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C4 Mountain of Elixirs

Relying on the small amount of money that the Field of Medicine had made in advance, and these rapidly growing vegetables, this family of hardships and hardships, was still living a bland and warm life! When Yu Xiao didn't know it, Aunt Lau would always leave good things for Yu Xiao to eat.

However, what Yu Xiao didn't expect was that her peaceful life was broken before her body could fully recover.

One day, when Aunt Lau came back, she was carried back by someone. She fainted and her legs were swaying in an abnormal position. It was unknown if it was broken or not.

"What happened to her?" Yu Xiao asked the two men. She was feeling weird as she was worried about this woman, whom she had only known for a few days.

No one paid any attention to Yu Xiao's question.

The two men threw Aunt Lau into the house as if they were throwing away trash. Without any warning, they smashed the house in a mess. There was a hint of fierceness that didn't seem like that of a villager.

"Who are you and what are you doing?" Yu Xiao asked loudly!

"What are you doing? My old master has instructed us to teach you guys a lesson so that you won't be so arrogant!" One of the men said fiercely to Yu Xiao as he stopped what he was doing.

"Your old master?" Yu Xiao frowned and asked.

"My master is Xu Fu. Xu Fu, you know that he is the richest man in the village. How could he possibly be provoked by poor people like you?" Take good care of this woman, I advise you to quickly hand over the land deed! Otherwise, if I let you have your way, I'll eat some good food. " After giving Yu Xiao a warning, the two of them left while swearing. Before they left, they fiercely kicked the door.

The door that had held on for a long time collapsed with a bang.

Yu Xiao suspected that if there was a strong wind some day, the house might collapse like a gate.

She glared at the men, a pang of anger in her chest.

She thought, This is what the book says. Anger!


Pong! Pong!

"What the hell is this?! I fell to my death!"

"I won't let you look at the road!"

The corner of Yu Xiao's mouth raised slightly. She controlled the vines in the yard to make them fall! It was a small lesson for the impudent man to fall away with a bruise on his face.

The Spiritual Energy was easy to use, but a little weak!

Yu Xiao sighed. This feeling of not being able to resist was not good at all. However, she was a vengeful person and had a good memory. No matter if it was Xu Fu or Zhang Fu, there would be a day when she would get them back.

Yu Xiao took the wet towel by the bed and gently wiped the blood off Aunt Lau's face. Under the stimulation of the cold air, Aunt Lau woke up.

"You …" Yu Xiao looked at the bruised Aunt Lau and subconsciously frowned. She was becoming more and more used to frowning. This really wasn't a good habit.

"I'm fine, Xiao, don't be afraid!" The smile on Aunt Lau's face was uglier than crying! Her whole body hurt, but she was more afraid of scaring Yu Xiao.

Yu Xiao rolled up Aunt Lau's wide legs. Her joints were badly swollen, and she could move very slowly. Although she didn't injure her bones, she was still able to twist them quite badly.

"Can you still stand up?" Yu Xiao frowned. She didn't think that with her weak body, she could get Aunt Lau into bed.

"I'll try." Yu Xiao struggled to support Aunt Lau as she used all her strength to support her. The sweat on Aunt Lau's face was making a racket, causing her to be in pain that she had no place to vent.

A woman who had no one's heart could only be strong. Yu Xiao held onto Aunt Lau and laid on the bed. She was covered in cold sweat, as if she was fished out of water.

"I... I think you need a doctor! " With that, Yu Xiao nodded. She needed a doctor!

"There are no doctors in the village, only Senior Magi! I'm fine, just rest for two days! There is food on the stove. In the hot water, there is an egg for you. When you are hungry, you can eat it yourself. "Xiao, don't be afraid!" Aunt Lau passed out after speaking with some effort. She didn't have any extra strength of heart to explain to Yu Xiao.

Yu Xiao was stunned on the spot. This woman, the one who had fainted from the pain. What she was thinking was that he feared that she would starve and that she would be afraid!

Yu Xiao didn't know where this deep feeling came from. Not a mother, more like a mother. Although this relationship should not have belonged to her, she did not know what kind of karmic cycle it was, allowing her to replace the original body and survive. She was lucky.

It felt good to have someone to protect him.

However, she had almost forgotten that, as Aunt Lau had said, there were no doctors in the village, only Senior Magi and witch doctors.

The old woman who was going to burn her to death. Yu Xiao didn't think that Senior Magus would help them!

Without a doctor, she would treat herself.

She carefully examined Aunt Lau's leg, only to discover that it had been dislocated and covered with superficial wounds. She had read a lot of books, including about medicine, but in her previous life she had studied medicine and was only thinking about suicide.

Unexpectedly, it still had some use.

Yu Xiao found some wild medicine nearby and drugged Aunt Lau.

There wasn't enough medicine nor money to buy it, that was out of the question! After all, he couldn't let her steal or rob. Other than the Spirit Medicine Mountain which was said to be filled with Chinese medicine, she had no other choice.

In any case, the Spirit Medicine Mountain isn't too far away, so it shouldn't take too much time.

