RED MOON The Curse/C4 chapter 4
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RED MOON The Curse/C4 chapter 4
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C4 chapter 4

Chapter four

Clara was completely surrounded, no where to escape from and she was now very far away from the school building, so nobody could possibly help her even if she scream for help, course they wouldn't hear her.

Clara was really scared as she realized she was at their mercy, but she wasn't going to let them see her fears so she kept a bold and courageous act.

“ I don't have time for your silly games, if you think I will be cowering in fear because of you then I am sorry to tell you that you have made a big mistake_and you just proved to me I am right about you along.

I am right when I said you were nothing but a coward!

” Clara stated, staring directly into Steven's eyes, hoping he buys her tough look act and leave her alone

He was quiet for awhile and Clara decided to talk so more

She continued “ And trust me you are going to pay for what you did to that innocent boy, that's not a threat it's the fact ”

she finished speaking then turned around facing forward, resuming her trek, hoping she had talked her way out of trouble.

As she walked however, one of Steven boys was still standing in the way, she said a silent player in her heart, praying he shouldn't stop her from passing...

She had nearly passed by his side when he stretched out his huge left arm blocking her off.

Clara heart skipped but she kept on playing tough and in control.

“ will you get your arm out of my face ” she said in a threatening manner, but he just stared at her like a lifeless zombie.

Clearly he only take orders from his boss, Stephan.

Clara turned to Steven's direction “ tell your friend here to get off my path now!! ” she ordered.

“ sorry but I am afraid I can't do that ” Steven said then took some steps forward.

“ seize her ” he ordered and immediately Clara saw herself being lifted and placed on a giant's shoulder.

“ drop me down immediately ” she yelled at him.

Steven laughed dramatically.

“ you should have known by now he only listens to me, you are not in charge here. I am! and I am about to teach you a bitter lesson you won't be forgotten anytime soon "

He grinned at her, then turned facing the thick bush.

“ boys bring her along ” he ordered.

He vanished into the trees and his minions did also, including the one carrying Clara on his shoulder's.

“ help!! Someone help me!! Please anyone!! ” Clara screamed and she kept trying to free herself from the giant grip by hitting the back of the boy with her hands, multiple times but it was like he was immune to pain.

He just kept walking...

“ you can scream all you want, you see no one will hear you and nobody is coming to save you, you messed with the wrong guy ”

Steven enlightened.

Clara tough act was long gone by now, her face was like that of a scared little mouse that have just been cornered by a family of hungry cats, her heart kept beating in abnormal speed as they took her further into the woods.

She kept wondering what they had in mind to do to her, nothing like this have ever happened to her and so many thoughts were flooding into her mind.

Gang rape?

The thought of them inside her was so irritating that she felt like vomiting, it was also very much scary and she find herself screaming even louder for help.

“ drop her over there ”

Steven ordered.

Clara was dropped down without any form of grace in it - her head hitting the grassy ground hard and she felt a sharp pain from that.

“ tell me what should I do to you? ” Steven asked.

“ please... let me go ” Clara pleaded in pains, she was still feeling the effects of the bad landing.

“ you know I can't do that, I will tell you what I can do though ” he said then took some steps closer to her.

His face inches away from her right ear, that she could hear and feel his disgusting breathing.

“ what's the problem Huh? Not so tough anymore right? ” he whispered into her ear and smiled widely - showing all his white teeth.

He then withdrew himself away from her, turning his back on her, pounding what he should do to her.

His three minions stared at Clara lustfully and it was as if they where just waiting for his order to just pounce on her and devour her....

Although standing for Mathias, has landed Clara into a serious predicament she wouldn't have changed a thing if she had the power to reverse the hand of time, she would have done nothing different, she would have still fought for him.

That's her nature, she can't help herself from defending those she felt are being oppressed but after this encounter with Steven she might start to see things differently...

Steven finally turned and faced her “ bring her to me ” he ordered and Clara was lifted by two of his minions.

They forcefully lifted her and made her knee in front of him, both of them holding her down so she won't be able to run away.

“ Today is your lucky day, you are about to know how my dick taste like. ” Stephen said and Clara felt drowning.

There is no way in hells name will she do that, never!

She tried to fight her way out but then Stephen grabbed hold of her, by the hair of her head.

He pulled on it so hard that Clara felt like her hair was about to he uprooted from her very skull.

