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C9 It Is She Who Is You

Yu Xiao suddenly stopped the chopsticks in her hands. Wei Chi, it's him!

Yu Xiao couldn't help but touch the jade pendant in her embrace, pouting her lips. Who cares who he was? She definitely wouldn't return what she had!

Yu Xiao drank her soup thoughtfully.

Aunt Lau was also stunned! She was sighing inwardly. Xiao was almost fourteen, but she was still really worried. She had always felt that Xiao shouldn't waste her time in this sealed off village. Xiao and the villagers were always at odds. However, she didn't dare to bring Xiao out of the village as she wasn't sure if she could still protect Xiao well.

At this moment, in the clan head's guest room, the pharmacist that everyone was curious about was having a conversation with his subordinate with an unhappy expression.

"Mistress, how long are we going to stay in this village?! Your poison … We can't drag it out any longer! " Wen Meng looked at the leisurely Wei Chi and was very worried. Forget it, I can't find my savior! Others might not know, but he knew that his master's poison...!

"I know what I'm doing! Keep looking for people! " Did Wen Meng think that Wei Chi suddenly showed good intentions to find someone to repay the debt of saving his life? How could this be? He didn't even think about his master's temperament. If he found someone, he might even be able to deal with them!

To the people of this village, no one dared to enter the Spirit Medicine Mountain! If it was too dangerous, then who was that woman in the mountain that day, and where did she come from?

Wen Meng wanted to say something but hesitated...

Perhaps there was another reason why Wei Chi was so determined to find that woman. Why wasn't he disgusted with that bold woman? Despite the fact that he was unconscious, the only thing he felt was rage, not disgust. Just based on this alone, he had to find her!

"… …"

"Then what about the herbs in the village after getting rid of the pharmacists? Is it really going to be bought? " Wen Meng lowered his head. He would never question his master's decision. He was only worried for his master's health.

"En, take it. Return to the city in a few days' time. There will be a lot of battles this year!" Wei Chi said something casually.

"Mistress, let me follow you!" "Your poison …" Wen Meng suddenly looked up when he heard that.

"Go back!"

"Yes sir!"

In the end, Wen Meng would not oppose Wei Chi's decision.

"… …"

Actually, Wen Meng's efficiency was already very high. According to Wei Chi's simple description, he was going to investigate everything in the village. Finally three candidates were identified. There was no way to confirm it, so he reported it to his master. If that woman really wasn't in the village, there was nothing he could do.

"Three?" Wei Chi repeated softly.

"This subordinate has done something unfavorable, Master please punish me!" Wei Chi's face was calm without any signs of anger. However, Wen Meng abruptly knelt down and begged for forgiveness.

"Get up, let's go!" Wei Chi waved his hand. He should be staying in this village for a period of time. Wen Meng didn't know that the woman had taken his token. If he had, he wouldn't have been so polite. He would have dug out Yu Xiao as well.

"… …"

"This is a nameless orphan from the village, 16 years old. She's very familiar with medicinal herbs!"

"It's not her!"

Before they entered, Wei Chi immediately denied that those hands were wrong. They were a lot bigger than the hands that were drugged in a coma.

"… …"

"This is the daughter of a Senior Magus from the village, Xu Jingyue. She is only 15 years old, and my mother is the only witch doctor in the village. She also knows a lot more about medicinal plants than the average person!"

Wei Chi didn't directly rule it out this time.

"Let's go take a look!"

Xu Jingyue, who was standing far away, saw the Prince Charming that everyone thought was walking towards her house! It made her blush and her heart beat faster. This was the most beautiful man she had ever seen. Xu Jingyue had always looked down on the men in the village and always felt that none of them were worthy enough for her. Her heart thumped and thumped, the girl's heart was no longer calm.

When Wei Chi arrived, the Senior Magus put down his airs and went out to welcome him. After all, this medicine merchant had bought the medicinal ingredients at a high price in a critical moment. If one carefully considered it, he could be considered as the benefactor of this village.

"Why is the customer looking for me!" The Senior Magus said politely to Wei Chi.

However, Wei Chi acted as if he did not hear it. He stared at Xu Jingyue who was standing behind the Senior Magus with a profound gaze. His sharp eyebrows were slightly raised, as if he was recalling something.

Wen Meng had been investigating for a few days, so he obviously knew the position of this Senior Magus in the village. He hurried up, politely led the Senior Magus aside, and asked in detail about the reason why he had bought these herbs.

The Senior Magus looked at Wei Chi doubtfully, and then looked at his daughter with an expression full of affection. Inwardly, he sighed and followed behind Wen Meng, leaving a man and a woman a chance to be together alone!

Wei Chi looked at the woman in front of him. Her age wasn't too different from what he had imagined.

"Have you ever tried Spirit Medicine Mountain before?" Wei Chi asked.

"Up, up!" Unfortunately, Xu Jingyue had actually gone up. A few years ago, he had gone in with a Senior Magus, and of course, it was only in the name of offering sacrifices, under the escort of a group of people. However, she would not say such things out loud!

