Refuse The Legendary CEO's Love/C3 A man like a devil.
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Refuse The Legendary CEO's Love/C3 A man like a devil.
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C3 A man like a devil.


Ann Ruoxi felt very uncomfortable and cried out in pain. Large tears rolled down the corner of her eyes. She could not stop crying. Her tears wet the pillow towel.

Ruoxi knew that she would not be able to escape tonight. Things had already happened. She had already lost her virginity...

In the darkness, Di Chenjue's cold eyes were like a cheetah's. He coldly stared at the little girl trembling under him.

Damn it, her tears made his heart ache. He couldn't help but slow down his movements, just so that she could slowly adapt to all of this.

It was really too strange! In the past, this was simply impossible. He would never sympathize with a woman.

He used his hand to hold the girl's chin and carefully observed her expression. He asked in a deep voice, "Tell me, what's your name?"

Ann Ruoxi's fingers tightly grabbed the bed sheet. Because of the pain, her entire body trembled. However, she revealed an extremely disgusted expression and said in a mocking tone, "Even if you know my name, so what? Anyway, you won't remember me. You just need to transfer the money to my bank account. "

Di Chenjue's eyes suddenly turned cold. A bloodthirsty light shot out of his eyes. His eyes were full of disdain.

This girl was just like those women. They did not hesitate to sell their bodies for money. He and this girl were just making a money and sex deal. He shouldn't sympathize with this girl.

"You're right. I won't remember you. But I want you to remember me. I want you to remember the pain tonight! "

The man bit Ann Ruoxi's earlobe and made love to her fiercely. He was no longer gentle.

The night was still very long and the boundless darkness was filled with cruelty and sin. To Ann Ruoxi, this night was like purgatory!

- -

The next day.

A gentle breeze brushed against the white curtains, and the golden sunlight slowly shone into the room, landing on a fair and beautiful face.

Ruoxi's long eyelashes fluttered like the wings of a butterfly. She slowly opened her eyes and looked around...

Perhaps it was because she had stayed in the darkness for too long, the strong light made her very uncomfortable.

She was the only one left in the room. She was still wearing that blue dress, but someone helped her remove her makeup. Her face was pale.

The pure white and unfamiliar environment in front of her was like an illusory dream. However, the tearing pain all over her body made everything seem extremely real.

Her snow-white skin that was as fine as velvet was covered with shocking bruises. These bruises were silently accusing the cruel atrocities of the devil man last night.

"Thank God, I'm actually still alive!"

Ruoxi rubbed her aching head and sighed with lingering fear.

She did not dare to recall what happened last night at all. That perverted man was like a ferocious beast. He kissed her crazily and made love to her endlessly.

When she thought about how she spent her first night with a man who was like a devil, Ruoxi couldn't help but cry...

The housekeeper pushed the door open and came in. A maid in a black and white uniform pushed a silver dining cart behind her.

"Since you're awake, take the medicine. Sir doesn't like to leave trouble."

The female butler's gaze was flat in front of her. From beginning to end, she was expressionless. She did not even look at Ruoxi.

She looked down on women like Ann Ruoxi the most. So her attitude towards Ann Ruoxi was very bad.

Did the "trouble" that the housekeeper mentioned refer to a child?

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