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C3 Spiritual Energy Growing

At this moment, Aunt Lau's hands were not only shaking, but also her voice. His entire nerves were stretched taut.

Yu Xiao nodded under her expectant gaze.

After receiving a clear answer, Aunt Lau didn't stop trembling, but started shaking even more intensely. The heart that had been suppressed for a long time suddenly exploded.

With a "wow", she hugged Yu Xiao and started crying loudly.

Yu Xiao became even more confused, but she did not push Aunt Lau away. Perhaps it was because the memories in her mind didn't belong to her, but it was really not easy to get along with the body itself, and everything about Aunt Lau was good.

The crying went on for a long time. Yu Xiao remained expressionless and did not comfort him. However, when her shoulders were drenched in tears, she felt a little uncomfortable and gently pushed at him.

Aunt Lau's eyes sparkled with pleasant surprise. She had not been this happy in such a long time.

It was indeed a pleasant surprise. Three days ago, Yu Xiao had somehow fallen into the lotus pond at the village entrance. When Yu Xiao was rescued, she was already on the verge of death.

No one helped them. Everyone let her prepare for the aftermath, saying that Yu Xiao was hopeless.

She was the only one who didn't believe that a Senior Magus could be asked for.

Now that Yu Xiao was not burned to death, she was awake. Not only was she awake, but she was also visible to those who were born blind.

How could she not be pleasantly surprised and unhappy! Due to her extreme excitement, she didn't notice Yu Xiao's abnormality.

Aunt Lau murmured as she clasped her hands, as if thanking the heavens for showing mercy.

"Xiao, lie down first." I'll go find some medicine for you right now! "

From generation to generation, Taoxi Village made out of Field of Medicine for a living, and Yu Xiao's family also had it.

Aunt Lau didn't want to find a Senior Magus right now, so she didn't dare! Xiao's body was too weak, so she could only find some useful herbs for herself.

With a smile on her face, Aunt Lau wiped her tears in a fluster and stood up to run to and fro. He had a resolute expression on his face. As for her decision, Yu Xiao had no idea.

Yu Xiao continued to quietly ponder about her current situation. She was completely powerless, as if she was hungry.

After trying to move a few times to make sure she didn't have the strength to get out of bed, she gave up. She might as well wait for Aunt Lau to come back. She didn't really like the feeling of relying on her.

Yu Xiao never thought that Aunt Lau would succeed in finding medicinal herbs when the sky was already dark. She had never thought that a family where even eating was a problem would have the money to exchange medicinal ingredients at other people's houses.

As if tired, she lay down and fell asleep.

When he woke up again, he was awakened by the sound of thunder outside. The wind was howling. Raindrops trickled down in the corners of the room.

It is raining outside, is this it?

He didn't know if the villagers would panic from the rain and continue to bring disaster, so they ran to the Senior Magus for help.

It was unknown what time it was, but Aunt Lau had yet to return.

Yu Xiao was lucky to be lying there, looking at the ceiling.

It was just like his previous life in the cold laboratory, where he would be in a daze for an entire day from time to time. She didn't feel afraid or uneasy. She was just thinking, "If Aunt Lau didn't come back, would she have starved to death like this?"

Her Spiritual Energy could control plants, but she was still too weak to create something out of nothing.

Therefore, he could only starve and wait for Aunt Lau.

She hated hunger!

The sky gradually brightened. Yu Xiao was a little happy.

The oppressive storm finally stopped with the bright sky, and she saw the sun through the window.

The sun that existed in his vague memories was a sun that he had not seen for countless years.

Under the afterglow of the sun, Aunt Lau hobbled back with a basket of herbs. Aunt Lau didn't have the time to pay attention to her embarrassing situation. She quickly looked at Yu Xiao and prepared to go to the kitchen to boil some medicine.

The leg of Aunt Lau's pants was a bit torn, and the blood that dripped from it was dazzling to the eye. His entire body was covered in water! He was in an extremely sorry state.

He didn't know why, but he looked at Aunt Lau. Yu Xiao had an indescribable feeling in her heart, but her sealed heart automatically drove away these emotions that she didn't understand. Everything returned to silence.

Seemingly noticing Yu Xiao's gaze, Aunt Lau smiled. "Xiao, I'm fine. You'll be fine very soon. I'll make you some medicine right now! "

"I'm hungry!" Yu Xiao didn't think that she needed to take any medicine. She was just a little hungry.

"Alright, alright, alright. Xiao is hungry. Aunt will go and cook dinner for you now." It's so good that Xiao knows she's hungry. Xiao will get better.

When Aunt Lau saw the last bit of rice in the vat, her expression couldn't help but change.

There was nothing to eat at home, so he could only boil some plain porridge. The rice grains rolling in the wok emitted a delicate fragrance, causing Aunt Lau to unconsciously swallow her saliva. When a person was hungry, any food would have an unimaginable attraction.

However, Aunt Lau only drank some rice soup. He filled a full bowl for Yu Xiao.

Aunt Lau gritted her teeth. She thought about how she would sell her family's Field of Medicine tomorrow. If Xiao wanted to buy medicine, she would need to replenish her body.

To a person from a village, Field of Medicine was something that the An clan would not sell. It could be seen how determined Aunt Lau was.

When she saw the porridge, Yu Xiao's expressionless face showed a trace of an expression that could be called a smile.

In her previous life, as a researcher, most of her food was a special nutrient.

She likes rice!

