RED MOON The Curse/C2 Chapter 2
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RED MOON The Curse/C2 Chapter 2
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C2 Chapter 2

Chapter two

“ Clara ”

her mom, Dr Ellen called out.

Clara turned away from the window towards her mom, with a sad face on.

“ what's wrong darling, you had barely said anything through out the journey, ain't you excited about your new school? ” her mom asked.

Clara shook her head “ I am not, I miss my former one, I miss Mislan high school mom ”

she complained arms folded.

Her mom let out a sigh “ I know darling but you know why we had to leave New York City... ”

She said giving a long explanation which Clara didn't even want to hear course she had heard it a thousand times already.

“ ...So We Can Start A New Life Together ”

both of them chorused and Clara rolled her eyes slightly.

“ I know why we had to leave but I still miss all my friends, Tracy, Emmy, Nico and James and a whole bunch of other friends that I can't remember their names right now ”

Clara said, still with a sad tone.

“ I know, I know... I know how you feel but we both had to make sacrifices, I left my job you know, not everyone could do that.

Being a doctor in one of the highest paying hospital in America is not a child's play but I left it you know why? ”

“ For family ” Clara answered.

“ yes for family, for you Clara, you are my family ” her mom said touching the back of Clara's palm tenderly with her right hand while the other hand was still on the wheel.

“ so why don't you give deary mommy a smile ” her mom said further with a broad smile of her own.

Clara smiled at her back “ I love you mom ” Clara said softly.

“ I know my pretty angel, I love you too ”

her mom said compassionately....

After a long drive Clara's mom pulled up into a car park area, where different kind of cars were already lined up and there it was.

Great Hill High School.

” Wow "

Clara was left awe by the sight.

A gigantic structure Clara most confess, way bigger than her former school but she doesn't feel any connections to the bricks of this building like that of Mislan's her former school.

Mom and daughter greeted goodbye and Clara stood watching as her mom drove off, then she turned around taking one last ful picture image of the massive building with her eyes.

Before taking in a large breath, as she inhaled deeply then followed the crowd of teenagers like herself, walking like zombies as they matched towards the school main door...

She was wearing a female shirt and jeans with a pair of sneakers, she backed a bag big enough to contain all her books and writing stuff.

As she walked into the large hallway, she multitasked - scanning around for her new locker while also dodging the passers by.

She reached for her jeans pocket, bringing out a key and check the number on it.

Locker 126

She sighed at the sight of it.

“ oh great! Just great... now I will have to the walk the whole hallway just to get to my locker ”

she complained feeling tired already and her big package was wearing her down.

After a long walk she finally saw her locker.

Heaving a sigh of relief she opened it with the key in her hand and emptied all the stuff in her backpack into it, leaving only a few books and writing materials in the bag.

Her backpack feel less heavier now and she felt much lighter, she could afford to carry it on one shoulder without dislocating her shoulder blade, which is what exactly she did.

As she flung on her right shoulder and slammed the locker shot, securing it with the keys.

Just then the bell rang and the once crowded hallway was completely empty in matter of seconds.

“ oh great! How am I going to locate the history class now ”

Clara lamented since there was nobody to ask for directions as everyone suddenly were in a hurry to get to their various class.

She looked lost in her new school not knowing whether to go left, right/ back or front.

“ miss Jackson ”

someone called her by her father's name.


She turned around and saw a tall black man, she recognized him, he was the school principal.

She was actually glad on seeing him

“ morning Mr Phillips ” she greeted as she walked to meet him.

“ morning to you young lady, didn't you hear the sound of the bell? you should be in class by now ”

he said calmly.

“ yeah... I am actually trying to figure out where I am having my class ” she said then made a weird silly smile.

“ Okay, what subject are you having now? ” he asked.

“ Hmmmm history I think, yeah definitely history ” she said.

“ that's Mr Collins class, alright follow me ” he said and throw his long legs forward.....


Minutes later

[ History class ]

Mr Collins was busy teaching about the ancient practices of some popular tribes that where no longer in existence.

“ ...Blood was viewed as a potent source of nourishment for the Maya deities, and the sacrifice of a living creature was a powerful blood offering to the gods.

