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C5 White Tiger Small White Tiger

Yu Xiao wasn't someone who would procrastinate. Since she had decided to go, she saw that Aunt Lau showed no signs of waking up, so she just went up the mountain.

The Spirit Medicine Mountain was at the southern end of the village. Yu Xiao's family was an outsider to begin with, so the houses they built were slightly off to the south.

Her body was already feeling weak. It took her a long time to reach the foot of the mountain from a distance!

If someone saw a little girl walk into the Spirit Medicine Mountain without taking any weapons, they would definitely be shocked.

Without the slightest hesitation, Yu Xiao lifted her leg and walked forward, following a path that could not be seen as a road. The road was covered with weeds and covered with green moss. It was not easy to walk on. It could be seen that because of the ferocious beasts, even though there were many rare herbs in the mountain, nobody had dared to come in for who knows how many years.

Looking up, she could not see the top of the Spirit Medicine Mountain. It was green and the lush greenery seemed to express their feelings of intimacy with her. This mountain is really big!

The air in the surroundings was filled with the fragrance of plants and medicine. Yu Xiao felt that every pore of her body was being stretched and every cell of her body was smiling.

Suddenly, she thought back to her previous life. In order to let her train her Spiritual Energy, she would often ask her to stay in a room full of plants and vegetation, but the feeling was still different.

What's different? It was life force! The lively big tree and the potted plant were really two different things, okay? She sensed that the Spiritual Energy was growing at a rapid pace, and it took a while for it to return to normal.

Yu Xiao couldn't help but laugh at herself. That's right, she unconsciously used the method from her previous life to release the Spiritual Energy, staining it with the scent of plants and vegetation before withdrawing it.

This kind of cultivation allowed her Spiritual Energy to gradually become stronger. The thing she hated the most had become a habit.

She didn't have any exaggerated cultivation methods, but she naturally followed her heart and communicated with the plants and vegetation. Only after a very, very long time had passed did she realize that her cultivation method was much more powerful than the cultivation method in this world. There were only a handful of people in this world who could release Spiritual Energy.

Currently, Yu Xiao hadn't been lost in her thoughts for too long. She was here to find herbs and find a way to exchange for silver. She didn't know if this forest would be dangerous or if the so-called ferocious beasts would appear.

Yu Xiao controlled the Spiritual Energy gently, with the help of the surrounding vegetation to guide her. Wherever the medicinal ingredients she wanted were, it was as though the entire mountain forest was her eyes.

Just communicating with plants and vegetation wasn't difficult for her.

Spirit Medicine Mountain was filled with spirit energy. To others, it was hell, but to her, it was practically heaven.

The only troublesome thing was that the thing she wanted was halfway up the mountain. With her small arms and legs, climbing the mountain was not an easy task for her. She couldn't help but sigh repeatedly. This body was simply too weak.

Despite her fatigue, she did not stop. Yu Xiao was a person with great perseverance, she would definitely do what she had decided to do. For example, in his previous life, he had spent an entire two years just to plan for suicide!

Yu Xiao slowly walked up the stairs. If she was hungry, she would eat some rations. If she was thirsty, she would control the vines to send her some fruits. It was unknown how long she walked for, but if it were not for the abundant Spiritual Energy filling her body, she would have suspected that her calves would not be able to move at all.

What she saw and heard along the way also surprised her. There were many plants in the mountain that were completely different from what she knew. Perhaps the spirit energy in the mountain caused the animals and plants to mutate.

Suddenly, there was a strange movement from the grass and trees in front of him.

Yu Xiao recognized it at a glance. It was the man-eating vine. In her previous life, people from research institutes had allowed her to recognize plants, and she could recognize almost all of them.

Originally, it should have been a small grass, but because the spirit energy in the Spirit Medicine Mountain was too strong, this grass was actually so big, it could almost kill a person in an instant!

These mutated plants were probably one of the reasons why the villagers could not leave!

Yu Xiao looked at the vicious vines. A light flashed in the depths of her black pupils, and the vines actually staggered back in fright.

This thing posed no threat to Yu Xiao. After Yu Xiao had scared off the man-eating vine, she saw that there seemed to be something at the place where the vine had retreated.


It turned out to be a ginseng, much bigger than the ginseng that Aunt Lau had spent money on.

Yu Xiao didn't seem to be a professional at all as she picked the ginseng and put it in the basket.

The dirt on Yu Xiao's hands continued to move. It was rare to see plants as untactful as the man-eating vine. Most of the dangerous plants didn't dare to approach Yu Xiao.

She saw rabbits the size of foxes. Looking at the green luo that was coiling around the towering tree, that was an extremely weak green luo, ah! Yu Xiao didn't find it unacceptable. On the contrary, she was very curious and looked around happily.

She was really tired, so she slowly sat down under the tree. She wanted to rest for a while!

Before she could regain her composure, the trees behind her began to squirm and the roots beneath her feet began to spread.

Yu Xiao hurriedly stood up and turned around to look. He sucked in a breath of cold air.

How could there be a cypress in this place, a tree more terrifying than a beast? Normal animals, including humans, would be wrapped up by the soft branches as soon as they came into contact with the tree, becoming tighter and tighter. They would then quickly secrete some liquid until the prey was digested.

