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C9 Is It Him?

Xu Anna did not exaggerate at all.

She was the boss of this bar. Seeing Ruoxi's pitiful background, she had always taken good care of her.

The one million from before was also earned by Anna's help.

It was just that Anna really did not know that her good intentions would actually let Ruoxi carry the shadow of a lifetime!

Ruoxi was still immersed in her curiosity towards the man behind the screen and could not help but ask Anna, "Ms Anna, I want to ask you. There is a man with a very cold voice in the room. Is he that... that perverted man I accompanied for a night?"

Anna's eyes slightly avoided Ruoxi's gaze. She deliberately smiled in a relaxed manner, "How is that possible? You are thinking too much. That man's identity is very mysterious. How could he randomly appear in this kind of place?"

"But, his voice..."

Don't let your imagination run wild. Some things will pass if they pass. Don't keep remembering them in your heart. It is not a good thing. If you can forget, then forget! "

Anna knew how terrifying the other party was. She hoped that Ruoxi could completely forget that bad memory.

"It's getting late. You can get off work now. Go to the hospital more to accompany your father. Don't think about other things!"

"Alright then. I'll go to the hospital first."

Ruoxi forcefully swallowed the questions in her heart and did not ask any more questions.

Ms Anna was right. It was not some beautiful memory. She did not need to dig into the root of it and just treat it as having a nightmare!

St. En Hospital.

Ann Donghai was lying in the intensive care ward on the third floor with his eyes closed. All kinds of medical instruments were inserted into his body. He was breathing hard and his whole body appeared to be in extreme pain.

Ann Ruoxi gently pushed open the door of the ward. When she saw Ann Donghai's painful appearance, her eyes could not help but turn red.

Her father suffered from esophageal cancer. He had been suffering from diarrhea for the past few years. In the beginning, he could barely eat some liquid food, but now he was suffering from an endless amount of chemotherapy. His thick and beautiful hair had all fallen off. He was a tall man who weighed more than 150 kilograms, but now he was so thin that he was covered in skin and bones. It really made one's heart ache.

"Daddy, I'm off work. I'm here to see you!"

Ruoxi turned her head to wipe her tears and put on a warm smile. She did not want the atmosphere to become sad.

When Ann Donghai heard his precious daughter's voice, he immediately opened his eyes and became much more energetic.

"Ruoxi is here. Come over and sit!"

The man wanted to sit up but had no strength. He could not help but beat the edge of the bed in frustration, "I have no use for my body. I might as well die!"

Ruoxi quickly ran over and adjusted the back of the bed. She laboriously helped Ann Donghai up.

"Daddy, don't talk nonsense. Aren't you sick? Of course you don't have strength. You will recover when you are well!"

Ann Donghai shook his head and said somewhat gloomily, "I won't be cured. It's just that thinking about my illness has really dragged you guys down!"

"Don't say that, Daddy. You will definitely recover. Didn't you just have surgery? How do you feel? I heard from Doctor Wang that your cancer cells have been suppressed. It won't be long before you get out of the hospital!"

Doctor Wang had said that Daddy's condition was getting better day by day. When Ruoxi thought of this, she could not suppress the joy in her voice.

Speaking of which, Liang Feifeng did not have a bad conscience. She really took out a million yuan to operate on her daddy. This was what Ruoxi did not expect the most.

Ann Donghai breathed with difficulty and sighed negatively, "I don't know if Doctor Wang was trying to comfort me or something else. I feel that after the surgery, I feel even more uncomfortable. In the past, swallowing saliva would not hurt but now, swallowing saliva is also very painful. I don't think I can live for more than a few days..."

"It can't be. How can it be worse?"

Ruoxi felt that it was a little strange. Logically speaking, after the surgery, daddy should be more relaxed.

She heard from Doctor Wang that the medical equipment used for this surgery was the most advanced in the world. Many patients with esophagus cancer had succeeded. They had lived for a few more years, or even more than ten years!

"Who knows? Maybe it's my psychological effect. Don't worry too much, my daughter. Daddy will get better. " How can I die so easily? I'm just saying it out of anger. I still want to see you get married and wear a wedding dress! "

Ann Donghai doted on Ruoxi very much. He did not want Ruoxi to worry about him, so he forced himself to pretend to be strong.

"This is what you said. Daddy, don't lie to me. You must get well. You must watch me get married and watch me give birth to a baby. You still need to be a grandfather!"

Ruoxi said as she wiped her tears.

The more she saw her daddy's strong look, the more her heart ached!

"Of course!"

Ann Donghai nodded. His eyes were wet. He said earnestly to Ruoxi, "Daddy has no other wish in this life. I just hope that our family can be well. Although you, Aunt Liang, have a bad temper, you don't have any bad intentions. It's all thanks to her thinking of a way to get the surgery fees this time. Don't quarrel..."

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