Refuse The Legendary CEO's Love/C11 Abnormal to the Extreme
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Refuse The Legendary CEO's Love/C11 Abnormal to the Extreme
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C11 Abnormal to the Extreme

A familiar smell of nicotine filled the room. Ruoxi gradually woke up. Her eyelashes were trembling and her small face was wrinkled in pain. She looked nervous and uneasy.

Someone was looking at her!

Feeling a terrifying gaze, the girl suddenly opened her eyes.

On the leather sofa opposite the big bed, a man was crossing his long legs. His long fingers were holding a cigar, and he elegantly blew a smoke ring. His cold and deep eyes were staring at her coldly through the hazy smoke.

The man had a face that was so handsome that it made people suffocate. His nose was stiff, and his thin lips were so tight that they were extremely sexy. However, the outline of his face was too deep and three-dimensional, and his expression was too cold and solemn. He was like a living iceberg, giving people a terrifying aura that they did not dare to approach.

"Who are you? Where is this?"

Ann Ruoxi looked at the man timidly. Her fingers grabbed the edge of the bed and her body involuntarily moved back.

She was sure that she had never seen this man before because if she had seen such a handsome man before, she would definitely have an impression of him.

The man pursed his thin lips and did not answer. He just put out the cigarette butt expressionlessly and coldly stood up from the sofa and walked towards Ann Ruoxi on the bed.

He was tall and broad and wore an expensive black shirt. The buttons on his collar were loose and loose, revealing his refined and sexy bronze skin.

Probably because the man was too handsome and perfect and his aura was too strong, Ruoxi's face could not help but turn red and her heart was beating fast. She was nervous and afraid. She did not dare to meet the man's eyes directly.

"Sir, we don't seem to know each other. Don't come over!"

The man was about to approach her. Ruoxi jumped off the bed uneasily and hid in a corner.

The man did not have any intention of stopping. Instead, he forced the girl into a corner where she could not retreat. His eyes were burning as he locked Ruoxi up. It was as if a ferocious beast was capturing a pitiful elk.

What he enjoyed was the process of driving her son crazy!

"Are you sure we don't know each other?"

Di Chenjue sneered meaningfully. He lowered his body slowly. His thin lips were pressed against Ann Ruoxi's soft and white earlobes. He said in an evil and cruel way. "I clearly remember you crying and begging for mercy under me!"

When she heard the man's voice, Ann Ruoxi only felt her scalp go numb. All the hair on her body stood on end. That bone-deep fear attacked her again!

This voice was deep and mellow, cold to the bone. It was exactly the same as the voice of the perverted devil who took away her virginity and the mysterious man behind the screen. It was clear that these three men were the same person from beginning to end!

"It's you!"

Ruoxi was so scared that her teeth were chattering. Her voice was trembling. "Why am I here? What do you want?"

She originally thought that the moment she received the money, she would have nothing to do with this man.

It was as if she only needed to forcefully delete that painful memory and everything would be as if it had never happened before.

His sudden appearance stunned her completely...

Furthermore, didn't they say that he was incomparably ugly? But the man in front of her was clearly very handsome. He was much more charming than the current popular stars!

"Very good. It seems like you haven't forgotten me. This way, it will be much easier for us to communicate."

Di Chenjue stared coldly at Ann Ruoxi. His voice was neither light nor heavy. There was not a trace of emotion in it.


Ruoxi clenched her fists tightly and stuck her body tightly to the wall, trying to distance herself from this man.

They were so close and his strong male aura seemed to have taken away all the air. She could not breathe normally at all.

"I don't quite understand what you mean!"

To put it bluntly, it was a deal between them. One was for money, and the other was for lust. She did not understand what they could communicate with each other!

"You'll understand soon."

Di Chenjue's handsome face was close to perfection and revealed a bit of mystery. His rough palm gently caressed Ruoxi's red and hot cheeks, as if he was caressing a newborn baby.

Suddenly, the man's slender and strong fingers moved to the girl's collar. He pulled hard and the buttons on Ruoxi's white shirt fell to the ground one by one. Her body was exposed without reservation.


Ruoxi, who was unprepared, cried out in shock. She quickly hugged her arms and covered her chest in panic. "Pervert, what do you want? Get lost!"

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