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C17 Detention

The two villagers stood beside Yu Xiao, looking at her, as if afraid that she would beat them up again.

The weak were often pitied by others. Although there were three people on Yu Xiao's side at the moment, they were still considered weak!

Xu Jingyue didn't reply. With a pale face, she continued to maintain her haughtiness. Someone had gone to call her mother, who was she? She was a Senior Magus, an unreachable Senior Magus!

Yu Xiao picked up the shovel on the ground, which was stained with blood. The mud and the fresh blood unexpectedly matched each other, creating a dark and beautiful scene!

"Does this knock hurt?" Yu Xiao muttered to herself.

Her voice was very soft. Her voice was not sharp with anger, or maybe it was as gentle as Xu Jingyue's, but it was gentle. It was a kind of peace that seeped into people's hearts.

Even though her voice was really soft, everyone would still subconsciously listen to what she had to say!

Inexplicably attracting everyone's attention, unknowingly becoming the focus of attention.

Xu Jingyue looked at Yu Xiao with disdain. This disdain was vividly displayed on her beautiful and gentle face. Did she dare to do something in front of so many people? Soon her mother arrived!

No one had expected that Yu Xiao would be so calm. Without any warning, she raised the shovel in her hand and smashed it down!


The shovel hit Xu Jingyue in front of her forehead. It was the exact same position as where Xu Zhiyuan was injured, so the strength was unknown! Then just smash it again!

"Bam!" Another dull sound.

It was only then that everyone woke up from their stupor and rushed forward to pull Yu Xiao away, separating the two of them. To stop bleeding or comfort.

Aunt Lau was also shocked. She stepped forward and shielded Yu Xiao behind her out of habit, as if the little girl behind her was not the girl who had just beaten him up.

"Get out of the way! Get out of the way! Yu Xiao, you actually dared to hit me! How dare you!"

Xu Jingyue was so angry that her eyes turned red. She thought about her delicate face and wondered if it would leave an indelible mark. With trembling hands, she pointed at Yu Xiao who was standing behind Aunt Lau.

Yu Xiao patted Aunt Lau's hand to comfort her and stood up from behind her!

"Why would I not dare! Xu Jingyue, I just want you to remember that I will pay back the person who hurt me. "I am no longer that Yu Xiao who was bullied by others!"

That's right, she was no longer the Yu Xiao who was easy to bully. She was the Yu Xiao who had pierced her own artery with so much determination that blood flowed all over the ground, her face as calm as ever.

She had said that she was a vengeful person. Of course, she preferred revenge on the spot to remember it!

Xu Zhiyuan didn't feel that he was worthy of praise for blocking Yu Xiao's danger. Now that she had heard Yu Xiao's words and seen Yu Xiao's actions, she was incredibly happy. It wasn't him protecting Xiao, it was Xiao protecting him!


It was unknown when two outstanding people had appeared in the crowd, but they were all staring at Yu Xiao with their mouths agape. When Wei Chi heard the commotion, he thought that his subordinates might not be able to handle the situation properly. Since Xu Fu came to cause trouble again, he came over with Wen Meng.

In the end, unexpectedly, she saw a scene of a violent beating. This girl seemed to be able to do some earth-shattering things.

However, right now, everyone's attention was attracted by what was happening in the courtyard, so they naturally did not notice that their Boss Wei was also watching.

"The future Madam is mighty!" Wen Meng muttered to himself. The person that Master has his eyes on is indeed not an ordinary girl!

"Looks like there's no need for me to help. Let's just watch the show. This girl isn't someone who will suffer a loss!" Today was a day of stabbing and beating. Their days had been quite intense.

Wei Chi seemed to remember that back then when he was unconscious in Spirit Medicine Mountain, this woman was not very polite as well. She even slapped his face, and the corner of her mouth twitched!

When he was about to die after lying in the tiger cave for two days, Wen Meng finally brought someone to find him. The result of the search was that countless ferocious beasts and mutated plants had died within the Spirit Medicine Mountain. Since Little White did not touch Wei Chi, and it also ignored Wen Meng, it was lucky that it was not injured at all.

Fortunately, Xiao Bai was fine. Otherwise, he would have had a huge conflict with Yu Xiao!

Yu Xiao's yard was now in a deadlock. At this moment, the villagers slowly walked over with Senior Magi!

Wei Chi watched the lively scene calmly. He wanted to see how this weak girl would deal with this situation. If he couldn't do it, he could still give her a helping hand!

Senior Magus maintained his calm, she didn't think that her daughter would be at a disadvantage. It wasn't until he saw the wound on Xu Jingyue's forehead that his calm face turned grim!

"What's going on?" The Senior Magus asked in a serious tone, carrying the dignity of someone in a higher position. However, from Yu Xiao's point of view, Wei Chi's aura could not even make her feel any respect. Naturally, she could not feel the overbearing aura of a Senior Magus either! In her previous life, she had seen too many so-called leaders, so she didn't feel afraid of them.

Of course, the villagers wouldn't mind. Hearing the Senior Magi's question, they all felt a sense of respect!

"Mother, you came. It was Yu Xiao, it was Yu Xiao who hit me!" You must seek justice for me! " Xu Jingyue stood beside the Senior Magus, looking confident and confident.

Yu Xiao only looked at Xu Jingyue calmly and did not argue with her.

