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C6 Giving You Rations

Yu Xiao looked at Little White helplessly. What should she do now? She could not treat this man as food, this man who was obviously still breathing.

Perhaps it was for Lil 'White to eat it, but that wouldn't do. It wasn't because he felt sorry for this man, but because he felt a little disgusted just thinking about it.

Lil 'White's habit of randomly eating was not good. He had to change his habits. Due to his experience with Little White for the first time, a long time later, Little White became a tiger that knew how to eat!

He carefully sized up the man who inexplicably appeared in the Spirit Medicine Mountain. Such a dangerous mountain, how did he get in?

The man was very tall. He had bronze skin that was rarely seen in this era. There were dried blood stains on his face, which made it difficult to see clearly. It was vaguely possible to see his stiff face. The tattered silk clothing revealed a bit of a sturdy waist.

En ~ Her figure is not bad! Yu Xiao pinched the man's waist!

Don't misunderstand, she's not a pervert. However, in his previous life, the people he met in the research institute were all men that could not see the light of day and had a face as white as a ghost. This was the first time she had seen such a sexy figure, so she couldn't help but try her luck!

Yes, don't misunderstand, she was just trying out the feeling!

In Yu Xiao's heart, there was no clear view of right or wrong. World view. Most of the time, her standard of conduct was just her inner feelings of joy and evil.

Thus, Yu Xiao, who usually judged people by their appearance, was ready to save them just by looking at their standard mannequin stature. She did not care about this man who was covered in blood; she did not care about the fact that he was a murderer or a pervert.

Putting down the medicine basket in her hand, Yu Xiao stepped forward.

As Yu Xiao approached, the man, who had been standing there motionlessly, suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed her wrist. He frowned deeply, but did not open his eyes. Perhaps it was just out of instinct that he resisted the strange aura.

He simply didn't know where a person who had fainted would get so much strength to squeeze his wrist so painfully.

"Relax, I'm just looking at your wounds!" Yu Xiao's voice was very gentle, a kind of ethereal gentleness. It would make people unconsciously calm down and listen carefully, even though her face was full of resentment.

She reached out her hand to pat the man's face, causing him to blush a little. It was evident that Yu Xiao was quite resentful.

Yu Xiao patted the man awake. Although the man didn't wake up, he gradually let go of her hand.

Rubbing her wrist, Yu Xiao took off the man's clothes awkwardly. Her eyes continued scanning down and she took off her pants without even pausing for a moment! Just a pair of underpants! Yu Xiao heaved a sigh of relief. The clothes of this era were really complicated!

Please don't misunderstand, she really isn't a pervert. It was just that his entire body was covered in blood, and his purple robe was dyed an inky black. If he didn't take off his clothes, who would know where the injury was!

Her black lips and the bruise on her forehead must have been poisoned. There were also wounds all over his body. He must have been bitten by something in the forest. There was even a knife wound on his abdomen. He was actually able to survive under such circumstances. This man's vitality was truly tenacious.

Yu Xiao didn't know how to cure any poison, and even if she did, she would still find it troublesome. If he bandaged the wounds on a man's face, it would be considered doing his utmost to help him.

He inadvertently saw the red mark gradually appearing on his wrist. The red mark was very conspicuous on his snow-white wrist. The man had used a lot of strength to unwittingly grab it. Yu Xiao thought to herself, "This is a hard work, getting more and more resentful. The actions of applying the medicine are even more crude now." Anyway, it wasn't her who was in pain!

The unconscious man tightly furrowed his brows. It was unknown whether it was Yu Xiao's rudeness that hurt him or the fact that he was naked. The breeze from the mountain made him feel slightly cold.

Alright, Yu Xiao clapped her hands and looked at her masterpiece with satisfaction. On his bronze skin, green medicinal herbs were scattered all over. It was extremely comical.

Yu Xiao didn't try to save him from the end, instead, she tried her best to bring the man home, or she tried her best to show a beautiful lady who could cure a wound through detoxification as a hero.

With Lil 'White's help, she dragged the man into Lil' White's cave and covered it with dry grass, feeling a little worried. "Alright, alright!"

Helping the injured wasn't her duty, it was just a matter of whether the man's life was over or not.

After busying herself for a long time, Yu Xiao took the jade pendant from the man's waist. It seemed to be a valuable item. When she could no longer live on, she would sell it for silver!

There were strange patterns on the jade pendant, and two small words were written at the bottom right corner: Wei Chi. Is that the man's name? Yu Xiao shifted her gaze from the jade pendant to the man's face. Wei Chi was a pretty good name.

The fateful encounter, Wei Chi, was not too late!

"Alright, Lil 'White, I'm going back. You are not allowed to eat him, do you hear me?" Yu Xiao spoke a few sentences seriously. She knew that Xiao Bai would understand her words.

Yu Xiao left just like that. Whitey looked at the man at the entrance of the cave and stayed there obediently.

In Little White's territory, other animals did not dare to have a share.

It could be said that Yu Xiao had saved this man's life in disguise.

Wei Chi was in a daze as he heard a woman talking. She actually dared to take off his clothes and hit his face. He couldn't open his eyes and couldn't move. He wondered when he, Wei Chi, would allow that disgusting woman to get close to him! He really wanted to know this bold woman, then chop off her hands and dig out her eyes!

