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C2 She Makes Fish Laugh

The wooden frame collapsed and Yu Xiao fell down hard! The half-burnt wood rolled far away, as if it was afraid of burning Yu Xiao. Yu Xiao lay on the ground. She was still tied up by a rope, and the green grass that grew around her looked extremely strange under the burning marks.

If she could, Yu Xiao would have controlled the plants to slap the Senior Magus. However, she did not have enough Spiritual Energy s, and had exhausted all of her Spiritual Energy s to use the grass to save herself. She was too weak to stand up, and with so many people watching, she could not act in an exaggerated manner.

The surrounding villagers were silent for a few seconds, watching this strange miracle. Looking at the soft grass swaying in the wind, they didn't seem to understand how a sturdy wooden frame could collapse. They didn't understand why there would suddenly be grass growing out from the ground.

This was a miracle! Could it be that the gods were saying that this matter was wrong? Shouldn't they burn those with different pupils?

The villagers were discussing in low voices. Some of them were frightened, but none of them dared to say anything. After all, the Senior Magi hadn't said anything yet.

Lau Manying finally broke free from the crowd and ran to Yu Xiao's side, half hugging Yu Xiao who was on the ground and crying.

However, the two of them didn't get any sympathy. The people were just afraid. They were just worried, worried if Sky Law would continue to flood the land.

Yu Xiao looked at him calmly. The fear of the villagers and the shame of the Senior Magi.

Didn't the heavens choose her? Heh!

"This …" The Senior Magus had just opened his mouth, and hadn't even had the chance to say a word!

"Crack!" Thunder flashed.

Suddenly, the sky changed. Clouds began to cover the sky at a speed visible to the naked eye!

The villagers were in complete panic! Could it be that the heavy rain that had stopped a few days ago was about to start again? Is God really not satisfied with this sacrifice? The grass that had pushed down the altar before was now covered by dark clouds.

A raindrop fell onto Yu Xiao's face, and she smiled! This was not something she could do. Perhaps there really was a deity above her! The heavens were helping her!

No matter how much people panicked, the rain still poured down and dripped onto the red-hot wood, making a sizzling sound!

The heavy rain stopped soon after. It was as if the heavy rain was just to cool down the fiery atmosphere!

None of the villagers left. They all looked at the Senior Magus in the middle, only waiting for his decision in fear and panic.

She was a Senior Magus of the village, and she was a Senior Magus who could communicate with Gods. No matter how dissatisfied she was, she didn't dare to act rashly. She believed in the heavens' will, so she could only follow the heavens'!

Yu Xiao didn't continue to look embarrassed under the rain, but instead, looked at the Senior Magus with an unusually beautiful face that had just been washed clean, as if she was saying something. If you believe in God, then I'll give you a miracle!

"Since you cherish your life!" "Let down the Eye of Alien!" The Senior Magus said. For some reason, his voice seemed to have aged a lot!

None of the villagers objected to the Senior Magus' words, and they had gotten used to listening to him for many years. No one questioned the reason why the God of Sacrifice chosen by the Senior Magi would not accept it! No one dared to question this Senior Magus!

However, from then on, they knew that this girl was protected by the gods!

Yu Xiao didn't want to care about all this. All she knew was that she had finally survived!

Looking at the Senior Magus who had left, she also knew that she was holding a grudge!

After everyone had left, Lau Manying laughed and cried as she untied Yu Xiao. She seemed to be afraid that Yu Xiao would be angry and say something harsh.

Lau Manying said carefully, "Xiao, let's go home!"

Only then did Yu Xiao take a closer look at the woman in front of her. Her eyes were soft, and her lips were slightly parted. Due to overwork, time had left many scars on her face despite only being in her thirties. Even so, it was not hard to tell that when she was young, she was a beauty.

Looking at her expression, it must be because of Yu Xiao. Yu Xiao's heart softened and the corners of her lips curled up. "Aunt Lau, let's go home!"

She didn't have time to wait for Aunt Lau to feel gratified and happy when she heard Yu Xiao's warm response.

The exhausted Yu Xiao fainted!

… ….

Yu Xiao suddenly opened her eyes. What entered her eyes was a dilapidated house. It was the house that Yu Xiao and Aunt Lau had lived in for ten years. Her raised heart was relieved.

She had a nightmare about her previous life.

Dreaming researchers constantly extract her blood for research.

Of course, the researchers were very careful. Every drop of her blood was very precious.

It was not easy for her to find an opportunity to end this nightmare. She did not hesitate to end her own life. Seeing the precious blood slowly flowing, Yu Xiao grinned. She was very happy!

She didn't know much about life and relationships.

In her laboratory, she was not allowed to touch anything that was sharp and unsafe. The only thing that the staff could give her was books, so she had really read a lot of books.

She still remembered everything she had seen!

She remembered that she had transmigrated.

… ….

Yu Xiao shook her head. It was all over. It was all over!

Everything that had happened before was not a dream. She had transcended worlds, and now she had a new life.

She didn't know if her heart, which was faintly beating faster, was expressing her excitement.

She was finally out of her nightmarish life.

She was still alive!

How could he not be excited!