In the end, Yu Xiao still drank her medicine.

It was unknown whether it was due to the medicine or the bowl of steaming hot porridge. Yu Xiao's body gradually warmed up as she regained some strength. However, in the end, he was still too weak. Standing up would become a problem.

Yu Xiao continued to rest on the bed. Since she had woken up, she had yet to get out of bed.

She was very satisfied with the food Aunt Lau gave her every day, except for the bitter medicine! It is said that there are ginseng slices inside, ginseng tablets are very expensive.

Aunt Lau was very careful, this was something she bought using the Field of Medicine.

Fortunately, Yu Xiao didn't feel uncomfortable lying down. To Yu Xiao, who had lived in a sealed room for many years, this was not a big deal.

No one could endure loneliness more than she could. If an ordinary person could not even touch the outside world for a few months, they would probably go crazy.

However, in her previous life, Yu Xiao lived by herself for more than ten years and didn't think that she would go crazy. She only committed suicide because she was a little tired of it.

"Xiao, come have some fish soup. The freshest carp I bought today at the market is so fragrant." Aunt Lau walked in with a smile while carrying a bowl of fish soup. The fish soup was milky-white in color and exuded a refreshing fragrance without any seasonings. It could be seen that she had spent quite a bit of effort to make it.

Look, Yu Xiao was indeed not lonely. Aunt Lau was definitely the most talkative person she had seen in the past few years.

Although she hadn't seen many people.

After eating and drinking for a few days, Yu Xiao felt a little bit of energy coming back to her, so she stood up and got out of bed.

Having been here for a few days, she gradually understood the situation of this family. One word was poor, two words were very poor!

One of them pushed open the door and walked out. Outside the door, he saw a bunch of Field of Medicine s and a few acres of land. Within the Field of Medicine, a thin and weak figure was busy. Yu Xiao knew that besides cooking and accompanying her, Aunt Lau was also busy in the fields.

A woman had to take care of the Field of Medicine and vegetable fields, as well as Yu Xiao. It was not an easy task.

Field of Medicine was the only thing they could rely on to settle down.

A few acres of thin ground with a few vegetables, because the land is poor, vegetables are thin and yellow.

Now that Yu Xiao was awake, she came.

Even though she didn't have much experience in life, she was at least an age older than him. Even if he couldn't help, he couldn't burden this woman.

Yu Xiao thought as she walked to the side of the Field of Medicine, she wanted to see if she can do anything!

"Xiao, why did you come out? The sun is so bright, go back and rest!" Aunt Lau, who was bent over, stood up and rubbed her sore waist. Yu Xiao was standing at the side, lost in thought.

"Liu …" Aunt Lau, do you think there's anything I can do? " Yu Xiao asked. For some reason, she felt a little shy. Thinking about his previous life and this body's age, he was at least thirty years old. He was the same age as Aunt Lau, yet in the end, he seemed to know nothing at all!

Aunt Lau put down what she was doing and walked over.

"No need, no need, I've pretty much finished taking care of the weeds too. Let's go back together, your body just happens to be healthy, don't get sunstroke!" Aunt Lau quickly gave Yu Xiao the felt hat on her head.

The felt cap was large and made of grass. Aunt Lau was clean and had the scent of sunlight.

After trying a few times, Yu Xiao was sure that Aunt Lau wouldn't let her do anything before she was completely fine.

Every day, he would look at Aunt Lau, who was busy and tired, and Aunt Lau, who was obviously very young but had wrinkles growing on the corners of her eyes. Yu Xiao's calm and tranquil heart quietly melted. She didn't know what was going on with her. All she wanted to do was to make this painstaking woman not be so tired.

Her family didn't have any extra money to buy foodstuffs. Medicinal herbs and vegetables didn't grow well. Aunt Lau gradually started to worry, even as she was busy.

If the vegetables weren't good, he would eat them himself. However, the medicinal ingredients were not good. In the end of summer, when the medicine merchant came to collect the medicinal ingredients, the price would surely be very low. The Field of Medicine! Aunt Lau sighed. Who knows how she would live her life in the future, since this might be the last batch of medicinal plants.

Yu Xiao naturally discovered the worries in her family's land. Every evening after that, Aunt Lau would cook dinner. Yu Xiao would quietly walk out of the room and stand outside the vegetable garden with her eyes closed, feeling the scent of the plants.

The Spiritual Energy began to spread, going deeper into the Innate realm. A few small green fruits grew from the seedlings of the tomatoes and the cabbage gradually broadened its leaves. Although they were not big, every leaf grew fat. The entire vegetable patch began to frantically absorb nutrients for growth!

Yu Xiao wiped the sweat off her forehead and returned to her room satisfied.

Every day, the vegetable garden would change slightly and become better. The Medicinal Seedling was also gradually losing its yellow color, emitting a healthy and vigorous posture under the sunlight.

Aunt Lau, who was busy, only knew that the herbs and vegetables were getting better day by day. She was very happy. Of course, he didn't know that it was all because of Yu Xiao. He only thought that the weather this year, the rain, had led to such a beautiful result.

Yu Xiao was also delighted. This was the first time she realized that her Discipline could still be used like this.

Her current strength was only enough to speed up the growth of plants. With these, Aunt Lau should be happy, but they shouldn't be hungry now.

Yu Xiao was overjoyed to discover that the plants that grew on Spiritual Energy were even more delicious than normal vegetables, causing her mood to become even better!

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