By extension, the sacrifice of a human life was the ultimate offering of gifts to the gods, and the most important Maya rituals culminated in human sacrifice and_ ”

He had to stop when the principal entered into the class and a pretty blonde girl with him.

“ sorry for the interruption ” The principal apologize formally.

“ it's nothing sir ”

Mr Collins said.

“ great, well there is someone I want to introduce to your class, Miss Jackson ” the principal said.

Clara step forward and it was as if all their staring eyes where trying to eat her up.

“ my name is Clara ” she quickly corrected.

Miss Jackson kinda makes her look old in her head.

“ nice meeting you Clara, why don't you go find a seat amongst your new classmates ”

Mr Collins said flashing her a smile.

She nodded and walked slowly.

As she walked, searching for a seat, she saw a girl in particular smiling at her warmly and she had a empty seat next to her so Clara just sat down there.

“ Hi, I am Nana ”

The girl greeted with a welcoming smile.

“ nice meeting you, I am Clara ”

“ yeah I know ”

Anna said.

“ ”

Clara asked surprised, they only just met.

“ you told everyone your name some minutes ago remember?

” Anna said.

“ oh yeah, stupid me ” Clara said.

Anna chuckled and Clara joined her, laughing slightly. she liked her already....

Mr Collins continued with his history class “ ...alright apart from the Maya's people or tribe which other ancient tribe do you know that offer blood sacrifice, either that of animals or humans to its gods? ” Mr Collins asked the class.

And for a while there was total silence in the class until someone stood up.

And immediately everyone eyes went to him including Clara's.

He was a cute Latino boy, and he looked quite shy.

“ Mathias you have something to say? ” Mr Collins asked.

“ y..yes sir ”

He said, sounding alittle bit nervy.

“ alright then you have our audience ” Mr Collins said.

Mathias began “ well according to the stories my grandfather told me when I wss little, the tale about the Gran Lobo (Great Wolf) tribe that use to practice animal sacrifices in the festival of El que es LUNA to appease the moon god.

These was an annual custom of their's until things went terribly bad when the magic of the Luna was used to create a monster of the night, a vampire... ”

Everyone kept totally quiet as Mathias spoke..but then all of a sudden there came a long out burst of laughter from the whole class, Clara laughing slightly.

“ are you kidding me? Vampire and werewolves? What are you 12 ” one of his classmate said laughing even more.

“ more like a weirdo ” a girl said....

“ I..I am not lying, you got to believe me ”

Mathias stuttered feeling really embarrassed.

“ Weirdo ”

“ this guy really is a joke ”

“ more like insane ”

The whole class were whispering amongst themselves.

Creating a disturbance noise.

“ silence, enough!! ” Mr Collins had to step in

“ Thank you Mathias for the try, but maybe you didn't get the question I asked, I said you should tell me about ancient history not ancient bed time story.

Everyone knows there are no such things as Vampires and Werewolves ” Mr Collins said.

“ b..but do you believe in magic? ” Mathias said in a low tune.

“ I believe in science ” Mr Collins answered proudly

“ b..but it's not everything science can explain ”

Mathias said and just then the bell rang.

The students flooded to the exit door.

“ don't forget to do your assignment ” Mr Collins yelled a reminder....

Clara quickly checked her timetable and she saw she had English class next.

She walked with her new found friend Anna to the locker who also had English class...

As they walked down the hallway Anna kept telling Clara all the things she got to know about Great Hill High School...

Clara got to her locker and she quickly opened her bags brought out her history textbook and note books, she put it safely inside her locker replacing it with the English textbook and...

“ Oh my God! He is here! ”

Anna exclaimed taking Clara's attention from the locker.

Following Anna's eyes, Clara turned her neck until it landed on a super cute boy who was surrounded by group of boys and girls.

“ Who is that? "

She asked droolingly.

“ that's Adams Grey, super cute boy, Great Hill best basketball and quarterback in the football team... ” Anna kept describing Adams awesomeness to Clara.

While Clara just stared at him dreamingly, he is more than handsome she thought, beautiful is more appropriate, with his lovely long hair, blue eyes, perfect nose and a killer lips.

He was simply dreamy and Clara was caught day dreaming.

“... Hey Clara, Clara..Clara ” Anna kept calling out but it was as if Clara was in a different world.

