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C8 Handsome Pharmacist

Xu Fu, who fell on the ground, soon started snoring loudly. He fell asleep, how could he suddenly fall asleep on the ground?

Yu Xiao looked helpless as she dusted off the madora powder on her hands. This was the mutated Mandala that she had collected from the Spirit Medicine Mountain. The Mandala could be used as medicine and could be used as a knockout drug. As for this mutated Black Mandara Flower powder, even without being developed, it could cause one to fall into a deep slumber without feeling anything for a short period of time.

She didn't want to use this direct method; she really didn't have any other way to do it. She didn't expect that she had overestimated her tolerance or underestimated Xu Fu's disgust!

The last time he went to the Spirit Medicine Mountain, it was probably because the spirit energy in the mountain activated the Spiritual Energy that had been peaceful in Yu Xiao's body the entire time.

The Spiritual Energy in Yu Xiao's body started to move. It was no longer as lifeless as before.

At this moment, the mutated purple Mandara Flower floated into the air under Yu Xiao's control, and the pollen gradually spread to the entire manor. The lively dog at the door slowly closed its eyes and lay down. There was no one sleeping in the manor, so he fell into a deep sleep. Those who were already asleep fell asleep even deeper.

Yu Xiao openly pushed the door open and walked out. No one dared to stop her, so everything went as usual.

She did not consider the consequences of waiting for these people to wake up.

"… …"

When Yu Xiao returned home alone, she saw Aunt Lau sitting at the door like a wooden sculpture. She had already walked up to Aunt Lau, but her eyes were still glazed over. The deathly still gaze was suffused with a sense of despair.

"Aunt Lau, I'm back. Let's go inside!" Yu Xiao squatted down and gently squeezed Aunt Lau's hand to comfort her!

"Xiao! Xiao, you're back! " Aunt Lau's dead eyes suddenly lit up. She grabbed Yu Xiao's hand and said incoherently.

"Un, I'm back. I said that nothing will happen, they just warned me to return the money tomorrow, we have money, don't we? "Go to sleep!" Yu Xiao didn't explain in detail about what had happened. Aunt Lau's tense nerves suddenly relaxed. She felt a burst of tiredness and didn't have the mood to ask in detail.

"En, go to sleep!"

Yu Xiao and the others slept soundly, just like everyone else in Xu Fu's manor.

The sky gradually brightened.

Xu Fu yawned, shuddered his shivering body and opened his eyes.

Because the amount of pollen used to pollinate the people in the manor was too little, when Xu Fu woke up, everyone in the manor had already woken up. They didn't know what happened to them and just thought that they were too sleepy and snoozed secretly!

At this moment, Xu Fu, who had just woken up, found him sleeping on the ground, shivering in the cold. His thin clothes could not resist the slight chill of the night, and Yu Xiao would not cover him with a blanket out of good intentions. What happened last night? How could he sleep on the ground? By the way, Yu Xiao, where's that damn girl?

Xu Fu was furious and his head was dizzy as he sneezed a few times.

"Butler, where did he go?"

"Old master, I'm here. What happened?"

the butler asked as soon as he heard the noise. However, he only saw the old master trembling in surprise!

"Where's Yu Xiao? Where's that damn girl? " Xu Fu slammed on the table, causing the cold tea on the table to fall onto the floor.

"Miss Yu? She! Isn't she in your room? " The butler looked around the corner of the room! However, he did not find anyone.

"Are you blind? She's not in the room at all!" Xu Fu roared at the butler!

At this moment, both of them were suddenly stunned! That damned girl had actually sneaked away!

"Summon the one who was on patrol and on guard!" Xu Fu sat down. He wanted to see who would be so bold as to let Yu Xiao out.

The steward immediately called for the night watch patrol, all of them looking confused. They would never tell the steward that if they were to accidentally fall asleep for a short while, they might even be fined a month!

Everyone thought that even if they fell asleep, there would always be someone watching them. It was also impossible for everyone to fall asleep. Thus, everyone insisted that they had not seen anyone enter the gate in the entire night!

A person saying this could be a lie, but everyone said so. Furthermore, there was also a mastiff that bit whenever it saw a stranger at the entrance! A dog couldn't lie. The dog wouldn't lie, of course. The dog was just asleep!

The selfish heart of human nature had caused such a beautiful misunderstanding!

Xu Fu and the butler looked at each other and shuddered!

Yu Xiao had disappeared. Under the situation where all the servants were patrolling the yard, no one had noticed her! Xu Fu's cold back was covered in cold sweat!

He secretly sent someone to Yu Xiao's home and found out that Yu Xiao, who had just woken up, was eating breakfast seriously!


Xu Fu was sick and had caught a cold at night. He was frightened but also had a burning heart. He thought that no matter what demonic technique Yu Xiao used to run here, he had to think of a way to make her unable to stay in this village after he recovered. Whether she was a demon or a ghost, he wouldn't let her off.

However, Xu Fu's illness was not light, and the matter about collecting debts from Yu Xiao's home was also delayed. He even spent a huge sum of money to invite Senior Magi to the manor to get rid of the bad luck.

At this moment, Yu Xiao was eating and drinking in peace at home, listening to the villagers' chattering after their meals.