“ Ahhhhhhhhhhh "

She screamed out in pains, her mouth wide open

Just what Steven wanted, he unzipped his pants and his huge rode came out that made Clara's eyes popped out in horror.

Stephan was about inserting his dick into her mouth when

” Arrgggggg "

a thick angry Growling sound came from the woods.

It sounded like an angry wolf and it gave Steven and everyone present a fright.. Clara had fallen to the ground.

“ what was that? ”

Stephen asked and he quickly zipped up his pants.

“ I don't know...but it sounded like a wolf ” one of his minions said looking terrified.

The growling sound came again this time it sounded more angrier and it seems it was much closer to them.

“ let's get out of here ” one of his friends said totally panicking

Clara on her part didn't know if she should be happy about this scary noise that they were hearing, true its distracting Steven and his friends from doing all the horrible things they had planned to do to her but this creature is also be threat to her life.

“ Run for your lives!! ”

Stephen yelled, and it was like scream triggered everything.

A big, huge white wolf came flying out from nowhere, it was the most terrifying creature Clara has ever seen yet it was also the most remarkable.

It's eyes were blue, it's gaze was piecing, it's head was four times the size of a normal wolf, it's teeth where long and sharp, just like a dagger and it's claws left huge marks on the ground as it walked.

The creature slowly walked to meet them snarling

Steven and his minions took to flight, they ran as fast as there two legs could take them but Clara didn't run . she couldn't

She was too scared to carry her legs, to stand up so she just lay on the ground watching as it came closer to her...

The creature draw so close to her that she thought for sure it would chew her up, so she closed her eyes tightly anticipating the horrible moment when she will feel that sharp pain of it's bite..

Her heart racing and thoughts about all her friends, her mom and her dad - who was long dead came playing in her head like moving pictures.

Then she realized it was taking an awful lot of time for the creature to kill her, it hasn't even bit her yet..

She slowly opened her eyes but was left shocked when she saw it was no longer there. How come? Where did it go to?

Did she just imagined all of that? She pondered but then she saw giant print the creature left behide on the ground and it became clear she didn't imagine anything, the creature was real.

She stood, searching around with her eyes for it but it wasn't anywhere to be seen, it has completely vanished.

But what if it comes back? Clara wasn't sticking around to find out

She ran out of there and didn't stop or turn to look back at any point until she got to the main road ...

All the while the creature was watching and following Clara from a hidden position until it saw she was safe then it turned back and started walking deeper into the woods.

It got to a point where it stopped walking, a male shirt, jeans and sneakers where scattered on the floor where it stopped.

Something remarkable occurred when the wolf-like creature started transforming into the shape of a man until he was completely transformed into fully fleshly man_ a teenage boy really.

He picked up the clothes and wore them and he a smile touched his lips before he sped off...




Clara got home feeling really tired - she was scared and completely exhausted.

Walking up to her room, she threw her bag at one corner of the bed and collapsed on it, still wearing her shoes.

Immediately she fell asleep and went straight to the dream world...

[ Clara's dream ]

She kept seeing flashes of the wolf creature, it's eyes, teeth and long, sharp claws, it's massive head and body.

In her dream the wolf was chasing her through the woods and she tripped and fell to the ground on a root of a large tree...and the creature ran to meet her, it jumped on her body with its mouth fully opened...

[ Real world ]

“ Ahhhhhhh ” Clara woke up screaming.

“ it's OK baby it's just a nightmare ” Dr Ellen said as she embraced Clara in a tight hug.

Clara kept shivering in fear as she held her mom back in a tight grip, she was sweating allover her body even though the room was cool enough.

“ it's alright you are safe, I am here now ok, mummy won't let anything harm you ok baby ” her mom said petting her as if she was a little kid who needed closure.

She then kissed her on her forehead “ you most be hungry, dinner is ready ” she said then came door from the bed

Dr Ellen walked to the door then stopped, glancing back at her daughter Clara, who still had this frightful look on her face.

She wondered if something like a nightmare could make someone react like this.

“ come down for dinner OK ” she reminded then walked out the door, shutting it close after her.





[ TIME: 9:00pm LOCATION : All Night Stripper Club ]

Weird sounds kept playing, it was actually music_ a harsh loud music, and it was accompained by scattering colorful lights.

A hot lady in bikini wss dancing erotically on a pole, delighting the audience.

Underage citizens were in their numbers, drinking alcohol and abusing drugs, and in practically every corner of the building one could find couples making out and having raw sex.

