Reborn With Supernatural Power/C15 Intense Retaliation
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Reborn With Supernatural Power/C15 Intense Retaliation
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C15 Intense Retaliation

With Xu Zhiyuan around, Yu Xiao did not have to worry about the matter of sowing seeds. Very quickly, the Medicinal Seedling had successfully sowed the seeds.

In the clear autumn day, the Taoxi Village seemed to be full of vigor. Next door, Wei Chi's new house was about to be completed, it didn't look like a villager's house at all. It seemed as though everyone in the village knew that the richest person in the village had been replaced.

This Wei Chi was not just limited to money, the most important thing was his face!

The women of this era had also deeply carried out the thought of beauty as justice.

Yu Xiao's life seemed to be getting better and better. There would always be people who disliked having such a happy life.

Xu Fu didn't even know how many teacups he broke, yet these people were all gathered together. That fool originally wanted him to work for free, but he didn't sign a contract. Even if he ran away, he wouldn't be able to do anything to him. This was so infuriating!

He couldn't control his uncontrollable rage. Revenge, he had to exact revenge.

Of course, he did not dare to have any thoughts of revenge when facing Wei Chi. However, what about Yu Xiao?

Everyone was busy sowing, fertilization, and watering. Aunt Lau and Xu Zhiyuan were busying themselves in the fields. Yu Xiao was at home taking a nap alone, strictly maintaining her lazy spirit of not wanting to sit while lying down and never standing up when she could.

In a quiet little room, someone came knocking on the door. There was no knock on the door, so he carefully used a knife to unlock the door. He did not wake the little figure on the bed.

As they got closer, Yu Xiao opened her eyes as if she had sensed something.

A towel flew towards her mouth.

This is bad! It was knockout drugs!

Yu Xiao thought like this before she fainted. It seemed like she was not as vigilant as she was now.

Who would have thought that in broad daylight, someone would dare to kidnap someone! This was the Taoxi Village, so the effects of the law wasn't that great and people's vigilance wasn't that high either. Yu Xiao was put into a sack and sent straight to Xu Fu's house.

This time, Xu Fu was smarter. He was unreasonable and came straight to the point.

"Wake her up! "First, tie it firmly for me!" Xu Fu said viciously to the servants. He wasn't worried about being found out, it wasn't like he hadn't done it before. Even if that old fogey found out, he would at most be punished by some kind of clan rule. He warned them and then dragged the two servants over to beat a board fight.

"Crash!" Without holding back, he poured a bucket of water over Yu Xiao.

Yu Xiao frowned as she woke up.

Looking at the person in front of him, it was Xu Fu again.

"What are you trying to do!" Yu Xiao quickly calmed down. She didn't panic like Xu Fu expected and screamed again and again.

"What is it? Haha! Run! If you have the ability, then run! " Xu Fu was very proud, he didn't believe that this woman could still run away.

Yu Xiao was a little flustered this time, even though she didn't show it on the surface. She didn't have a Mandala on her this time. With her bound body, there was no way for her to escape. There were no plants in the house to attack. He couldn't possibly scare Xu Fu to death with a flower in his hand, right?

"What are you trying to do!?" Yu Xiao asked again, emphasizing each word.

"I've said that I'll make you live a good life with me. Since you refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit, don't blame me for being strong." Xu Fu leaned back leisurely on the chair and looked at Yu Xiao, who was in a sorry state.

"Xu Fu, I won't let you off!" Yu Xiao said calmly.

That's right, as long as she, Yu Xiao, doesn't die, she would definitely not let Xu Fu off.

"Pah!" Yu Xiao was slapped so hard that her head tilted to the side and she fell heavily onto the ground.

"You still dare to be stubborn, and dare to threaten me!" Now let's see who will not let who off! " Xu Fu did not show any mercy. Yu Xiao's face immediately swelled up from the grip of a grown man. If you use more knockout drugs on her, don't knock her out completely, and let her have some consciousness! "

Xu Fu instructed the servants and gave Yu Xiao some knockout drugs.

The room was silent. The servant left.

Xu Fu laughed vulgarly as he picked up Yu Xiao and threw her onto the bed. The rope was still in place as he stretched out his big fat hands towards Yu Xiao.

With a gentle pull, the jade-green belt loosened, revealing the pure white inner garment.

It was as if Yu Xiao's pupils had turned darker and darker.

She wasn't dizzy, so she couldn't resist. If she didn't understand what Xu Fu was trying to do, she would be a fool.

She only looked at Xu Fu, as if she wanted to engrave it deep into her eyes.

Xu Fu stopped his actions and casually pulled down the curtain covering Yu Xiao's eyes. He no longer looked at the vicious gaze in his eyes.

It reminded Yu Xiao of a novel she once read. The hateful Yin Zhiping covered Little Dragon Lady with a white veil. So, this was the kind of insult. In the end, Xiao Long did not kill Yin Zhiping. She did not agree with this tolerance.

Xu Fu's hands didn't stop moving. Yu Xiao had already taken off her coat and roughly ripped it off.

The desire in Xu Fu's eyes became stronger as he looked at the damned girl below him. Yu Xiao had a snow-white neck, round and smooth shoulders, and a bright red undergarment that could not be distinguished by any color.

All of them were stimulating Xu Fu's nerves.

At this moment, Yu Xiaosha's face under the curtain finally changed. She felt disgusted, even more disgusted. But she didn't think about biting her tongue and committing suicide. Even if she was insulted, she would still be alive, and living was more important than anything.

However, at this moment, she was slightly regretful. She regretted not killing Xu Fu before. Very regretful, life often did not have medicine for regret to take.

