Reborn With Supernatural Power/C19 Accidental Acquisition
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Reborn With Supernatural Power/C19 Accidental Acquisition
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C19 Accidental Acquisition

Half a month ago, Wei Chi also officially moved into his new residence. As a neighbor of Yu Xiao, she would occasionally meet them by chance.

Now, it's here again!

Wei Chi only noticed the abnormality of the Medicinal Seedling in Yu Xiao's house. He wanted to know what this girl had done to meet him again and again.

"Yu, where are you going?" Wei Chi asked naturally.

Yu seemed to have become Wei Chi's nickname. It was truly vulgar.

"To the academy!" Yu Xiao replied snappily. She had gotten used to chatting like this recently. If Yu Xiao didn't say anything, Wei Chi would pester her for a long time!

"To school! "What are you doing? I'll go with you!"

"No need!"

"Let's go!"

"… …"

This Wei Chi was so f * cking idle!

So this is the academy, there's nothing special about it. Other than the old and worn out state, the wooden tables and chairs all showed how old they were.

The only teacher in the village on the stage was shaking his head as he explained. He seemed to be a bit agitated and saliva was flying everywhere.

"Puchi!" Yu Xiao couldn't hold back her laughter as she looked at the face of the student who had just been baptized in spittle!

"Who's outside!" The furious teacher asked loudly, interrupting his explanation and making fun of it.

The door of the academy slowly opened and Yu Xiao's figure appeared in front of everyone.

In the academy full of men, a girl appeared.

One was wearing a green jacket with white down the cuffs. His long hair seemed to be tied together with a random green branch. He looked like a fairy from the mountains, or a fairy from a painting.

Every single student had seen this face before and could not help but look at Yu Xiao in surprise!

"A fairy, right?"


"… …"

The teacher was very dissatisfied with the girl who had interrupted his lecture. He was even more dissatisfied with his appearance of being able to confuse others. People who were too beautiful would automatically be branded as a disaster for women!

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" The teacher asked Yu Xiao with a serious expression, as if he was trying to intimidate her with a serious tone.

Yu Xiao subconsciously took a step back. She wasn't scared by the teacher's solemn tone. He was just thinking that she was a germaphobic, so his saliva …

The teacher was very satisfied with Yu Xiao's retreat.

Due to Yu Xiao's arrival, there were some noises in the classroom.

"Cough cough!" "Be quiet!" The teacher patted the ruler in his hand. He swept his gaze across the classroom and immediately quieted down.

"Little girl, don't you know that we are having lessons here? To be laughing outside the classroom, do you have any manners, do you have any manners! " The teacher was a little angry and started to teach Yu Xiao a lesson.

"Teacher, it's my fault. I just wanted to borrow your book!" Yu Xiao still had at least some respect towards her teacher.

"Borrowing books?" Could it be that he was looking for a book to borrow? How is it proper for people to be quarreling like this, a woman does not manage the household chores at home, what books are she studying, what is a woman but a virtuous person! … " The teacher was clearly addicted to education. He seemed to have forgotten that Yu Xiao was not his student. The more he spoke, the more excited he got!

This was not an era where men and women were equal. The women of this era did not have the qualifications to enter the academy. Reading books was even less popular. What a great woman!

Yu Xiao's frown deepened. Wasn't she just borrowing a book? If you don't want to lend it to me, then forget it! Why did it sound like he had committed a grave crime.

"Teacher, you should continue with your lessons. I'm not borrowing anymore!" Yu Xiao heaved a sigh of relief. She didn't want to be quarreling with an old man here.

"Wait a minute, were you laughing at my poor explanation just now?" The teacher had a good memory. He was still thinking about Yu Xiao's initial sneer.

"…" Yu Xiao felt a little helpless. She couldn't possibly laugh at his random drooling.

Yu Xiao was not a good-natured person, so the teacher kept saying those cold words over and over again. Yu Xiao was slightly angry.

"Explain? The explanation is indeed not very good! "

Thinking of this, Yu Xiao revealed her idea in front of everyone's eyes!

She did not think too much into it. Indeed, it was nothing much. Compared to the lectures she had seen on Chinese culture for thousands of years, the explanations from the teachers were not enough. She also did not realize that saying such a thing in front of so many students would have a huge impact.

This is the truth. If you were strong alone, could you compare to thousands of years of history?

Yu Xiao's words stunned everyone. She dared to say to their faces that the teacher's teaching was not good. It was unknown if it was due to his bravery or his brazen nonsense.

Wei Chi was standing in a special position. At the dead corner of the door, no one noticed him. At this moment, Wei Chi was also looking at Yu Xiao in surprise. If he didn't remember wrongly, the Yu Xiao in his survey couldn't read at all.

The teacher was so angry that he started coughing. It took him a long time to catch his breath.

"Good, good, good, good girl! Just tell me today what's wrong with my explanation. "

The subsequent development of this matter was unexpected, but it was also within expectations.

In front of the students' eyes that were filled with worship, a live version of the Literary Debate Competition appeared!

How could it be possible for an old teacher with a mouth full of spittle to have argued over Yu Xiao? Even just tossing a few out from the classics would cause the students to shudder.

