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C16 Be a Father


"No, don't go, don't go!"

Ann Ruoxi clenched her teeth and used all her strength to crawl to Di Chenjue's feet bit by bit.

"I beg you, please save me..."

The girl put down all her dignity. She pulled Di Chenjue's ironed pants and begged him pitifully.

She knew that this man had a strong background. He could save her and her father now. Only this man!

Although she was undoubtedly asking the devil for help.

But if she could save her father, she was willing to take the risk.

Di Chenjue lowered his gaze and coldly looked at the person who was prostrating under his feet. The corner of his mouth raised into a mocking smile, "Am I right? She will beg me."

As the man spoke, he bent his upper body slightly and used his big palm to clamp the girl's pale little face. He said coldly. "Didn't you want to escape from me impatiently? Why did you come to beg me?"

Ruoxi's lips were pale and her hands supported her soft body. She did not have the strength to deal with the man's difficulties.

An inexplicable pain came from her abdomen, making it difficult for her to breathe.

"Boss, she... she seems to be bleeding!"

Feixue, who was very observant, pointed at the pool of blood that flowed out from Ruoxi's body and shouted loudly.

Di Chenjue looked at the pool of blood on the ground and his thick eyebrows immediately tightened. He fiercely held Ann Ruoxi horizontally and quickly rushed out of the door, "Call the doctor!"

Ann Ruoxi was already unconscious. She weakly grabbed Di Chenjue's arm and said in a very angry voice. "Save... save me!"

Because she was originally in the hospital, the doctors quickly arranged for her to be in place. Ann Ruoxi was immediately pushed into the emergency room.

Two hours passed. The doctor took off the plastic gloves that were stained with blood and the emergency treatment finally came to an end.

"How is she?"

Di Chenjue looked at Ann Ruoxi, who was still unconscious, and asked in a serious voice.

"Don't worry. The adults and the children are fine. The child is very strong, but you must be careful next time. You must be careful in the first few months, otherwise..."

What? The child!"

Lieh Ying cried out in surprise. He could not help but ask curiously, "Is she pregnant? Whose child is it?"

This girl looked quite innocent. He originally thought she was still a virgin. Her boss's taste was becoming more and more strange. He actually fell in love with a pregnant woman!

"Boss, why did you fall in love with a pregnant woman? This can be considered as liking being a father!"

Lieh Ying looked at Di Chenjue and asked.

Feixue stared at Lieh Ying speechlessly and scolded, "Idiot!"

Even a fool could tell. The child Miss Ann was carrying was definitely Di Chenjue's!

It was just that boss had always been clean with women. He would never allow any trouble to arise. Miss Ann was pregnant with boss's child. It was unknown if it was a blessing or a curse.

Di Chenjue's eyes were always cold. He kept staring at the unconscious Ann Ruoxi and did not move away.

His reaction was too calm. It was as if he already knew everything and did not see the slightest bit of surprise.

And it was actually so!

That day, behind the screen, seeing this woman continuously vomiting, the man was puzzled.

That was why he asked Feixue and Lieh Ying to capture her. He wanted to use the pregnancy test stick to confirm it before ordering her to pee.

Who would have thought that she would be able to cause so much trouble!

"When will she wake up?"

Di Chenjue asked the doctor coldly.

He seemed to care more about the mother than the child.

"Don't worry," the doctor said. It won't be long. " Actually, she's fine. It's just that she doesn't have enough nutrition. That's why she's often in a coma. She'll be fine once her diet is properly arranged! "

The doctor was a little hesitant.


Di Chenjue was quiet. He turned to Feixue and Lieh Ying and ordered, "All of you, get out of here."

He had to think about whether he should leave this child alone or not.

Di Chenjue sat upright on the edge of the bed and looked coldly at the unconscious Ann Ruoxi. His indifferent eyes did not show any emotion.

The girl had a pretty delicate face, but it was too pale. She looked a little pitiful. It was pure and innocent.

She was never the type that Di Chenjue liked. He had always liked sexy and charming, but for some reason, he had been alone with this weak and stubborn girl for the past three months...

As for the child's problem, he had never been troubled by it.

In the midst of all the flowers and flowers, not a single blade of grass touched his body, it had always been his life's creed.

He did not like children, and he would not allow any women to bear his child. If there really was an accident, he would directly order those women to abort the child.

But now, he was somewhat hesitant and even looked forward to the birth of the children.

He thought that he must have gone mad!

Di Chenjue focused on the wounds on the girl's face. His icy cold fingers involuntarily recovered. With tenderness that he himself did not notice, he said softly, "Woman, how can you always make yourself so miserable?"

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