She seemed to hear the sound of Xu Fu swallowing his saliva. Still disgusting, only disgusting.

"Tsk tsk tsk tsk!" This skin is pretty good! " Xu Fu stopped, as if to admire it more. Xu Fu didn't hurry to carry out his next actions. Instead, he praised the scene that entered his eyes.

It was a sunny day, and the sunlight was shining through the windows that were covered in white paper. The interior of the house was as bright as the day, and it really had a unique flavor to it.

"I won't let you off!" Yu Xiao was still repeating what she had said at the beginning, but her weak voice did not sound intimidating at all.

Xu Fu smiled instead. What he wanted was for Yu Xiao to get angry. The more angry she became, the happier he became. She needed to wake up and feel what was going to happen next.

An accident suddenly occurred!

"Bam!" The door that was kicked open alarmed Xu Fu in the room, as well as the servants in the yard.

A cool breeze blew at the door, blowing away the veil covering Yu Xiao's face. She saw Wei Chi standing at the door, that annoying man.

This gust of wind that came from kicking the door seemed to be for Yu Xiao to see this god-like man standing at the door, preparing to be the hero that saved the beauty.

"You … "Why are you here!" Someone … "Ahhh!" Before Xu Fu could finish his sentence, Wei Chi, who was at the door, kicked him away and screamed as he fell onto the wall with a loud thud.

Wei Chi looked at Yu Xiao who was lying on the bed. His expression was ugly. He didn't know why he was so angry, but it was just in time.

He took off his purple robe, untied Yu Xiao's rope, and then bent down to pick her up.

This was the embrace of a princess, and the powerful arm around her waist was giving off a soothing aura. Yu Xiao didn't struggle. One, she didn't have the strength, and two, she was really lazy. She obediently leaned on Wei Chi's chest, as if she felt the arm that Wei Chi held him tighten.

"Master, master, what's wrong? Who are you, why are you in master's room! "Come here!" The butler shouted and soon, a large group of people blocked Wei Chi's door.

"Capture, capture these two!" How did you all watch the door, ah! "Ouch!" Xu Fu shouted to the butler while holding his waist.

Yu Xiao was very at ease. Facing such a large group of people surrounding them, she was also very at ease.

She had seen Wei Chi's demonic movement technique. These people shouldn't be able to stop them.

The facts proved that it was not only impossible to stop them. Wei Chi hugged Yu Xiao with both of his arms and kicked them one by one. Before anyone could regain their senses, the ground was already full of injured people.

The butler held Xu Fu and looked at this terrifying man in horror. This man was so powerful, how could the villagers have seen such a scene before?

At this moment, Yu Xiao raised her head and looked at Wei Chi. "Wait a moment!" "Since you're so amazing, I want to ask Xu Fu for something."

Wei Chi seemed to notice the struggle in Yu Xiao's words. He frowned as he walked towards Xu Fu with Yu Xiao in his arms.

"You …" Don't come near me! " At this moment, Xu Fu panicked and stopped being arrogant. He always thought that a strong dragon couldn't suppress a snake in the area. But he was a dragon, and he was at most a caterpillar.

"Get out!" Yu Xiao said to the butler. She didn't do anything to this steward whose eyes were shining. Perhaps it was because she didn't say anything rude to her, nor did she intend to hurt him.

"Xu Fu!" I've said it before, I won't let you off! " Yu Xiao repeated the same sentence, but Xu Fu realized how scary it sounded.

"Wei Chi, put me down. Can you give me the knife?" Wei Chi put Yu Xiao down, and his gaze followed the direction of Yu Xiao's finger. Among the people on the ground, there was a knife that seemed to belong to a servant who was preparing to sneak an attack on Wei Chi.

"You … What are you going to do? " Xu Fu was unable to move just like Yu Xiao previously. This was a karmic cycle!

Yu Xiao walked closer and closer with the knife in her hand. It was as if he was about to stab down with his blade!

"Don't dirty your hands!" The one who spoke was not Xu Fu, but Wei Chi. Seeing the killing intent in Yu Xiao's eyes, Wei Chi's words came out of his mouth for some reason. There was a huge amount of blood on his hand, but he didn't want to let Yu Xiao's hand be stained with blood.

Yu Xiao seemed to pause for a moment, but the knife in her hand still stabbed forward without the slightest hesitation.

The first cut through the meridians in Yu Xiao's right hand, and the second slashed through the meridians in Aunt Lau's right leg.

The third slash, "Puchi!" Yu Xiao's expression did not change as the knife entered her body. She did not even furrow her brows. The knife had left her heart and went deep into her abdomen.

Dirty hands? That's right, she hadn't killed anyone. She had only killed herself, her past self. That feeling wasn't too scary. Now that he saw red blood flowing out of Xu Fu's abdomen, it wasn't too scary.

Even the blood of such a disgusting person would be red.

"Wei Chi, do you know? A moment ago, I was regretting, regretting that I did not have the chance to kill Xu Fu! " Yu Xiao stood up, not a trace of blood on her body. Let's go! "

Wei Chi looked at Yu Xiao's peaceful atrocities and did not stop her. He felt more and more that this kind of woman, how could she be raised in this small mountain village?

Yu Xiao extended her hand towards Wei Chi, who was stunned.

"My legs aren't strong enough, carry me away!" So natural, so direct.

When he was playing with the knife just now, why didn't he say he didn't have any strength!

However, Wei Chi didn't object. He bent down and picked up Yu Xiao, walking out of Xu Fu's manor.

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