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C16 One after Another

As for how Xu Fu's house was going to save people and deal with the situation, that was not something they needed to care about.

Wei Chi carried Yu Xiao all the way back. It had only been a short two hours since Yu Xiao was taken home, and both Aunt Lau and Xu Zhiyuan had yet to return.

The two of them looked at each other in silence, and asked with great tacit understanding.

"Who the hell are you?" Wei Chi believed that no villager could stab a person with a knife with a straight face like Yu Xiao.

"How did you find me!" Yu Xiao was also curious as to how Wei Chi knew she was in Xu Fu's yard and arrived in time.

"I'm Yu Xiao!" She smiled, a slight smile on her face. She was happy that she had survived. No matter what, she was still a girl. She didn't want anyone to touch her body like that.

"You're not!" Wei Chi believed in his judgment, and his thoughts drifted far away. Could it be that someone had sent someone to get close to her? What about the original Yu Xiao? What was her purpose?

"With your ability, you can go find out who I am!" Yu Xiao was secretly vigilant in her heart. This man was very scary. He didn't have any grounds to be sure that she wasn't Yu Xiao. She was indeed not Yu Xiao, she was Yu Xiao. Since you don't believe me, then go and check for yourself.

Later on, Wei Chi had indeed sent people to investigate Yu Xiao. They had thoroughly investigated her. That included the identity that even Yu Xiao herself did not know about, and the miracle that happened during the Heaven's Sacrifice Flame.

Naturally, he also saw something from these things, although he did not say it clearly.

Wei Chi didn't explain how he found Yu Xiao. He couldn't possibly say that he had sent someone to follow her all the time!

"I'll be leaving first. I'll take care of Xu Fu's problem, don't worry." With the current situation, it was not good for Wei Chi to ask anything.

"Thank you!"

Wei Chi, who walked to the door, did not turn around when he heard Ye Zichen's thanks, but the corner of his mouth twitched.

Yu Xiao feebly changed out of her wet clothes. She looked at the robe on the edge of the bed and felt warm for a bit. It seemed like it wasn't a bad idea for this man to live next door.

Yu Xiao casually produced a flower from her palm and placed it in a bottle on the table. The bottle was not a pretty vase, but a clay bottle that was useless in the kitchen. She thinks it will make her feel better.

"… …"

"What are you doing?" A voice as gentle as a cool breeze rang out. The door that was not tightly shut was actually pushed open.

Yu Xiao's expression changed. She turned her sharp gaze towards the rude woman.

The voice was gentle, but the person who came wasn't.

It was Xu Jingyue. Xu Jingyue, who had a grudge with Yu Xiao.

Yu Xiao frowned slightly. Looking at this woman, she guessed that she had no interest in the flower on the table, which was still dripping with water.

"What are you doing here?" Yu Xiao didn't answer but instead asked.

She stood up and looked straight at Xu Jingyue with undisguised disgust in her eyes.

Xu Jingyue seemed to have never expected that the blind man, who could even frighten people with his loud voice, would be so domineering. She couldn't help but take a step back.

Xu Jingyue looked at the face she loathed and suddenly laughed.

"Yo!" Why is your face so swollen! " A sarcastic remark, an expression of schadenfreude.

Yu Xiao's expression was even colder. Xu Fu's face was still swollen.

Xu Jingyue gritted her teeth as she looked at Yu Xiao's calm demeanor. No matter what you said, why didn't she drown? Xu Jingyue inhaled slightly and forced herself to calm down.

What was most unacceptable to her was that Wei Chi, her Wei Chi, actually went next door to this woman to listen to the rumors in the village. How could this woman be compatible with Wei Chi? How was this possible?

"I came today just to tell you that back then … Back then, it was you who accidentally fell into the pond. Don't speak nonsense. "Also, stay away from Wei Chi or I'll make you look good!" Xu Jingyue arrogantly raised her head and commanded Yu Xiao with a gentle tone.

"Tsk ~" Yu Xiao didn't know where this woman got such a thick skin. Her righteousness was hilarious.

Yu Xiao had never intended to let this woman go, but this woman still dared to come looking for her with a calm face. Originally, he had planned on taking care of her after a while, but since he had come, he should first let her remember a bit.

Yu Xiao walked step by step towards Xu Jingyue. The knockout drug had gradually retreated, recovering some of her strength. His pure black eyes were like that of a superior looking at the ant on the ground, disdainful and contemptuous. Xu Jingyue seemed to be frightened by the frosty look on her face and retreated step by step.

"Bam!" Once he hit the wall, he would have nowhere to retreat to.

"You, what do you want to do!" Xu Jingyue looked really pitiful at this moment, weak and gentle. How to describe it, it was the green tea bitch written in the book that would always be the victim!

However, she seemed to have overlooked something. In terms of looks, who could compare with Yu Xiao?

Yu Xiao's appearance was a classic example of someone not saying anything and remaining expressionless. People would think that this child's temperament was heartbreaking!

Yu Xiao's lips curled up into a smile. She pushed Xu Jingyue away and walked out of the door. The open courtyard was visible to everyone around.

Xu Jingyue stood at the door, confused.

Suddenly, Yu Xiao spoke up.

"Xu Jingyue, what do you want to do? Last time you pushed me into the water and didn't drown me, are you still not satisfied? What else do you want? " Yu Xiao did not fall weakly to the ground, nor did she tear up from the grievance.

But the delicate face, the accusation in the voice. He was just like a pitiful guy who tried to pretend to be calm. There was clearly a handprint on her red and swollen face. Xu Jingyue unintentionally carried a black pot on her back.

