Refuse The Legendary CEO's Love/C12 You Took My Things
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Refuse The Legendary CEO's Love/C12 You Took My Things
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C12 You Took My Things

Sure enough, this man was just as Ms Anna had said. He was a pervert who hated women to the extreme.

Even though he had a handsome and perfect skin, he still could not hide his demon nature.

Compared to that night when she suffered all kinds of torture, Ruoxi's dislike for Di Chenjue was a little deeper and her fear for him was also a little deeper.

Escape was her only thought at this moment.

Ruoxi gritted her teeth and used all her strength to push Di Chenjue away. She quickly ran towards the door.

Di Chenjue took a big step and easily pulled the girl back. He firmly pressed her against the wall. His thick chest was tightly pressed against her curvaceous body. He lifted her chin and sneered. "Don't waste your energy. No one can escape the woman I want."

Ruoxi was afraid and desperate. Her petite body trembled and she begged the man with a sobbing tone. I'm sorry, sir, I didn't mean to offend you, but I have something very important to take care of. I beg you to let me go!"

Her father was in danger. He could be killed by the vicious Liang Feifeng and Doctor Wang at any time. She had to rush to the hospital to protect him immediately.

She knew that this perverted man had a powerful background. She was no match for him at all. If she acted tough, she was afraid that she would only get hurt more. She could only give in temporarily to escape.

Di Chenjue looked coldly at the trembling figure under him. The corner of his lips curled up slightly. That faint smile was not clear whether it was mockery or pity. "Don't tremble... Relax. I just want to confirm some things about you."

"Wh... What is it?"

When the man said this, Ruoxi trembled even more violently.

She could not help but think of that dark and boundless night. The things he did to her felt like she was a prey that was about to be torn apart. She almost broke down!

"I need to confirm whether you took away some of my things."

Di Chenjue's handsome face was expressionless, but there were too many hidden meanings in his words.

Ruoxi was confused. She said with some confusion, "When did I take your things? When I left, my hands were empty. I didn't even ask the driver to send me... Are you talking about the one million?"

God, she knew that one million wasn't so easy to earn!

For the past three months, Ruoxi had been trembling with fear because of that one million. She was afraid that one day this man would regret giving too much.

Sure enough...

The girl bit her lips in embarrassment. Her face turned red as she looked at Di Chenjue. She said in a silly manner, "Then... how about I give you another five hundred thousand? I have a job, but I don't have any savings. I can return it to you in installments..."

"Shut up!"

Di Chenjue furrowed his thick eyebrows and shouted unhappily.

This woman, was she a pig? She was really stupid!

He, Di Chenjue, had always been famous for being generous to women. It was just a mere one million, yet she was bargaining here. Did she think he could not afford it?

The man felt inexplicably angry. He pulled Ruoxi into his arms. One of his hands roughly grabbed the back of her head, while the other hand went along her full breasts. He moved all the way to her firm lower abdomen and stroked her skin that was as fine as silk. His tone was mocking, "I can tell you clearly that your performance that night made me very satisfied. I don't want it, so I think this one million is worth it... "If you still have what I want, I can give you another million! "

"Anyway, this woman is just like those vain women. Her entire body reeked of copper. He only needed money to get rid of her.

"Who wants your money? Stay away from me... Let go of me!"

Ruoxi struggled like a madman as she angrily pounded on the man's chest.

Di Chenjue's words humiliated her and made her extremely embarrassed.

How could there be such a hateful man in this world? Not only did he torture her body, but he also trampled on her self-esteem. He was a devil. She really regretted provoking him!

Di Chenjue allowed Ann Ruoxi to struggle, but he had no intention of letting her go.

It seemed that this pitiful little girl was not as pitiful as he imagined. She was more like a little wild cat that could not be controlled. It made him feel more and more amused.

A trace of warmth appeared in Di Chenjue's cold and gloomy eyes, and the smile on the corners of his mouth became even deeper. He suddenly carried the woman onto his shoulder and strode towards the direction of the bathroom.

"What are you doing? Put me down, bastard... Put me down!"

Ruoxi was completely driven mad by this man. She did not want to hesitate anymore. She hit the man's back with all her might to vent the anger in her heart.

Coming to the bathroom door, Di Chenjue kicked open the bathroom door and threw the person on his shoulder in. He ordered from above, "Piss."

"Wh... What?"

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