Refuse The Legendary CEO's Love/C17 Are You Trying to Seduce Me?
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Refuse The Legendary CEO's Love/C17 Are You Trying to Seduce Me?
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C17 Are You Trying to Seduce Me?

Ann Ruoxi woke up at this moment. When she opened her eyes, she saw Di Chenjue's enlarged handsome face and his gentle expression that did not match his at all. As if she had seen a ghost, she jumped up in fright. "Ah, don't come over!"

She grabbed the blanket and covered herself tightly. She looked at Di Chenjue defensively. Clearly, she was very afraid of him.

In Ann Ruoxi's opinion, Di Chenjue was like a devil.

No, Di Chenjue was a creature more terrifying than a devil.

At most, devils were scary. He was very handsome, but his heart was cold and cruel. It would only torture people to death.

Ann Ruoxi's reaction made Di Chenjue very unhappy. He immediately withdrew the tenderness in his eyes and returned to his usual coldness.

"Are you going to treat your savior like this?"

Di Chenjue stood up. His tall and broad body was like a mountain, giving people a strong sense of oppression.

Ann Ruoxi nervously swallowed her saliva. She recalled carefully that it was indeed this man who carried her up and asked the doctor to save her.

Ann Ruoxi recalled the way he carried her and her face inexplicably turned red. She lowered her eyes and did not dare to look directly at the man as she said shyly. "Thank you for saving me."

If he did not arrive in time, she might have been harmed by Liang Feifeng and Doctor Wang working together. She wouldn't have been able to save daddy anymore.


Yes, Daddy was still missing and could be killed by Liang Feifeng and Doctor Wang at any time.

Doctor Wang had a very high social position in the industry. His family also had power and influence. Liang Feifeng was even more sinister and cunning. With just her alone, she could not defeat them at all!

Therefore, she had to find a strong backer to help her!

Now, the only person who could help her was probably the man in front of her!

But this man looked so scary, and she knew nothing about him. Previously, she had angered him, so he probably wouldn't help her.

No matter what, she had to give it a try!

Ann Ruoxi gathered her courage and firmly grabbed Di Chenjue's arm. With a sincere face, she begged the man, "Sir, can I ask you to help me?"

Di Chenjue coldly looked at those weak and helpless hands. His voice carried traces of mockery. "Why should I help you?"


Ann Ruoxi bit her lips and lowered her head. She blushed and said, "Because we had a very intimate night. For this kind of love, please help me!"

"Can I understand that you are seducing me?"

Di Chenjue looked at Ann Ruoxi with a playful expression.

"If... if you can help me, just treat it as me seducing you!"

Ann Ruoxi knew that her words were quite shameless, but as long as she could save her daddy, she would not want any dignity.

Di Chenjue narrowed his eyes and scanned her entire body with his sharp eyes. Even though Ann Ruoxi was wearing a thick hospital gown, he seemed to be able to see her graceful and alluring figure under her clothes.

That night, her beauty made him unable to stop. When he thought of that scene once again, he could not help but feel his blood surge and his body tighten.

He pulled Ann Ruoxi into his embrace with force. His big palm roughly lifted her small and delicate chin and ordered in a dull voice, "Then serve me well!"

Ann Ruoxi was trapped in the man's arms. A strong male aura wrapped around her. It was hot and strong, making her very nervous and uneasy. She looked at the man pitifully, "I... I won't!"

For the past 21 years, other than that crazy indulgent night, Ruoxi, who had been obedient and conservative since childhood, had not even held a man's hand. How could she know how to serve a man?

"It's okay, I can teach you!"

Ann Ruoxi saw that the man was getting closer and closer. His handsome and perfect facial features could not be found any flaws. He emitted a soul-stealing charm!

Ruoxi's chest heaved up and down. She felt that she could not breathe anymore. She tried to dodge with difficulty and tried to escape from the man's embrace.

She felt that her head was in a mess. She could not think normally at all. Everything was out of her original expectation.

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