Spirit Medicine Mountain was a large mountain to the south of the village, a treasure mountain filled with medicinal ingredients. However, fierce beasts ran rampant in the mountains. After so many years, very few people could climb the mountain unscathed. Gradually, no one could enter the mountain anymore. After all, compared to these temptations, their lives were more important.

Many times, it was like this. The heavens would not show mercy to the pitiful people, and it would also cause frost to appear on the snow.

Yu Xiao was prepared to wait for Aunt Lau to wake up and give her some instructions before heading to the Spirit Medicine Mountain. However, even after waiting for a day and a night, Aunt Lau still hadn't woken up.

The one waiting for him was that Master Xu Fu. After beating someone up yesterday, he shamelessly came to force Old Master Xu Fu.

Xu Fu, the richest man in the village, had a bunch of servants under his command. It was also the culprit that had injured Aunt Lau.

And now, this number one rich man was bringing along two servants. Ye Zichen directly walked into the broken room without being invited, and was trying hard to control the savage look on his face to express how evil he was.

"Lau Manying, I've given you face by coming here personally this time!" Hand over the land deed! " While Xu Fu was talking, he was also checking out the room's environment. Xu Fu raised his thick and short eyebrows as if he didn't expect Lau Manying to still be lying on the bed.

Aunt Lau lay quietly on the bed. She was not woken up by the noise!

"Who are you, and what do you want to do?" Yu Xiao walked up with a frown and looked at the pot-bellied middle-aged man in front of her. Yu Xiao walked up with a frown and looked at the pot-bellied middle-aged man in front of her.

"Yo!" This woman still hasn't woken up yet? Who am I, I am your creditor. Lau Manying owes me three taels of silver and pawns the Field of Medicine. Since you aren't up yet, hand over the Field of Medicine's land deed! Your family doesn't have anything of value that can repay this debt! " Xu Fu rolled his eyes, he wanted to scare the child first before handing over the land deed.

Xu Fu looked around with squinted eyes as he scanned Yu Xiao with an unfriendly gaze.

This time, he was really stunned. He hadn't noticed it before, but this little girl was becoming more and more famous. If she were to become Aunt Thirteen, it would be quite good.

Yu Xiao was no longer depressed like before, and her hair, which covered her face all year round, was also combed back. He didn't know if it was because the food was good recently, but his face was slightly red. He looked as if he pitied Ye Xiao, while his expression was cold and reserved. This was truly a unique flavor!

Xu Fu's gaze became more and more direct. Yu Xiao felt disgusted.

"I don't know anything about debts. If anything, it's you guys who hurt Aunt Lau. At the very least, wait for Aunt Lau to wake up before we speak!" Since Aunt Lau was so confident to collect the debt, she must be really in debt. She did not know that Aunt Lau had pawned the Field of Medicine, but she could not let her guard down.

"Wait, how long do you want to wait? I don't have that much time to waste with you!" Xu Fu stared straight at Yu Xiao.

"You can either wait and die, or force us to die. You won't get anything, and there won't be any benefits even if we get to the Patriarch!" I think you know that I have already died once, so I am not afraid of death! " Yu Xiao knew how important Field of Medicine were to Aunt Lau. In order for this family to survive, they had to at least keep their Field of Medicine alive.

Xu Fu looked at Yu Xiao's calm expression and didn't pay any attention to her threats. On the contrary, his eyes became more and more ardent. This was truly too infuriating! Even though the little loli was in her teens, she exuded a noble aura. Xu Fu suddenly swallowed his saliva! The thirteenth aunt had to be the thirteenth aunt!

Alright, I'll give you guys three more days. At that time, even if you don't return the money, I don't want the Field of Medicine anymore. Xu Fu had a vulgar smile. He looked at Yu Xiao with the expression of a hungry wolf seeing a rabbit, baring its bloody fangs.

No matter how Yu Xiao reacted, Xu Fu left with a complacent look on his face and gave her a deadline of three days.

This family was truly miserable. Their family was in dire straits, and they were heavily in debt. One was unconscious, the other was still young.

In the front, there were Senior Magi scheming viciously, while in the back, hungry wolves were eyeing them covetously.

Luckily, Yu Xiao was not the blind thirteen-year-old kid from before. She was Yu Xiao, the determined and calm Yu Xiao.

Even if Yu Xiao was unwilling, she knew that Field of Medicine was the only thing they could rely on in their lives and they definitely could not lose it.

This was Yu Xiao, who had been born in another world, and had realized the importance of money as soon as she had arrived!

But where could the money go?

Yu Xiao looked at the unconscious Aunt Lau, then suddenly looked towards the south. That was the Spirit Medicine Mountain!

Legends said that there were many fierce beasts, and even precious mountains that could take a person's life.

A light flashed in Yu Xiao's eyes, and a trace of determination flashed across her pitch-black pupils. She needed money, but she also needed to find some medicinal herbs to treat Aunt Lau's wounds.

Being forced into such a predicament, Yu Xiao wasn't depressed at all. In her previous life, her situation had been even more bleak. At least for now, she was free.

Spirit Medicine Mountain? Since this was a forest and a place with plants, she might be able to charge in!

Looks like he has to go through with his Spirit Medicine Mountain!

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