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C18 I Can't Scare You to Death

Everyone looked at Yu Xiao, waiting for her to disagree.

"Senior Magus, as you said, those who beat people up will be locked in the ancestral hall for a few days to reflect on their mistakes." I did, and so did your daughter. I think it's necessary for us to reflect on this! "

Yu Xiao spoke, as she was bound to say something shocking.

He had seen fools, but he had never seen anyone as foolish as them. To think that he would ask for a moment of reflection on the matter. What kind of place was the ancestral hall? Wasn't it a place for children to play?

Some villagers lamented that Yu Xiao was indeed an upright child. You should abide by the law if you make mistakes.

"Mistress, do you want to …" Wen Meng couldn't help but ask when he saw Yu Xiao was in a daze.

"No need. She asked for punishment herself. We'll just watch." Wei Chi really wanted to see what this girl wanted to do.

But was Yu Xiao's demand for self-punishment an honest one? Of course not.

"Fine, fine, fine, lock them both in my ancestral hall. You are not allowed to visit them and they will be released three days later. Since you want to reflect, then go and reflect!" This time, Senior Magi was quite angry, but couldn't vent it out yet.

This time, Yu Xiao was satisfied. Together, they would be locked up for three days? Very good. Yu Xiao's pitch-black eyes looked towards Xu Jingyue.

Xu Jingyue noticed Yu Xiao's gaze and shivered, as if she was dazed. She did not understand why Yu Xiao would be locked up. She muttered, "Mother …" "I …"

Obviously, Senior Magi didn't give Xu Jingyue the right to oppose this, so they immediately turned around and walked away.

Seeing that someone was about to take Yu Xiao away, Xu Zhiyuan didn't understand what was going on. He suddenly appeared in front of Yu Xiao and tried to take her away, stepping over her.

"Yuan, you're not allowed to stop me. Take good care of Aunt Lau." Yu Xiao said gently to Xu Zhiyuan.

"Got it, Xiao!" Xu Zhiyuan withdrew obediently. What Yu Xiao said was the imperial edict, and he was determined to obey.

Aunt Lau looked over with worry and saw Yu Xiao give her a comforting look.

The ancestral hall was a tightly guarded, quiet place. The ancestral tablets of the Xu family that they worshipped were truly terrifying to children.

They were locked in a dark room next to the ancestral hall. This was the place they used to punish the criminals when they built the ancestral hall.

Yu Xiao looked around and saw that it was an empty little room. There were no tables, chairs, and no bed. There was only a small window that let in a ray of light. Such a situation was a trivial matter for Yu Xiao. She would not be afraid to close down her room for three years, let alone three! In her previous life, she was already used to it. Yu Xiao didn't care whether the floor was dirty or not. She leaned against the window and sat down.

In contrast to Yu Xiao's calmness, Xu Jingyue was slightly alarmed. Such a sealed space made her feel uneasy. Even Yu Xiao, who hated her to death, couldn't help but want to get closer to her. At the moment, she didn't know that what she was truly afraid of was still at the end!

The sky gradually darkened. Aside from the sound of food being delivered, the surroundings were completely silent. Of course, it was impossible for Yu Xiao to talk to Xu Jingyue. The fear in Xu Jingyue's heart grew even stronger.

Two quilts were sent over by someone else. Yu Xiao sneered, thinking that this Senior Magus couldn't bear to let his daughter suffer.

If Yu Xiao was locked up by herself. Forget about the quilts, he might even lack food. If he were to come out for three days, he would be sick even if he did not live for half a day!

But now, those who were sick, no longer knew who it would be.

Xu Jingyue's forehead was already injured. Even though it was drugged, it still hurt a lot. Wrapped in a quilt, the hard floor hurt. He tossed and turned, unable to sleep.

Yu Xiao, on the other hand, was tired from the many things that had happened today. She would first sleep for a while before talking about it.

The faint sound let Xu Jingyue know that Yu Xiao was in front of her, quite a distance away.

It was unknown what time it was, but the moon hung cold in the sky. Through the small window, it did not let the room become bright. Instead, it added a touch of gloom.

Xu Jingyue was holding her breath in the darkness, her fingers tightly pinching the edge of the blanket.

"Ah!" "AHH!" What is it, what is it! " Xu Jingyue screamed as she suddenly stood up.

Darkness always made people's fear sublimate rapidly. Xu Jingyue, felt something cool and ice-cold slide on her ankle. Many thoughts flashed through her mind, such as that of rats and venomous snakes.

Yu Xiao lay quietly on her blanket, allowing Xu Jingyue's piercing scream to come closer and closer to her.

What did she do? She just controlled the lovely morning glory outside the window and scratched Xu Jingyue's ankle.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door of the small dark room.

"Dong, dong, dong!" Miss Yu, are you alright!? " Hearing the scream, Wen Meng knocked on the door. He couldn't let anything happen to Miss Yu.

When Yu Xiao heard this voice, she was slightly surprised. Wasn't he that Wei Chi's follower? Why was he here?

"I'm fine, what are you doing here!" Yu Xiao asked.

"Can I see what Miss Yu needs? Master wants me to guarantee your safety! "

Wei Chi? Yu Xiao was confused. She did not know what Wei Chi wanted to do to suddenly treat her so well!

God knows what she said before when she said she hated him. It was true. Even if Wei Chi saved him before. Thank you and hate do not conflict!

"Go back and tell your master not to look at me, I don't need anything!" Yu Xiao calmly replied.

How troublesome! I can't let this person ruin my plans.

After a long time, there was silence outside the door.

However, Yu Xiao knew that the person hadn't left and had quietly revealed the Spiritual Energy. Little Grass would naturally tell her.

