Refuse The Legendary CEO's Love/C20 A Gorgeous Transformation.
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Refuse The Legendary CEO's Love/C20 A Gorgeous Transformation.
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C20 A Gorgeous Transformation.

After leaving the bar, Ruoxi walked sadly on the empty street.

The temperature in the night was very low. She only wore a thin dress. A cool breeze blew past and she was shivering from the cold.

Ruoxi going home now would be very dangerous, so she was already homeless.

Because she did not have evidence, she could not do anything to Liang Feifeng and Doctor Wang.

Di Chenjue was very powerful, and he was the only person she could rely on. And the child in her womb was her only bargaining chip.

Ruoxi gently stroked her abdomen and said gently, "Baby, don't be afraid. Mommy will give birth to you, so you must protect Mommy!"

Ruoxi initially resisted disgust, but now she had completely accepted her child. She had already regarded the child in her womb as her reliance. She had no other choice.

When Ruoxi passed by a clothing store, she touched the only five hundred yuan in her pocket. This money was what Ms Anna insisted on giving her when she left.

She guessed that he liked sexy women the most. Otherwise, he would not have let her dress so revealing.

Ruoxi had decided to seek refuge with Di Chenjue. So she had to dress up properly so that she could win his favor.

She nervously pushed open the door of the clothing store. She looked at the beautiful clothes on the hanger.

"Madam, what kind of clothes do you want? From your temperament, you are more suitable for cute clothes!"

The female shop assistant greeted her warmly.

"No, I want the sexiest clothes in your shop."

Ruoxi blushed and said awkwardly.

"Okay, wait a moment."

Although the female staff was a little surprised, she still followed her instructions.

After a while, the female shop assistant passed a black short skirt to Ann Ruoxi and said, "Madam, please try this skirt. This is the sexiest skirt in our shop. Because the skirt is too exposed, no one buys it."

Ruoxi looked at the skirt. It was a short skirt with a deep V-neck, decorated with all kinds of sequins. It was indeed a very sexy dress.

"I don't need to try, I'll buy it."

The girl said calmly.

Early in the morning.

A taxi slowly drove towards the luxurious villa district of City C.

The driver drove while peeking at the coquettish woman in the back seat.

Her hair was hot and curly, and her face was painted with thick makeup. Her tight V-miniskirt wrapped around her chest. Her snow white long legs were together. She was wearing a pair of 10cm high heels.

She was truly a beauty that no one could control. He felt that she was a woman kept by some rich person. She was not something they could afford!

The driver swallowed his saliva with difficulty and sighed in his heart.

Ann Ruoxi's fingers nervously held together. She looked out of the car window in melancholy. Her red lips were tightly shut and she kept silent.

She knew that the driver was peeping at her, and she also knew that he must have thought of her as a lewd woman.

But so what? That was the truth, wasn't it?

The car soon arrived at Di Chenjue's villa. The majestic and domineering building that looked like a castle stood in the clouds. It indirectly showed his immeasurable wealth.

Ann Ruoxi got out of the car. She stood in front of the heavily guarded villa. She took a deep breath.

To her, this luxurious villa that everyone envied was like hell on earth. And now she had no choice but to go to hell and enter the devil's embrace!

Ann Ruoxi walked towards the guard station. She was about to let the guard let her in. The black iron door that was originally closed seemed to know of her visit but it actually opened automatically.

The housekeeper had been waiting for her in the villa for a long time. She looked up and down at Ruoxi with disdain. She still said in an emotionless voice, "Come in. I will bring you to see our master."

The housekeeper did not expect that an ordinary woman like Ann Ruoxi would be summoned by her master for the second time. It was really unbelievable.

Ruoxi quietly followed behind the female butler. She was a little surprised. "How did he know I would come?"

The housekeeper snorted and rolled her eyes at Ruoxi. She said harshly, "Humph, isn't it obvious? Women who love vanity like you all want to climb onto our master's bed. You don't have to pretend to be naive!"

Ruoxi's expression was a little awkward.

She should not say anything. She did not want to cause trouble for herself.

The villa was very spacious. It occupied thousands of square meters. She needed to pass through the huge fountain garden to reach the living room. In addition, the housekeeper walked quickly. Ruoxi almost could not keep up with her.

Ruoxi's high heels made a loud sound when she stepped on the ground. She was in great pain.

She did not wear high heels at all. This time, she wore a pair of 10cm high heels which made her stagger. Her ankle was also very painful, so one could imagine how hard it was for her.

When they arrived at the gorgeous living room, the female butler suddenly stopped and respectfully bent down, saying, "Sir, Miss Ann has arrived."

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