Anna had to shake her out of it - roughly.

“ what's it? ”

Clara asked as she got herself.

“ what where you thinking about? ” Anna asked staring at her in a weird way.

“ ...nothing " she lied and Anna didn't believe obviously, as she gave Clara a suspicious stare.

“ why are you staring at me like that? ” Clara asked feeling uncomfortable.

“ it's nothing, but just in case you are thinking about anything stupid, you see that girl next to him? ”

Anna said taking her eyes to one of the girls.

Clara followed her eyes once more, it landed on a really pretty girl next to the cute Adams, she looked really pretty with long dark hair and I nice body shape.

She looks fit for a cheerleader and her skirt was really short, far away from her knee cap.

“ What about her? ” Clara asked.

“ Her name is Ella, the cheerleader and most especially Adams's girlfriend. So if Adams is the King then she is the Queen and you don't want to mess with the Queen or anything that belongs to her.

So I suggest you should forget about him ” Anna said.

“ I wasn't thinking about him... ” Clara denied. Anna stared at her.

“ better then, because she can make your life a living hell in this school ” Anna warned making Clara gulped down her throat..

Clara glanced at Adams direction for what should be the last pick of his cuteness... But then both their eyes met but she quickly turned away her face.

His gaze made her heart beat really fast and she hoped Anna didn't see that.

“ let's get going to English Class, trust me you don't want to come late to Mrs Henry class, that lady is a tiger.” Anna said obviously she didn't notice anything.

Clara locked her locker and followed Anna, walking side by side they gist and laughed as they walked to the class....


Several hours passed and finally it was lunch break.

Inside the cafeteria Clara was already seated in a table, her tray of food place on top of the table.

With her in the table was Anna and there others, all Anna's friends.

Caleb Osborn a nerd on glasses, Patricia Kelvin a beautiful but shy girl who doesn't talk much and lastly Ken Quentin a joker, not that his jokes were really that funny but he thinks they are.

“ Clara sorry for asking but why did you change schools? Didn't you like your former one? ”

Calab asked after they had finished introducing themselves.

“ well I had to change school because we moved from where we lived, mom got a new job in another state and I didn't have any choice than to go with her " Clara said in a slight sad tone

She continued “And for your other questions, I do love my former school, everything about it. My friends, my teachers, the whether...every single thing about it ”

Clara said in a smile as she got sweet memories of her former school when she spoke. But then the sadness returned when she finished speaking.

“ well we will try our best so you won't miss your friends that much, Okay ” Anna said with a smile, trying to cheer her up.

Clara gave a brief smile and they continued eating their meal....

But then she noticed a table completely empty except for one person seated on it, it was the same guy from the history class.

“ hey.. isn't that Matthew ”

Clara said pronouncing his name wrong.

“ Mathias ” Anna corrected.

“ yes Mathias.... Why is he seated all alone? ” Clara asked.

“ that's because he is weird, didn't you hear him earlier on speaking about vampires and werewolves? ”

Anna said in a whispering tone.

“ I did but he was only trying to answer a question, that doesn't mean people should avoid him ” Clara said already feeling pity for him.

“ am telling you that guy is weird, he has been in this school for a year now and still he got no friends, a foreign exchange student from Mexico.

He always loves talking about witches, wizards, Vampire and all other cripple stuffs, trust me you don't want to go near him ” Anna warned.

Clara stared at him as he ate alone in the table and she knew no matter how weird a person may be, they deserves to have friends even if it's just one.

Life without friends can be hard and worthless....

However something got her attention, someone.

“ oh Clara I have a joke I need to tell you, just promise me you won't laugh your pants off... Well actually you can laugh them off I won't mind ”

Ken said aching his eyebrows.

“ O... K am listening but am definitely keeping my pants on ” Clara joked.

“ alright we will see about that ” Ken said.

“ hear we go, just pretend not to be disappointed ” Caleb whispered to Clara, making her release a confused look.

Ken began his jokes “ you see two jobless friends where walking aimlessly on the road and then they fell upon two items a ring which looked precious so they reasoned they would sell it to their king and he would give them a fortune for it.