"Hurry up!"

Wen Meng was stunned. Was Miss Yu angry!?

"I'll leave now! I'll come to see you tomorrow morning! "

Yu Xiao didn't notice that Wen Meng's way of addressing her has somehow become yours.

This time there was no one outside.

Throughout the entire night, screams rang out one after another. Yu Xiao laid down leisurely, listening to Xu Jingyue's emotional performance.

The sky was hazy, morning glory returned to the corner outside the window, quietly waiting for the sun to rise.

At this moment, Xu Jingyue's face was bloodless, her eyes grey, her hair a mess, and the wound bandaged on her forehead had been broken. She looked as though she was about to collapse. What was amazing was that he was able to maintain a certain distance from Yu Xiao. Perhaps from her point of view, Yu Xiao's eyes that were like the dark night were more terrifying than any mouse.

The elderly guarding the ancestral hall naturally listened to the Senior Magus, and couldn't be visited. Being disturbed by this dreamy scream, Ji Hao stayed up all night and went straight to the home of the Senior Magus.

Hearing the hurried footsteps coming from outside the room, the Senior Magi came faster than Yu Xiao had expected. She yawned and tidied up her slightly messy clothes.

The door opened.

The piercing sunlight caused the two people in the room to squint.

The Senior Magus saw the scene inside the room, and his face slightly changed.

Xu Jingyue, who was in the corner, ignored the newcomers and hid under the blanket, muttering, "Don't come over, don't come over!" He seemed to have gone insane. The Senior Magus walked to Xu Jingyue with a pained look on his face.

"Jingyue, Jingyue, what's wrong with you!"

"Ah, ah, don't come near me, don't come near me!"

"Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, I'm a mother. "Tell me what happened!"

While the Senior Magus comforted Xu Jingyue, he glared at her. If Yu Xiao really did do something to Xu Jingyue, she wouldn't let her go no matter what.

"Mother. It's mother." Xu Jingyue held the Senior Magus tightly and cried out, "Mother, I want to go home! I'm scared! There are rats! Right! There are rats biting me!"

Xu Jingyue said to the Senior Magus in a staccato manner, her fingers clutching the Senior Magus' clothes tightly until her fingers were all white. It was as if he was afraid that if he let go, he would return to the terrifying night.

Looking at Xu Jingyue now, the Senior Magus felt so much pain that he couldn't bear to say anything anymore.

Then, he looked at Yu Xiao's calm face, which was devoid of any emotion. She was so angry that he couldn't suppress her anger any longer.

"Yu Xiao, Jingyue said that there's a mouse. Did you not meet one?" The Senior Magus' tone wasn't that good, and she was a bit suspicious. It was all because of Yu Xiao.

"I'm not afraid of mice!" Yu Xiao raised her eyebrows and returned.

Even if Senior Magi really doubted anything, they couldn't do anything to Yu Xiao. However, with Jingyue acting like this, she couldn't let Jingyue stay in this place any longer.

"Yo!" It's really lively. Is the reflection on the situation over? " Hearing the sound of the wind, Wen Meng hurriedly came to find Wei Chi.

"It's Lord Wei!" I wonder what business do you have here? " The Senior Magus said while holding Xu Jingyue's arm.

"It's nothing, just watch the show!" Wei Chi always had a venomous tongue. To watch the show, who's the one talking? Xu Jingyue? Or was it Yu Xiao?

The Senior Magus let out a breath of air!

"Alright, that's enough for this round of reflection. Go back, you don't have any objections!" The Senior Magus looked at Yu Xiao and emphasized the word 'opinion'.

Yu Xiao threw up her hands, indicating that she didn't mind. After scaring them for an entire night, he decided to leave it at this for the time being. He would just treat it as a little interest that he had collected in advance.

After this incident, Xu Jingyue's reputation was almost ruined.

And Yu Xiao had penetrated even deeper into the hearts of the villagers. She was no longer the girl who was protected by the gods during the Rites of Heavenly Worship. Even though his life was tough, he was determined and determined at such a young age. The only reason he wanted to beat someone up was to protect his family.

"… …"

"What are you doing here?" Yu Xiao and Wei Chi walked home together.

"Not much, I already said I was going to watch the show."

My lord, my lord, what is there to be proud of? If he were to come and watch Miss Yu's performance, he would just say it out. Who would believe him? Wen Meng thought in his heart.

They didn't say anything along the way.

"Aunt Lau, I'm back!"

"Xiao, you're finally back. I can't enter the ancestral hall. How are you? Are you alright?"

"It's fine, I'm fine."

Yu Xiao did not seem to be in trouble, and Aunt Lau also calmed down. She could not help but mutter under her breath.

"Xiao, you can't do this next time, it's not good to hit someone. You don't know, last night the kid was worried so much that he didn't sleep. He said he would wait for you to come back."

Yu Xiao patted Aunt Lau's shoulder and looked at Xu Zhiyuan sitting on the stone block by the door. There seemed to be dewdrops on his head. It seemed that he had been sitting here all night.

"Yuan, go in and sleep!" Yu Xiao frowned again. She never expected Xu Zhiyuan to be so stubborn.

Xu Zhiyuan didn't say anything. Looking at Yu Xiao who was still fine, he grinned happily and walked back inside. Within a few seconds, Xu Zhiyuan's calm breathing could be heard.

Yuan seemed to listen to him strangely, Yu Xiao chuckled. They simply told Aunt Lau that the Senior Magi couldn't bear to let go of Xu Jingyue, so they let them out.

Of course, there were some things that could not be explained in detail or explained in detail.

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