Wei Chi was not thinking about whether he could survive, but thinking about how to deal with this unknown woman who was close to him. Well, women are a queasy kind of creature.

If he didn't find that damn Wen Meng, he would really be waiting on this broken mountain.

After Yu Xiao returned, she was so worried that she forgot there was a living person in the mountain. She was really busy. Aunt Lau's wounds were a little inflamed, so she had to deal with them as soon as possible. Xu Fu was still trying to force a debt after two days, how could she be in the mood to care about some wild man?

This Wei Chi seemed to be a small episode in Yu Xiao's life. It was unknown whether this man was alive or dead. But who knew about fate?

After taking care of Aunt Lau's wounds and drinking the soup medicine, the unconscious Aunt Lau slowly woke up. Yu Xiao finally heaved a sigh of relief.

"Aunt Lau, are you feeling better?" Yu Xiao walked in with a bowl of black porridge.

If Aunt Lau didn't wake up soon, she would definitely collapse first. Cooking food was way too difficult, she had already eaten quite a few mouthfuls of this disgusting black paste.

Aunt Lau woke up and saw that all the wounds on her body had been bandaged. There was even a bowl of dark liquid in front of her. She couldn't help but ask, "Did you make this?"

Aunt Lau could not believe it. She had always known that Xiao had a bad temper and that Xiao would not do such a thing. Since when did her Xiao change? She was learning to take care of her!

"Hmm, that, it doesn't taste good!" Yu Xiao felt a little awkward. The porridge she drank when she was sick was very white and smooth.

She couldn't be blamed for this. In her two lifetimes, she had never cooked, let alone using the stove that was so backward that she had to start a fire. It would be good if he didn't poison her to death.

"It's delicious, thank you, Xiao!" Aunt Lau's face was full of smiles as she drank, as if she was the most delicious dish in the world. Aunt Lau would give her all without reservation and suddenly get a bit of reward. Although it was only a little bit, she was very satisfied and happy like a child.

Logically speaking, in this era, a teenage child should be capable of everything. Since Yu Xiao was blind, Aunt Lau had never let Yu Xiao do household chores before, and the original owner was too lazy to help her out. Luckily, she was raised by Aunt Lau like a porcelain doll without a care for anything else.

No matter how others thought of her, Aunt Lau had always firmly believed that her family's Yu Xiao was a good child with a kind heart. With the development of the Field of Medicine, he couldn't hide it from Yu Xiao anymore. Aunt Lau explained everything in detail.

It turned out that after Yu Xiao had survived the fire, she was sick and weak. Her body needed to be nourished and she needed to take medicine. However, the family was unable to turn the tables around. To Aunt Lau, nothing could compare to Yu Xiao, and Field of Medicine were naturally not comparable either. Just like that, Aunt Lau gritted her teeth and sold her family's Field of Medicine.

After he sold it to Xu Fu, he paid three taels of silver in advance for the promised eight taels. But now, Xu Fu did not admit to what they had agreed upon. He insisted that Aunt Lau borrowed three taels of silver from him for two taels of silver, and before she could even pay up, she had already taken the Field of Medicine.

He planned to use a mere three taels of silver to demand the Field of Medicine of his family. Aunt Lau was too angry to argue and ended up getting beaten up instead. Aunt Lau's tears fell as she recounted the events that had transpired.

Of course, Aunt Lau didn't know that Xu Fu had evil intentions towards Yu Xiao. Otherwise, he might really crash his head into Xu Fu's house.

"Aunt Lau, I already know about the Field of Medicine, don't worry. "When I met the precious medicinal ingredients at the feet of the Spirit Medicine Mountain, I went to the medicine vendor in the village to exchange for 5 taels of silver. After a few days, I'll pay the money and everything will be fine." Seeing Aunt Lau's worried expression, Yu Xiao quickly explained.

"Really! "Great, this is great!" Aunt Lau was overjoyed as she chanted God's blessing and God's blessing. If Xiao's luck wasn't divine blessing, then what was it? Suddenly she reacted, what was Xiao doing at Spirit Medicine Mountain? Xiao, what are you doing at Spirit Medicine Mountain? Remember not to go up the mountain! The mountain is very dangerous! "

"I know, I'm just trying to see if I can find the necessary herbs at the foot of the mountain!" Actually, Yu Xiao didn't want to lie to Aunt Lau. It was just that her previous life's experience had made her wary.

Her situation with her Spirit Medicine Mountain and that White Tiger's situation, were all considered somewhat inconceivable by ordinary people. It was better that less people knew about them.

She would not easily trust anyone. She would not, and could not casually tell others her secret.

Aunt Lau, who had been a pampered professional for thirteen years, stretched her slightly moving legs. She actually endured the pain and got up, dragging her limping body to cook for Yu Xiao.

If someone had asked Yu Xiao why she was being so outrageous, this would have been the plot.

"Why don't you cook for yourself?"

"I won't!"

"Didn't you see that Aunt Lau was injured?"

"I drank some medicine."

"It hurts even after drinking the medicine!"

"I'm not afraid of pain!"

Yu Xiao looked ruthless and foolish. But the truth was like this. Wuqing only didn't understand, and foolish only wouldn't be afraid. He was so stupid that it made his heart ache.

There was only one day left until Xu Fu's three day deadline.

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