my memory is not bad, and I have to repay you with saving my life, it would be interesting! "

Yu Xiao didn't know why she was angry. She shouldn't have been angry. Even if she had been stimulated by the intense waves, she would still be able to smile even if she were to die. It was always easy for the man on the other side to provoke his temper.

Yu Xiao came very close, her voice sounded ethereal, close to Wei Chi's ear. The hot breath seemed to hit Wei Chi's face.

Then … Wei Chi blushed.

He had never been so intimate with a girl before. No, that's not right. He only felt that the other party was right. Not only did he not owe him, he even owed him a favour. He should be ashamed of himself.

Wei Chi's heart was in turmoil. Shame, he didn't even believe this excuse.

Which other woman didn't throw themselves into his arms, even though he didn't like them? But this woman, every time she saw him, she would lose her composure.

Actually, Yu Xiao's expression was calm all along and she didn't show any emotions. But who was Wei Chi? He could tell from the mask that Yu Xiao was not in a good mood.

Yu Xiao let go of Wei Chi's collar and walked around once again. This time, Wei Chi didn't say anything. He reached out his hand to grab Yu Xiao's hand. He knew that he had to figure out these things. Just like how Yu Xiao thought that Wei Chi was easy to anger, Wei Chi also thought that there was something wrong every time he met this woman.

Wei Chi didn't touch Yu Xiao, but Yu Xiao didn't move away.

However, they had forgotten about Dahan and Xu Zhiyuan, who had followed Yu Xiao down the mountain.

Xu Zhiyuan watched as Wei Chi blocked Yu Xiao's path and extended his hand towards Yu Xiao. He didn't understand the undercurrent that was surging between the two of them. He only knew that this man had extended his hand towards Yu Xiao when she didn't want to.

Xu Zhiyuan moved in a flash and blocked in front of Yu Xiao, blocking Wei Chi's outstretched hand. Of course, he wasn't able to teleport as quickly as Wei Chi. He was very close to Yu Xiao, so all he did was move with more agility.

The collision of the fist and the finger didn't shock the world. This dirty man finally caught Wei Chi's attention.

Wei Chi slightly increased his strength and Xu Zhiyuan desperately held on.

As Wei Chi exerted more force, Xu Zhiyuan's face was covered in sweat.

Wei Chi exerted his strength, causing Xu Zhiyuan to bleed from the corner of his mouth!

Suddenly, Wei Chi chuckled and retracted his finger.

Xu Zhiyuan was careless and stumbled forward. He then hurriedly retreated back to Yu Xiao's side, staring at Wei Chi with unfriendly eyes.

"The strength is not bad!"

To say that the other party's strength was not bad at this moment was a naked tease.

However, he, Wei Chi, never made a joke. There weren't many people that could block his finger. Moreover, with a single glance, he could tell that the other party did not have any inner strength, nor any kind of cultivation technique. It was purely brute force!

Such brute force was really rare. There were quite a few interesting people in this village, so it wouldn't be too boring to stay here for a period of time.

Yu Xiao ignored Wei Chi's gaze of admiration towards Xu Zhiyuan. She raised her head to look at Xu Zhiyuan and saw the glaring blood at the corner of his mouth.

"Don't be nosy in the future!"

"Xiao, right …" "I'm sorry!"

He didn't change his expression at Wei Chi's threats and spat out blood without backing down. However, Yu Xiao's few words caused the tall man to stammer as he apologized.

Interesting, really interesting.

"Wei Chi, stop pestering me, I really don't like you!" As expected, what Yu Xiao said caused Wei Chi's expression to change again. The subordinate who was following them earlier had his eyes pop out.

There was actually a f * cking woman who didn't like his master. This was a huge matter! This was a strange story!

"Alright, you woman. Very good. You don't like to see me, right? Then you're destined to be unable to fulfill your wish!" Wei Chi clenched his teeth and walked away. He must have been really angry.

Yu Xiao did not think too much about the meaning behind Wei Chi's words and left with Xu Zhiyuan. This time, Wei Chi did not stop them.

Yu Xiao didn't spare Wei Chi another glance, as if this was nothing worth looking back at. For the first time in his life, Wei Chi felt defeated. He couldn't help but comfort himself. There was still a long way to go, and a long way to go.

It was fortunate that Wen Meng didn't come, otherwise, he would definitely give Yu Xiao a statue to worship. He would definitely suspect that the master in front of him, who had the intention of pestering him, was a fake. And he was still so angry that he could swallow mountains and rivers, crazily dragging a cool and outstanding master!

"… …"

When Yu Xiao walked into the house, she remembered that she had forgotten about the Medicinal Seedling! Ye Zichen looked at their rather small houses, then looked at the big guy in front of him. He could not help but have a headache. He had brought her back, so where was she staying?

