RED MOON The Curse/C3 chapter 3
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RED MOON The Curse/C3 chapter 3
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C3 chapter 3

Chapter three

Damian charged at the beasts in lightning speed, colliding hard to one of the beast's stomach with a pointed elbow.

The force send the beast flying backwards, and it smash hard against a brick hut making a huge hole in the building.

The other beast pounce on Damian, coming at him in full speed with it's claws fully extended and it's mouth wide open hoping to chop off Damian head with a bite... but Eric let himself fall halfway to the ground then using the beast force and momentum against it, he catapulted it up into the sky with his legs....


Damian roared as he went after the other beast he had sent smashing through the wall.

At this point the beast was slowly getting up to it's feet when Damian landed a hard and painful kick right in the creature ribcage, creating a cracking sound and like a soccer ball, the beast flew vertically upwards... crashing hard into the roof before landing back to the floor.

The creature groaned and whine in agonizing pain, Damian loving every bit of it, he was enjoying the pain he was inflicting on the creature.

Holding the beast by it's tail, he drag it out of the hut...

The other beast stood close by watching as Eric Damian drag the almost lifeless body of its friend.

Damian could sense the fear in the onlooking beast but he knew it wasn't going to back down, it was ready to fight till it's last breath and Damain would have it no other way.

Throwing the beast he held by the tail to a tree, like it was nothing even though the tree fell over.

“ come get yours ”

Damian said, daring the onlooking beast to make a move at him.

The beast moved in circles, round Damian growling angrily and measuring him while Damian just maintained his position waiting for the creature to make a move, while still keeping an eye on the other beast he had threw against the tree .


The beast finally made it's move - pounding on Damian, stretching its claws completely but Eric dodged it by rolling on the ground, they repositioned themselves quickly facing each other eye to eye, Damian in a crouched position.

Damian huffed, the beast growled and then they charged at against each other again...



The other beast had slowly started recovering, it was strong enough to stand.

It looked to catch Damian by surprise again just like it did the first time when it chopped Damain's head off... but Eric was alert to it's scheme this time around.

As Damian charged to meet one beast the other was lurking behind him waiting for the right time to strike... which it did thinking Damian wasn't aware of it's presence.

Damian made an attempt as if he was going to jump head on to the beast but instead he slide on the ground and both beast collided with one another in a horrific manner.

Damian then extended his claws fully stabbing one of the beast straight into it's chest reaching for it's very heart, the beast howled in great pain as Damian held it's heart from inside it's body.

All he needed to do was pull it out and the beast would be dead.

Unlike Damian, the beast could only heal woundened flesh but they ain't immortals so if a vital organs like the heart or their head should be removed they can't grow it back, they would die.

Eric squeeze it's heart inside its chest coursing the beast to howl even louder and the other beast tried to come to the aid of its friend but Eric pinned it down by stepping on its head hard back to the ground.

He could feel it's heart beat on his palm and he was ready to pull it out...but then he stared into the eyes of the beast.

looking passed the scared and defeated look he saw something that made him stopped for killing the beast, and for some reasons he withdrew his hand away from its chest spearing the creature it's life.

The beast went crashing down to the ground breathing weakly then it transformed back to a man, back to one of Damian's friend Christopher.

Damian also removed his foot from the head of the other beast, staring at both of them for a while with a look that lacked any expression... he turned around when his ears caught the sound of something, his nose also picking the scent of the same thing..

Humans, humans were coming in this direction and instead of Damian to go and kill them all he sped off instead and vanishing into the night never to be seen or heard of again.....





With that Mathias ended his story telling.

“ wow what an incredible story, he most have realized that the beasts were actually his friend that's why he spared their lives ”

Clara said, clearly following the story.

“ you may be right but Vampires don't have a heart, it's not in there nature to feel pity so it was really a strange act by him ” Mathias said.

“ but what really was the course of the girl death that led to Eric being cursed? ” Clara asked.

“ according to my grandfather it was discovered that the girl was bitten by a deadly spider, the black widow and that's actually the course of her death ” Mathias said.

