Refuse The Legendary CEO's Love/C13 He Ran away in Shock
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Refuse The Legendary CEO's Love/C13 He Ran away in Shock
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C13 He Ran away in Shock

Ruoxi widened her eyes as if she was struck by lightning. She could not believe what she heard.

"Find something to store it."

The man ignored Ruoxi's shocked expression and ordered coldly without any explanation.

Seeing that the girl did not move for a long time, Di Chenjue impatiently urged her. "If you dawdle any longer, I will do it myself!"

Ruoxi swallowed her saliva and instantly felt her entire view of life collapse.

This man was simply perverted to the extreme!

After a while, would he directly kill her?!

What should she do? She still didn't want to die. How should she escape?

Di Chenjue had lost all his patience. He walked in and said seriously, "It looks like you really want me to help you."

Ruoxi was shocked and her face instantly turned pale. She quickly pushed the man out. "No need. I will do it myself."

"One minute."

Di Chenjue stood at the door and looked at his watch. His tone was domineering.

"I will do it as soon as possible."

Ruoxi's face was red. With a bang, she closed the door.

She tried to calm herself down and carefully observed her surroundings, looking for an opportunity to escape.

The bathroom was large and simple. It was mainly black and white, and the space was relatively closed. There was only a small window above the bathtub.

The window was very small but it was only twenty to thirty centimeters wide. Ruoxi was not sure if she could pass it, but she still wanted to try.

The window was slightly higher than Ann Ruoxi's head. The girl looked around and found a milky white wooden flower rack. On it was a pot of dense green leaves.

"It's you!"

Ruoxi carefully moved the green roses away and placed the flower rack in the bathtub. She stood on the flower rack herself.

The flower rack swayed unsteadily, as if her heart was trembling with fear. Ruoxi's fingers firmly grabbed the edge of the window and forcefully jumped up...

Di Chenjue stood outside the bathroom door and looked impatiently at his watch. His handsome face was as cold as ice.

This stupid woman, what the hell is she doing? She is just urinating. Why did she take so long?

Moreover, there was no movement at all. Was she meditating and cultivating inside?

Sensing that something was not right, the man's iron fist slammed heavily on the door, and he shouted in a stern voice: "Ann Ruoxi, open the door!"

He did not hear the answer.

Di Chenjue's eyes narrowed. He kicked the door open and there was no one in the bathroom.

Looking coldly at the white flower rack and the half-open window in the bathtub, Di Chenjue's perfect facial features showed a scary expression. He clenched his fists and said word for word. Damn woman, I will make you regret it! "

Because of his noble and powerful background, many women liked him. Some women flattered him, while others were afraid of him. These women regarded him as a high and mighty king...

Only Ann Ruoxi had provoked him time and time again and even dared to escape from under his nose. This was undoubtedly the greatest insult to his male dignity.

It was alright, he would let her taste the price!

In this world, no woman could escape from his hands.

Di Chenjue walked out of the bathroom in a cold manner and dialed the phone. "Seal all exits of the villa immediately and bring her back!"

- - -

Ann Ruoxi did not dare to stop after jumping out of the window. She limped and ran, looking for the exit of the villa.

Her fair and delicate face showed signs of pain as she hissed in pain. The blood from her left leg soaked her pants.

Just as she was running away, her left leg accidentally cut a piece of broken glass. It hurt so much that her teeth were chattering.

But at this moment, she couldn't care about the pain anymore. The devil man definitely wouldn't let her go. He probably sent someone to catch her, so she had to find the exit immediately!

However, the villa was just too big. It was like a maze. It was connected in all directions. There was a green golf course, and there was also a lush garden. There was even a small man-made lake. It was not an exaggeration to call it a castle.

Ruoxi endured the pain in her legs and found many places that looked like exits. But every exit was guarded by guards with strict expressions. She did not dare to rush out rashly.

"God, what kind of scary man did I offend!"

From this huge and luxurious villa, one could tell that this man was very wealthy. Ann Ruoxi felt that she was dead for sure, almost in despair.

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