The Senior Magus looked at the calm little girl in front of him, and thought about the grudge between Jingyue and this little girl, and a fierce look flashed across his eyes.

"You're called Yu Xiao?" The Senior Magus asked.

"Don't you know?" Yu Xiao replied.

Flames sputtered from their eyes. You know what? The grudge was clear, he must know about it.

"… …"

Aunt Lau slightly pulled Yu Xiao's clothes, feeling a little uneasy. Xiao was so blatantly disrespectful to Senior Magi, so she was a little worried.

"Did you hit Jingyue? Is there anything you want to say? " Seeing Yu Xiao's reaction, the Senior Magus frowned, and the wrinkles on the corner of his eyes deepened.

"It's me!" "There's nothing to say!"

"In that case!" The Senior Magus paused for a second, then abruptly raised his voice and shouted loudly. Are you bullying my Xu family? Someone, lock this child in the ancestral hall and let her reflect on her actions for a few days. "

Senior Magi, of course, had the right to punish a person, not to mention a person with a different surname who had no power or influence. She did not want to create unnecessary trouble, so she decided to lock Yu Xiao up as soon as possible. She always felt that this girl was a bit strange and felt a little uneasy.

"Wait, it's not her fault. She's still a child, it's all my fault. If you want to lock me up, then shut me up!" Aunt Lau, who had been standing behind Yu Xiao, couldn't help but come out and talk after hearing what the Senior Magus said.

Xu Zhiyuan also blocked Yu Xiao by himself. He was a fool, so naturally, he wouldn't show any respect.

Only then did the Senior Magus see Xu Zhiyuan. Seeing that Xu Zhiyuan also had a wound on his forehead, the Senior Magus' heart skipped a beat. Something didn't seem right. He secretly glared at Xu Jingyue.

"Aunt Lau, the Senior Magus said that those who beat people would be locked in the ancestral hall. Please rest!" Yu Xiao didn't agree with Aunt Lau's words at all. She took all the mistakes that she had made and firmly helped Aunt Lau to a chair in the courtyard.

Seeing Yu Xiao's unhappy expression, Aunt Lau didn't say anything else and obediently sat down. She kept having the feeling that the current Yu Xiao had an imposing aura on her that she couldn't help but listen to.

The scene now was rather dramatic. Senior Magus, everyone was standing, while Aunt Lau was sitting. No matter how you looked at it, it didn't give you any face.

Yu Xiao did not care about that. This was her house, and she did not prepare any stools for these people.

"… …"

Yu Xiao took a few steps forward and stood in front of the Senior Magus. Everyone held their breath, waiting for Yu Xiao to speak. It seemed that due to the worship of the heavens, they all thought that Yu Xiao was qualified to argue with Senior Magi!

"Senior Magus, are you going to convict me just because of her words?" We were indeed outsiders, and it was all thanks to benevolence and benevolence that we were taken in. However, this is not the reason for you to bully us! "

The more Yu Xiao spoke, the more determined she became. For no reason whatsoever, she made the people around her feel angry for her.

Everyone had clearly seen this debate. Putting aside the shocking incident that happened just now, in the end, it was also Xu Jingyue who came to cause trouble. Yu Xiao only fought back in a fit of rage.

Some honest villagers who were under the pressure of the Senior Magus couldn't help but say, "Senior Magus, it's not Yu Xiao's fault …"

Yu Xiao interrupted the villagers to speak up for her.

"Is it because Xu Jingyue is the daughter of your Senior Magus?"

"Do we, insignificant characters, deserve to be humiliated?"

"Don't tell me that even if Xu Jingyue comes knocking on our door, we'll still have to be grateful and not resist?"

"So it is! "So that's how it is!"

Three of them were crying blood and each of their words were full of grievance!

The Senior Magus' face turned even darker. He was directly pointing his finger at Ji Hao to bully him. When had she ever been so embarrassing, and who dared to not give her face? This child truly had a sharp mouth. A fierce look flashed across the Senior Magus' eyes!

"What the hell is going on!" The Senior Magus lowered his voice and asked the villagers beside him.

After learning the whole story, the Senior Magus' face darkened even more. Seeing the villagers pointing and talking about her daughter, how could she give birth to such a brainless daughter?

Senior Magi were indeed Senior Magi, and they quickly regained their composure.

"Cough cough!" Since the situation is like this, since both parties have already fought, it would be difficult to say whether you are right or wrong. After all, she was a Senior Magus, and no one would dare to oppose her.

"Mother, how can we just forget about it? She hit me! She hit me! " Xu Jingyue obviously didn't care about the expressions of others. To be so unrelenting in front of so many people, could it be that her mother would bully others?

"Shut up!"

The Senior Magus let out a fierce shout, but Xu Jingyue didn't dare to let out a sound. His face was so pale that there was not a trace of blood in it. It was unknown if it was because he had lost too much blood or because he had been frightened.

"Alright, since there are no objections, then let's disperse. Why are you all gathered here?" Apparently, Senior Magi had been preparing to reduce the scale of the matter and turn it into something trivial.

When everyone thought that the matter had come to an end, Yu Xiao began to speak!

"Wait, I don't agree!"

The Senior Magus couldn't wait to cover Yu Xiao's mouth; she didn't know what Yu Xiao would say this time.

"Your daughter is right, how can we just forget about it? The one who beats him will naturally be punished!"

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