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Reborn With Supernatural Power/C20 Hate of Jealousy
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C20 Hate of Jealousy

As Xu Jingyue spoke.

Previously, Xu Jingyue had gone home after being frightened by Yu Xiao for a whole night without going out for a long time.

It wasn't easy for her to calm down. The first thing she did was prepare to meet her Lord Wei.

Her long hair was braided in a complex fashion, and she chose the most beautiful dress. Peach red, to match her skin color. Wearing small red embroidered shoes, not bad, very satisfied.

Walking on the road, people kept looking at her from the side of their heads. Xu Jingyue raised her head as if she was a beautiful swan. They were playing on the dark green lake water, enjoying the baptism of everyone's gaze.

However, the lake seemed a little cold. It was already winter, and she didn't want to see Wei Chi in those thick winter clothes. She always felt that those thick winter clothes couldn't highlight her beautiful curves.

The attention of the passersby, besides the fact that she looked really good dressed up, was that it was already winter. Wearing an autumn jacket skirt made her lips purple from the cold and her hands and feet were trembling. Was this really okay?

However, Xu Jingyue thought it was great. She imagined Sir Wei looking at her with a pleasantly surprised expression and her pace quickened.

With her beauty and status, Lord Wei could only be hers.

He sneakily came to Wei Chi's house. Looking at this luxurious house, she was even more satisfied. Only like this could she, Xu Jingyue, be worthy of her!

The only thing he was unhappy about was that Yu Xiao, who was in that broken house next door, had become neighbours with Mr. Wei. He comforted himself that Master Wei definitely did not build the house here because of Yu Xiao.

Just as she was about to knock on the door, she saw Wei Chi and Yu Xiao returning one after the other. Wei Chi also carried a big box of stuff with him. It was as if he did not notice that he was a lively and charming man.

When did the two of them get so close? A faint jealousy spread like the wind.

The brave Xu Jingyue didn't back off in the slightest. Instead, she faced the difficulties head-on. With a few steps, he stood in front of the two of them.

"Mr. Wei, I've come to visit you!" Xu Jingyue imitated those scholarly ladies and did a bit of good manners, speaking timidly and cowardly.

However, the two men across from him did not buy it. Wei Chi was a girl from a noble family who had seen a lot. Facing such an arrogant appearance, he immediately took a step back.

On the other hand, Yu Xiao was thinking, could this be something written in the book? He couldn't help but shiver.

Xu Jingyue was very pleased with this delicate encounter. Looking at Yu Xiao in her thick winter clothes, Xu Jingyue seemed plump and even more satisfied. There was no harm in saying that there was no comparison. The narcissistic Xu Jingyue naturally considered herself to be a beauty.

It would be even more wonderful if she could accidentally fall down and land in the arms of Sir Wei, she thought.

"Mr. Wei, I-I'm feeling a little dizzy. Can you lend me a hand?" Xu Jingyuerou approached Wei Chi weakly. She was like a weak willow supporting the wind. It seemed that this weak willow was about to fall on Wei Chi's body.

Wei Chi frowned and was filled with killing intent.

"Who are you, stay away from me!" Wei Chi finally couldn't hold it in anymore and took a step back. It was so disgusting!

"You, you don't know me?" Xu Jingyue asked in a shocked manner. How could Master Wei not know her?

"Get out of the way, don't block the way!" Facts had proven that Wei Chi would not pity weak women and was getting more and more impatient.

"Wei …" "Master Wei!" Xu Jingyue's face was filled with disbelief. How could Mr. Wei say such rude words to her?! How dare he speak to her like that?! She was the daughter of a Senior Magus!

Therefore, Xu Jingyue very well proved that if she didn't do it, she wouldn't die. Once again, she stretched out her hand and pulled Wei Chi's clothes.

"Crack!" Wei Chi cut off the hem of his shirt with his zhenqi.

Don't think that he has a weird temper. In fact, if a woman was this close to him in the past, the one that would fly up would definitely not be her clothes, but that woman's arm. However, he didn't want to cause any trouble at the moment.

He stuffed the book case into Yu Xiao's hands, took off his purple robe and threw it away.

He then walked away with Yu Xiao, stepping on the seemingly expensive robe mercilessly.


Xu Jingyue was still holding onto the corner of her shirt, the word Wei Chi left behind reflected in her mind: disgusting. Who's sick?

At this moment, Yu Xiao looked at Wei Chi with a weak voice and said, "Master Wei!"

After feeling humiliated, Xu Jingyue went home and started crying loudly. Why, why did Wei Chi look down on her so much? Why did he talk about Xiao to Yu Xiao? He must have been seduced by Yu Xiao, that's for sure.

Miraculously, he converted his anger towards Wei Chi into jealousy and hatred towards Yu Xiao! Mostly hatred! Women and why bother women!

Xu Jingyue did not give up. She had always been sought after by others. This made her develop an incomparably exaggerated sense of confidence.

Wei Chi was only bewitched by Yu Xiao. When he thought it through, he would definitely know her good fortune. Wei Chi would definitely be hers, he had to be hers.

Following that, Xu Jingyue still refused to give up and wandered in front of Wei Chi's house. He always wanted to find some trouble for Yu Xiao even if he didn't meet Wei Chi, but he didn't have the slightest chance. It was unknown when Lord Wei's house had become empty.