Xu Jingyue's mouth was agape. She did not expect Yu Xiao to speak of what had happened that day in broad daylight. Xu Jingyue looked at the villagers who were walking past with shocked expressions on their faces as they looked at the commotion in the yard. She looked at the talkative Aunt Cuihua with a face full of astonishment. Shame, anger, panic, fear filled her head.

"You … "You …" Xu Jingyue suddenly didn't know how to reply.

"Me? I don't know where I offended you, and I don't dare to go against the family of the Senior Magus. I have already settled the matter. I just hope that you don't come to my house to cause me any more trouble! "

Yu Xiao's words were like a sentence that hurt the heart. She was close to saying that Xu Jingyue relied on her power to bully others, and on whose power she was relying on. Of course, it was because of that noble Senior Magus.

As the onlookers increased in number, the villagers were always unwilling to listen to the slightest bit of activity, not to mention such a life-threatening incident.

Xu Jingyue's fair face was ashen. She knew this was Yu Xiao's scheme, but she couldn't find a way to deal with it. She could only watch as Yu Xiao made everyone aware of it.

In the face of the villagers pointing fingers, Xu Jingyue could only argue in a soft voice. "I did not!"

"Get out!" Yu Xiao was too lazy to argue with this woman. She wasn't some saint, and she still had a face full of tolerance towards those who had harmed her.

Xu Jingyue didn't move. Her eyes were filled with venom as she stared at Yu Xiao.

The imagination of the masses was always plentiful. Seeing Xu Jingyue's expression, everyone could guess what was going on.

At this moment, Aunt Lau and Xu Zhiyuan came back, interrupting this wondrous confrontation.

Aunt Lau didn't hear the conversation between Xu Jingyue and Yu Xiao and didn't know that Yu Xiao's fall was not an accident.

Seeing Xu Jingyue, she couldn't help but think of the Senior Magus and the great fire. She instinctively thought that Xu Jingyue had come to bully Yu Xiao.

"You … What are you doing here? Our family doesn't welcome you, so go! " Aunt Lau said firmly while pointing at Xu Jingyue. With a pained expression, he looked at the red blotches on Yu Xiao's face. She even carefully protected Yu Xiao behind her back, looking just like a chicken that was protecting its cub. She pitied Xu Jingyue for being weak and weak, but she still played the role of a big bad wolf.

Xu Zhiyuan also stared at Xu Jingyue with an unfriendly expression.

This situation made Xu Jingyue even more unbearable. By the standards of future generations, Xu Jingyue, 15 years old, was also a child. However, this child's heart wasn't good.

"Alright, I'll go!" Xu Jingyue gritted her teeth as she spoke. Her voice sounded gentle, as if she was used to it.

After walking a few steps, Xu Jingyue noticed that Yu Xiao didn't even turn her head to look at her. It was as if she was just a clown that wasn't even worth mentioning.

Xu Jingyue, because of her mother's noble status as a Senior Magus, was beautiful and had been popular for a long time.

Now that she saw Yu Xiao's posture, she felt even more stifled. A surge of resentment rose in her heart as she picked up the kitchen spade and ruthlessly threw it at the back of Yu Xiao's head. Just like how he pushed Yu Xiao into the water a long time ago, he couldn't control himself from doing so!

However, no one had seen it before. Everyone knew about it!

Seeing that the muddy spade was about to touch the floating black hair, the surrounding villagers could not help but exclaim out loud! While she was lamenting Xu Jingyue's viciousness, she couldn't help but break out in a cold sweat for Yu Xiao!

Xu Zhiyuan, who had been looking at Xu Jingyue warily, was the first to notice what Xu Jingyue wanted to do and pushed her away.


While the crowd was shocked, the shovel still fell down. Scarlet red blood dripped down Xu Zhiyuan's face and his forehead was covered in blood! However, he didn't show any expression of pain as he continued staring at Xu Jingyue.

Yu Xiao staggered a bit before turning around to look at Xu Zhiyuan, whose face was covered in blood. It was just like back when she committed suicide. Her eyes were bright red, like a poisonous rose that had bloomed in her heart!

"Xiao, don't be afraid, I will protect you!" Xu Zhiyuan, who was bleeding profusely, stood in front of Aunt Lau and Yu Xiao. He glared viciously at Xu Jingyue.

Xu Zhiyuan's actions seemed to have scared Xu Jingyue, causing her to freeze on the spot. Yu Xiao didn't know what she was thinking, but she stood rooted to the spot.

The villagers were no longer around to watch. Some of them were injured. One by one, they squeezed into the small courtyard.

"… …"

"Quick, take the hemostasis herbs."

"Go get the Senior Magus!"

Compared to the busy villagers, a few of the people involved stopped on the spot.

Yu Xiao saw Aunt Lau wrap Xu Zhiyuan's forehead with herbal medicine and wipe the blood off her face.

He heaved a sigh of relief. She wondered if she had fainted from the earlier panic!

Yu Xiao pushed away Xu Zhiyuan, who was standing in front of her, and smiled at Xu Zhiyuan! Yu Xiao was not smiling like her name. To her, it was a luxurious expression.

She was in the mountains, smiling at the White Tiger. Xiao Bai was her friend. When Aunt Lau was acting as if her life depended on it, she smiled at Aunt Lau. Now that she smiled at Xu Zhiyuan, this big dumb guy had finally become someone she accepted!

"Xu Jingyue, you hurt him!" Yu Xiao wasn't asking a question, she was just narrating.

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