Refuse The Legendary CEO's Love/C18 You Have to be My Woman
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Refuse The Legendary CEO's Love/C18 You Have to be My Woman
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C18 You Have to be My Woman

The man's cool, sexy lips kissed her deeply, blocking the words she was about to say...

Ann Ruoxi was lifted up by Di Chenjue and gently laid down on the bed. The man's rough and powerful palm was caught off guard and drilled into her clothes. He caressed her soft and tender skin.

Everything was developing in an uncontrollable direction...

Ann Ruoxi, what are you doing!


Ruoxi suddenly woke up and pushed the handsome man away. She was so strong that Di Chenjue was shocked.

"Sir," she said. I didn't mean that!

The girl kept a safe distance from the man. Her fingers trembled as she tidied her clothes and hair. She said firmly: "I just want you to help me. I don't want to sacrifice myself to you. I won't have that relationship with you anymore!"

Yes, this man is a perverted devil. It wasn't easy for her to get rid of him. She would never provoke him again.

Di Chenjue elegantly buttoned his black shirt, and a strand of hair scattered on his forehead added an unruly temperament.

It looked like he was a monster that could make thousands of women crazy.

If it wasn't for Ruoxi "experiencing it" If it were not for his crazy and perverted side, she would probably be tempted by such a perfect man!

"I'll give you two choices. You decide for yourself!"

Di Chenjue nodded slowly. Without the beast side, he looked like a gentleman.

"Firstly, I can help you, provided you make sure that the child is born safely. During this time, you will be my woman peacefully."

"What did you say? Child?"

Like a bolt out of the blue, Ann Ruoxi widened her eyes. She suspected that she had misheard him.

Where did a child come from for no reason?

Di Chenjue ignored her and continued coldly, "Second, abort the child and get out of my world. Whether you live or die, I will not interfere!"

The man paused. He looked at the pale Ann Ruoxi and sneered. "However, that so-called mother of yours and that doctor of yours, they should really want your life. Think about it carefully!"

Ann Ruoxi's mind was now filled with the "child" that men spoke of. She did not have the time to think about anything else.

She stared at Di Chenjue and asked anxiously, "What do you mean by the child you speak of? "Am I pregnant? "I am pregnant with your child?"

She carefully recalled that her menstrual period hasn't come in these past few months. She originally thought that it was due to her malnutrition, but she didn't expect that it was actually...

"I'll give you a week to make a decision. If you think it through, come find me."

After the man finished speaking coldly, he left without a trace of reluctance.

He was determined to get this woman and the child in her womb!

Ann Ruoxi sat on the hospital bed in a daze. Her thoughts were in chaos and she did not come back to her senses for a long time.

It was impossible, it was impossible. That day, she clearly drank that bowl of abortion medicine. How could she still be pregnant? It must be that perverted man deliberately trying to trick her!

"No, I must find a doctor and ask him clearly!"

Ann Ruoxi could not believe this ridiculous news no matter what. She quickly jumped off the bed and prepared to find a doctor to ask clearly.

Coincidentally, the obstetrician pushed the door open and came in. When he saw Ruoxi bare feet on the ground, he quickly stopped her and said sternly, "Hey, little girl, you just saved the child. How can you take the cold? Quickly go back to bed and lie down!"

Ruoxi pushed the doctor away and shook her head violently. She was a little stubborn. "Doctor, please don't talk nonsense. I am not pregnant!"

"Girl, you should know very well whether you're pregnant or not, right? Well... Here's your pregnancy report. Take a good look."

The doctor passed a stack of examination reports to Ann Ruoxi. He was puzzled. This girl was really strange. Other prospective mothers would be happy when they found out that they were pregnant. Why did she look like the sky was about to collapse?

Ann Ruoxi lowered her head and looked at the words "three months of pregnancy" on the pregnancy report. She was shocked. There was no hope at all. Even if she wanted to deceive herself, she could not do so...

She, she really is pregnant with the devil man's child!

The doctor thought that Ruoxi was worried about the child's health. He quickly comforted her by the side, "Don't worry, young lady. The child is very healthy. He already has small hands and small feet. That gentleman just now was your husband, right? He is very nervous about you and the child!"

"No, he is not my husband."

Ruoxi shook her head in disappointment. With a blank and powerless expression, she said, "I don't know him. I don't even know his name."

"Uh, this..."

The doctor was a little embarrassed and he was too embarrassed to ask any more questions. He told Ann Ruoxi to lie in bed and rest properly and then left.

Ruoxi touched her relatively flat belly. She could not imagine that the life inside was the crystallization of her and that devil man.

What a joke. Just as she said, she did not even know that man's name!

"What should I do? What should I do..."

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