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C7 She's in Trouble

"Mom, don't waste your breath on her. If you want me to look, I'll burn this card. No one will want it. When Dad dies, it will be her fault!"

Ann Ruoqi coldly smiled and said fiercely.

Ruoxi suddenly felt very tired. She gave up resisting and her hands powerlessly drooped down. Her voice did not carry any emotions as she said, "The password is Daddy's birthday."

She was really tired. She just wanted to lie on the bed and have a good sleep and forget everything.

She only hoped that Liang Feifeng still had some conscience and would not lose all of her money.

Originally, besides Daddy's operation fee of 800,000 yuan, she had left 200,000 yuan for her flower shop to use. Firstly, she wanted to earn more income for this family, and secondly, she had left a way out for herself.

Now, the flower shop could not be opened. She only hoped that Daddy could successfully carry out the surgery. She did not dare to hope for anything else!

- - -

Three months later...

Night fell and neon lights flickered. The bustling and fashionable city during the day had a different kind of crazy and mysterious appearance.

"Blue Bar!" As usual, it was lively and noisy. Sexy women with heavy makeup and frivolous womenfolk were everywhere. Strong electronic music filled every corner of the city. It was so loud that people were almost deaf.


In the washroom, Ann Ruoxi's hands were on the edge of the washroom. Her face was pale and she was vomiting. Her bile was almost out.

Recently, perhaps her stomach was not good, or perhaps she had eaten the wrong thing. She always retched and vomited. The bar was filled with smoke, and various types of alcohol mixed with various bodily smells made her stomach feel extremely uncomfortable.

"Ruoxi, are you well? Quickly go to room number 8 to send two dozen bottles of beer!"

Outside the door, a colleague working in the bar urged.

"Oh, I'm coming!"

Ruoxi quickly agreed.

Although she felt very uncomfortable, she still had to continue with her work.

The bar waiter was indeed a bit of a waste of talent for an undergraduate like her. Fortunately, her salary was quite good. She was lucky enough to sell some alcohol and had a rebate. Other than maintaining the household use, she could still save some money. So Ruoxi treasured this job very much.

She turned on the tap and took some water and threw it on her face. For some reason, the face in the mirror was delicate and white. Her skin was surprisingly good and her entire body emitted a charm that had never been seen before.

Perhaps, this was the difference between a girl and a woman!

Thinking of this, she thought of that dark and crazy night, and thought of that perverted man who had sex with her. Ruoxi's face turned red. A chill came from her back...

Although three months had passed, the shadow left by that man did not fade at all. Instead, it became deeper and deeper.

She still remembered what the man had said to her. He had said that he would make her remember him.

In fact, he had done it as well. She really could not forget him. At least, she could not forget the pain he had brought her.

Haha, how ridiculous. She could not forget a man she did not know what he looked like. This was probably the funniest joke in the world!

After adjusting her mood, Ruoxi changed into a sweet smile. Carrying two dozen bottles of beer, she pushed open the door to room number 8.

booth 8 was the most expensive booth in the bar. Anyone who could afford this booth was either rich or expensive, so Ruoxi had to be careful.

In the room, the smell of alcohol and smoke filled the air. The clothes and pants were scattered all over the floor. A few men and women were hugging each other. The scene was very chaotic.

Ruoxi frowned slightly and walked in with her head lowered. She said softly, "Hello, the beer you ordered is here."

"Put it on the table!"

A fat man was rubbing the big-breasted woman in his arms excitedly and said impatiently to Ruoxi.


Ruoxi put two dozen bottles of beer on the table and squatted down to open the bottles one by one.

Originally everything was fine but the smoke in the room was too strong and the smell of alcohol was especially pungent. Especially on the ground, there seemed to be a few used condoms scattered on the floor. Ruoxi immediately felt extremely disgusted and could not help but vomit out.

When she started vomiting, all the attention of the men and women in the room was focused on her.

Looking at the two dozen bottles of beer that were dirty, Ruoxi was completely stunned and her small face instantly turned pale from fright.

She timidly looked at the fat man closest to her and said in a trembling voice, "I'm sorry. I'll immediately serve everyone another two dozen bottles of beer. Consider it my treat!"

"Little girl, what do you mean? Do you think we're disgusting?"

"No, sir, that's not what I meant. I just..."

Ruoxi was anxious to explain but the fat man suddenly stood up and hugged her waist. His greasy lips pressed against her neck.

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