Xu Jingyue's voice was as gentle as a cool breeze. It was similar to the voice that Wei Chi remembered. Xu Jingyue looked at Wei Chi's nervous face and blushed, which also gave Wei Chi the illusion that Wei Chi was nervous after recognizing him.

Wei Chi stepped forward again, one foot away from Xu Jingyue.

Suddenly, Wei Chi's face darkened. No, it wasn't her! What was wrong? As he got closer to her, Wei Chi felt a familiar feeling of disgust.

He said so! That bold woman wouldn't be nervous when she saw him.

Wei Chi turned around and left without any hesitation, leaving Xu Jingyue in a daze. No one would have thought that the so-called love at first sight would happen like this. Xu Jingyue actually had thoughts of marrying him!

"… …"

Leaving the house of the Senior Magus, Wei Chi's face became increasingly gloomy. Wen Meng was frightened by what he saw. He thought that if he wasn't the last one, his fate would be miserable!

Naturally, the last candidate was Yu Xiao. Otherwise, he would really doubt Wen Meng's ability to do things.

Wei Chi was running out of patience.

He saw the woman sitting on the stone block by the door. No, little girl!

The little girl stretched her chin with both hands, showing off her amazing looks at such a young age. However, Wei Chi couldn't find anything wrong with his picky eyes that he was used to seeing.

The little girl looked towards the distance with a gentle expression. Since she did not notice the person who came to the entrance of the courtyard, she naturally did not spare a glance for him, Wei Chi. He followed the little girl's gaze and saw that other than the figure of the Field of Medicine, there was nothing much to see.

This time, Wei Chi didn't think about asking. Instead, he quickly walked up and grabbed the little girl's wrist.

Very good, not disgusting, very good, it's her!

"Who are you, let go!"

Yu Xiao's gentle expression disappeared as she looked at the man in front of her. It was familiar, but she didn't seem to recognize it.

"You, you don't remember me?" Wei Chi did not let go as he pushed even harder. This damned woman actually did not remember him!

Yu Xiao's aching wrist had brought back memories from a long time ago. Back then, this man's face was covered in blood. Who knew what he looked like?! Yu Xiao abruptly swung her arms and struggled out. A red mark gradually appeared on his wrist.

"It's you!" "F * ck, does this man have a grudge with her!?" "You're not dead!"

Yu Xiao said plainly as she sized up the man from head to toe. Her straightforward gaze seemed to be trying to see if the scars on the purple robe were still intact.

Listening to Yu Xiao's calm tone, Wei Chi was even more sure that it was her! Looking at Yu Xiao's measuring gaze, he thought about how he had been stripped naked and how his emotions had never been easily affected by others. Anger gradually rose within him.

"What are you doing here?" Before Wei Chi could get angry, Yu Xiao spoke up. Of course, she knew that this man called Wei Chi was also a drug dealer in the village. She wouldn't be so sentimental as to think that this man was here to repay the gratitude.

"What for? Don't you think there is something that should be returned to me? " Wei Chi thought about how this reckless woman dared to take his token away even after assaulting him.

"Are you all right?" Yu Xiao didn't answer but instead asked.

"Alright!" Wei Chi replied in confusion. He didn't think that Ye Zichen was worrying about his injuries.

While Yu Xiao was sizing him up, Wei Chi was also sizing up this girl that did not fit in with the village.

"Alright, then why are you still coming? Fine, since you still have the face to ask for the jade pendant, I'll save your life. "I won't give you the jade pendant!" Yu Xiao said confidently. Yes, could it be that your little life is not worth a jade pendant? The thing in her hands, she wanted it back, she wanted it so much!

Of course, Yu Xiao didn't know that this jade pendant was actually a token. With the word "Wei Chi" engraved in the corner, she could never have imagined that she would have the power to control it.

"You … "How dare you!" Wei Chi had a high position throughout the year. He never thought that someone would dare to speak to him like that. Even the people who came to kill him had a sense of respect. He was stunned and didn't know how to respond.

Yu Xiao pouted. "How dare you!" She thought he was the Emperor.

The current Yu Xiao didn't expect that although the person before her wasn't the Emperor, he was someone that even the Emperor didn't dare to offend.

Yu Xiao ignored him and the two of them fell into silence. Wei Chi also fell silent. He had never interacted with women before, not to mention that he was an underage woman.

The two of them looked at each other in wonder, but Wen Meng, who was at the side, was quite shocked.

Wen Meng rubbed his eyes. Just now, he didn't see wrongly. Master actually grabbed his hand and didn't let go for a long time. Was, was this still his master? Was it the master who was definitely not close to a woman?

Wen Meng couldn't help but look at Yu Xiao carefully. He was determined not to offend Yu Xiao in the future. She was someone his master had his eyes on. Even though she was a village girl, a phoenix would fly out of the mountains.

However, this little girl looked pretty good. Eh, wasn't she too young!? Wen Meng shook his head and threw away the words in his head.

"Does Master want Old Ox to eat young grass?"

"… …"

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