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C1 A Scary Man

City C, luxurious villa district.

A pure white European style building stood halfway up the mountain. It was grand and majestic like a castle, exuding endless solemnity and mystery.

Ann Ruoxi looked nervous as she sat on the soft and comfortable chair. Her legs were tightly together. This overly luxurious and beautiful environment made her feel extremely uneasy.

What was about to happen made her extremely afraid, but she had no other choice...

"Ann Ruoxi, 21 years old, height 162, graduation from university..."

The experienced middle-aged housekeeper held a stack of files and looked down at the pure and delicate girl in front of her. There was a bit of disdain in her eyes, but also a bit of pity.

Right now, these young girls didn't do proper work, but had to sell their bodies. For money and fame, they could do anything.

"Since you are introduced by Anna, you must know the rules, right?" The female butler asked coldly.

Ann Ruoxi's tensed body slightly trembled and her delicate little face was deathly pale. She lowered her head and bit her lips tightly. She softly said, "I... I know!"

Long before she came, Anna had already reminded her repeatedly that she was about to face a very dangerous and mysterious man.

It was rumored that that man was rich enough to rival a country, but his face was ugly and he hated women very much. Moreover, he was happy to insult women. Thus, he had some taboos that others absolutely could not violate.

She absolutely could not turn on the lights!

She absolutely could not speak!

She absolutely could not resist!

These three taboos, Ruoxi had always kept them firmly in her heart. She did not dare to forget them for even a moment.

"Okay, sign this contract and go change your clothes first!"

The housekeeper said and passed a document to Ann Ruoxi.

Ruoxi took it and did not hesitate. She gritted her teeth and signed.

After all, she needed money too much!

Compared to money, her life was nothing. It was just a matter of one night and she could endure it.

When the housekeeper saw that Ruoxi was still obedient, she could not help but remind her. "Remember, do not resist or I cannot guarantee your life!"

Ruoxi's slim body could not help but shiver. All the hair on her body seemed to stand up, and her small face was full of fear.

Was that man really that scary?

Immediately after, two slightly younger maids pulled Ruoxi to a room filled with all kinds of strange clothes without saying anything.

"You, put on this dress!"

A maid fiercely stuffed a dress into Ruoxi's hands.

Ruoxi looked at the dress and her face immediately turned red. She quickly stepped back, "No, no, no. This dress is too revealing. Can you change into another dress?"

It was a wine-red tight short skirt. The skirt was extremely short and the design of the chest was bold. It was hollow. If she really wore it, she would be completely naked.

"You are already here to sell your body, why are you still pretending to be pure? It is not certain if my master will take a liking to you. Stop dawdling and quickly change it!"

Another maid impatiently urged.

Ruoxi's face was burning and her red lips were tightly pursed. She was desperately pinching her fingers. She did not say a word.

She knew that these maids looked down on her. Because even she looked down on herself...

In the end, she put on the sexy short skirt. She was like a piece of wood, allowing the two maids to put on makeup on her face.

The woman in the mirror had fiery red lips and was sexy and charming. Her tight red dress wrapped around her alluring body, making her look like a beauty that would drive a man crazy. She was completely different from her previous pure and conservative appearance...

Ann Ruoxi turned her head in disgust. She did not want to look at herself anymore. This kind of appearance made her very disgusted!

She slowly closed her eyes and silently said in her heart, "Do your best, Ann Ruoxi. You can do it. As long as you survive through tonight, everything will be fine...

After she finished dressing, she walked through the long corridor. Two maids brought Ann Ruoxi to a gorgeous golden door carved with bronze dragon marks.

Before Ann Ruoxi could ask any more questions, she was violently pushed in and was instantly swallowed by the boundless darkness!

Ruoxi's heart was beating fast and her body was tightly pressed against the door. She did not dare to move and her delicate eyes wandered around in the darkness.

She could not see anything in the dark room. The room was unusually quiet. An inexplicable pressure almost suffocated her.

She did not know why, but Ruoxi kept feeling that there was a pair of cold eyes staring at her in a corner...

It was unbelievable!

She could clearly feel the powerful and terrifying power of those eyes. He was like a dormant beast, wantonly admiring its prey. It was hard to say when he would tear her to pieces!

"No, there can't be anyone. I must have thought too much..."

Ruoxi stroked her beating chest and tried her best to keep calm.

She remembered that the housekeeper said that the man would only come at night. So she should be the only one in the room right now.

Ruoxi nervously swallowed her saliva and fumbled along the wall. She subconsciously wanted to turn on the light.

It was not easy for her to touch the switch. Just as she was about to press it, she heard a "Ka" sound. It was similar to the sound of a silver lighter.

In the darkness, a flame lit up. Above the dancing flame was a man's extremely cold face.

"Who gave you the guts to turn on the light!"

The man's voice was cold and cold, without a trace of warmth. It was as if he came from hell, freezing the air.

At that moment, the fire was extinguished and the room returned to its previous darkness. The only thing left was the flickering of the cigarette and the unique smell of Nicholas.


Ann Ruoxi only felt a buzzing sound in her head and her legs went soft. She was so scared that she sat on the ground.

It turned out that it was not her imagination. There was really a man in the room who had been watching her from the beginning to the end. He coldly observed her every move. This was such a creepy thing!

"You, you are..."

Ruoxi was too scared and her voice could not stop trembling. She suddenly thought of something and quickly covered her mouth tightly. She did not dare to say a word.

Absolutely not speak!!

This was one of the taboos of that strange man.

She still wanted to leave this place alive, so she absolutely didn't dare to offend him.

Actually, with that flame just now, she did not see clearly what the man looked like, but just the rough outline of his facial features, the sharp and cold outline, made her extremely terrified!

She did not understand why the man did not turn on the light. Was it because he was too ugly?

Or was it because he was a ghost that he did not dare to see the light?

Just as Ruoxi was making wild guesses, his bone-piercing cold voice sounded again, carrying the meaning of an order that could not be disobeyed.

"Come over!"

Di Chenjue took a deep breath of smoke. His cold gaze swept over Ann Ruoxi's sexy and graceful body with interest, his eyes carrying a strong desire to possess.

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