Listening to them, Xu Fu kowtowed three times and nine times to ask the Senior Magus for help. Listening to them talk about how powerful the Senior Magus was, the Senior Magus had removed the filth from Xu Fu's family. The Senior Magus was sent by God to save the world. Yu Xiao was dumbstruck.

Rumors were always true. Senior Magi, filthy creatures, ghosts! Hehe …

Aunt Lau, who didn't know anything about the situation, was confused. She waited fearfully for a few days, but still didn't see Xu Fu.

She didn't believe that Xu Fu would be so generous as to allow them the time to pay him back. However, she didn't think too much about it. She would just return the money when the time came. Right now, the most important thing was to look after the Field of Medicine and wait for the drug dealer to buy it!

One year's worth of medicinal herbs could be purchased for two seasons. By the end of summer, the medicinal herbs would be collected. In the beginning and end of autumn, the medicinal herbs could also be planted for one season.

Time flew by and in the blink of an eye, summer came to an end!

When no one was paying attention to the situation, the barren vegetable patch in Yu Xiao's house became lush and verdant. Although the Medicinal Seedling was not like the fat Ye Mao from other families, it was full of vigor and its leaves were emerald green and tough. Only Yu Xiao knew that her hard work in the past few days had allowed her life force to be several times stronger than that of an ordinary medicinal plant!

I don't know if it's because of geography or because of the Spirit Medicine Mountain's spirit energy to the south. The quality of the Taoxi Village's medicinal ingredients were all of high quality. In the past few years, there would be quite a few medicinal masters rushing into the village to buy them at the end of summer. But this year, seeing the medicinal ingredients mature and the days passing by, not a single person from the Taoxi Village entered the village.

Seeing that the summer was about to end, the herbs were ripe to be harvested and ready to be purchased. The villagers, who had been accustomed to this all year round, began to worry!

"Aunt Lau, the food is so salty today! "What's the matter with you recently?" Yu Xiao had a bitter face. Aunt Lau couldn't possibly not know what was going on recently. Something was very wrong! Was he still worried about Xu Fu?

"Ai!" Aunt Lau put down her chopsticks and sighed. "I don't know what's going on this year, but the medicine merchant still hasn't entered the village. If this goes on, I'll miss the opportunity to plant the seed."

"Then why don't you take the herbs yourself and sell them?" Yu Xiao asked curiously. If no one came to collect it, then they would sell it for a better price.

"The road out of the village is not easy, the road is long and the fare is high. Even if he sold them for a good price, there wouldn't be much left over. Furthermore, for so many years, every year, pharmacists would always come to the village on time. I wonder what exactly happened this year! " Aunt Lau sighed and said.

That's right, in this era, there were no couriers, nor were there any good means of transportation. It all depended on the people on the carriages!

Aunt Lau wasn't the only one who was worried. All the villagers were equally worried. Some Field of Medicine s were especially numerous, and their hair was turning white from worry. If they continued to wait, they really wouldn't be able to catch up with the planting in the early autumn.

At the moment when the villagers were unable to make a single move, the village welcomed the first group of pharmacists!

Different from all the pharmacists of the past years, a group of young men had come.

It was worth mentioning that the leader was a man. He was a bit taller than an ordinary person, and his purple robe gave off an extraordinary aura. He had the appearance of a sword and the dignified appearance of a noble man! This caused the village women to peek repeatedly and cry out in alarm!

I heard that this group of pharmacists came from a big city, they came to Taoxi Village this time, preparing to collect a large amount of herbs at a high price.

The villagers were extremely excited by the heartening news. They were all calculating how much their few acres of Field of Medicine could be exchanged for compared to the previous years.

This group of drug dealers became the distinguished guests of the Patriarch. Towards this God of Fortune, the Patriarch was eager to offer up his services.

The clan head's large courtyard wall did not resist the ladies. The restless hearts and the people who peeked at them were fighting with each other day by day.

"Xiao, do you want to see the pharmacist outside the village? I heard he's really handsome! " Now that Aunt Lau had settled the big issue in her heart, she started to feel happy and started to joke with Yu Xiao.

If Xiao was a teenager and she was so beautiful, why couldn't she go take a look?

"Not interested!" Yu Xiao focused on the mushroom soup on the table. It was so delicious. She was really not interested in that handsome pharmacist. She wouldn't be like the other curious girls and peek at the young pharmacist! However, the women of this era were even bolder than they imagined!

In Yu Xiao's memory, this was an era where the three empires were established.

Of course, it was not the Three Kingdoms in history. It was the Tiger Country, Azure Dragon Country, and Black Turtle Country.

In a country named after several great divine beasts, Yu Xiao suspected that there once existed a Vermilion Bird Country that had perished, the Four Great divine beasts! It was missing a Vermillion Bird!

The place she was at, was a remote village belonging to Tiger Country, known as Taoxi Village.

Tiger Country was a country that waged wars year round. Women all liked tall and mighty men who were brave and battling. It was unknown whether it was a characteristic of the times. Most of the men in this country were clean and white, more like gentle and refined scholars.

The types that girls like are few and far between. However, this lack of materials did not change the girls' fondness. Instead, it became more and more intense, to the point that this handsome pharmacist who descended from the sky amidst everyone's worry was suddenly in high spirits.

Seeing that Yu Xiao was in no mood, Aunt Lau inadvertently mentioned something …

"I heard that pharmacist is called Wei Chi!"

"… …"

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