At this moment, it was obvious that this Mugwort was even more terrifying. The whole tree seemed to have come alive as the branches that blotted out the sky swept towards Yu Xiao. Two thick tree roots wrapped around Yu Xiao's feet, making it unavoidable!

Yu Xiao's brain exploded as she released the Spiritual Energy. The fast-moving branch seemed to hesitate in the air. Taking advantage of the tree roots gradually relaxing, Yu Xiao broke free, rolled over, and dodged the branches' encirclement, retreating quickly.

Fortunately, even if the plants were fierce, they were still plants, and couldn't escape the soil's nutrients to chase after Yu Xiao.

If you looked carefully, you would realize that despite facing death, Yu Xiao's expression didn't show any signs of nervousness or panic. She had always believed that calmness was the root of any problem. She was only somewhat vexed. A mere virgin was actually able to threaten her! The current Spiritual Energy was too weak.

Yu Xiao felt that staying in the mountain for so long was indeed not safe. She had recently gathered some rare medicinal herbs from her memories, so she thought that this should be enough for three taels of silver. After finding all the medicine Aunt Lau needed, Yu Xiao was ready to go back. She wasn't too greedy.

The main reason was because she was a little tired. She didn't like making things difficult for herself, so she preferred to live a comfortable life!

At this moment, a long howl sounded out, and the surrounding vegetation seemed to tremble.

Yu Xiao looked up and saw a white tiger baring its fangs at her.

Yes, look at her!

Yu Xiao lost her balance and sat on the ground. It was not fear, but shock. She would never have imagined that the tiger in front of her was such a beautiful and noble being that looked down on her!

For some reason, Yu Xiao felt that the tiger was smiling.

Yu Xiao had never come into contact with animals before, so she could only recognize the species that she had never seen before from the pictures and words in the book.

Including the tiger in front of him.

The ferocious tiger in the book.

However, at this moment, she really felt that the tiger was smiling, even though it bared its fangs and opened its bloody mouth, she was unable to see its expression.

The confrontation between a man and a tiger.

Yu Xiao felt that she couldn't go on like this. She didn't know which part of her nerves was at fault, but she spoke to the White Tiger.

"Come here!"

However, what she didn't expect was that the terrifying and ferocious White Tiger in the book wagged its tail and obediently walked in front of her. He rubbed his head against Yu Xiao's hand.

A book misled a person. It seemed like things in the book couldn't be trusted. She was sure that the White Tiger was smiling.

Yu Xiao suddenly felt a sense of joy. This was the second species she had seen besides the carp in Aunt Lau's soup. Very docile species.

Actually, Yu Xiao didn't know that it wasn't about being docile! It was the Spiritual Energy that was emanating from her body. Not only did it have an effect on plants, it also had an effect on animals.

Adding on the special environment of the Spirit Medicine Mountain, this White Tiger was about to reach the Exquisite Realm!

The more intelligent a creature was, the more they would unconsciously approach her!

Yu Xiao didn't even notice that there were many small animals hiding in the forest. They wanted to go closer, but they didn't dare to.

Yu Xiao stood up, holding the medicine basket in one hand and stroking the White Tiger with the other. The feel of his hands was pretty good!

She raised her head to look at the White Tiger who was much taller than her. It was as if the house was too small for her to let go!

It was a pity that raising a White Tiger at home wasn't very feasible.

"What should I call you? Do you have a name? " Yu Xiao said to herself.

"Gentle and noble, your fur is like snow!"

"I'll just call you Lil 'White!"

… ….

The White Tiger's heart was definitely sad. It said that it would be docile and noble, yet it said that its fur would be as white as snow. Why was it called Little White? Fine, I'll just treat him like a noob!

"Hmm, Xiaobai, do you like this name?" Looking at your face, you must be very satisfied! "

Yu Xiao spoke her own words. Since Xiao Bai could not respond to her, it agreed to her words without saying a word!

… ….

The journey down the mountain didn't seem that boring anymore, but it was still just as tiring! It was said that it was easy to climb up the mountain, but their legs were trembling.

Even though it wasn't easy to climb the mountain! Her legs were shaking so much that she could barely stand it anymore.

Lil 'White suddenly pulled her towards the mountain. Wasn't it the way down the mountain? Yu Xiao did not know what Xiao Bai wanted to do, but luckily, she followed it with heavy steps and arrived at a cave.

Looking at the white fur at the entrance of the cave, it should be Whitey's residence!

Yu Xiao was curious. Why did Xiao Bai bring her here?

Lil 'White ran into the cave and dragged something out after a while.

Yu Xiao took a closer look, and her expression changed drastically. The person Whitey dragged out was clearly a man. It was a man covered in wounds and covered in blood.

Little White dragged the man in front of Yu Xiao, then looked at her with a fawning expression, giving her a signature smile.

He stuck out his long tongue and licked the man's face, then smacked his lips as if telling Yu Xiao that this dish was delicious.

If she could speak, Yu Xiao had no doubt that Little White would say, "Eat, give you this delicious food. Look, it's so fragrant!"

Yu Xiao facepalmed as she thought to herself.

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