Amidst all these, three high school girls on very short gown kept eyeing an unusually charming young man, he looked like an heavenly creature, his lips as red as wine, his skin as white as snow, and his eyes as blue as the sky. He was really beautiful.

His golden hair made him stand out from the rest, he was like the sun as he commands attention.

He wasn't a regular at this place for sure, the girls would know as they party here almost every night.

He's long black coat was touching the floor, as he sat down at the bar stand with a glass of whiskey in his hand and his eyes scanning around like he was in search of something..and it settled on them.

Two out of the three girls where black of hair and one was a blonde and obviously the blonde was the prettiest among the three and it was her that caught the attention of the handsome stranger.

Her eyes met with his, the charming stranger, and he made a cute smile.

Then he stood up from where he sat, walking towards the direction of the girls...They where already rigging of excitement as they noticed he was coming to meet them.

“ hello beautiful ladies ” he cooed, greeting them with a classic bow of the head.

“ I am Eric Damian ”

he said stretching out a hand towards the blonde who just kept staring at his beautiful eyes.

“ I am Natasha ” she said blushing as he kissed the back of her palm

“ ladies, please permit me, I will like to borrow your friend for a dance ” he said to her two friends which they nodded excitedly making a girly giggle.

The handsome stranger then led the girl to the dance floor and oh boy! does he have moves, he was such a great dancer that Natasha was left breathless and the other girls around where envious of her because of the charming looking stranger.

After a great dance Natasha led the handsome man out of the club to a lonely walk-path, her motives was too make out with him and she was willing to go further than that but if only she knows the plans he had for her.....

She passionately kissed him pushing him hard against a wall and pressing her body and lips against his.

He kissed her back with the same force she was using on him, romancing her body all the while from her legs towards up her breasts.

Then he kissed her on her ears down to her neck and Natasha kept moaning softly.

He spend time on her neck, kissing and licking it and she held his back tightly as she finds even breathing difficult because of the pressure he was making her feel....

But suddenly that pressure turned into a sharp, agonizing pain as she felt his teeth sunk inside her neck, the pain was so much she couldn't scream her mouth was just wind open and her hands held him at the back of his head

He's eyes turned Reddish Brown as he sucked the life out of her....





The next day at Great Hill High School

Steven stood, staring at Clara in shock as she walked in the hallway.

The way he looked at her, like she was some ghost, that's because he and his minions had thought the creature in the woods most have devoured every single bone in her body but there she was smiling and gisting with her friends.

“ how come she is alive? ” Steven asked.

“ I don't know boss ” one of his dogs said.

“ she most have managed to escape from the beast ” another said.

“ obviously, tell me something I don't know, like how the hell did she manage to pull that stunt because she was clearly on the floor when the beast jumped on us ” Steven said.

“ that I don't know boss ”

“ well I would find out soon ” Steven said...

Clara could see Steven and his foolish friends from where she was, she just felt like shooting them down from where she stood but she was glad that she was still alive after what happened yesterday.

“ what do you think? ” Anna asked after she had been speaking for a while.

“ think of what? ” Clara said clearly not paying attention.

“ wait don't tell me you didn't hear a single thing I was saying!! ” Anna said angrily.

“ I am so sorry dear please can you repeat yourself? ”

Clara said feeling kinda bad.

Anna sighed “ I said do you think I should ask Caleb out because I have been showing him all the signs in the world for him to know I like him but his eyes is just fixed on his books and all those his nerd stuffs, he is totally clueless about my feelings for him ” Anna said repeating all she had said.

Clara tired her best not to laugh because she didn't want to hurt Anna's feelings but the thought of a girl asking a boy out seems strange in her ears.

“ well... I don't really know what to say, but if you say you like him then I guess you should go after him right? ” Clara said answering her question with a question of her own.

“ yes exactly my thoughts, I mean the boys shouldn't always be the one to ask the girl out right? This is the 21st century and things have changed ” Anna said prepping herself up.

“ yeah you right, this is the 21st century and girls rule!! ” Clara said, liking the sound of that....

Someone else was watching Clara as she spoke with her friends.



“ you know you shouldn't have done what you did? ” Noah said.

“ I know but I couldn't just let that fool hurt her ” Adams said.

“ I understand but just hope that Lucian doesn't hear about this he won't be happy and you know what that means ” Noah said.

“ he won't find out OK, no one saw me ” Adams said alittle bit nervy....

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