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C7 Rob a Young Girl

At Xu Fu's manor.

"Master, which aunt will you be sleeping with?" The butler asked Xu Fu as per usual.

This was truly like being the emperor in a remote place. Xu Fu from a poor village actually married twelve women and, like the emperor, chose people to sleep with him every night. I heard that two girls who couldn't be counted on had died before. As for how they died, no one knew.

No matter what era it was, there would always be some poor women.

"I'm not picking anymore, scram!" Ever since he saw Yu Xiao last time, Xu Fu had been very upset and had been waiting for the three day deadline. Xu Fu had never been so patient with anyone before.

"Yes, yes!"

"Wait a minute!" Xu Fu paused for a moment and said with a vicious expression, "Send two people to get that Yu Xiao for me! Be quiet, don't alert that old fellow! "

"Yes, old master!" The butler understood that the old master had taken a liking to another girl, but it was not his turn to say anything. So, he humbly left the room and ordered someone to do what the old master had instructed.

Xu Fu sat alone in his room, revealing a vulgar expression. Why would he talk about credit! Fuck the three days. No one dared to speak carelessly about him capturing that little girl! As long as he could hide it from that old fellow.

The old man Xu Fu spoke of was called Xu Renzheng.

The elder with the highest seniority in the village. An old man who speaks with the utmost integrity.

Sometimes, an influential person was very scary. For example, Xu Renzheng. For example, the Senior Magus who had some enmity with Yu Xiao. In this village, he, Xu Fu, needed a taboo. There were only these two people.

Xu Fu paced around the room with an excited and dirty look on his face. He was in a good mood as he rubbed his head with the osmanthus oil! He was waiting for the steward to send the beauty away.

Over here, the steward was afraid that things might get troublesome at night. They had arranged for a few ruthless characters to invite Yu Xiao, but would force her if they couldn't find the right way to do so. It was as if no one took Yu Xiao's suggestion to heart.

These three servants were the usual tyrants in the village with Xu Fu. They immediately responded and walked hurriedly towards Yu Xiao's home.

"Dong, dong, dong!"

"Who is it!"

Just as Yu Xiao was about to fall asleep, she heard the sound of the door being heavily knocked!

"Open the door! Quickly open the door!" The rough voice of a man came from outside the door!

When Aunt Lau heard the knock on the door, she was so frightened that she immediately sat up and looked at Yu Xiao in panic. It was obvious that too many things had happened recently, causing her mood to become unstable like a frightened bird.


"Don't worry, it's fine!"

Yu Xiao opened the door. She was afraid that if she did not open the door soon, the recently repaired door would be broken again!

"Who's Yu Xiao!" A man came forward and asked!

Yu Xiao looked up and saw three men who didn't look like good people. The leader's face had a terrifying scar on it.

"I am! Who are you? "

"Old master wishes to meet you. Come with us!" The leader, Scarface, stretched out his hand to pull on Yu Xiao's arm as if he didn't want to give her any leeway.

Yu Xiao frowned and dodged the attack! She hated the touch of others, not to mention these stinking men covered in sweat.

"Your master, Xu Fu?" Yu Xiao asked.

"How could you casually call out the name of our old master! Cut the crap, hurry up and leave! " Scarface was getting impatient.

When Aunt Lau heard the conversation, she became even more worried. He dragged his crippled leg, mustering up a lot of courage. He pulled Yu Xiao behind him and covered her tightly like a hen protecting its cub.

"Why is Xu Fu looking for Xiao!?" If anything happens, I'll go with you guys, don't touch Xiao! " Aunt Lau gritted her teeth as she spoke. If you listened carefully, you could still hear a slight tremble in her tough voice.

Scarface's expression became even more impatient, and he forcefully pushed at Aunt Lau. Aunt Lau lost her balance and fell to the ground.

"Aunt Lau, are you alright?!" The veins on Yu Xiao's forehead throbbed, and her suppressed rage was on the verge of erupting.

He helped Aunt Lau up and whispered, "Aunt Lau, don't worry. I'll go with them. Trust me, it'll be fine. I'll be back in a while."

Yu Xiao looked at Aunt Lau with her dark eyes, telling her firmly that she believed her.

This was the first time Aunt Lau had seen Yu Xiao's eyes like this in so many years. She could see Yu Xiao's determination from her eyes. Forget it. Although she didn't know what Xiao wanted to do, she decided to do as Xiao said. Trust her!

After comforting Aunt Lau, Yu Xiao stood up and faced these men. With a calm expression, she stepped forward and stretched out her hand!


"What are you doing!"

"You dare hit me, do you want to die?"

Yu Xiao slapped the scarred face that had been pushed towards Aunt Lau. Recently, she had been eating and drinking to her heart's content, so her strength had also increased.

Scarface was furious. He raised his hand and aimed it at Yu Xiao's face, ready to slap it! If he didn't show this little girl some color, she wouldn't know how high the sky was and how deep the earth was.

"Fight!" I don't know if your old master wants me unharmed, or if he wants me who has a broken face! " Facing the huge hand above her head, Yu Xiao showed no signs of dodging, and her eyes showed no signs of moving.