“ poor girl, most have been a painful death.... But since Eric Damian was never seen or heard from again it means the two werewolves didn't pretty much have to fight against anyone again right? ” Clara asked

“ that was not the case, you see it was later discovered that those people Eric had bitten but he didn't kill, all of them caught up with some kind of fever that made them scream in agonizing pain then they all died but after some few minutes they all woke up, every single one of them, but they were no longer humans, theye became blood suckers just like Damian.

The two werewolves had to save the village again from this set of new blood sucking demons but surprisingly they found it much easier to kill this new set of vampires, they were not as strong as their maker Eric Damian... ”

Mathias narrated but had to stop talking when some students who looked like bullies came up to them.

Clara noticed that Mathias all of a sudden looked scared and she knew it was the presence of the four boys, three of them where huge and big while the fourth one was a normal sized teenager but surprisingly he was there leader and spoke man.

“ what do we have here, Mathias is actually talking to someone, a girl, a very pretty one at that ”

he said checking Clara out.

“ what do you want? ” Mathias said in a scared and shaky voice.

“ funny you ask that question, how about you give us your lunch money and we spare you the embrassment of walking the school without your pants on ”

the boy said in a threatening way.

Mathias was quick in bringing out his wallet and he took all the money out from it and was about handing it over to the boy before Clara stopped him.

“ you would do no such thing ”

she said holding his hand and putting it down.

“ it's OK really ”

Mathias said obviously fearing what they would do to him or Clara.

“ No it's not OK, how can you give them all your money! And you guys should be ashamed of yourself bullying an innocent boy ”

Clara said boldly not intimidated by them at all.

“ do you know who you are messing with? ” The boy asked.

“ I don't give a damn who you are, you can be the president son for all I care but that doesn't mean I will sit and watch you mistreat my friend ”

Clara said and she could see a smile formed on Mathias face when she called him her friend.

“ careful there little girl, no one talks to Steven like that and goes away unscathed ”

One of the huge boys warned.

Steven made a wicked smile “ don't worry boys she will find out the hard way....Let's go ”

he said staring hard at Clara for some seconds then at Mathias before leaving.

“ what have you done ”

Mathias said, looking really scared.

“ I just saved your lunch money ” Clara joked.

“ No you just made things worse, they will surely beat me up now... And you are not safe yourself ”

Mathias said and was suddenly in a hurry to leave.

“ where are you going to? ” Clara asked.

“ I have to get away from here ” He said then left the class.

Clara looked confused, she actually thought she was helping him but it seems she just made things worse.

“ where is the damn teacher when you need them ” she said..



Meanwhile Adams had been watching all what was happening, how Clara had stood up to those bully and he was quite impressed.

“ who is that girl? ”

he had asked his best friend Noah.

“ I don't know, nobody really knows she is new, she came in yesterday ” Noah replied.

“ and she is already picking a fight? She most be trouble ” Ella, Adams girlfriend said clearly not a fan of Clara's.

“ I think she is brave ” Adams said.

“ or stupid ” Noah stated.

“ I am going with stupid ” Ella said smiling “ she has no idea what she has gotten herself into, nobody is stupid enough to pick a fight with Steven ”

“ except you happen to be Adams Gray of course, am I right? ” Noah joked and both boys shook hands in a laugh....

Clara turned at there direction and she saw Adams and his friends Laughing while looking at her and she concluded they were laughing at her and that made her feel uncomfortable, couple with the fact that Adams girlfriend was giving her a mean look.

She stood up and left the lab, heading straight to the female restroom, on her way to the restroom she came across some group of students laughing and taking pictures of something they found funny with their phone cameras.

Clara slowly walked to where they where and pushed herself to the front... Then she saw it.

“ Mathias "

She called in shock.

Mathias had been pinned up to his locker and he had his pants ( trousers ) fallen from his waist, resting on his shoes.

He had a cut on his mouth and some bruises on his face, he looked like someone who just got ran over by a train and Clara knew this got Steven written all over it, she quickly tired to help him down while everyone else was just kept on laughing and taking pictures.

“ it's alright Mathias, I will get you down from there ” she said to him and he was so weak to even give a reply.

“ what's wrong with you all!! ” Clara screamed facing them “ please help me get him down from here ” she pleaded with them since it was proving an impossible task for her to do alone.