They got to the palace and upon arriving they discovered that the palace was in disarray, and from one of the servant they got to find out that the king is very angry as something very precious to him have been stolen, it was reported that two men had stolen this precious thing from the palace the previous night.

Even with this information the two friends were still very much determined to see the king.

Despite the tension that was going on in the palace, they managed to get an audience with the king.

And one of the men addressed the king

‘ my king we have traveled round the world and we came across this precious item and we said to ourselves. “ This would look good on our king "

He said then showed the king the ring in their possession, the king smiled at them and proceed to speak.

“ Two men broken into my palace in the cover of night and stole my two most precious rings and I vowed to the gods, I will have both their heads if I ever catch them but since they have brought back what they stole themselves I am going to show mercy.

I will be demanding for only one of their heads, so which of you fools, will I be taken his head? " The king said to them ” Ken narrated....

Clara laughed “ it's actually funny ”

“ Really? thank you! thank you! I told you guys am good at telling jokes, finally someone that appreciates my talents... Let me tell you another joke ” he said....





The next day in school

Clara was in chemistry lab doing some titration experiment, her new friends where not with her but Adams the super cute boy and his girlfriend Ella - who was standing constantly by Adams's side like she was glued to him.

Mathias was also there and as usual he was deserted by all his peers, and once again Clara find herself feeling sorry for him.

It was then Clara determined within herself to make him her friend.

Walking to meet him.

“ hey..Mathias right? ” she said, with a friendly smile.

He looked around to see if she was actually talking to him or someone else “.M.Me? ” he stuttered a reply when it became obviously she was referring to him as no one was around him.

“ yes you, I am new here, my name is Clara Jackson and we are in the same history class yesterday, remember? ” Clara said.

“ oh... so you heard all those stuffs I said yesterday and want to make jest of me right? ” Mathias said, quickly assuming the worse.

“ No, no, no don't get me wrong, I am not here for that... I kinda find the story interesting, and if you don't mind I want to be your friend ” Clara said.

“ really! ” he said excitedly but still much cautious.

This could just be some sick prank, not the first time something like this will be happening to him.

Someone pretending to be his friend only to end up making totally fool of him.

“ Why? Why do you want to be my friend? "

He asked staring at her intently.

“ Like I said I am new and I want to make new friends and I guess you kinda stand out "

She said and Mathias became a little bit relaxed.

” Alright "

“ So.. can you please finish telling me about the stuff you were saying in history class, I was really fascinate by it and would love to know what happened ”

Clara said making a puppy eyes at him.

“ sure I see during the El que es LUNA festival someone a griveing mother used the magic to lay a great curse on a man........ "

Mathias became narrating what happened that very night that the Man Eric Damian became a vampire.

[ Continuation of Eric Damian origin, from chapter one ]

....Damian charge against the two beast-like creatures and the creatures charged back at him, their impact was so great that the earth tremble and quake.

Damian threw one of the beast away but the other clawed him hard and deep on the face, it's long, sharp claws ripping Damian's face off and the force from it's strike sending him flying in the air...landing hard on the ground.

The two beast then had him surrounded, roaring and grinning their teeth as they drew closer, Eric gradually got up on his feet, his damaged face healing very quickly.

One of the beast charged at him wanting to bite his head off but Damian was very fast to duck.. and then he grabbed hold of the creature by the leg.

Spinning it around he threw it hard to the other beast charging at him with much strength... And the collided of both beasts sent them tumbling down a hill.

Damian was really vexed and he went after them as they tumbled with his claws and fangs out he jumped on them.

Clawing and biting as they tumbled down...he was winning the fight with the beast... but soon enough the number of the beast became advantageous to them, when they finally rolled down to a plain suffer.

Damian had broken one of the beasts leg leaving it crippled, he then faced the other wanting to kill it.

They engaged in a struggle and finally Damian had the creature where he wanted to, with his both his arm firmly round the beast neck ready to apply the killer bite... But unknowingly to Damian the wounded beast leg had healed up and he jumped on Damian from behide bitting off his head and spat it out.

The beast where victorious against the monster or so they thought, as they walked away a new head grow back on Damian's body and the old head turned into dust, then vanished completely.

He stood up alive again.

“ Ouch

that hurts ” he said smirkingly.

ROARRRRR he charged at them....

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