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C15 Please Save Me

Doctor Wang nodded. He moved behind Ann Ruoxi and quickly locked the door.

Ruoxi was full of hatred and anger. She did not sense any danger. She fiercely rushed in front of Liang Feifeng and questioned sternly, "Liang Feifeng, you woman with a heart like a snake and a scorpion. Where did you hide my daddy? Hand him over immediately. If anything happens to him, I will not let you off!"

These years, due to Ann Donghai's relationship, no matter how Liang Feifeng made things difficult for her, Ruoxi had always respected her.

But now she would not, because this vicious woman was not worthy!

Liang Feifeng swayed her dissolute figure and laughed, "Hahaha, you will not let us go? With just you? You should still be worried about yourself!"

To be honest, No one would care about someone like Ann Ruoxi who had neither money nor backing.

Liang Feifeng thought that since the matter had been exposed, Then she'll have to get rid of it.

"What do you mean..."

Looking at Liang Feifeng's eyes, Ruoxi vaguely felt that something was not right. She backed away and approached the door.

She only realized the danger at this moment and silently cursed herself for being impulsive and stupid. She should not have rashly found them alone. At least she had to call the police first!

But it was too late...

Doctor Wang, who was standing behind her, blocked her way. He covered her mouth with his palm.

Ruoxi struggled in fear but could not make a sound. Her entire body was firmly controlled by Doctor Wang and could not resist.

Clearly, this was a trap that Liang Feifeng and Doctor Wang had set up long ago. They were just waiting for her to foolishly jump in...

Before she could save Daddy, she herself was also killed. She was really stupid to the extreme!

"Didn't you really want to save that old bastard? Didn't you say you wanted to call the police? " We'll fulfill your wish now! "

Liang Feifeng looked at Ann Ruoxi and said with a cold smile.

She turned around and took out a needle from the medicine cabinet. The sharp needle was placed on Ruoxi's pale face. She said coldly, "This is specially prepared for you by Doctor Wang. With this needle, your limbs will be paralyzed and you will not be able to speak. " You will be a living corpse for the rest of your life. " When the time comes, you can call the police as you wish. We will not stop you! "

The color of blood instantly faded from Ann Ruoxi's face...

Out of instinct to survive, Ruoxi used all the strength in her body and fiercely bit at the area between Doctor Wang's thumb and index finger.


The man screamed in pain. Ruoxi took the opportunity to escape from his hand and ran to the door desperately. She shouted for help, "Help! Help!"

Doctor Wang grabbed Ruoxi's hair and pulled her back. He slapped her twice and scolded, "B * tch, you dare to bite me!"

"Let go of me, help!"

Ruoxi tried her best to resist and started fighting with Doctor Wang.

However, she was a woman after all. In addition, she was thin and weak. She was pressed to the ground by Doctor Wang and could not move. There were several places where her skin was torn and bleeding.

"Baby, hurry up and inject that thing into her. This b * tch is too strong. It will be bad if someone finds out!"

Doctor Wang urged nervously.


Ruoxi's face was pressed tightly onto the cold ground, tears streaming down her face in despair.

At the critical moment, there was a bang and the locked door was directly blown open by a shot.

"Boss, Miss Ann is here!"

Lieh Ying rushed in first, while Feixue calmly blew on the edge of the black muzzle of Little White Yan'Er.

The tall man standing behind them was as noble as an emperor. He had a bone-chilling expression as he looked at the poor woman on the ground coldly. His dark and deep eyes did not have a trace of pity.

"Who are you?!"

Liang Feifeng anxiously hid the syringe behind her and asked in fear.

Doctor Wang quickly let go of Ann Ruoxi and stood up to tidy up his clothes.

One should know that he was famous for being steady and refined in the outside world.

Lieh Ying looked at Ann Ruoxi who was on her last breath from being bullied on the ground. He was so angry that he raised his fist and prepared to punch those two people.

"Have you guys eaten the courage of a leopard? How dare you touch our boss's woman!"

Liang Feifeng was so scared that she hid behind Doctor Wang. She quickly said, "She is my daughter. She did something wrong, so I taught her a lesson!"

"Yes, this is our family matter!"

Doctor Wang was also busy complimenting her.


Ann Ruoxi angrily refuted, but her voice was soft and weak.

She tried to stand up from the ground, but for some reason she did not have any strength. It was difficult for her to even speak. It was as if she was going to die.

"Boss, what should we do?"

Feixue asked the cold Di Chenjue in a low voice.

Di Chenjue still looked down at Ann Ruoxi. His thin lips were pursed into a cold straight line. He said in a deep voice, "Let's go!"

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