But they just ignored her and continued taking pictures..

Then Anna and her friend Caleb came out from the crowd.

“ my God! Who did this to him? ” Caleb asked and he quickly lend an assisting hands.

Anna also lend a helping hand and together they brought Mathias down.

The onlooking students murmured in disappointment that the fun was over and they gradually left the scene one after the other.

Caleb help dressed Mathias properly while Anna called Clara to one side.

“ what are you doing? ” She said to Clara.

“ what do you mean? ” Clara said confused.

“ you know what am talking about, I told you to stay away from him he is no good ” Anna said.

“ I can't believe you just said that, he is harmless, it's the rest of the students in this school that have a problem, how can they all just stand there laughing and watching as a human being suffer?

That's barbaric and plain evil...look at him does he look dangerous to you, what's wrong if he talks about Vampires and werewolves all the time, I myself enjoy watching vampire movies and werewolves classic and I am sure almost everyone in this school talking bad about him does same likewise.

So tell me what does that make you all?... I will tell you, hypocrites! ”

Clara said in a really angry tone

Then she looked at the far end of the hallway and there stood Steven smiling, his arms folded at his back and as usual he was with his dogs.

Clara wanted to charge at him and break his nose for what he did to Mathias but Anna held her back.

“ be calm, I see now how foolish I have been for labelling someone a weirdo for liking the things I like only that am scared and ashamed to admit it...

He isn't weird neither is he dangerous but Steven is, he is really dangerous and you shouldn't pick a fight with him, you have seen what he can do so let's just quietly back down ” Anna said trying to reason with Clara.

But Clara was still very much angry

“ coward!!! are a damn coward! Yes am talking to you Steven or what the hell your name is ”

she yelled at his direction.

Steven just kept on smiling which kept irritating Clara the more...

Clara has always been an activist against anti social behavior in her former school such as bullying, drug abuse and child abuse, she hates it so much when someone is being mistreated unfairly and she could do anything in her power to fight against anyone doing such.

“ you won't say anything will you? Jerk! Coward!! ”

she screamed at him even more.

“ it's OK Clara ”

Anna said dragging her away.

“ what? ” She barked at her.

“ look around you, you are coursing a scene ” Anna whispered to her.

“ really am the one coursing the scene here? What kind of people are in this school? ” she said then walked to meet Mathias who was sitting on the floor.

“ I am sorry Mathias this is all my fault, I didn't know he was such a jerk ” Clara said.

“ shouldn't.. have yelled.. at him, he will come after you ” Mathias struggled to speak.

“ I am not scared of him ” Clara said.

Mathias laughed painfully “ you are brave I will hand that to you ...but you should be careful ” he said.

They helped him to his feet and gently walked him to the school clinic....



After school hours.

“ hello mom when are you coming to pick me up, I have been waiting for a while now ” Clara said in the phone.

“ oh sweetheart, I am so sorry, please forgive me I forgot to call you to inform you that I won't be coming to pick you up from school today. I am really busy at work ” Dr Ellen said.

“ mommm! you should have told me this earlier, I could have followed Anna in her mom's car ” Clara said sounding disappointed.

“ I am sorry baby, don't be angry at mama you can take a cab or a train OK, I love you ” she said.

“ you know I hate using the train, I will stop a cab ” Clara said.

“ alright sweetheart, I love you ”

“ love you too ” Clara muttered then the call ended....

Before she could see a cab she had to trek down a hilly road inbetween a forest of trees to get to the main road where she can get a cab, Clara knew she wasn't going to enjoy this one bit.

She braced herself and started the long and lonely trek down the hill.

she plugged in her ear phones, playing random songs from her phone play list...

Justin Bieber's “ sorry " started playing and Clara moved her head slowly to the beat of the song as she walked down the hilly road her head facing down.

But as she walked something just kept telling her to raise her head up and when she did she saw one of Steven boys standing on the middle of the road, her heart skipped as she slowly stepped backwards and as she turned around she saw another of Steven's boys at that direction too.

And yet another one came out from one side of the forest and Steven himself came out from the other side.

“ well, well, well, what do we have here? ” Steven said with an evil smile...

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