Where did Mr. Wei go? I haven't seen him for so many days. Xu Jingyue accidentally caused lovesickness, but it was still a pitiful one-sided lovesick.

After a few days of depression, she decided to go to Yu Xiao. That vixen definitely knew where Lord Wei had gone. Yu Xiao might have told him to hide from her.

Human imagination is truly rich.

"… …"

Xu Jingyue was also someone who didn't know how to behave. Not long ago, she had been cheated by Yu Xiao in Yu Xiao's courtyard, causing a ruckus for everyone to know about it. What would the others think when they came to visit so casually?

However, Yu Xiao didn't intend to see her and was directly blocked by Xu Zhiyuan.

"Get out of the way, I'm going in." Xu Jingyue said arrogantly to Xu Zhiyuan. This fool actually dared to stop her.

"No, you go!" Xiao had said that if he didn't let this woman in, she would still beat him up. He didn't like this person.

"You fool, get the hell away. You're going to touch me, you're going to move!" Xu Jingyue approached Xu Zhiyuan step by step. She didn't believe that this fool would dare to do anything to her.

Xu Jingyue was met with a flying kick.

"Xiao said that I can't hit you. You're dirty, so I'll kick you. Then Xiao will definitely not be angry." That's right, Xu Zhiyuan had kicked Xu Jingyue to the ground.

However, Xu Zhiyuan forgot about his extraordinary strength. He thought that with just that light kick, Xu Jingyue cried out and fell to the ground. Moreover, she didn't manage to stand up.

His eyes were filled with tears, his hands were covering his stomach, and his eyes were filled with resentment. This fool, she was going to kill him.

Xu Zhiyuan didn't go up to help Xu Jingyue up. He just remembered what Xiao said and didn't let this woman in.

Yu Xiao, who was in the room, naturally heard the commotion in the yard. She still sat on the chair, reading without the slightest intention of going out to take a look.

Soon, the courtyard quieted down. Yu Xiao took the book that Teacher Zi had given her and started reading it seriously.

She read the history book very carefully.

Other than the three nations, there was also a legendary city called Future City.

The reason why they were called legends was because even though there was only one city, the three Kingdoms were not allowed to invade.

He had confirmed that this was a country that did not belong to the history that he knew. It was a country that was completely foreign to him. Three powerful countries controlled one side.

A strange thought appeared in his mind. Could this be the so-called parallel world? Then why did she teleport? What did she have to do with the body itself?

Since he couldn't figure it out, he might as well leave it at that. Since the heavens had arranged this way, there was naturally a reason for it. He just needed to stay alive and well for now.

The outside world was so vast, Yu Xiao yearned for it. One day, she would definitely leave this village to have a good look at the outside world.

Picking up a medical book, he realized that he had a more unique understanding of medicine than the books he had read in his previous life. After all, most of the books he had read in his previous life had been written in western medicine.

Perhaps it was because of this world's rare focus that she remembered everything that she had seen. It seemed like what people said was too much!

These books were all good books. They were books that could make a famous doctor of his generation!

However, none of the villagers believed in Teacher's medical book. They truly believed in Senior Magi. It was a foolish decision on the part of the ignorant!

Yu Xiao read the medical manual quietly. It was quiet inside and outside the house. She did not need Shennong to taste the Hundred Herbs, she only needed to compare it to the herbs in the book. With a slight movement, the Spiritual Energy would extend its hand and start learning. Sometimes, he even thought that this was the beginning of a game!

Time flew by when he was reading. In a flash, it was almost noon. He stretched his arms, stretched his slightly stiff waist, then pushed open the door and walked out.

The scene in front of her eyes seemed to cause her to be unable to calm down.

Xu Jingyue lay on the ground with a pale face. Her chapped mouth muttered something as she completely accepted the scorching sun's baptism in the middle of the afternoon. Xu Zhiyuan sat on a cool stone block as he stared at Xu Jingyue without blinking.

What was going on?

"Xiao, I stared at her. I didn't let her in!" Xu Zhiyuan happily reported to Yu Xiao, waiting for her praise!

"Yuan, what happened to her?" Yu Xiao asked. She told Xu Zhiyuan not to hit anyone.

"I, I just gave her a light kick, and she's lying there!" Xu Zhiyuan lowered his head. He really didn't hit anyone, he was really light.

Yu Xiao naturally knew of Xu Zhiyuan's brute strength and went forward to take a look.

He must have kicked him in the abdomen, so it didn't look like there was any problem.

He took a closer look.

This woman's pale face was flushed and her forehead was covered in sweat. She must be suffering from heatstroke from dehydration!

Xu Jingyue had been kicked to the ground, and it took her a long time to regain her senses. The pain in her abdomen was unbearable. He just wanted to lie there and kick himself. This fool had to find Yu Xiao, right? Yu Xiao had to come out.

As a result, I underestimated the noon sunshine. I accidentally suffered heatstroke. I felt dizzy and I really couldn't get up.

Girl, do you know how stupid you are?

"Throw her out, don't lie in my yard and get in my way!"

It's good that you didn't take advantage of your illness to take your life. Do you really think that she would treat you?


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