There were no cold equipment from the laboratory, no cage-like metal walls, no bottles of unknown liquid.

How could he not be excited!

He took a look at his surroundings and saw that it looked like it was going to collapse at any moment. There was nothing of value around.

Is this the place where Yu Xiao and Lau Manying have lived for so many years? It was really barren.

She suspected that the best thing in the house was the quilt that covered her. The chilly night gave off a fluffy warmth and the scent of sunlight.

Yu Xiao's face was expressionless. Even her heartbeat slowed down. Extending her arm, she was very satisfied. There was no longer any strange apparatus on her arm.

Taking a deep breath, he couldn't help but sigh emotionally. This was the aura of freedom! Her pupils were as pure as the darkness of the night, somewhat bewitching, yet surprisingly beautiful …

In fact, her thoughts were very simple. She just wanted to live, to be free from any guard, free from any threats, free to live.

However, based on the current situation, it was not easy to stay alive. But it didn't matter. She would make everything better.

Lifting up her blanket, Yu Xiao prepared to get off the bed to take a look. As soon as his feet touched the ground, he was sent flying.

"Bang!" He bumped into the cup of water on the small stool, causing a trail of water to appear on the floor.

Yu Xiao looked down at her feet, puzzled. She felt sore and weak, like a researcher had injected her with an anesthetic.

Such a realization made Yu Xiao's face turn grim. She had already fallen into the water, weak to begin with, before the sacrifice of the Heavens.

Since he didn't have the strength to stand up, he could only sit on the ground. She didn't care if the water soaked her patched clothes.

As the moonlight shone through the window, Yu Xiao could clearly see her current appearance from the water trail on the ground.

It was unknown if it was due to the severe malnutrition that he appeared to be in his teens that he was slightly thin and weak. The word mischievous little girl could describe her current state very well.

Lifting up her bangs that covered her face, her large almond eyes were slightly sunken, her cherry lips were pale and colorless, and her palm-sized face was frighteningly calm.

She was a very beautiful little girl!

It had to be said that Yu Xiao's neural structure was different from that of an ordinary person's. Such a scene could also be seen on his calm face, studying whether his face was beautiful or not.

At this moment, the door that seemed to be teetering on the edge of collapse creaked open.

"Xiao!" It was a loud shout!

Lau Manying ran over, looking both surprised and distressed at the sight of Yu Xiao falling to the ground. She quickly and carefully carried Yu Xiao back to the bed and lay down.

Lau Manying was thin and emaciated, with slightly red eyes that looked as if they had been crying. Holding Yu Xiao, who didn't weigh much, was also a bit strenuous.

"Xiao, you're finally awake! You're finally awake!"

Lau Manying was too excited to let go of Yu Xiao's hand. It seemed that if she let go of Yu Xiao, she would disappear.

Xiao, why aren't you talking? "Where did it fall?"

"I'm fine." Yu Xiao replied simply.

This kind of intimate contact made Yu Xiao a little uncomfortable and she slightly frowned.

Seeing Yu Xiao frown, Lau Manying quickly let go of her hand. All year long, when she was faced with Yu Xiao, who was sensitive and prone to tantrums, Lau Manying had been a little cautious. Xiao, it's good that you're fine. It's good that you're fine. Do you want to eat something? Would you like some water? "

"Aunt Lau, I'm fine!" Looking at the obviously worried Lau Manying, Yu Xiao thought of the time when she was about to be burned to death. Lau Manying's tears, still obediently according to her memory, called Aunt Lau.

It was unknown whether it was Yu Xiao's calmness or her dark eyes. Suddenly, Aunt Lau's nerves were triggered as she smiled, tears streaming down her face.

When Xiao woke up this time, she didn't lose her temper, feel wronged, or make a ruckus. Aunt Lau felt gratified, but at the same time, she could not help but feel her heart ache.

In Yu Xiao's opinion, Aunt Lau's expression was somewhat strange.

"Xiao good girl, it's all because Aunt is useless. We'll have the silver soon." Aunt went to town to get you a doctor and buy you your favorite food. "

The villagers of Taoxi Village had been growing Field of Medicine for generations, and even ordinary headaches and headaches would all be dealt with by themselves. If there were serious illnesses, they would have to find a Senior Magus, and as the only witch doctor of the village, the status of a Senior Magus could be easily imagined.

The so-called town actually had to climb three mountains. Except for a few students, the villagers had never gone out in their entire lives because they did not want to explore what was on the other side of the mountain, so they lived an honest and secluded life.

Aunt Lau gently patted the back of Yu Xiao's hand, comforting Yu Xiao as tears silently flowed down her cheeks. Since Xiao couldn't see, it was fine. It was fine as long as she cried. She couldn't fall down, so she had to take care of Xiao.

"Why are you crying?" Yu Xiao was puzzled and didn't understand why Aunt Lau was crying.

She reached out and took a tear. She could not remember how long it had been since she had cried, or if she had never.

Aunt Lau, however, was stunned. It was as though she had been stuck while playing a video, frozen in place with an exaggerated expression. Only after a long while did she regain her senses. She extended her trembling hand and waved it in front of Yu Xiao's eyes.

"You … You. Can you see my eyes? "

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