Of course, the teacher had been greatly suppressed. Pointing a trembling finger at Yu Xiao, her trembling lips could no longer carry on speaking.

"You … Who exactly are you? " Teacher Xu did not believe that a random little girl in the mountains could be comparable to him in literature! Others might not know, but he knew very well that he was no ordinary teacher.

But the truth was, he had lost!

"I'm Yu Xiao!"

Oh! Everyone understood.

So she was Yu Xiao, the girl under the protection of the God. Was such a knowledgeable person also a miracle?

The teacher could not think of any other explanations. Even if a teenage girl had started learning from her mother's womb, she might not have been able to understand so much. Moreover, these were all unique insights that he had never heard of before!

Yu Xiao still didn't know that after today, her name as the Goddess would be known by everyone in the village!

The teacher slowly walked towards Yu Xiao. Suddenly, he stumbled and almost fell down. He held onto the desk to steady himself.



The students looked worried. Since the teacher did not say anything, they did not dare to step forward.

"I'm fine! Yu Xiao, you know who taught you all this, and what kind of books do you want to borrow? " The teacher's tone of voice was no longer sharp, but rather aged. Surprisingly, it was filled with a sense of gratification.

Looking at the teacher who seemed to have aged a lot, Yu Xiao wondered if she shouldn't have done this. Relying on the wisdom of his predecessors, he was able to strike at an old man who had spent his entire life in books.

She lowered her head slightly. She did not explain who had taught her, nor could she explain.

"That's all for today, let's go to school first! Yu Xiao, you stay here for a while! " Since the teacher's mood was too volatile, he left early.

Although the students wanted to stay behind to see what the old and young had to say, the teachers had spoken and did not dare to stay. They quickly dispersed.

"Teacher?" What was she supposed to do? Was he going to have a debate?

"Child, you said that the Yellow River came from the heavens. Where is the Yellow River?" The teacher took out a pen and paper and wrote down some of the things that Yu Xiao had said that he had not heard before! If you don't understand, you just want to ask.

"Hmm? "That, is a river that feeds all living beings far away in the distance!"

"Not within the Tiger Country? "And Tarzan?"

"A magnificent mountain!"

"… …"

After a few questions, the teacher lowered his head in silence. Only after a long while did he raise his head!

"Looks like reading ten thousand volumes is inferior to traveling ten thousand miles. I'm old, the world is so vast! I am sitting at the bottom of the well! " The teacher sighed.

"…" "Even if we travel ten thousand miles, we won't know these places," Yu Xiao blushed with shame.

"Child, when you are free, come often and learn to sit! "Right, what kind of book do you want?" The teacher looked at Yu Xiao with gratification in his eyes. It was a pity, a pity that she was a woman!

"I want to read some history books or something." Yu Xiao said. She just wanted to understand what kind of world this world was, but in this village, there was no chance. That was why she wanted to borrow books from the academy.

"History book, do you understand?" Doubt filled Wei Chi's eyes.

At this moment, the teacher realized that there was another person by the wall. Upon seeing this person, the teacher's expression changed drastically, as if he wanted to bow to Wei Chi with a slight tremble.

Wei Chi raised his hand and shook his head slightly, interrupting the teacher's trembling.

The teacher brought them to the inner room of the academy. The room was filled with books. Yu Xiao didn't know how the poor little mountain village could get so many books. The books of this era were so precious.

Each book had a thick trail to it, but it was clean and whole. Yu Xiao took a casual look and saw that there was a whole box of medical books in the corner.

A medical book?

Isn't there no doctor in this village? How could there be a medical book? Yu Xiao looked curiously at the teacher.

"Do you want to ask about these medical books? "I brought this here from the outside, but no one wants to see this village, no one wants to learn it, they all believe in Senior Magi!"

Yu Xiao had heard that three years ago, the teacher was also an outsider and had arrived with a carriage full of books. As an outsider, he was treated much better than Yu Xiao and the others.

Elder Xu Renzheng accompanied the clan head at that time and personally received him. At this point in time, an old man with a carriage full of books had become the only teacher in the entire Taoxi Village!

"Can I take a look at these medical books?" Yu Xiao had read a lot of medical books in her previous life, so she couldn't help but be curious as she had never read this era's medical books before.

"Of course you can. If you want to take a look, I'll give it to you!" The teacher looked at Wei Chi out of the corner of his eyes and hurriedly said. Just like that, he gave this box of priceless books to Yu Xiao.

Yu Xiao was the first person in all these years who was willing to read these medical books. The teacher thought, forget it, at least it's the end of these medical books, or else I'll be buried together with this old bones.

"Thank you, Teacher!" Yu Xiao bowed solemnly to express her gratitude. The books of this era were not as mass-produced as those of the modern era. Every one of them was incomparably precious.

In the end, Yu Xiao chose two history books, along with a large box of medical books. Wei Chi helped Yu Xiao carry the big box of books back. It was free hard labor, so there was no need to use it!

Along the way, they met with a small incident. Yu Xiao happily watched the lively scene.

After Yu Xiao and the others left, the teacher did not leave. He seemed to be waiting for someone. After a long while, a conversation could be heard from inside the room.

"Old Xue, if she wants to learn your poison technique, teach her!"

"Yes, City Lord !"

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