"Aunt Lau, I want to take him in!"

"Xiao, look at our house … Is it appropriate to take him in? " Aunt Lau also thought about it and didn't even have a spare room. Taking a man in would definitely be unpleasant to talk about in the village, even if that man was a fool.

Yu Xiao looked at Aunt Lau calmly, her eyes full of certainty.

Xu Zhiyuan also looked at Aunt Lau beside Yu Xiao with pure eyes.

"This, this, this, why don't we find a place to place the firewood in the kitchen and let him stay there first." Aunt Lau couldn't do anything about these two people staring at her. Actually, Aunt Lau would never object to Yu Xiao's decision, even if Yu Xiao's objections were useless right now.

Thus, the original Dahan and now Xu Zhiyuan were temporarily settled in Yu Xiao's home's firewood.

During the night, Yu Xiao fell into insomnia. She didn't know if it was because someone knew her secret, but it made her feel uneasy.

Yu Xiao came to the kitchen and saw the tall Xu Zhiyuan with his back bent and his legs curled up in the corner. There was a smile of satisfaction on his face. Forget it! Forget it!

However, he should at least change his house and wait until after the seeds are sown. The Medicinal Seedling has not been taken care of!

The insomnia Yu Xiao naturally woke up very late the next day. Aunt Lau was reluctant to wake her up, so Xu Zhiyuan didn't dare to wake her up. After being exposed to the sun for a while, Yu Xiao finally yawned and stood up.

Xu Zhiyuan quickly gave her some water to wash her face. He then handed Aunt Lau's warm porridge to her. Yu Xiao was slightly dazed. She had just woken up and was confused. Looking at Xu Zhiyuan in front of her, she did not expect that after washing up and putting on the new clothes made by Aunt Lau, she would still be able to look at him.

He also thought about how this big dumb guy was clearly a careless person. How did he learn to take care of her in such a frivolous manner on the first day?

However, Yu Xiao was a lazy person after all. With someone to take care of her, she would not reject them.

However, at this time, they would never have thought that this silly big guy would be taking care of her like a servant from today onwards! If they didn't leave, they wouldn't stop until they were dead!

Pushing the door open, he took a look, only to see a bald Field of Medicine. Medicinal Seedling, Medicinal Seedling, their Spirit Medicine Mountain were destroyed like that, where could she go to find them? That's right, yesterday when the Spirit Medicine Mountain Spiritual Energy was at the fourth stage, it could grow Medicinal Seedling out of thin air! It seemed like that was the only way. She was a lazy person, and it didn't fit her style at all.

Ever since she became the current Yu Xiao, she had been working even harder.

At this moment, Yu Xiao heard some movement not too far away. She walked over to take a look and was completely stunned!

Not far to the left of Yu Xiao's house was her neighbor, Uncle Xu Mu. On the right was the local stone pit. There was a large, uneven rock of all shapes and sizes. It had been there since the village was built, but for some reason, it had been left behind.

At this moment, the huge stone pit had already been filled up and the foundation had been laid. It was as if there was a huge project being built on it!

Seeing Wei Chi's subordinate order the craftsmen in an orderly manner, Yu Xiao had a headache.

"What does your master want to do?" Yu Xiao rubbed her forehead helplessly!

Seeing Yu Xiao from afar, Wen Meng walked over happily. This was a girl that his master had taken a fancy to, of course, he had to be polite.

"Build a house!" My lord does not like to live in the house of the patriarch. "Master is going to stay in the village for the time being. The address of the building will be here." Wen Meng said with a smile on his face. Let's be happy, let's be excited!

Excited my ass!

Actually, Wen Meng was overthinking it. Wei Chi was just thinking, didn't he want to see him? Let her see enough.

Wei Chi chose to settle down in the Taoxi Village, and chose to live next door to the more remote Yu Xiao's home. The entire village quickly spread and started to discuss amongst themselves.

More than Wen Meng thought.

"As expected, those two people know each other!"

"What's so good about that stone pit? Why isn't Mr. Wei next door to my house!"

"Wuu, my Lord Wei?"

Yu Xiao's head hurt more and more. Rumors were always exaggerated. With a headache coming, he went home to close the door and produce Medicinal Seedling s.

With a wave of her slender and delicate hands, the Medicinal Seedling fell into the bamboo basket. The basket was gradually filled to the brim. However, Yu Xiao did not know that this batch of Medicinal Seedling that she had created with the help of Spiritual Energy would have a huge impact later on.

As for the explanation of Aunt Lau from these Medicinal Seedling, it was obviously about the medicine merchant who took the blame.

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