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Refuse The Legendary CEO's Love/C14 What a Shocking Conspiracy
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C14 What a Shocking Conspiracy

At that moment there were loud sounds. A huge garbage truck drove into the villa.

Two cleaners in gray uniforms jumped out of the car and went to a fixed place to carry the garbage.

Ruoxi suddenly thought of a good idea. While there was no one around, she quickly climbed into the back of the garbage truck.

The sealed car of the garbage truck was mixed with all kinds of strange smells.

Ruoxi curled up her body and felt a wave of nausea in her stomach. But as long as she could come out, she could still endure this bit of pain.

The two cleaners threw the two large bags of trash into the back compartment and did not find anything unusual. Then, they slowly drove away...

Di Chenjue almost mobilized everyone in the villa to look for Ann Ruoxi.

However, after a few hours, no matter how the agile subordinates dug three feet into the ground, they still found nothing.

"Report, Mr. Di. We have sealed off all exits and started a carpet search of the entire villa. " But... but we did not find any traces of Miss Ann. "

The person who came to report nervously lowered his head. He was so scared that his legs trembled and he did not dare to breathe loudly.

"A bunch of trash, get lost!"

Di Chenjue kicked the man away in anger. His cold eyes were burning with anger.

Di Chenjue was in the Black and White Path, and he had great power. His cold style of doing things made people tremble in fear and afraid of provoking him. Now, he could not even handle a little girl. If this matter was leaked, it would simply be a joke!

"Boss, look here!"

Lieh Ying, who had been searching everywhere for clues, keenly noticed a pool of blood in front of him.

"This is human blood..."

Feixue, who was standing in front, had already squatted down sexy. Her index finger was stained with the blood on the ground. She put it in front of her nose and sniffed.

Then, the woman stood up and looked around. Her seductive eyes were slightly tense as she said cautiously, "This is the garbage disposal center. If I'm not wrong, Miss Ann should be hiding in the garbage truck."

"Oh my god. She is indeed the woman boss likes. She is indeed very special!"

The eyes of the person called Lieh Ying lit up. He could not help but tease.

Are you courting death? "

Di Chenjue glared at Lieh Ying. He stared at the pool of blood on the ground and fell into deep thought.

Lieh Ying and Feixue were Di Chenjue's two most trusted subordinates. They were also the top assassins in the upper ranks and the top experts in the second.

Whether it was martial arts or intelligence, they were all top experts. Most of the business in the black market was managed by them.

"Boss, what should we do next? Should we catch Miss Ann?"

Feixue looked at Di Chenjue who was deep in thought and asked seriously.

Compared to the funny Lieh Ying, the beautiful Feixue was known for her seriousness.

"No need!"

Di Chenjue waved his hand. He stared at the pool of blood. Then, he put on a cold, bloodthirsty sneer and said meaningfully, "Don't worry, she will beg back!"

Lieh Ying and Feixue were both terrified to the point they fiercely swallowed their saliva, but they didn't dare ask anything.

Every time Boss showed such an expression, something very terrifying would definitely happen.


Ann Ruoxi hid in the garbage truck and did not dare to make a sound. After confirming that the car was far away from the villa, she found an opportunity to climb out and hold onto a tree to throw up.

At this time, Ann Ruoxi's head was full of vegetable leaves and her clothes were full of leftovers. Her entire body emitted a pungent smell and she was in a miserable state.

Fortunately, there was no excrement or anything like that. Otherwise, Ann Ruoxi might have even spat out her bile!

At this time, Ann Ruoxi could no longer care about that much. She just casually packed up and then stopped a taxi by the road and went straight to the hospital where Ann Donghai was.

However, when Ruoxi rushed to her father's ward, there was another patient lying inside. Ann Donghai had been moved to another place by someone.

Ruoxi was extremely anxious. Her temples twitched violently. She frantically grabbed a nurse in white. "Where's my dad? Where's my dad? " Where did you transfer him? "

The nurse stuttered and pulled Ruoxi's hand away. She dodged and said, "Don't ask me. I... I don't know anything!"

"What do you mean you don't know? Tell me clearly. He is my father and my immediate family. Without my signature, why did you take him away? "Tell me, tell me!"

Ruoxi seemed to have lost her mind. She chased after the nurse and asked. She no longer had the energy to care about her image.

The huge commotion attracted the attention of many people.

Ruoxi was covered in mud and her hair was messy. Her left leg was still bleeding. Her eyes were also blood-red. She was no different from a madman...

When she thought about how her father might have been killed, her head began to hurt. She couldn't even think normally. His father was her only family in the world!

"It must be Liang Feifeng and the others!"

Ruoxi wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes. With hatred in her eyes, she walked aggressively towards Doctor Wang's office.

The office door was closed. Ruoxi did not even think and directly knocked the door open.

Liang Feifeng and Doctor Wang were kissing passionately. When they saw Ruoxi, they were a little flustered at first, but then they laughed viciously.

"You came at the right time. It saves us the strength to look for you everywhere."

Liang Feifeng crossed her arms and looked Ruoxi up and down. Then she gave Doctor Wang a look.

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