Scarface hesitated. He obviously knew what the old master wanted this stinking girl to do. If he really injured this girl's face, the old master would not let him off so easily!

He flung his hand fiercely and looked at Yu Xiao with an unfriendly expression.

"Take her away!" Scarface said to the two men behind him.

The two servants who were standing behind her hurriedly rushed forward. It seemed like Yu Xiao had just beaten up Scar Face, but she was still standing there unharmed. The two servants faced Yu Xiao and felt a trace of fear.

One on the left and one on the right, they were preparing to grab Yu Xiao's arms and take her away!

Before they even touched each other, Yu Xiao calmly glanced at them!

"Don't touch me! I can walk by myself! "

The two servants quickly retracted their outstretched hands, as if they were afraid that if they were too slow, they would be slapped as well!

"Let's go!"

Aunt Lau saw Yu Xiao just leave with them. Although she told herself she had to believe Xiao, she was so anxious that her eyes reddened. She unconsciously chased after her, but was stopped as she helplessly watched them take Yu Xiao away, gritting her teeth until they left a trail of blood on her thin lips! It was shocking!

Aunt Lau just sat there at the door, waiting for Yu Xiao to come back. The blood at the corner of her mouth expressed her determination. If Xiao didn't come back, she would ram her head into the door of Xu Fu's house tomorrow morning.

Yu Xiao did not know that Aunt Lau, who was in despair and out of helplessness, had such thoughts.

At this moment, she followed these three people to Xu Fu's manor.

The manor was huge, and Maidservant's servants were everywhere. Yu Xiao was not afraid. To her, the rich people she thought were all people who lived in luxurious villas in books. With just a shake, they could shake the entire world!

A person like Xu Fu could at most be called a nouveau riche.

Seeing that Yu Xiao and the rest had arrived, the butler came up to them. Looking at the fingerprint on the scarred face, he was slightly surprised. Don't have the time to ask this question now. The old master has been waiting for so long and has already lost his temper.

"Little girl, come with me!" The housekeeper said to Yu Xiao with a polite smile.

Under Xu Fu's irascible temper, the housekeeper was able to work safely for so many years. However, he was an astute person and was very polite to a girl like Yu Xiao who had been robbed. This was because he knew that these girls might become masters as soon as they were lucky. Xu Fu's twelve wives all admired this steward.

"Right." However, Yu Xiao didn't act like an ordinary person, showing her gratitude towards the butler. She was like an arrogant person in a high position, disdainful of looking at the faces of others. She was polite and impolite, but to her, it was not important!

The butler was not angry but more humble. For some reason, he felt that this lady wasn't someone their old master could casually toy with!

The two of them walked into Xu Fu's room one after another. Although they were walking in front and one behind, the butler led the way with his back bent. Yu Xiao walked behind calmly. Anyone who looked at her would think Yu Xiao was the master.

She didn't raise her head with her hands behind her back or raise her chin to look at him with sharp eyes. She just kept walking naturally and calmly. It was this very nature that made her look as if she had a nobility that ordinary people could not understand.

"Dong, dong, dong!" Old master, Miss Yu is here! " The steward lightly knocked on the door.

"Come in!"

The butler pushed open the door and gestured for Yu Xiao to enter.

Yu Xiao, who had always been calm, finally had a slight pause. Her brows were slightly furrowed. Xu Fu's room could smell a disgusting fragrance from the door.

With a sigh, Yu Xiao walked in.

A mahogany gold cup, embroidered with a gold-threaded curtain, and antique gold foil were arranged all over the place. It was clear that this was the standard setting for a nouveau riche. His gold and silver were all over the place. He was afraid that no one would not know that he was a rich man. Xu Fu was swaggering on a chair at the moment as he looked at Yu Xiao.

"You're here!" Xu Fu stood up, his smile was too forceful. The fat on his face was covered in cuts and bruises.

"Why did you call me here? If I remember correctly, the deadline of three days has not arrived! " Yu Xiao was prepared to leave as soon as she was done with her stuff. It was hard for her to stay in this room as she was obsessed with cleanliness.

Xu Fu was surprised. He didn't expect it to be like this. Yu Xiao, who was in her teens, didn't know what he wanted to do. Normally, they would be in their teens, planning for a marriage. How could they not know anything?!

Actually, it couldn't be blamed on Yu Xiao not knowing that in her two lifetimes, such a man had never appeared. She didn't know what she was going to do after robbing a commoner. Insult, how can I insult you?

"Not doing what? There's no need to return the money. Who cares what the deadline is, I'm just trying to let you live a good life ahead of time. " Xu Fu rubbed the corner of his mouth as he walked towards Yu Xiao complacently with a smile.

Yu Xiao's frown deepened.

Xu Fu saw that Yu Xiao was frozen in place and thought that Yu Xiao had figured it out! As he got closer, the fat on his face and the oil on his head showed a disgusting and greasy feeling.

Suddenly, Xu Fu extended his plump hand towards Yu Xiao!

Yu Xiao could no longer hold it in. She lifted her hand and scattered the dust in all directions.

"BOOM!" Xu Fu fainted on the ground without any warning!

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